Why It’s Never A Bad Idea To Try Supplements

Dietary supplements may be beneficial for those who exercise to gain muscle and strength. Here’s more about why it may not be a bad idea to try supplements.
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Supplements help fulfill the lack of any essential nutrients in our body. Some dietary supplements are beneficial for those who exercise, to gain muscle and strength. The supplements that suit you might help you meet your exercising or sporting goals. While the supplements are not expensive, you may go for CGMP certified supplement products for quality assurance. Here’s more about the reasons why it may not be a bad idea to try supplements. ~ Ed.

Supplements used to have a bad reputation. People would see someone clearly crushing it at the gym, go up to them, and ask them what they’re taking.

When they’d go down the list of effective supplements they’re using, onlookers would scoff. “Steroids. Juice. Estrogen blockers.”

All of this has changed in the last decade.

The supplement world has shaken the odd stigma loose, and people are rightfully equating hard work and that little extra push with the athletic achievements and physique they see.

Heck, there are even popular brain supplements for mental focus and academic performance.

“Functional supplementation” became a thing, and all the Crossfit stars got endorsed by big companies. Even podcasts are being sponsored by big players in the performance game.

It’s safe to say that supplements have gone mainstream. And with all of this at play, isn’t it high time you start to build your own stack, too?

If you’re on the fence, here’s why it’s never a bad idea to try supplements.


3 Reasons Why to Try Supplements

Try to find what suits you without spending a fortune, and go for the CGMP certified products whenever in doubt. Read more:

You can find what works and stick to it

Supplements, like anything you put in your body, can have its positives and negatives. But through industry quality controls and personal experimentation, those can be weeded out and controlled down to individual preference.

We’re all familiar with the Broscience floating around in gyms and locker rooms. But the only way to truly know what works for you is to try it out.

Give things a good old fashioned go and document everything you experience. A good two to three weeks should be enough to see any sort of palpable physiological change.

From that point, you have the choice to continue or not. That kind of individual freedom is allowed when it comes to supplements.

It’s not like a prescription where the desired outcome is totally dependent on you being on a substance. Most non-steroidal performance boosters provide that extra 10% you need to blast through your plateaus or create new baseline numbers in your lifts.

Once you’re there, and you put in the work, you don’t have to continue taking anything.

They’re not that expensive

Supplements aren’t that expensive.

When you put it into perspective, we’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the right yoga pants, another hundred every month on a gym with all the METCON classes we crave, and not to mention the cost of parking every time you show up if you live in a big city.

All those expenses rack up to a fairly large monthly sum.

A usual bottle of creatine monohydrate will set you back less than $20 and last for a whole month. That’s $20 for a supplement that has been proven over and over again to increase muscle mass and overall performance.


People spend more on a night out on the weekend. We’ve all spent five times that in recent memory. Why not put your money into something that can make you physically better? After all, you’re not spending on an 8 week Tren cycle.

You’re putting in that 10% extra for 10% extra in the weight room, or on the track. Plus, when you get your physical goals, you’re not even going to think about the money—no matter how little or how much it may be.

You’ll just be about the reflection in the mirror and the numbers on the scoreboard.

You have the choice of CGMP certified products

There’s been a whole lot of controversy over the past few years regarding “tainted supplements.” It puts a whole different shade of suspicion behind some of the items in the supplement industry.

But truth be told, unless you’re in a competitive and tested sports league, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re just a casual gym-goer, you’re not in any danger at all of being in any sort of trouble. You’re just testing things out.

And even if you are, there are resources that are all over the internet that can point you in the right direction in terms of which supplements are safe to use. You’re not going to test hot for picograms of anything. And most of the large supplement companies are aware of this.

Always check the bottle you use for “CGMP” stamps. That’s an indication that the company uses certain globally agreed-upon standards that have been assumed to keep the consumer’s safety in mind.

And if you’re really still paranoid, you can always subscribe to independent testing publications.

Wrapping Up

Trying out supplements is only going to help. It doesn’t cost much and it shows that you’re willing to take your athletic commitments to the next level.

When you’re jumping into the world of supplementation, feel free to experiment all you want.

Some of them may be amiss, and that’s okay. Not everything is going to work immediately.

But with some consistency and a lot of documentation, you’ll eventually find the right combination and dose that works for you.

Over to you

Have you tried supplements to improve your performance? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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