Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

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Money making blogger pulling his hair

You all may agree that blogging is very demanding, and most of all, it requires your quality time. But sometimes even if you spend all your time blogging, you still don’t earn money from it.

What goes wrong? Many bloggers are not successful in earning revenue from their blogs even after trying hard and that is something very upsetting, isn’t it?

Well, don’t start pulling your hair because obviously there’s something that you’re doing wrong.

To answer this question of why your blog doesn’t make you money and what you need to do to reverse the situation, is a money making blogger from India, Kulwant Nagi.

He’s just been blogging for about three years but is fast growing as an authority on money making blogging strategies.

Today, he is going to tell us specifically the mistakes that most bloggers make and what aspects of blogging they should improve upon to make money.

So, here’s over to Kulwant. 🙂


We all are here for money.

Yes… we ALL.

Having a blog has become so common that people are very desperate to have one.

When I started blogging 2 years back then I was also like you… a wanderer… a learner… a passionate blogger.

But still I was not making money even after 7 months from the beginning of my blogging journey.

But I kept on learning new things and gave my best to make my first dollar online.

In this journey, I have learnt too many things… things that I can implement to get quick success in blogging…

I can replicate my strategies and make money with my upcoming blogs.

Note: Read this article very carefully because it is going to help you to find out the things that you are doing wrong on your blog and things that you must do.


8 Major Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

Here are 8 aspects that you need to take care of in order to make money from your blog.

Theme Structure

If people are not loving your blog, your clumsy theme might be one of the reasons.

A black blogger holding his head viewing blog on desktop

We love to see the things in an organized way – a way that can help us to go through and navigate it more easily.

I made $1000 when I changed the theme on one of my blogs, as my old theme was not convincing my readers/advertisers.


According to a research study by Northumbria University in the UK, people just judge the site’s quality and trustworthiness based mostly on its DESIGN… not CONTENT.

So having a great design can really make huge impact on the first time visitors and make strong bonding with them by displaying clean and easy to read content.

Few of the reasons people are not loving your blog are:

  • Your clumsy theme
  • Your fonts
  • Your navigation bar
  • Your theme’s footer
  • Your sidebar
  • Other graphic elements

We observe the blogs just like we observe people, so we love the blogs that have the things that we accept like their colors, style, placement and other important things.

If you yourself don’t like the things which are unmanaged then how are your readers going to love your blog?

Convincing Elements

There are elements that make your blog more trustworthy and people love to visit your blog regularly.

One clear example is Matthew Woodward’s blog, where he places the convincing elements in the header itself.

Header of Matthew's blog

So place your element on your blog to make it an authority blog.

Elements like:

  • Your social media reach
  • Your guest posts
  • Your achievements
  • Your best posts
  • Your earning proofs (optional)

Honest Reviews

Reviewing products/services on your blog is one of the best ways to make money with your blog.

If you are writing any review on your blog then don’t just write because advertiser have paid you a big sum to write a review on your blog. Write it because you are helping people to invest their money on the right product.

Always think about solving problem of JUST ONE person.


If your article can convince your close friend to buy the digital product you are promoting, then unknown people are also going to buy.

At my blog, you can read my Genesis Framework Review and Kontent Machine Review. You will find that I put my best to explain each and everything about the products.

Special Tip: Write about negative points of the product, which you are reviewing to make it more convincing.

Your Writing Style

Your writing style sucks.

Yeah… you heard me right.

You are writing like a BOT. You are not targeting people when you are writing anything on your blog.

You are just writing because it is the demand of your blog and you want to fulfill it as soon as possible… and because of this you are writing CRAP on your blog.

Even I was a bad writer when I started blogging (I am still) but I kept on learning about writing and started reading awesome blogs like CopyBlogger, ProBlogger and Zen Habits.

People are in a big dilemma about writing every day or every alternate day on their blogs.

They have a misconception in mind that this practice will increase traffic on their blog… where in actual, there is no relation between writing daily or weekly.

If your content is worth reading and worth sharing then even once is a month is much better than writing daily.

A woman happy reading a blog

Not Interacting with Other Bloggers

I am going to reveal a top-secret strategy of successful bloggers here. It 100% depends on you – either you take action and read it now or keep striking your head against the wall.

This was the biggest blogging mistake I made (you are also making now) that I kept on sharing only my articles with the people keeping a question in my mind, “why should I promote other people’s article?”

Using Old-School Promotional Methods

This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites where people don’t believe you.

They don’t even care what you are sharing.

Note: If you are sharing your blog’s URL too many times, then their SPAM filter will catch your URL and you will not be able to share your blog’s URL in future. So take care and don’t try to pollute groups in social media sites.

If you are still relying on comments then you are doing it wrong. In 80% of the cases, your intention to make the comment is for getting a BACKLINK (I know this). So you are not putting any efforts to appreciate the work of the writer or adding any value in the article.

If you are doing this then STOP it right now.

As I told about the social media SPAM filter, in the same way WordPress has its own spam filter named Akismet.

So commenting with the same email and IP address on blogs, you and all your comments will start going in spam folder.

Tip: Start using your Facebook page URL, Google Plus page URL and more importantly URL of your Google Plus profile because it will increase your profile authority.

Don’t Have Patience

We want to do everything as quickly as possible and get the results the next day itself.

You made your niche blog and on the second day, you are checking the rank of your keywords.

Doing this you are not only wasting your precious time but also FOOLING yourself.

“Patience is the key.”

Your blog is like a small tree, which just started growing, and needs care and proper nurturing. If you will start expecting fruits in just 3-4 months then we all know what we are going to get.

Keep patience and believe on your efforts.

If you want to try something on your blog then ask about it in the groups or your buddy bloggers. Because one wrong step in starting days of your blog can ruin your blog and it will take time to get back in action.

You are Obsessed with Tools

Tools can be really a great way to get quick results. If you are thinking that tools can help you to get quick results without doing anything then you are going in the wrong direction.

You keep looking for the cracked tools in various black hat sites and other freebies sites because you have heard/read success stories about those tools.

You think that such tools are a magic wand, which will start making money for you once you will buy them.

According to my experience – If you have any working strategy that is giving you results then you can try various tools, which can automate that strategy and give you fast results.

Before buying any tool, try to get a demo version of the tool for 30 days (or whatever days the vendor is offering) and use that as if you have bought it. If that tool in not giving results in 30 days then it’s not worth to buy it.

Wrapping Up

In the end, I would just like to say that you are the creator of your destiny.

It’s how you deal with the things and put your efforts to make them much better. Don’t worry if your blog is still not making money because it is going to make HUGE SUMS once you will start putting more efforts and treat it like a channel, which is helping people all across the globe.

If you are facing any issue in your blogging career then you are free to ask questions. I would love to reply to each and every comment so that I can do my duty to help you make your blog a MONEY MAKING MACHINE.

Over to You –

Is your blog making money? What is your money making strategy in blogging and what things do you do at your blog for it? Share in the comments.

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Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

  1. Hi Kulwant Sir,

    Nice Post … Such a informative post.

    You had described all key points in the article. I totaly agree with you on “Patience is the key.”

    On my blog Sam had described 21 blogging mistakes which will help to newbies. 🙂


    1. Hello Charmin,

      Yeah, It needs a lot of patience, so people with great stamina taste the success here. 😉

      I am heading over to your article to see those 21 mistakes.

      Thanks for being here and adding value in the article. (Y)

    2. Welcome to my blog Charmin,

      I agree that Kulwant has nicely and accurately assessed and presented the strategy that every blogger should use to make money from their blogs.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t allow you the hyperlink, but your link is visible in text to whosoever is interested to read your post. You could’ve also put that post link in the CommentLuv link.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. I run two blogs. One on my business site and one for a hobby I enjoy. The business blog is purely about building credibility for the brand. There’s no wonky tricks, no ads, no commenting. I am just building personal authority. On my hobby site I don’t take things too seriously and I have a few ads up just to catch a few cents here and there. They are out of the way so they don’t clutter up the content. I sometimes contemplate doing more to monetize both blogs but I don’t want to cheapen either blog. All that is to say that whether you are making money relies on getting people to visit your page and these same rules apply whether you have monetized the blog or not.

    1. Adam, happy to hear that you have differentiated your hobby and business blogs and managing them very well too.

      If you have already decided to make your business blog advertising free then it’s a very good move because using that blog you can build your online identity and people will start following you.

      Making money with your blog is all about your plans and mentality.. If you have any working idea then you can monetize in various different ways.

    2. Welcome to my blog, Adam!

      I agree with Kulwant and I think it’s good that you keep your official blog ads free. And of course, whether you plan to monetize or not, you need to bring people to your blogs, and for that you need to promote your blogs over the social media and social book marking sites. Blog commenting too is very helpful, and you can still comment on your official blog related blogs, even if you don’t have the comments enabled on your own.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around! 🙂

  3. A great article kulwant.

    Most of the bloggers are not making money because they are not doing keyword research properly and thus getting low traffic. As we all know, it’s almost impossible to make money without traffic.

    Most of the bloggers are dependent upon Google adsense for making money online. They should try other money making methods like Affiliate Marketing, Membership sites, offering their own services etc.

    In your first point, you suggested to show earning proof. These days many bloggers are showing fake earning reports as well…

    I loved your point where you said Bloggers don’t have patience. I think it’s a major reason of failure because they want to earn millions in just one night which is impossible.

    Overall, it was a great article kulwant. I really loved it. You have explained all points quite beautifully. Thanks for this and have a great day.


    1. Hello Ravi,

      I agree with your keyword research point here. This is the very first step in internet marketing, if you do in wrong then all the next steps start going to wrong direction.

      With great keyword research you can target proper audience on your blog and make money online very easily.

      I agree with your second point as well, as I have seen people showing fake income proof on various social media sites and forums.

      yes, patience is the biggest key here. 🙂

      Thanks for being here and sharing your views with us.

    2. Welcome to my blog, Ravi!

      Well, while I agree with you and Kulwant that keyword research is important, and the organic traffic really helps you, but it’s not the only reason why your blog not makes money.

      I’ve seen many people like me who generate great traffic through direct, referral, and social means. I do completely agree with you that you should not at all depend on Google Adsense if you’ve low traffic on your site. In that case, the options that you’ve suggested are the best, which is most bloggers don’t do, and not make money too.

      Ah.. fake income reports are bad. In that case, the bloggers need to be cautious and use their common sense to an extent to judge others.

      Patience and perseverance is an essential quality that all bloggers need to have. Thank you for visiting and sharing your blogging tips and hope to see you around! 🙂

  4. Hi Harleena,

    Great post. I agree with alot of the stuff here … especially # 5 & 6. But I think the reason alot of people AREN’T making money from their blogs is because they just believe that writing blog posts alone will make them money. They believe that’s ALL they have to do. But a blog is a catalyst for other opportunities to make money whether consulting, membership sites, selling products, etc.

    It’s possible to make money from blogging but I think you get the most success when you start making money because of your blogging. Just my opinion.

    1. Hello Andrew.. welcome on my guest post.

      This article is written by me as guest author on aha-now, so I am going to reply. 🙂

      Yeah, people are not aware about what they are writing and who are their targeted audience. They are just writing because many bloggers have suggested them to write atleast one article on daily basis.

      A proper mindset in your blogging business can open many doors if you really want to treat it as business and want to make money online.

    2. Welcome to my blog, Andrew!

      I agree with you and many newbie bloggers really have this misconception that blogging is all about writing blog posts. Of course, the blog is not the end in itself, but only a means to other money making opportunities as you’ve mentioned.

      Thanks for visiting and its good to see you here. Hope to see you around more! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  5. You might laugh on my views. I’ve seen many bloggers who blogs for their writing passion and they don’t thing about money but there are lots of opportunities waiting for them to make money. On the other hand, I saw many many blogger just started blogging to make money, but very few succeed. “if you run behind money it will go farther from you, if you don’t care about money the money will run behind you”. 🙂

    To become a successful blogger you should have passion to write, patience and the main thing is well disciplined.

    To maintain my discipline, and fulfill my passions without any disturbance, I have rented a small office where I can work at my ease but in a professional way.

    I’ve seen many bloggers starting same niche blogs and repeated post in many blogs shared by bloggers on their own language. This is will not work, you need to first find out your interest and share what ever comes on your mind. You will notice that people have started reading your posts and discussing about it with your and you are ready to answer all the queries. 🙂

    The themes designing and seo is another part but I believe for the 1st year try to focus on only sharing original and unique contents.

    Nice article mate 🙂

    I found this post shared on and posted this comment.

    1. Ankit, I loved your article because you enlightened the things which are truly present in our blogging society.

      Even I have seen few bloggers who write just because of their passion and there are tons of opened doors for them where on the other hand there are people who are spending sleepless night to make money online but still not getting success.

      So it’s all about your destiny. 🙂

      It’s good if you have already managed yourself and putting efforts to generate income with your blogs.

      Thanks for being here and starting the discussion.

    2. Welcome to my blog Ankit!

      I’m one of the bloggers who started out to just showcase my writing as a freelance writer, and I had no aim to make money from the blog. However, eventually my blog and I gained popularity and as you say, the doors to blog monetization opened for me.

      You’re right – it’s the same case with happiness, which is like a butterfly, the more you try to catch it, the further it flies!

      You’ve enumerated some real good points and qualities of a successful blogger. I think taking up an office was a smart move, however, you need to also make sure you can pay for the rent through your blog, which shouldn’t be difficult.

      I’m impressed by your ideas of good blogging. I’m sure you’ll become a successful blogger if you follow your ideals of blogging, and then the monetized butterfly will sit on your shoulder without you making much efforts. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and hope to see you around!

  6. Hello Harleena,

    Oh Yes Blogging is very demanding, it takes time to write, to share and share and share in order to create your destiny. LOL! It always amazes me when I help someone get set up with their blog then a few months go by and they quit, Oh Yes Blogging does take patience that’s a fact.

    I do have a question Harleena, Does a paid theme really make a big difference in making money with your blog or not? I am curious about this..

    Awesome article as always, Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    P.S. I did land here today Via Kingged..

    1. Absolutely true, Chery.

      Blogging needs too much patience and plannings to make a successful blog. When I started then one thing was clear in my mind, which was to make my blog very successful in next 1 year, and I DID it.

      Chery. there is no relation with making money from a blog and using paid or free theme, but the point to be noted here is – paid themes have more flexibility and you can have more freedom to customize them as compared to free theme.

      So a good theme can help you to make your identity much easier.

      Thanks for being here. 🙂

      1. Hello Kulwant and thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I guess I already knew this LOL Have a Great Holiday Weekend Ahead.. Chery :))

    2. Hi Chery,

      Sorry I missed your comment.

      My suggestion is not to go for free themes because they may not be coded properly. Always go for premium themes. Now, you’ve the choice to go for the costly ones or the economic ones like I use. Anything works.

      Since a premium theme gives you less trouble and is search engine friendly, you may get more traffic, so its good to use them for your money making pursuits.

      Of course, as Kulwant suggested, the paid themes have more flexibility and the ability to customize.

      Hope this helps and wish you enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

  7. Hi Harleena and Kulwant

    I think Kulwant made some good points. But . . . I am pausing on one in particular. I have NEVER heard this one, so it is getting my attention.

    It’s this one: “So commenting with the same email and IP address on blogs, you and all your comments will start going in spam folder.”

    Harleena, what do you think? I use my website address. Now I am thinking . . . should I?

    He follows up with “Start using your Facebook page URL, Google Plus page URL and more importantly URL of your Google Plus profile because it will increase your profile authority.”

    I am conflicted with this tip. One one side I thought we were to share who we are and to point people to our website. But he is saying something completely different: we should point them to where we are on Google or Facebook.

    I am also going to question why the Facebook URL. Just a month or two ago there was a big discussion over at Adrienne’s website where bloggers were considering leaving their Facebook Page because of all the changes at Facebook.

    Now, I could be swayed to really consider leaving my Google profile URL. But then how would CommentLuv work?

    I hope people jump in to this point and share ideas.

    P.S. I read this on

    1. Hello Barb.

      Happy to hear that you were curious to understand this point in more details.

      I am going to explain this with example.

      Suppose you have a blog and want to get many backlinks for your main URL. So the easiest thing which you can do is do blog comments on various blogs. If you are a newbie then the very first mistake you can do is to do as many comments as you can do in a single day and repeat the process for next 10-15 days without knowing the functionality of Akismet.

      Akismet is a default plugin in WordPress (you might have installed it on your blog) which almost all bloggers are using to reduce spams on their blogs. So Akismet will start considering your process (commenting) as automated because you are doing it on regular basis and put your email ID or IP address in spam filter because they don’t know how are you doing it. This will ultimately lead to put all your comments in spam comment section of all blogs where you will comment.

      Secondly, you asked about social links.. the reason is again same, using same url with associated email ID (your personal ID) will make a unique combination and Akismet will start considering it as spam. Using your social profiles links will not only help you to get more follower but your will avoid to be considered as spammer.

      Google profile is a single which is telling Google that this is a reputed profile so you must consider this person’s link more seriously than any other guys..

      Let’s understand this again with one example.

      Suppose you are a writer and you are struggling to publish your first book in the market.. What you will do is, start looking for the publisher and request them to publish your first book.. Chances are there that no one knows you in the industry and they are going to ignore you as compared to one guy who has already published 3-4 books in the market. So here comes the authority.

      If we talk about Google then how are they going to measure people’s authority online? The answer is – Google plus profile. So using Google plus link will increase your authority and you will start getting better ranking.

      Hope this reply will answer all your queries.

    2. Welcome to my blog, Barb!

      Although I’m bit late, but I hope you’re satisfied with the answer that Kulwant gave you. His logic makes sense, however, that’s only for those bloggers who make plenty of comments daily. I’d say if you’re making only 5-10 comments per day, then you should be able to carry out commenting using your same email and IP and you should not be considered as spam by Akismet.

      I personally haven’t started using the Google+ profile link while commenting, so I can’t suggest you to do that. What I think is that Google will check your author rank and the +1s you get rather than the number of G+ profile links you used in the comments to judge your authority.

      Oh yes, I remember the discussion over at Adrienne’s place and well I’d say it’s a personal decision that bloggers need to make, and I still see many keeping their Pages. Having said that, there are bound to be many more changes on Facebook pages. As for me, I’m keeping my FB page.

      I hope your doubts have cleared now. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you around. Have a great weekend as well! 🙂

  8. I totally agree with all the points that you have mentioned here. When it comes to monetizing a blog then one should make sure that their blog is attractive.

    This will help to turn on-lookers into customers.

    Advertisers for one thing want to put their ad on a blog that is attractive. So installing a theme that beautifies your blog is a must.

    Great post!

    1. Kharim, I think you are also a beauty lover. 😉

      Having an attractive theme can give you many benefits as compared to cluttered and bad colors theme.

      A good theme attract more advertisers which ultimately bring more money in your pocket. 🙂

    2. Welcome to my blog, Kharim!

      You’re right in that an attractive blog does make a difference, but I believe that it’s the content that’s the most important aspect of a blog and the basis of its success.

      Thanks for visiting and hope to see you around. 🙂

  9. Hey Queen Harleena, I trust you are having a fantastic time yonder? I know it’s been a while I come here and I always come and go. Well, hopefully I will begin to stay around just soon as I have just gotten my laptop. You might congratulate and wish me success in the days to come.

    Like seriously, I so like and resonate with the topic discussed here and I’m kinda ecstatic to have stumbled upon it in my wanderings across Kingged dot com where you shared it.

    BTw, I should say hi to Sir Kulwant himself. hello sir, trust you’re doing pretty fine.

    So you shared pretty nice tips on ways to turning ones blog to a money making machine. And I must say this are the surest ways to be a successful blogger thereby earning some good living from it, that is your blog.

    I should share my little story with you or what do you think, Kulwant?

    Okay, some couple of months back when I started my blog, that was September 6th 2013. It was a really cool experience. I had learned all that I needed to know about blogging, I knew if I was truly gonna achieve success I must not worry too much about making money.

    I did my blogging chores with passion and was getting result from the traffic to engagement and engagement to comment and comment to getting mentions across the web.

    I was doing with passion but I wasn’t making money…..what was my mistake?

    I was clouded by the belief that content is the KING…..of course it’s indisputable that content is the king but if content is the king, then design is the Warlord.

    I can’t imagine a blogger who seriously wants success in the blogosphere subjecting his/herself to freemium templates. I am not against free things but those free stuffs can bring you that enormous success you’ve always dream of, it’s just so impossible.

    So I realized first of all that I needed to up my site’s design.

    Another thing you mentioned was social proof. Yes presenting your social proof to readers make them trust you. It increase you reputation and to them they feel you’re somesort of an expert. It’s what all this big guns does, even you and it has worked for you guys. That’s the next big thing I’m planning for my blog. 😀

    Writing honest review is another form of increasing your chances of making money. People, that is, your site readers and visitors would like to do business with you if you are the type that put up on a daily basis good and not just good but honest review on your site.

    You know why they will do business with you? That’s because you’ve succeeded in proving to them your worth, that they can trust you and that they can do business with you.

    Let’s come back a little bit to content being the king. Content is the king don’t ever forget that fams! Without good cotent you cannot truly make money via your blogging efforts.

    Writing useless and crappy contents might have worked decades ago but not anymore. Comon wake up! We are in the 21st century. People knows how to feed themselves. Once they notice you can’t satisfy their necessities, all they have to do is move on. (there millions of blogs out there, hope you know).

    I thought you weren’t gonna mention the part of relationship. I would have just get off the blog and moved on to something else. (just kidding).

    But to be candid, if you truly want to make some cool cash from blogging, if you want to turn your blog to a money making machine, then you will need to know and understand that you need quality network to do that, and that involves having the best relationships.

    If you would ask any serious and of course great bloggers your caliber, they will tell you that relationship is what has brought them to level they are.

    You know what I have found out? It’s quite simple. “Relationship is a need and must be met”. No human being can never achieve success in life’s endeavour without relationship being involved. Even Jesus was strongly connected with HIS twelve disciples. That goes to show how important and critical relationship is. trust you got my point there, Kulwant?

    It’s crazy to write and craft a great post, publish and cross your leg to wait for traffic and engagements. Isn’t it?

    The best post or ebooks are not determined by the quality of the write up but by the high level of promotion put into it.

    I say success in blogging also involves around branding and marketing and you’ve got to go all out to market yourself, whether paid or free if truly you wish to turn your blog to a money generating machine.

    I love this part of patience. I can’t recollect how many bloggers, most are newbie though, that has asked me how they can quickly increase their backlinks and what have you….you know all those quick schemes and what have you.I am no experts but I have learned to tell them simple, that to succeed in blogging takes patience. You will never succeed overnight. It’s not just possible.

    Now, speaking about the obsession for tools. Like you said in the post, it’s actually good to make use of tools as they can cause quick virility and all those juices but too much of is bad.

    Plus I think some people either become to reliant on it, which is bad and some people just misuse it.

    Mr. Kulwant, all in all, I think or let me say I believe you really have done justice to this post. Thanks for the share!

    I have a question though. Here:

    I am no experts, don’t let this long comment deceive you, it just a skill I learned from Harleena and her friends.

    So, I blog over at Blogging Whiz – a blog that’s focus on guest blogging. It’s a multi-niche blog. An idea I caught from studying

    My question is, How do I run that blog, make it successful and of course turn it to a money making machine for me and also my readers. Cause I’d like my readers to make money from my blog kind of.

    I know you’re an expert in this regards and I’d wait and anticipate your great lessons. Thanks!


    1. First of all congratulation for your new laptop, Sam.

      I am doing awesome, hope you are also enjoying blogging.

      Before proceeding further I would like to congrats you for coming into blogging just because of your passion and having no intention to make money. You truly deserve huge round of applause on that decision.

      I would not recommend to use premium theme of you are totally newbie in this field, but if you have big vision and strong enough to touch the heights in blogging then having a professional theme is one of the must have elements for your blog. So it all depends on your vision, if you have big vision and confidence then it doesn’t depend either you are newbie or expert in your field, you just start using any premium theme and share your knowledge.

      Social proof is such a big action driving force that you can reach more audience very easily.. you must be agree with my point that people are more likely to like a page with 5000 fans as compared to just 500 Fans page.. So showing them on your blog can really boost the conversion and ultimately increase your trust.

      Gone are the days when people used to rank with creepy content. If you want to survive then writing quality content is the only remedy.

      We are human species so we love to live in same crowd, where we ask help from people and in return help them. This is the life cycle. If we apply this cycle in blogging then sharing other people’s stuff is the best way to make relations with them and have strong presence in the community.

      Sam, I am such a guy who use too many tools to boost my business but it happened with small small time intervals.. I kept on adding many tools in my arsenals and finally I have worth $2200 tools installed on my laptop.. Tools are never bad, it’s how you use them for your business.

      This was the longest comment I have ever got on any of my posts so it got me one week to collect the courage. Many times I decided to reply this comment but mentally I was not prepare to convey my message in this way..

      Harleena is making blogging competition too much difficult.. ha ha.. just joking..

      The way she write comments on other blogs is truly appreciable.. I think she is kind of only blogger in the world who writes such huge comments.. So my special respect for mam. 🙂

      Stay tuned for joining my webinar tomorrow where I am going to talk about make money online tips.

      This was such a HUGGGEEEEEE comments… I am saying thank to god, as finally I replied it today.. 🙂

  10. Blogging is considered as business now-a-days. It should be a passion first, this way the love for the blog never fades out. One needs to keep in mind that earning is not a one blog post magic. It requires multiple things to be in place. Convincing an advertiser requires great stats and that can be achieved with good ranking. One needs to make sure they do all the white hat tricks to grow their blog. Every black hat technique will ruin the reputation and can make the blog go in black spam list. It is the true dedication and with right approach, one starts earning money. Great article, i found this on kingged.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Rohan!

      I totally agree with the points that you’ve made. Blogging works in this order – passion, content, attitude, strategy, and then monetization. A blog is not your business, but a means to do business.

      However, as you point out, if you’re not passionate about blogging and your blog, then nothing is going to work out, because you’ll be burnt out soon, and probably quit it midway!

      True dedication and the right approach is the key. Thanks for visiting and share your great thoughts. Hope to see you around and have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. Hi Kulwant,

    Glad to see you in Harleena’s blog 🙂

    These are some great points to be discussed. Honestly, I am glad to read this article because I want to make my blog as a money machine. I think, if the blogger does not make a lot of money from their blogs, the blogging journey seems incomplete.

    Honestly, I want to make my blog can get the money, but I haven’t had the confidence to monetize my blog. How do you see this, Kulwant?

    I found a lot of ways to monetize a blog, and sometimes it makes confused, what should I do? what is the proper way to monetize a blog? Such questions continue to arise in my mind.

    Thank you for sharing this article, Kulwant. It’s awesome post. I hope I can learn a lot from you 🙂


    1. Nanda, I think we are in the same vehicle. 😉

      Here I would like to tell you that there are tons of people who don’t blog for money.. these are people who have already achieved something very big in their life and getting connected with people using their blogs.

      If you are newbie then confidence might be one of the obstacles because this is such a stage where we actually don’t know what to do. But soon you will figure out the ways to monetize your blog and take it to new level.

      I will suggest to become master of one method and try second only after getting success with first one. I had the same issue when I started as I didn’t know what to try and where to go so I kept on trying various money making methods.

      Never guess the quality of any tool or course just because they have written a compelling sale copy. Most of the marketers are so smart that they write their sale copies in very convincing manner and we end up buying their products.

      So don’t jump from one method to other… because all are working if you decide to use only one method.

      So stick to one methods and become master of that.

      Feel free to ask if you still have any query.

  12. Hi Harleena,
    I heard about you so many times over the net, and first ever to have a conversation with you. By reading the article, you have mentioned nice things that will improve any blog.

    Theme is the one to get attracted towards audience, engaging with other bloggers that will bring much exposure.

    I stared my blog for making money from adsense, but once Google algorithms changed rankings has been dropped and not interested to do blogging anymore few months back.

    I never interacted with other bloggers, because I don’t know this thing at all before joining kingged, now learn’t a lot of things here.

    I had question what do you say about PR? does new bloggers are going to make money without a PR?
    Patience is always require, but from last year Google is doing fun against bloggers.

    First ever to have a chat with you from

    1. Welcome to my blog Suresh!

      I’m glad you visited my blog. However, this is a guest post by Kulwant on my blog. He has really mentioned great points for all bloggers to improve their blogs.

      It’s good that you now realize the importance of interaction and making relationships in blogging.

      I don’t think the PR of the blog has anything to do with making money. A high PR does attract commenters for backlinking purposes, and thus you get traffic, but if you’ve good content and have developed a community, then nobody looks at the PR of your blog.

      I think Google is on the right track, cleaning the web and making it better for the sincere and serious bloggers. So, I’d suggest to just follow the Google’s rules, take up Kulwant’s suggestions and go ahead to create a successful blog.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. 🙂

  13. Hi Kulwant,

    I couldn’t agree more. You have spotted important reasons why your blog is not making money. To focus on your blogging goal is not wrong, in fact, it is significant. Hitches like theme structure, wrong voice, no engagement, using old school schemes, and having no patience are some huge things to mull over.

    If you’ll try something new or overhaul your blog might result something fresh and good.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Metz, these were some real life problems which I faced in my blogging journey and improve them with time.

      I started my journey with free themes but once I understood the importance I shifted to genesis framework. Believe me this was one of the best investments I did in my blogging career. People started showing more interest to read my content and I started getting more results.

      I am not saying that this happened by changing the theme only.. I learnt more things with time and implemented them on my blog to get better results.

      We must try new things in our blogging journey because one working methods can make your millionaire.

      Glad to have you here. 🙂

  14. Hi Kulwant and Harleena,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful alert and revealing the top secrets of not getting enough income from our blogs. I appreciate you for bringing in Kulwant Nag’s post here. The tips Kulwant brought out here is worth noting and worth following diligently, surely it will produce the desired fruit or result at the appropriate time. As you said its like a tree, nurture it well it then in the stipulated time it will produce sweet and well ripened fruits to our satisfaction.

    Of course one needs to have enough patience in blogging. It is not at all a quick money making machine LOL one need to have lot of patience and hard work to get the desired results. Yes, here the key is the patience, let us have it to achieve our goals. Thanks a lot Kulwant for revealing the top secrets, which many in the blogging field simple neglect or forget. One need to be more alert in interacting with fellow bloggers and share their contents with others, we most of the time is more selfish in this area and we do it for ourselves. That is not a good trend, thanks for reminding this.

    Keep writing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    Harleena, I read this post at and i posted this comment there in the syndicate column. Thanks

    1. Hello Mr. Philip.

      Thanks for this encouraging comment.

      Yeah, blogging (or anything) in life is just like a tree, so we cannot taste the fruits without nurturing it well. Blogging is such a filed which is still in growing phase and people are trying various methods to generate income.

      When I started blogging then the very first motto was obviously to make money online but the second was a vision where I will start teaching people in next 5 years. Blogging is going to touch new level in few coming years, so we (first comers) are going to get huge benefits.

      Yeah, there is nothing without patience.

      PS: I didn’t know that Kingged work in such a great way as I am getting many people redirected from there. Hope I will start using it soon.

  15. Hi Kulwant, great article…. I couldnt make a lot of money in the early days of blogging because of various reasons. Now I have gotten on the bandwagon and am very pleased with my growth…

    Your article covers every point in the simplest and most straight forward way possible. I am going to treat this as a checklist in my strategy.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Preeti, it happens with all of us.. when I started this journey, there was no one who could help me and show me the right path to make money online.. but I kept learning the things and soon I started getting the results.

      In my 2.5 years of journey I saw a first Punjabi lady blogger, so it’s a proud moment for me to see one nice blogger around me.

      Happy to hear that this article was able to deliver my message.

      Thanks for being here.

  16. Kulwant has put together a great summary here!

    I might add that making your blog personal helps you to engage your readers. Share something about you and let the readers get to know you. Many first time bloggers are tentative to share their personal experiences, feelings and life with their readers but that is what makes your blog interesting to read and not just a technical writeup.

    Collin Krawll

    1. Thanks a lot, Collin.

      I got something from this comment. 🙂

      After reading your comment I realized that I don’t have any personal identity on the home page of my blog which can make my blog more trustworthy and let people revisit my blog.

      I always suggest to add little personal touch in the article because people want to feel the message while reading it.. So if you win in creating a touchy article, you win the heart of your readers..

    2. Welcome to my blog Collin,

      I’m glad you like this guest post by Kulwant. You’ve shared a great point and I’ve seen many bloggers do that. I always try to personalize my posts with my own experiences.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Hope to see you around and have a great weekend! 🙂

  17. Fantastic article Kulwant but ofcourse, I don’t agree with ‘we are all in it for money’.

    I have been blogging for eleven years but got really serious just this year. For eleven years, I have had a readership that was 60,000 a day to 60,000 a month to 60 people a month to even 6 people a month. My experience says that it is all because Google keeps changing so many times. What works once didn’t work again and just when you practice working at what you discovered works, it changes again. Some say SEO is the thing today but there are many who say SEO is dead too. Yes, quality counts but you know what my personal experience says now… your niche counts too. When you blog about technology or blogging or social media, it gets you readers, money and followers. I’ve tested this. When I write about photography or blogging, my readership goes really good and google is sending me so many visitors but when I blog about parenting or crochet or some extinct art like macrame or tatting… I have to go ‘fetch’ my readers. My point: you can make money off some topics not all.
    No doubt content is king but the look and feel of things are queen.

    Anyway, this was a good read. Thanks for showcasing Kulwant, Harleena. It’s my first time on your blog and I must say I am really happy to find Indian bloggers and readers here. It’s been a long time since I found quality blogs by Indians. Keep up the good work.

    1. Aysh, I am surprised to read that you are blogging since last 11 years.. Such a long period..

      You were not there for money (I guess).. But you were still loving to add content in your websites.. but here I can guarantee that you must be making little money with your blogs as well.. If not that time, then you MUST be doing blogging now again to make MONEY..

      So this way or that way, the action we (bloggers, internet marketers) so online are connected with money..

      Let’s take one example…

      You are not doing this for MONEY… So what you will get after doing blogging for 5 years is FAME.. Once you will be famous, one big company will hire you or make your their brand ambassador… and ultimately money will start flowing..

      So the final outcome is MONEY..

      Hope you understand what I want to say here..

      As you said about content quality and niche selection, I totally agree with that.. 🙂

      Thanks for being here and igniting me to reply your comment.

    2. Welcome to my blog Aysh!

      I agree with your first line and this is what I wrote in my introductory comment on this guest post by Kulwant. Not all blog for money, or at least, start blogging with the aim of making money. For instance, my blogging aim was to just create a portfolio of my articles, and money was nowhere near the scene.

      However, eventually, when I realized that blogging is taking up bulk of my time such that I’ve to sacrifice my freelance writing tasks, I started looking for options to monetize my blog, so that I can devote more quality time to it.

      I guess you’ve had similar reasons, and if you’re running your blog for the last 11 years, then you surely have a great content resource, and you should try to leverage that to get your time’s worth in terms of money.

      I’ll tell you what I understand – SEO will exist as far as the search engines do. It’s just the ways of SEO changes. So what’s gone is the way keywords,linking, and anchor texts were used. I’m sure you can repurpose your entire blog content sorting out the keyword stuffing if there’s any, use semantic keywords, eliminate bad links, and a few other things, and your blog will get its traffic back.

      Of course, your niche counts too. Having said that, I’ve a multi niche blog, but it’s still working. So, your relationships matter too, as I’ve a community here that reciprocates and is always supporting. Even though I’m running a self-development blog, I’ve been able to get it to near 20,000 Alexa. But you’re right in that technology and blogging niches are hot and will churn you out instant and more money.

      Finally, you got to offer what your audience likes. So, actually, it’s your audience who’s the king, and your content is the queen. 🙂

      I’m glad you like my blog and it’s a great compliment coming from you. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you around. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  18. It really depends who you’re on Facebook, if people know you as reputed friend they will believe your headlines and check what you share every time.

    Proofs of monthly income, high quality information, no matter what you say, already has been said somewhere with oher words, let”s face it, but you can add extra info to points which aren’t well explained and people love to know about it, case studies attract these days. Give it a try!

    1. I don’t agree with your statement, I. C. Daniel.

      In this article I am talking about blogging so there is no relation with your Facebook profile’s authority or genuineness.

      There are 2 ways to monetize your blog..
      1. Selling to known
      2. Selling to unknown

      If you are selling to known people then your image matters a lot, but if you are selling to unknown people then they don’t care who is behind the blog.

      I agree that people love to read income reports because it motivate them to do better things and they get idea to monetize their blog as well.

  19. I agree with a lot of mistakes shared here. I must add that many bloggers are not making money because they are not “marketing” their blog. There is a huge difference between creating a blog and marketing the blog.

    It is the latter that will bring the money. Therefore, learning and applying the best promotional strategies that solve problems for the readers/clients/subscribers will bring in the money.

    More so, on the design and theme structure aspect, building trust with important pages like the “About US” page can improve conversion and increase sales for the blogger!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

    1. Agree with you Mr. Sunday.

      Platform like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr have made blogging so much easy. Anyone with little knowledge of computer can now start a blog very easily. But most of the people fail when it comes to promoting.

      Without promotion your blog is like a shop without customers. You can put best stuff in the world in your shop but there is no one to buy it.

      Copywriting plays huge role for the success of any blog. I am learning it from expert and utilizing it in such guest posts.

      I agree with you on “about me” part as well. This page is the most visited page on every blog so casting is in great way build more trust in your visitors and let them convert into readers.

      I am loving your platform Kingged too much. In last 2 years I have used many platform but Kingged just amazed me.. So many awesome people are coming from there and helping this community to grow..

      Many many congrats for having such an awesome community.

  20. Hi Kulwant and welcome to Harleena’s blog.

    I think this is a topic so many people are interested in learning more about. I know so many come into this but not really knowing what to do so they do everything wrong.

    I think the title is misleading though, sorry. That’s something that gets me every time. Your blog is the tool you use to get people interested in what you have. Whether that’s affiliate products, your own products or perhaps a consulting business. Unless you have enough ads on your blog where the advertisers are paying you to have them there then your blog itself will never make you money. I’m sure there are a few people online that are doing just that but let’s face it, when we land on a blog with nothing but ads that’s a complete turn off.

    I do know though that in order to make money online and using your blog as a tool then you definitely have to have things set up and in place. Building those relationships is at the top of my list personally because those are the people who will support you down the road with whatever it is that you share.

    I did enjoy your tips though Kulwant so please don’t mistake that. Maybe I finally need to write about this myself since I think people are being mislead by that particular phrase!

    Thank you both for a great post and hope you both have a wonderful week.


    1. Thanks for sharing your views and igniting the conversation, Adrienne.

      Yes, our blog is just a marketing tool to bring new prospects in our business and then convert them into buyers. People are using this tool as per their convenience..

      People are monetizing with AdSense, Amazon products, affiliate marketing, their own products, course and there are other tons of ways to generate income online.

      But if you will observe, all are making money here. If we talk about CopyBlogger, they don’t even have any AdSense or affiliate product unit on their blog.. they are selling their own products. So they are using this tool in their own way.

      Here I discussed few basic things which can help people to take action and make their blog more convincing and money making tool.

      And things depends on the type of blog. If you are running a blog just to monetize with AdSense, Amazon then there is no need to make relations with people, because they will directly land on your blog, make the purchase with your affiliate link and then go.

      So wasting time on such blogs to build relations is not recommended.

      I would love to have discussion with you if I am still not able to answer your queries.

  21. Thanks for this informative post Kulwant!

    I think it is very important to have some strategies beyond writing when starting a blog. Especially the importance of interacting with others is often neglected. This is also sad because I think that interaction with other bloggers is one of best things about blogging. It is such a wonderful opportunity to meet fantastic people from all over the world.

    I actually did not start my blog for money. I was already working as a freelance writer. But I wanted to write about a topic that was usually not targeted by my clients, but that was – and is – dear to my heart: Science explained simple for everyone to enjoy. However, I do need the strategies you describe as well.

    Thanks again, Ilka

    1. Yes Ilka, blogging needs lots of strategies and supporting things to get success… and networking is one of the parts in blogging.. if you are not appreciating other bloggers then you are missing something very big in blogging.

      Blogging is all about helping people either with your own content our content written by other awesome bloggers… so your duty is just redirect them on particular solution.

      Glad to hear that you are doing freelancing as well as running blog with no intention to make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing something about you.

      Have a great day ahead. 🙂

  22. Hello Sir,
    Firstly, Great write up!
    According to me, which I Face daily while blogging is that many known newbies have no patience at all. They think that blogging is a instant money making source but it is not. It is damn serious work and I am very serious about my work. Yes, I am learner and quite newbie but I want to address all the newbies do not take it as instant money making machine. Have patience and keep working. Also take help and give help.
    -Rohit Kumar

    1. Yes Rohit, this is the problem in all newbies. They just want to learn the shortcuts and want to make money online as soon as possible.

      Doing this would be like asking for graduation degree without even attending the classes.

      Thanks for this great message.

    2. Welcome to my blog Rohit!

      I’m impressed with your understanding of blogging. Patience and perseverance holds the key to your success in blogging, along with other aspects that you probably already know.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. 🙂

  23. Hel Kulwant,
    I absolutely agree with your points here. There are a lot of things bloggers need to put together to start making that money from their blogs.

    I think traffic is the very first thing to try to get and keep. There are many factors that play different roles here.

    The first point is to get the traffic. We know of the different traffic sources – search engine, referral and direct. Whether it’s from social media, banners, PPC, emails, etc, it all falls withing these categories.

    The second point is to keep the traffic. It’s of no point to pull 1000 readers a day who don’t spend 1 second on your blog. It means there is a big problem.

    There are many things to to so as to keep your traffic – quality of content, blog design, site speed, formatting, etc.

    Now, when you start getting and keeping targeted traffic, it will be generally easier to make money.

    Whichever is the best way to make money depends on your niche and strategies. Some money making models work better for some blogs but will miserably fail on some others. It’s therefore of huge importance to test and test so discover what’s best for ones blog

    Thanks for the great share on aha-now bro and, Harleena, thanks for inviting Kulwant to share with us his experiences

    Do have a wonderful week you both

    1. Happy to see you here, Enstine.

      Yeah, traffic is the very first and most important thing which we must put on priorities.. You can write damn awesome, one of the best contents in the world.. but there is no mean if people are not reading it.

      There are many factors on your blog which keep your readers engaging and let them visit your blog again. Getting first time visitors might be little tough but retaining them on your blog is even more tougher.

      I agree with your point that different niches have different monetization model so we mush be aware about them and select them very carefully.

      Thanks for this great comment about the importance of traffic.

  24. Excellent tips on improving the blog layout and promotion. Long term, this will help to start inflow of money from the blog. What did you mean by “So commenting with the same email and IP address on blogs, you and all your comments will start going in spam folder.” Should we be changing emails and ip for commenting?

    1. Yes Rajan, your design is the most attractive force of your blog.

      Yes, you read it right.. Doing excess commenting with same IP address and email address will start putting your comments in spam folder as Akismet plugin will catch your activity and put you in spam filter.

      Yes, you must change email while commenting and don’t do excess commenting is a single day.

    2. Welcome to my blog Rajan,

      Kulwant has really given great tips to make your blog successful. However, don’t forget the value of content and community. Wish you all the best for your blogging.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around. 🙂

  25. Hello Kulwant,

    Kulwant and Harleena both are inspiration for newbie bloggers. They travel on others blogs and communities like clouds. And they shower their knowledge everywhere via comments or articles.

    Thanks a lot for giving us such a nice information.


    1. Hello Dr. Diana.

      Thanks for such nice words and appreciating our efforts.

      I think I and Harleena both have same vision, as we both want to reach out maximum possible audience with our expertise and writing skills.

      Thanks for boosting us. 🙂

  26. Hi,

    I think the most important point mentioned above is the writing style. If you don’t have quality content, then it would be very difficult to engage your audience. Good quality content can go viral and boost site traffic.
    The second important point as rightly mentioned in your article is patience. The key to a successful blogging career is a lot of patience. Blogging as a career can be quite stressful; hence a blogger should keep his mind calm and find innovative ways to promote his blog.

    1. Yes Tanveer.. Writing style is the main focus of your blog after design.

      When I started I was very poor in English.. so I joined some English classes just to become a better writer. I am still in the learning mode where I am learning new things daily.

      Writing and creative writing are two totally different things. I have seen awesome copywriters who can force you to buy their products just because of their convincing writing style.

      So writing plays very important role here.

      Patience, Patience, Patience and Patience.. if you have it, you already won the half battle.

      Thanks for your valuable time.

      Have a great day. 🙂

    2. Welcome to my blog Tanveer,

      You’ve got hold of the most important point in blogging – the content and your writing style. And then of course all the points by Kulwant become more useful.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your wonderful thoughts. Hope to see you around and have a great weekend! 🙂

  27. hello kulwant,

    really a nice post. making money out of blog is something that has been attracting most of the newbie bloggers into full time blogging. its the patience and hard-work which makes your blog popular during time and then you apply such tricks to make money.

    thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    1. Thanks for being here and joining hands in discussion.

      When I started, making money was the biggest motivation for me. 🙂

      This is the fact in blogging that people don’t have patience.. they just want quick traffic and money with their blog..

      Once people will understand some basic facts, they will start making money very easily.

    2. Welcome to my blog Rishi,

      Kulwant has given some really nice tips. But first of all, a blogger should be ready for long-term slogging, and be smart too.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. 🙂

  28. Hi Kulwant,

    I’m making money, but not nearly as much as I want to be making from blogging. You’ve got some great tips. I believe that my biggest obstacle is to focus on building a business via my blog. I usually just focus on writing and building an audience, trying to create a strong community – and I’m not focusing on the business part.

    I almost never sell to my readers. It’s hard to earn money without selling 🙂


    1. Jens-Petter, it’s good if you are already making money with your blog.

      If you are blogging then start considering it as a business, because this is the only which can push you forward to come up with great ideas to monetize your blog.

      You know your readers better than me… so I would suggest you to observe what they want, why do they visit your blog, what do they love.. Once you will figure out these things, ideas to monetize will start coming.

  29. Hi Kulwant,

    Nice meeting you here on Harleena’s blog. You have given us excellent tips and I do appreciate it.

    It takes some know-how to make money from your blog. We do need to put an offer on the side bar, have testimonials, and everything set up correctly. But…We do have to consider the social aspects. Always reply to comments and go to their blogs and do the same. This is a good start of making relationships.

    Also be active on social media platforms.

    A good marketing plan has to be set in place. Yes, I have been making money from my blog in the past by a slow drip feed of people I connected with.

    But now, creating products, it has changed the way sales are going. On social media and a few advertising techniques, I have vamped up a great client list and good sales funnel whereby people are more active and purchasing on my blog.

    If I knew then, what I know now ….. As the saying goes. But we all have to learn and apply the techniques and strategies to our blog to make it a profitable place.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Hello Donna,

      I checked your blog and found you have placed awesome testimonials in sidebar to grab the attention of first time reader.

      Social media has become one of the must have business weapon which is boosting business all across the globe by reaching targeted audience. So using it in right way can really boost any business.

      Happy to hear that you have launched your product and it is bringing sales as well.

      Thanks for being here and dropping this awesome comment.

  30. Hi Kulwant
    Excellent Article
    Especially the 1st point you’ve made
    “Theme Structure” I am totally impressed with this one.
    Most of time this is 1st reason for your blog failure.
    Too many advertisement in the header section.
    Most of our friends blog not mobile friendly one (not responsive)in-fact you believe it or not it looks horrible in mobile browsers. But most of us not aware of this fact. Around 60% of the traffic coming from mobile users. So we can’t ignore them. Another important thing most of the blogs not have “Print Button” in reality around 47% of the people not reading the blogs online. They just click the print button and take the print out and read it thereafter. So you’ve made the valid point in the beginning itself. Kulwant this is just a beginning for all of us to build a professional and successful blog forever and stand alone in the competition.
    Have a Nice Day.
    Many thanks to Kulwant and Harleena for producing superb articles on this blog

    1. Hello Perambur.

      Seeing you first time commenting on any of my articles, so warm welcome. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for sharing the facts and figures about the mobile users and letting us know about the importance of mobile friendly websites.

      I don’t think there is any requirement of print plugin on the blog, because if anyone wants to print the page then he/she can simply press “Ctrl + P” commend and get the copy.

      Thanks for being here.

  31. When such posts are coming from the guys who have being in this blogging industry for long, one really ought to take them really serious?

    But my problem had o do with the designing aspect, how does a newbie blogger knows whether he or she is using the wrong design and because of that is likely to affect his money making prowess on his blog?

    Or simply because the pro bloggers are going in with Genesis or studio themes he also ought to go in for them as well.

    I don’t think any blogger will decide to use a bad font on his blog unless he is being prompted.

    1. Emmanuel, happy to see you around.

      As I said in article, your theme is very important for your blog.. A new reader can predict the quality of your blog just with the design, so having a good looking blog must be the first priority of every blogger.

      I agree with your point that newbie bloggers don’t have any idea about the design and they even don’t know how to make it attractive.

      So my suggestion to such newbies is – you need not to worry about your blog design for atleast first 6 months, because this is the learning phase of your blogging.

      Once you will spend 6 months, you will know everything. 🙂

  32. hi harleena, you are too famous…as i noticed you on blogging communities, and on blogs, everytime i noticed you and everywhere. and then i am finally here..and nice posts and gud job

    1. Welcome to my blog Ajay,

      Good that you made your visit here. I hope you liked this post by Kulwant too.

      Hope to see you around and have a great weekend! 🙂

  33. Hey Kulwant,
    Great content and Yes, making money online is not an easy task and require lots of hardwork, consistency and patience. Without interaction with other blogger or poor writing are some major reason for not making money. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    1. Hope people will understand this very soon and stop making silly mistakes. 🙂

      By working on small small things and improving them with time can give us great success in short time,

  34. I hve just discovered you post in fb group. Title made me to check into your article and this was the truth fact why some bloggers can’t make real money and am also one among them. But hoping for some thing best in future… 🙂

    1. Glad to hear that my title was good enough to capture you attention.

      Hope you must have got something from this post as well which will help you to do better in blogging.

      Best wishes..

    2. Welcome to my blog Prakash,

      I’m sure you’ll be successful in blogging and make real money if you follow the basics and of course, the points as laid out by Kulwant in this post.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. 🙂

  35. Hey Kulwant,

    A friend of mine told me “The hardest working people are the laziest”… With that said, as I’ve been blogging for the last 4 yours, there have been many of times where I put myself into a habit where I wasn’t getting any great results. Although I was working hard, I didn’t think to change the habit to improve my results. With that said, I agree with everything you said because of my experience.

    From changing my theme, becoming more transparent with my writing, using the “right” tools to imrpove traffic, etc. has shown me why I needed to change. This blog post definitely emphasize why a lot of bloggers need to revamp their routine so that they can get better results. Thanks for sharing this informative post and I hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. I am feeling very positive after reading your comment, Sherman.

      You are the live example in front of me that you have already achieved success after doing little changes on your blog and after working on your writing style.

      According to me – these are the core ingredients of every blog.. So if we can improve them, we can get more attention.

      Best wishes..

  36. Agreed with all the points you have mentioned.. I found the biggest task here to find right theme for our which loads fast and user-friendly for reader. It takes hell of time choosing right theme and customizing it according to our needs. As you said we do comments on blog for backlinks yes ofcourse most of them do. If everyone start commenting with facebook url of Gplus url don’t you think they will miss the one of the popular link building strategy called comment backlinks 😀

    1. Yeah Kamlesh.. When I started blogging 2 years back then the biggest challenge in front of me was a good looking and easy to navigate theme. After doing atleast one month (Yes, one month) research I found one theme from WooThemes. With little customization I was able to make it unique.

      But soon I came to know about genesis framework and this is where blog started taking actual shape.

      ha ha… yeah.. we do it for getting backlinks.. 😉

      I am very active on few blogs which don’t even allow links in comments but still people comment there and appreciate the work of author.

    2. Welcome to my blog Kamlesh!

      I’d suggest to not go for any free themes, but you don’t even have to go for the costliest ones. My blog runs on a theme from themeforest, and its doing good. You can read one of my posts on how to make your blog fast.

      As regarding the use of G+ and FB URL’s while commenting, you should read the reply to Barb made by Kulwant on this post for your answer.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around! 🙂

  37. Hi, Kulwant bro this is a great guide to new bloggers and extremely useful reminder to the already established ones (esp. If they are diverted from the basics).
    Moreover when a post like this is published on a blog with such awesome community of bloggers you get to learn even more from the comments of them.

    Thank you Harleena madam for having Kulwant bro here. 🙂

    Just a suggestion if you could figure out a post of affliate insights or niche blogs that could be a treat.

    1. Thanks for being here, Swadhin.

      When I started writing this topic then I had only few points in my point but once I moved further I started getting more points to add.

      So hope this article is going to help many people who are still struggling to make their blog a money making machine or still trying hard to make their blog popular.

      Because the mistakes are same.. once their blog will be popular, they will start making money.

  38. Great post Kulwant,
    a blog design is really important, a blogger needs to go for a professional looking design and this will help catch your readers attention and make you look serious.
    I also believe trust and relationship is very important, if your readers trust you, they will buy from you even if what you are selling is no too great!
    Also, a blog traffic plays a major role in the amount of revenue that a blog makes, if you have a high traffic blog, you definitely have a higher chance of making more money from your blog.

    thanks for sharing these tips with us Kulwant.

    1. Yeah.. I keep saying this again and again but people are not understanding it, so I thought about writing an article about this topic on a popular blog and finally I did it..

      If only 2-3 people are going to take action after reading this article then my efforts got paid.

      Making a strong relation with people in your industry in the KEY here. This is such a field where you cannot grow alone. Either this way or that way you will have to ask for the help from your friends..

      Yeah.. Traffic is the KING here.. 😉

  39. Hi Kulwant Nagi

    As you have touched the core points for successful blogging. As what we have seen most of the newbie left the blogging half way because they expects dividends of blogging will be paid immediately. it need patience, dedication for building the credibility in the niche and continuously learning process and rectifying or avoiding those activity that become lethal for blog as you described in detail.

    Thanks for writing this informative post and thanks to Harleena also for arranging such post by experts of the industry.

    1. Hello Javeed.

      You are true on the point that many people left blogging in half-way just because they failed to monetize their blog.

      Patience is something which you need in every field. Either it’s study or any business, you cannot succeed if you don’t have patience. Making money with your blog without working hard would be like getting a graduation degree without attending the college and learning basic things.

      Thanks for joining hands here and loving my efforts. 🙂

  40. Hello Kulwant,

    Nice to see you up here!

    Blogging should first consider in and as a art, a skill. Though many of the newbie get into these for the sake of money; they should first learn the art. Making money through blogging comes in the last block of blogging.

    Like in real life, we ain’t get paid only for coming to office. We got to work, do some hardwork for making money. (Not applies for you :p)


    1. I personally loved this comment, Sayantan.

      I agree with you that blogging is an art.. It is exactly same like learning the things slowly and then implementing them to make your living.

      People do mistake when they consider it as a platform to make money easily, which is not true.

      Thanks for this awesome comment.

  41. Hi Kulwant,
    As a struggling blogger I found your article to be useful. To me my content is fine, only I do not know the ways to promote my blog. From your article I knew it will take time and you need patience.

    1. Mathi, I checked your blog and found it good design and content-wise.

      I would suggest you to find same niche blogger and start interacting with them. Ask them to submit guest articles on their blog and ask for their help to promote your articles as well.

      Yeah.. Patience is very important. 🙂

  42. Nice post, with your 8 major reasons blogs struggle to make money. There are several more basic reasons though, that a blog can struggle to make money (SEO/sales copy/sales products etc etc). Still this list is a good start and addressing these issues will sure help bloggers who do struggle with this 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Richard, here I talked about basic things why blogs don’t make money.

      SEO, sales copy, product comes second. If your blog is not fulfilling the basic needs then there is no need to think about advanced things.

      Hope this article is going to open many doors for newbie bloggers who are struggling to monetize their blogs.

    2. Welcome to my blog Richard,

      Of course there can be many other reasons that make a blogger struggle to make money. One factor that probably goes untracked is the personality projected by the blogger. It helps if the blogger exercises and expresses authority.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. 🙂

  43. I never know that design is more important than content to a group of people. Still then to become a successful blogger you have to take your blog as a business. Because, a blog never makes money, only business can make money.

    1. Yes Majharul . Design is backbone of your blog.

      I always pay attention to design of a blog first and then see the quality of content.

      You said it right, “A blog never makes money, only business can make money.”

      Considering your blog as business platform must be the first mindset of every blogger.

  44. You raised some vital key points on why some bloggers are not making money with there blog. But the one point which you raised that I am quite particular about is the old school promotional method and I was expecting and waiting for at least one new school method to complement the whole thing. I want to point our here that whether a blogger decides to use an old school or new school method of promotion, what is really required is to do it properly because the so called old school still work very well for some folks. Remember that sometimes what worked for Mr.A may not really work for Mr.B. That is why I was joyous when you rightly put it towards the later part of the article that we are creators of our own destiny. Wonderful share!

    1. Thanks Edwin.

      Many people pointed this mistake.. And even I realized that I missed it.. I must share few new techniques to let people learn something new and take quick actions..

      We can include these in new school..
      1. Guest blogging (like I did).
      2. Participate in discussions at forums and online communities.
      3. Offer freebies (infographics, reports, tutorial videos).
      4. Get featured on big blogs (it will take time).

      Hope this reply will help you. 🙂

  45. Cheers Mr Kulwant Nagi,

    A great post with a hell of a lump of cool actionable info. I like the ref to “old skool” promo methods. That prompts me to seriously look at engaging with my social accounts which I really have let go far too dormant.

    Loving the blogging cage home base.

    PS: thanks to Harleena for the introduction.


    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Tony.B.

      People like you always inspire me to produce better content in future. Thanks for appreciating my blog as well. It is purely designed by me. 😉

      You can hire me if you want such good looking theme. ha ha..

      1. Oh believe me I’d LOVE to hire you to create another awesome looking theme you can put credit to… However alas I’m pretty sure that your fee’s would leave me with my jaw wide open…

        Or a I mistaken and should I shoot you a req!?

        1. Tony.B, I am not doing it professionally.. 🙂

          So if you want, we can proceed with genuine price.. I have already designed few of my friend’s blogs and they are very happy with my work.

    2. Hi Tony,

      I’m glad you liked the guest post by Kulwant. I hope you’ve started active use of your social accounts by now.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see your around!

      Have a great weekend as well. 🙂

  46. Hi Kulwant Nagi,

    Really Great article!!

    This is a very informative article and points for blogging. Specially for newbie who want to make money by blogging, All the reasons that you have mentioned here are very helpful for us to know the common bug that we made.

    Thanks for sharing have a nice day 🙂

    Keep it up

    1. My pleasure to hear that this article was able to deliver my message.

      Hope many people are going to take actions after reading this article and going to make money with their blogs.

      Thanks for being here.

      Have a great day.

  47. I am in blogging field from last two years but didn’t got any satisfactory results till now. After reading your article I got some inspiration, now I will start giving my efforts to my blog with new energy. Thanks a lot for this inspiring article.

    1. Neeraj, blogging needs lots of time and efforts.. I hope you didn’t put that much efforts which you must put.

      Happy to hear that this article was good enough to inspire you and force you look forward to make your blog a good one.

      Would love to see you on my blog as well. 🙂

    2. Welcome to my blog Neeraj,

      I’m glad you found this post by Kulwant inspiring. I think you should make a fair and honest assessment of your blog, take up the advice of probloggers, and develop a blogging strategy, and take action. Of course, you need to have patience and perseverance too.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around! 🙂

  48. Hi Nagi, thanks for sharing your experience with Harleena’s blog community. I have one question and hope you reply back:

    In the post, you made mention of promoting in the old-school way which include Facebook, etc. I agree that to some degree, all the buzz around social media (especially Facebook)been one of the best place to drive conversion maybe a myth.

    But you didn’t further give your recommendation or alternatives to these so-called old school stuffs. Would like to know, Thanks.

    Thank you Harleena, is nice seeing you have good writers and experienced bloggers around here on Aha-Now as guest authors.

    1. Thanks for asking question, Shamsudeen.

      Facebook is a great place to share content with like minded people and interacting with them to solve their queries… but we must not be dependent on only one social media site..

      So you can use sites like
      1. WPKube
      2. DOSplash
      3. Kingged
      4. BizSugar
      5. InBound
      6. Google Plus
      7. StubmbleUpon

      and there are tons of other sites like them.

  49. Kulwant, you make some great points and one hit especially close to home: not interacting with other bloggers.

    I used to think why would I want to put other bloggers on my blog? It will only send MY READERS to someone else’s blog.

    How very short sighted! Even within the last month I have learned so much from other bloggers and their blogs including you and Harleena Singh.

    And if I’m true to myself and my readers and I want to help them then I should share with them the people I am learning from.

    Thanks Kulwant from saving us from our own mistakes!


    1. LeslieZ, I made exactly same mistake till one year of my blogging career. I was little egoistic saying, why should I share someone’s content? but soon I realized my mistakes and started interacting with many great bloggers.

      Harleena is everywhere. 🙂 Open any blog in blogging niche and you will find her interacting with other bloggers. She has done such an impeccable work in blogging industry that matching her is near to impossible for a blogger like me.

      Helping people is one of the best thing we do online. 🙂

      Happy to see you around.

  50. Hi Sir. Its really very informative post specially for newbies(me 2) . Its really nice to know that i m on right track now !!!! 😀 😀

    1. Happy to hear that this article was able to deliver my message to newbies.

      Feel free to ping me anytime on Facebook if you still need any help. 🙂

  51. Hi Kulwant,

    welcome to Harleena’s blog. This is indeed a very informative post, i know some important advice for a blogger in this article that i can use, and i will also share it with my friends. I found it is difficult to earn money using blog on network, because i don’t have patience for long time writing good article. With your advice, i will take a try for earning money again.


    1. Franco, Making money with your blog is all about your mindset. If you are prepared and want to monetize you blog then for sure you will come up with an idea to monetize it in proper way.

      I think the problem with people is, they still treat blogging like a hobby and consider it a magic wand which will start giving them money automatically.. But all I understood after doing blogging for 2 years is, you cannot make money with your blog if you don’t treat it as business.

  52. Hi Kulwant,

    Excellent! Trust comes when you create value and meet people, and money follows trust. As within so without, so work on your mindset with meditation and visualization, and you’ll move into prospering acts.

    Thanks for the enlightening share!

    1. I loved your words, Ryan. Thanks for this nice saying.

      Mindset is the first thing before doing anything in life. You need mindset for doing job, starting business, getting married and it applies in blogging too. 😉

      So once you have clear vision what you actually want to do in your life, things will start happening automatically.

      I am very happy to see you here.

      Keep up the great work on your blog.

  53. Great topic!

    When you say making money that isn’t necessarily ‘monetizing’ your blog? Or is that the same thing? I’ve been thinking about monetizing since my unique visits are up. I love your tips here, for example, use google plus to leave comments as well as other identity. I would love to see more sales on my site. Visits and comments I adore but I also would like to increase conversion. Any tips? I have read lots of copyblogger for ideas too. Thanks, Kulwant and Harleena!

    1. Lisa, I am not able to understand your question.

      I checked your blog and it captured my attention. So congrats for the great work.

      Yeah, using Google plus as URL in comments can help you to get more followers at your Google plus profile which will ultimately boost your profile authority.

      After going through 2-3 of your article, I found that you are not asking your readers to take any action. This action can be like downloading your free book, subscribe to your list, download any course or anything. So take this into consideration and add a good looking optin box at the end of all posts.

      If you don’t know what I am saying, you can check at my blog. 🙂

      Thanks for being here.

      1. Thank you for your valuable feedback! Yes I will add the opt in at the bottom of every post and see if that increases subscribers. The opt in box isn’t very eye catching. Thanks for checking my site 🙂

  54. Great tips and suggestions for newbies.

    I am currently trying to figure out how to get readers to buy. I took out a bunch of my old techniques and trying to make things less intrusive. It hasn’t helped me a ton.

    Don’t forget there are ways to get money from posting stories for brands. I am careful when I do this because the last thing I want to do is to trash my blog with useless crap. I always try to figure out who to turn the post into something useful and won’t take on a project that won’t be beneficial to my readers just to earn a $.

    1. Christy, for getting your readers to take actions, you will have to understand their behaviors and liking.

      There are few trigger points which you can pitch to let them take quick decision and convert into buyers..

      Few triggers points like:
      1. Emotions
      2. Fear
      3. Habits
      4. Sex
      5. Scarcity

      Once you will pitch them properly, they will convert into buyers..

  55. Hello Kulwant,

    Welcome to Harleena’s place! I do not use my blog for income generation but much of your advice here works well for any blogger. You’re exactly right about themes and networking. I have met so many wonderful friends through blogging that I don’t even think of it as networking. I didn’t understand the importance of networking when I first started blogging and had the same thoughts as you. Luckily, I started meeting bloggers and formed strong friendships, such as my dear friendship with Harleena!

    I’m not sure I agree with you about using your URL from your social media sites when you comment on blogs. If the blog on which you’re commenting has CommentLuv, as Harleena’s does, you would be missing a golden opportunity to drive traffic to your blog if you didn’t use your blog’s URL in the comment field.

    Thanks for this excellent article, Kulwant!

    1. Finally I find the blogger who is not blogging for money. 🙂

      Blogging is such a nice platform that you don’t even know where are you going to cash your friends.. This happened with me when I went to WordCamp Baroda, India and few of my blog followers came forward to help me.

      They were always around me to make me feel comfortable and helped me with all possible means.

      So this is a nice platform to make relations and have a positive community around you.

      I support you here, Carolyn. By using social media profile link we will miss the opportunity to get links from commentluv enabled blogs..

      Happy to have you here. 🙂

  56. Hello Kulwant,

    Welcome to Harleena’s place. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I think the one thing that prevents a blogger from making money is patience. I’ve seen folks who quit only six months after starting a blog.

    For the most part I feel I’ve got everything in place…I’m just being patient :).

    Happy Friday to you both. Have a great weekend.

    1. Patience is the biggest key here, Corina.

      People start blogs by seeing their friends making money online and then quit after few months without even understanding the basics.

      Hope this article will open the eyes of such bloggers and they will start doing the suggested things to monetize their blog.

      Have a great day. 🙂

  57. Hello Kulwant and welcome to Harleena’s blog 🙂

    Ahh… This is indeed a nice topic of discussion and one every new and upcoming bloggers should read.

    You know, i made my first 200+ euro the first 2 months of creating my blog without affiliate marketing but using just Google adsense. All i had then, was a free theme i got from wordpress theme arsenal, But my content brings in some good amount of traffic plus i know the keywords that brings in good cash for click 🙂

    After that, i had multiple site and my monthly payment increased 6x then my first months. My rules of method was and still is; write only what you know best, try as much to answer people’s questions from yahoo answer, and other question and answer sites at your blog then give them the url to your blog, try to add some adsense keywords that will make your earning high.

    Professionalism pays and as bloggers, we should try to be as professional as possible, right?

    Your tips are awesome and recommended. Do have a splendid weekend ahead…

    1. Thanks for warm welcome, Babanature.

      Your reply gave me confidence that content is still KING. By giving great value to our readers we can not only grow our blog quickly but make money as well.

      I have personally never used Yahoo answers, so can you please let us know more about this.. Means where do you reply and how you follow all the guidelines given by Yahoo answers community?

      Thanks for your story.

  58. Hello Kulwant Nagi,

    It is a master piece article for new bloggers. I have to agree with all your points. There is great difference between past blogging & present blogging. Even SEO technique is modifying day by day. If we don’t adjust with it, we’ll certainly fail.

    I think most new bloggers before entering in blogging world think there is money & money. But when they launch there own blog, they swim in the deep ocean. So my suggestion learn gradually & need to remember in blogging patience is the key to success.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    1. Thanks for appreciating my efforts, Ahsan.

      Blogging and SEO is ever changing but one thing which will never change is – QUALITY. If you are putting great efforts to produce quality content and building quality backlinks for your blog then no one can harm you.

      Yeah, I agree with your point.. Even I keep getting too many friend request of Facebook and when I accept them, the very first question they ask is – how to make money from the blog?

      Happy to see an awesome reader like you. 🙂

  59. I’m slowly starting to make money from my blog from client work and soon with the sale of my product. One thing that held me back was that I spent most of my time on the wrong things. I’ve spent so much time “perfecting” my website, my blog posts, my images, etc. I should have started earlier with building my client base. But, I’m learning!

    In terms of what you posted, I definitely need to start adding more convincing elements to my blog! I will need to start collecting testimonials and perhaps submitting my blog for awards.

    These are great tips and ones I need to pay close attention to! One can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that needs to be done — but to those people I say take your time and take baby steps!

    Thanks again, Harleena!

    1. Jennifer, happy to hear that you are already making money from your blog and working hard on tweaking it to make it more trustworthy.

      So bravo for your efforts.

      Setting up basic things on blog is one of the prime things if you want to make your blogging persona, because people love to read article on good looking blogs.

      I checked your blog and found that you are already using nice looking above the fold image which just captured my attention quickly. Just one suggestion – Try to remove the white area at right side of the image.

      You can connect with me on Facebook if you need any help.

      Have a great day.

  60. Great Write Up, Sir Kulwant Nagi.

    There’s a famous saying “Money doesn’t grow on tress”, and perhaps it’s actually true in this case. People want to make quick money, they come to blog with intention of making money online, but their bad luck they return with 0% ROI.

    This demotivates them and ultimately they quite blogging. To take some precaution of readers engagement, I’m too on to design a new theme of my blog which is soon to be published, however it’s really obvious that people are likely to comment only when they get backlinks as a gift in return of a comment.

    Either they just praise “Your article is really great, and I was looking for such articles. Thanks a lot”, yes it’s done nothing else. I do have seen when I was in Blogger with Default Commenting Widget, I was receiving less comment but when I’ve moved to WordPress, things are totally changed.

    However, I’m really thankful to you for such a great contribution. I hope to get such amazing quality articles from you in future too 🙂

    Have a great weekend ahead,
    – Bishal Biswas

    1. Thanks for joining the hands here, Bishal.

      I think the quote you shared is said by an Indian Robot.. You know what I means.. LOL

      Yes, most of them start blogging just to make money and consider it a simple game, but soon they know the reality and decide to quit. I have seen such 20+ people in my blogging journey. I am continuously seeing too many of your updates on Facebook and all I can say is – you are putting great efforts to achieve success in blogging.

      My best wishes are with you..

      Have a great day.

  61. The only reason I see in making money from blog so late is that I had never really given quality time to my blog. Now, when anyone research for hours before publishing any article and spending another day to spread it across social media, he will surely see some money but in gradual. It’s going to be dry for few initial months (in case you are not a big name).

    Giving time don’t just include research on the topic but covers all the awesome points mentioned above.

    1. Ambarish, this is a problem of everyone. Even when I started 2 years back, I was not able to write quality content.. because being a non-English speaker it was quite tough for me to write in English.

      But I learn the things slowly and here I am today. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your awesome points.

    2. Welcome to my blog Ambarish,

      It’s for the same reason that I started to monetize my blog – so that I could give it quality time. I’d say you need to change your entire strategy and I’d suggest you read the points raised by Yaro in his interview post on this blog.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around! 🙂

  62. Hi Kulwant,

    Nice and interesting write up. Commenting on other blogs, sharing others post on social network, good write up, posting site links in the blogs and blogging community having good page rank, proper usage of keywords in the post, these are some of the ways to get our blog popular and make money easily i think.

    Almost you have covered all the points to make money from online. It’s very happy to see your post on Harleena mam’s blog. Thanks for sharing this Kulwant. Have a happy weekend.

    1. Thanks for being here, Nirmal.

      You talked about few very important aspects of blogging here. Blogging is all about learning from people, doing experiments, getting results and then sharing it in your own words..

      If anyone is following this approach then success is guaranteed.

  63. Hi Kulwant,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have read many blogging-tips article but I really liked your article. You have written the reality which newbie bloggers face during the initial phase. I also faced many difficulties during my early days as I am just 7 months old in blogging world. Though, many of the things you wrote, I am familiar with it. But there were some key points that I learnt.

    Also, I am confused about the concept of Blog promotion on social websites. Someone suggested me that I should not share posts on social groups which you have also mentioned. But I think it is a good source of visitors. Also, I got the link of this article through a social group only. I am a bit confused about this. So, I would like if you could suggest me over this. Thanks

    1. Ayan, I was able to write this because I faced it.. 🙂

      Starting a blog is damn easy.. just buy one domain, a cheap hosting, install WordPress and you are ok to go. But if we talk about getting traffic and making identity then it’s the most difficult part.

      By following this guide any newbie can make his/her blog very attractive and attention grabbing.. By adding the elements I discussed in the article, anyone can earn the trustworthiness..

      Even I am going to add them soon on my blog, as this month I am going to appear on many big blogs. 🙂

      Sharing is OK, but excess sharing is BAD… so keep a good proportion in your sharing..

      1. Thanks Kulwant for your kind reply and guidance. I really admire it. I learned some new tips from you. You were really helpful. Not always everyone helps a newbie blogger, like you did. Thanks again 🙂

    2. Hi Ayan,

      I’d written a guest post on blog social promotion on Jane’s blog. You can find the link in my blog’s “About” page. I hope that will help you. I believe you should use social promotion to the max, but just be careful with excessive link submitting on Facebook. Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

  64. Hi Kulwant, what a great read.

    I find the networking hard, because I love blogging as I can work on my own schedule and to my own deadlines, but when you start networking and you’re supportive to others you have less time to do what you want, you have to factor in what’s been asked of you and how it fits with your content creation schedule.

    That said, I still manage to get buy and earn some money so it isn’t all bad 🙂

    1. Sarah, I agree with your point here.. For networking we need time as well as efforts.. So if you are trying to follow anyone then you need to check his/her updates and be active there to get the quick attention.

      Even I found it very difficult.. but now things are on track and I am making my identity..

      As per the money part is concerned, this is just by-product. 🙂

  65. Hi Kulwant Nagi,

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful post and thanks a lot Harleena Singh for sharing it with us.

    Exactly on first look we see the design of the blog and then on second look we come to know how contents of a blog are. It shows the importance of an impressive design that must have the power to hold the readers to convince it to stay more, search more, read more and then convert into a subscriber or customer. Actually design actually works as front desk manager to invite a guest to visit the sales or marketing department to buy your products and services.

    It is also seen that many people take theme simply a combination of few colors and few graphic elements. It is beyond the ambit of simply colors and shapes. It shows the overall picture of image of your blog. How is its header, how is its sidebar, its fonts, its layout and its presentation. This complete package makes an impressive design of a blog.

    It is not so rewarding to tell your readers who you are. The main thing is what you are which means what you have done so far, what you have achieved so far in your niche and what are your future goals and what are your priorities in life. It makes people trust you. Otherwise many bloggers simply tell who they are, where they are from, how long they have been blogging and that’s all. It is incomplete element to convince. Just tell your achievements and impress them to follow you, to trust you and believe in you.

    Exactly without making honestly impartial reviews of products and services on our blog we will not be able to convince our readers that we want their benefit first then want to sell the product or services. Our review must clearly declare that its objective is to serve a specific need of our readers and then our second motive is to earn money by selling a product or service to them.

    While writing our contents we must keep in our mind we are talking to our each reader individually. We are talking with full confidence and with the aim to benefit him and he is just look and starring at us while receiving our message very clearly and keep nodding to show his trust and believe in us. If we get philosophical or bookish while writing our message it will be evaporated on its way and will never hit the right target audience nor will convert the readers into our customers.

    Gone are the days when one could have sold alone without interacting with others. Now this is an age of associations, networking and groupings. In every field professionals have made their groups to raise their voice collectively. They interact just to perform well. They believe nobody is perfect that is why one with a stronger point offset the other one’s some weaknesses. Same rule works in blogging where pro bloggers support the newbies and beginners follow pro bloggers and subscribe their offerings and products to learn more from them.

    The age of selling has gone. This is the era of marketing where you have to build relationship first then to sell and that too keeping full view of your audience needs. You first stimulate the demand of your readers with regard to a product or service then you convince them that your offering will best serve their purpose then you sell them.

    Haste is the un-holiest thing in blogging. It is rightly said if you don’t have patience to earn money with blogging, just go to any shopping mall and sell candies and sweets to shoppers’ kids. In blogging you need to do everything in long term. A long term plan, a long term strategy and a long term struggle to make you rich, richer and then an affluent person. Not kidding just take the examples of Steve Pavellina, John Chow, Jon Marrow, Darren Rowse and Jermy Shomoney. You keep naming from their lengthy list.

    In money blogigng everything can’t be techie. Wisdom, rationale and intelligence do have their own significance in every money making venture. That is why in money blogging just relying on tools and plug-ins will never make you earn huge money.

    Once again thanks a lot you both awesome bloggers for making us – the readers – to learn a lot from this awesome post. Have a wonderful blogging journey

    1. To be frank I was totally amazed after seeing such a long comment. The very first question came in mind was – How am I going to reply this.. 🙂

      But finally I am here.

      Mi Muba, the study conducted in Northumbria University clearly shows that design is a very important factor if you want to please your readers.. This little change will help you to gain more readers in future and more returning visitors.

      As you said people select color combination on their blog without understanding the meaning of color. Here are the color combinations suggested on CopyBlogger..

      Blue: loyalty, stability, tranquility
      Yellow: happiness, optimism, youth
      Green: healing, success, hope
      Black: power, mystery, professionalism
      White: purity, cleanliness, innocence
      Red: passion, sexuality, intensity
      Purple: royalty, spirituality, luxury
      Orange: energy, fun, warmth

      Great color tone can make your blog very impressive with little tweaks.

      Yeah, confidence is one of the keys to get success in online business. People these days are so smart that they can judge your skills and expertise with your tone.. like we used to do when we were kids and new teacher joins the class.

      I agree 100% with you – Networking is MUST to do activity.

      Blogging is totally changing.. where 4-5 years it was damn easy to start a blog, feed average content, promote it little and then taste the success, but now things are totally opposite..

      So getting success you will have to follow many approaches in parallel.

      Thanks a ton for this HUGE comment.. 🙂

      1. Wow, I have never thought that color combination of a design can play an important role in developing special feelings about a website.

        1. Welcome to my blog, Arup!

          The study of psychology of colors will greatly help bloggers. All industries use it to design their products. I hope you’ll take Kulwant’s suggestions and try the color experiments on your blog!

          Thanks for visiting and hope to see you around. 🙂

          1. I have done some experiments and found that blue color is the best for my websites and since I’ve chosen blue as the primary color a boost observed.

  66. Kulwant – Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

    I haven’t been lately -making money from my blog. I haven’t spent as much time as I used to with it due to offline circumstances. But the mention of theme caught my eye, do you really prefer Genesis? I was thinking of changing to Thesis and wondered the differences. I am hoping to change mine by years end and you really gave me more food for thought on it.

    1. Lisa, if you were already making money with your blog then it’s not very difficult for you to come back in action again. 🙂

      I believe on genesis more than anything. 🙂

      It’s very easy to manage, they are highly responsive, light weight, fully customizable and tons of other things which make them one of the best themes in the world.

      Don’t go for thesis because they haven’t launched any updates since last 1 year..

      If you want to know more about genesis then you can ping me personally..

    2. Hi Lisa,

      Thesis is kind of a hot mess right now. Thesis used to be great but had to change their theme dramatically last year. In the fall they came out with Thesis 2.0 which has been complex even for developers. The former, user-friendly version of Thesis won’t be updated any further so it’s only a matter of time before it breaks with a WordPress update (which are coming with increasing frequency).

      I haven’t tried Genesis because it doesn’t have the ease of use as the old Thesis had. I’m holding out for a new theme that is as user-friendly for non-coders as the old Thesis!

  67. Kulwant,

    Excellent write. For me, if you’re not getting enough traffic, it has to do with your writing. Or at least, a huge portion of it.

    If you want to make money blogging, give your readers what they want. Bribe them and you’ll profit much later on.


    1. Exactly Reginald.

      Writing can make such a huge impact on your readers that they would love to visit your blog again and again. Sometimes they might have intention to learn something new where sometimes they just want to learn your writing style and tone (I do this a lot on

      Giving them what they want is the quick way to make strong bonding with your readers.

  68. Hi Kulwant,

    A great article there.Very helpful indeed.I blog because I like it.Money or PR stuff has value for me but not strictly in monetry terms.Making money through blog is,for me, a confirmation that my words have weight and people value it so much that even brands are investing in my blog.Its a sort of a validation. However,I have tried and still doing all the things you mentioned but I am not getting more exposure. People tell me I write well.Readers get in touch with me a lot. But after 2 years of blogging I don’t think my blog is where i would like to see it.Any help from you in this regard is highly appreciated.Do visit my blog too. I would be highly grateful

    1. Shehrzad, you are man.. For me blogging without thinking about money was like growing the tree without even thinking to eat the fruits..

      People love to read valuable stuff, stuff which can solve their problem and make them feel more secure and confident after going through article.

      I visited your blog and found it very compelling from the user prospective.

      I think all you missing is proper guidance.. Find a mentor who can help you to understand your audience and tell you ways to monetize your blog.

      Feel free to ask if you still have any doubts.

    2. Welcome to my blog Shehrzad,

      What I did was to make relationships and develop a community. That made a huge difference to my blog. Also, I was very strong on blog commenting, which really made my popular. The popularity and engagement brought me traffic, and now here I am.

      I’d suggest some design changes to your blog, incorporation of SEO, a personal domain name if possible, etc. You should also use some SEO tools to assess your blog fares in SEO, social and other aspects.

      I’m sure you can make you blog more professional by either switching to a better blogger template or to WordPress. These are my personal opinion, however, you may choose to do what suits you and what you think is best for you.

      Do let me know if you’ve any questions and you can always mail me too.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around! 🙂

  69. Hello Kulwant,

    This was a very informative post and one that all should read. As a newbie blogger I see so many key points in this article that I can use. For one I never thought about using my google + or other social media url’s when making blog comments.

    As far as the theme I agree with you and Harleena that a good theme is imperative and can bring better results. Is there any theme in particular either of you suggest? Fonts as well? Any particular standard font or font size that works best for the readers?

    I also like your views on interacting with bloggers and sharing their content. Even in this short amount of time I have been blogging I have recently seen results by doing this. I owe that to Harleena! Great post and thanks for sharing.

    1. Nathaniel, Yeah, people are not using any links other than their blog’s URL when they are commenting on any blogs, so this article can give them direction to use many other links.

      Theme as well as fonts are the main attracting point of your blog. So if you can grab the attention first time then you can make the long bonding with people very easily.

      Here are some Google fonts combinations..
      1. Roboto Slab and Roboto
      2. Raleway and Merriweather
      3. Lustria and Lato
      4. Ubuntu and Lora
      5. Quattrocento and Quattrocento Sans

    2. Hi Nathaniel,

      I’d suggest never to go for any free themes, as they’re generally not well coded. My blog runs on ThemeForest, which is not as costly as Genesis, but it works for me.

      Kulwant has already suggested you the fonts and its combinations. I’m glad my suggestions have been of help to you.

      Thanks for your visit and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  70. I make a ton from my counseling business, and will make more when I have my products online. Now I am still building my tribe. I hope you’ll be an affiliate, Harleena, when I do launch my program sometime this fall. This would be a great way for you to make money!


    1. Jodi, what is this and how are you thinking to promote it? Have you made any blueprint for promotion?

      Would love to hear so that I can help you.

    2. Congratulations on your successful counseling business! I’m sure your products will be great. Let me know when you launch it and I’d love to help you. Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

  71. Awesome article Kulwant Sir
    Actually this article is for guys like me..
    I not not able to earn a single penny from my blog and my blog is 1 year old now 🙁
    I will follow your steps and hope that it will help me to earn some money 😀

    1. Sourya, this article is for all those people who are struggling to make money with their blogs. 🙂

      Hope you will understand the point I listed here and take quick action to get the results.

      Have a great day. 🙂

    2. Welcome to my blog Sourya,

      Don’t worry if you haven’t made any money in your one year of blogging. Most bloggers usually don’t make much in this period. The real time for you starts now, and I’m sure you’ll start implementing Kulwant’s suggestions and tips from other probloggers on your blog.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around! 🙂

  72. Hi Kulwant,

    This is such an informative post.

    We all know that in the starting phase of blogging newbies try to be so serious about their work but after some they feel like making money from their blog is the only thing they had settled their blog. All these money-minded people face problems in making money because they fail to make human bonds and follow the path which can be resulted in Google penalty.

    Bloggers don’t remain focused at their blog. Theme design, blog load time, backlinks matter a lot for a blog. Making money is not the only thing to do with a blog. The points you have mentioned are great to think about.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Have a great day. 🙂


    1. Thanks for being here, Ravi.

      I agree with your point that first 3-4 months are just for learning. But the problem is – people start looking for the money making methods rather than learning the basics of blogging.

      Although my first intention was to make money with my blog when I started, but I knew that I couldn’t make it without leaning the ABC of blogging.

      So I invested maximum time on learning.

      I pay full attention to theme design, loading time, backlinks and other important factors on my blog. I don’t care much about the SEO but who would hate having FREE traffic from search engines. 😉

      Thanks for being here and sharing your thoughts.

  73. Hi Kulwant,

    Welcome to my blog as a guest blogger! You know that you’ve become an idol and inspiration to many newbie bloggers from India. You always come up with many ways of earning money from blogging and don’t fail to inspire and motivate other blogger by sharing your experiences and the knowledge of blogging you’ve attained.

    Though I don’t necessarily agree that ALL bloggers blog to make money, but yes, coming to think of it, I do agree that if you want to be a serious and regular blogger serving quality to help others, you need to find ways to make money from your blog. So, directly or indirectly, we all have to make money from our blog to sustain our expenses and get the value of our time.

    I totally agree with the kind of mistakes that many bloggers make, which makes them unsuccessful in creating revenue from their blogs. While some of your tips are no-brainer for experienced bloggers, most novice bloggers don’t really have a clue how to go about, and will certainly find them all very useful.

    I do agree that the theme design besides the quality content is all important to make your blog successful. Visitors to my blog increased too when I changed the theme to the present one. However, one thing is for sure, you need to be honest, helpful, and hardworking if you want to harvest good crop off your blog!

    Writing, interacting, promoting… you need to go on doing this and as you say, have patience because there’ll be some time before you actually see the results and get money pouring in through your blog.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips, which I’m sure will be very helpful to the newbie bloggers who’ll treat them as lessons in making money from their blogs. So, go ahead and take the center stage as its you and the visitors of my blog now – I’m sure they all will have questions for you and I’ll be joining in off and on to welcome the newcomers on Aha!NOW.

    Hope you’ve a great time and all the best! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to interact with your awesome readers. I always wanted to be here but because of my busy schedule I was not getting time to write such an informational post.

      But Finally I am here. 🙂

      Harleena, I always believe in sharing the best, because this is something which will help us to make a loving writer and people love to follow our advises.

      I observed that most of the people doing online activities have only one big intention which is obviously money. But still there are people who are doing blogging just for the interaction with people. But point to be noted here – these people are already very successful people in their fields so they are not looking any options to make money online.

      On example is – Mr. Amitabh Bachhan.. He is doing blogging just to interact with his fans.

      I have seen people making many mistakes on their blogs which ultimately make them less trustworthy and people start to avoid such bloggers after some time. I have seen bloggers who boast about having huge traffic, making huge money but when you interact with them personally then you know the reality.

      If we talk about theme, I am big fan of cleanliness. 🙂

      So I love good looking blogs with attractive elements.

      I am very happy to be here and very excited too, because I know I am going get many LONNNGGGG comments here.. 😉

      Thanks again.

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