My Killer Way to Make Money Blogging Online

Read this post if you want to make money blogging online. Putting up an advertise banner is not enough. Know the smart way to get ads on blog and make money.
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Many people try to make money blogging online but not everyone is successful. Actually, there are many ways of making money from your blog and one of them is to use it as a platform for advertising. You need to attract or find advertisers, give them what they need, and make a win-win deal. Here are some practical ideas from an experienced blogger who shows you the steps to make money blogging that you can learn and follow if it applies to you. ~ Ed.


My name is Enstine Muki and I’m so excited this moment as I write this post. One of my most interesting mails I read this January 2014 was an invitation from Harleena Singh to guest post on Aha!NOW.

In fact, this is one of the few self-improvements blogs I read daily because of the quality of its contents, the awesome community and of course, the personality of Harleena, the brain behind the blog.

I love making money, and writing about how to make money online. As a matter of fact, in one of my articles, I’ve shared it all with you – 15 ways bloggers make money.

Here, I want to share with you a smart working method that’s sure to add more value to your blogging activities, if you care about generating income from your blog.

If you’re looking for more ways to make money online, then search for the top make money online list and you’ll get it all.


Make Money Blogging Online

Now, for me, it’s common to receive $50, $100, $150 and above in my PayPal or Payoneer accounts frequently.

One of my most exciting moments as a blogger is when I get sent those most expected emails from PayPal with titles like “XYZ sent you $250.00 USD”.

You’d know what I mean, if you’ve ever been sent payments to your PayPal Account. It’s some sort of assurance that your business is on a positive move.

As a money making blogger, this goes beyond just making the money online. It’s another source of energy and encouragement to push you on even when drought knocks.

screenshot proof of making money online

This method works for me as well as any blogger. Look at my PayPal screen above. There is no reason you won’t make it using the same method, except you are fallen short of some basic requirements.

In fact, there are several ways to make money as a blogger. The method I want to share here is not brand new. It’s probably what you have heard and used before but trust me, I’m doing it with a special touch.

We will be combining the powers of Banner advertising and sponsored post to create an irresistible package that advertisers will find hard to turn down.

You can put this simple method to work and generate $500 and more per month. The core point here is to understand what advertisers want, package and dish it out to them.

Let me underline some crucial points before we move ahead:

● This working method is a combination of banner advertising and sponsored posting

● You must not focus on the money only. Be sure whatever you accept to publish on your blog must be within your niche and suitable to your audience.

What Do Advertisers Want

Understanding what advertisers want will help us big time to put together various items and present them a package that sells like hot cake. Here are a few points to note:

Advertisers want –

  • targeted exposure
  • brand recognition
  • to be ahead of their competitors
  • long-term profitable relationship
  • to stay in business forever
  • customer satisfaction
  • to spend less on advertising and have more
  • profit, etc.

Now, if you satisfy these wants, you’ll be their point of attraction and of course, you will collect their money.


The mistake that most bloggers make is to create ad boxes on our blogs, sit back and wait for some luck to knock. You can go beyond that and give your blog a stronger money making capacity.

4 Steps to Make Money Blogging

Let me show you what to do in four simple steps.

Build an Attractive Blog

This is the first step if you want to go beyond Adsense earnings – create a blog that attracts considerable sums to your account, on a consistent basis.

The fortunate thing about it is that you can have an attractive blog without losing your arm. What do I mean by an attractive blog by the way?

To have an attractive blog, you have to:

a. Publish great content
b. Get a professional theme
c. Use professional images
d. Optimize your blog for fast speed
e. Encourage engagement and interactivity on your blog
f. Avoid pop ups at every click
g. Write in good language
h. Build relationships

Once you have that blog that readers love to visit frequently and share its content, you are one step ahead.

Be an Active and Real Blogger

One of the things that will attract advertisers and increase their trust in you is when they see you contributing positively on the blogosphere.

You can’t be an Island and succeed. Be active on blogging communities (Bizsugar, BlogEngage, Klinkk, Kingged, BloKube, Dosplash, etc).

Your activities and positive inputs on these communities will put you in front of many customers. Using a real picture and an authentic profile is a big plus. Don’t create room for any doubt.

Create an Irresistible Package

This is where the attraction lies. Having understood what advertisers in our niche want, it’s time to cook something for them.

Now I have my typical package, which I’ll propose to you. You are of course free to add or subtract from it.

Here is my point…

I want to give advertisers the best they can get from my blog. Most advertisers look for just one thing – buy ad space or sponsor an article but I know I can offer more for the same price, which is an excellent idea.

Most bloggers don’t know about this! Let’s see some sample packages you may want to propose to advertisers;

  • Buy 250*250 ad space on the sidebar for 30 days and get one bonus banner insertion on any article of your choice for life.
  • Sponsor an article and get one 125*125 banner slot for 30 days free.
  • Sponsor an article and get your 300*250 banner on 2 other articles for life.
  • Get a package deal – Sponsor an article on blog X and get free banner spot on blog Y.

These are just some ideas to inspire you. Below is a typical package that will keep your clients ever wanting to pay you the money you ask.

Most of us don’t think we could add more meat to the bones to make an offer that sells like hot cake. Here is my ideal package (what I propose to clients):

1. Create and publish a sponsored post of 500+ words on my blog
2. Promote the post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
3. Promote it to my list
4. Place client’s banners on 2 additional posts for life on my blog
5. Client provides seed keywords for the 2 additional posts to be published on my blog
6. Do 5 – 10 comments on targeted blogs linking back to that review post
7. Do a geo-targeted Facebook post boosting for $5 to $10

Now here is the deal!

The client knows he does not only pay $200 or $300 for a sponsored article. He gets extra bonuses and more and more exposure. Not only does this put money in your wallet, the additional 2 posts offer helps you get more post ideas from your client. Trust me it works!

Doing Facebook post boosting does not only benefit the advertiser. It helps pull more targeted traffic to your blog. Some advertisers may request you to spend a little more on Facebook. That will however depend on how much they are willing to pay for the package.

Now, the additional banner offer in the package is very seductive. In the last deal I sealed, I offered the advertiser additional 300*250 banner slots on 2 more targeted articles for life. This was hot and there was no rejection ;).

Here is what I do …

I ask my client to provide 2 keywords for the other 2 additional articles. These two keywords will help me get post ideas that will be very easy to write on.
NB: You should care more about your readers. Don’t go after the money and write on some unrelated or poor quality product.

Advertisers want exposure and the more you give them, the more of them you attract. Go beyond the traditional offers and add more to the package.

As a matter of fact, this package method works. An advertiser contacted me to advertise on one of my sites with a budget of $30 – $70/month. This was quite good but I knew I could get something bigger out of it.

So, I got back to him with the package method and sealed the deal for $200/month. Isn’t that beautiful?

That’s a difference of about $130. If you are able to put together exciting items in the package, you can always get more from your advertisers.

This is far beyond the limits of bonuses. It’s about packaging value for your clients.

Now I know you are thinking about putting in place a hot package. So how do you get the clients? This brings us to step 4.

Contact and Attract Advertisers

You have to step beyond creating the ‘Advertise Here’ page and go meet the advertisers that are ready and looking for you with the money in their pockets. Here are a few ways to find them:

A – Google Sponsored Ads

First, make a list of your target buying keywords. They must be targeted to your blog. Let’s take a simple example;

If you blog on “SEO”, that means advertising an SEO application on your blog will be a good deal.

If you have a category dedicated to Facebook, chances are that reviewing a Facebook cover photo creator will be a good deal as well. Those are just some few examples. We are really in a world of unlimited opportunities.

So, let’s see how to locate these paying advertisers on Google.

Go to Google and type your buying keyword. Look at the “sponsored ads” section. Contact the companies that are listed on that spot one after the other.

Example –

Keyword: best SEO software

Google search result for best seo software keyword

These companies (listed on the paid section on the search result page) are already spending money in advertising their apps. It’s easy to get these guys pay you $150 and more to advertise on your blog. All you need is put together a package for them.

NB: Get hot buying keywords in your niche. Search Google and make a list of companies that appear in the sponsored ads zone. Contact them with a package

B – Who is advertising on blogs in your niche?

Visit blogs in your niche and see who is adverting on them. Chances are that you are able to get them over to your blog too. Contact them with a bigger package. This really works.

That’s it!

You’ll not know how this is effective until you try it. Take a challenge to get 2 advertisers this month. Contact 5 or more with an irresistible offer. You’ll certainly have 2 or more.

Over to you –

What is your strategy to make money blogging online? Share your tips and ways to attract advertisers in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

  1. It’s very easy to make money online but it needs lots of patience and the one should not lose hope at the beginning because constant hard work always pays at the end.

    Thanks for sharing your strategies to make money online!
    Have a good day ahead 😀

    1. Hey Anis,
      How have you been? Not seeing you around as usual
      Hard work pays at the end. Just keep working hard and being smart. There is surely payment at the end

      Thanks for stopping by Anis and do have a wonderful week

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Welcome to the Queen’s blog. I must say you have left no stone unturned in this post. It is really helpful and has exposed alot on how to make money. I will say this is a post that has shown the most tips from all the post i have read recently. I will really start applying some of the tips here and i know i would sure get advertisers.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead.



    1. Hi Olili,

      Good to see you here today and thanks for the reaction. Oh yes I’m very grateful to the queen for the opportunity to share with her audience. It’s been a wonderful journey – seeing all the reactions, traffic to my blog and the private contacts. I’m just so excited I was given this opportunity.

      I hope you put this to practice and get some positive results. There is no secret to success than following principles and doing things the right way.

      Do have a wonderful week and hope to see you around here and on my blog again 😉

  3. Hi Enstine,

    This is really a very helpful post, thank you very much !
    While I was reading it, I had a thought in my mind; we always seek for sponsors for our blogs, is it possible, and ok, to have a sponsor for my Facebook cover? Meaning, using the Facebook cover as an advertisement space?
    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hi Dima,
      Yes I think you have hit a deal with your Facebook cover. It all depends on how you can negotiate with any buyer. You know what advertisers want is exposure. Can your Facebook page give them that exposure?

      One other issue with the cover advert is the fact that you won’t be able to track the clicks – It cannot be linked to any url. In any case, if you bargain well, you may be able to seal some deals 😉

  4. I like the points that you have mentioned about an attractive blog. I’m making decent income via adsense. When a person from US clicked the ad, then I get paid much.

  5. Hi Harleena and enstine,

    This post got me to thinking. I had been doing just what enstine said not to. I put up a banner ad with the submit ad link and a page with my rates but did not target specific clients with a tailor made offer. My niche is the amusement industry, and many of the companies i would want to advertise on my site are going to want to get their money’s worth and then some. How important are your site stats to this process, and what would you consider a minimum amount of visitors and traffic before trying this approach? I am averaging over 6,000 visitors a month with at least 50,000 page loads and an alexa ranking in the top 600,000. I’d also appreciate your opinion of my site. I think its pretty good as far as user friendliness goes.

    Thanks again afor the post and take care both of you, max

    1. Hi Max,
      Welcome to Aha-now and thanks for the interaction.

      I think 6000 visitors a month is good to give advertising a try. The issue here is how much you charge. If you are going with $1 per 1000 impression, 50000 should keep you on $50 a month. Well, that’s the theory of it. I suggest setting a minimum then raise it gradually. If some advertisers buy repeatedly, that points to the fact that they get their worth.

      I’m moving to your site shortly for a closer look

      1. Hi Enstine; glad to be here. in the past i even offered a first month free with no rsults. I had one company take me up on it but they decided not to renew after the first 30 days sighting an inability to properly track visits and leads generated. I’m thinking of offering a first month for $25 with the combined offr of a product review or general blog post about their company. I also had good results from a recent interview post so i’m thinking offering to interview them for the blog might be a good add on too. looking forward to your opinion of the site. take care, max

  6. I love the simplicity of this. Sure, it takes some time and effort, and you need to both know your niche and be able to write well about it, but this sounds completely doable.

    Great guest post, Enstine and Harleena! 🙂

    1. Hey Ellen,

      Good to see you around and thanks for the comment.
      You are very correct! Time is a necessary factor to get this through

      Do have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you again around

  7. Awesome information Enstine and Harleena!

    I really appreciate it. I love the idea of creating an irresistible package and can see how it can bring results. I’m definitely going to be checking out your site Enstine as I suspect there is a ton of great info on it! Thanks Harleena for bring such a great guest poster to your site! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Tanya,

      Thanks for your contribution. I’ll certainly be so excited to see you on my blog too for more engagements

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  8. Thank you Enstine for a very interesting post. I don’t have any advertisers yet, but you’ve given me a lot to think about! Thanks Harleeena for such an informative guest poster! Looks like I need to put together some plans!

    1. Hey Maggie,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s time to package something and dish out to advertisers. Go give that a try.

      Hope to see you on my blog for more engagement

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  9. I have tried almost all thing but AdSense income is not increasing according to my desire. But I have discovered one thing is that Traffic from first world country affect your earnings.

    1. Hi Mohammad,
      Yes the geo traffic source has an impact on Adsense
      However, give this method a try let’s see how it goes 😉

    2. Welcome to the blog Mohammad!

      Perhaps you are right as you are going through it, though I leave Enstine to answer to your query as he’s the expert here 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  10. According to me these tips are golden rules for newbie bloggers and they need to follow this to get most of from blogging. Thanks for the nice share.

    1. Hey Atul,
      You are right. The key is putting these tips to work. There is surely going to be positive result from putting them to work

      Thanks for making a point. Do have a wonderful weekend

    2. Welcome to the blog Atul!

      Oh yes…all of these tips shared by Enstine are awesome for new bloggers as well as others who aren’t yet making money from blogging, but would want to. Glad you liked the post 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  11. Hi Enstine and Harleena,

    Now I’m sure this new category would attract more attention Harleena 🙂 Making money from blogging is a HOT topic out there where bloggers are really interested in. With the lack of knowledge and experience in this category, I’m awaiting for more interesting stuff 🙂

    Well done Enstine! This is something I’d like to learn about and you have nailed it with your knowledge and experience on it. I always prefer the experience though. Yet making money wasn’t a priority in my list, as I’m yet to be serious on blogging 😀 lol…

    What really got my attention is building an irresistible package and the scenario of how you dealt with advertisers. It’s not something I’ve read before under the topic of make money from blogging. That’s a fantastic strategy. Plus, addressing the needs of advertisers got me thinking. Very interesting write up and thanks for the awesomeness 🙂

    You both have a successful week, Enstine and Harleena 🙂


    1. Hey Mayura,
      From the reaction to this first post, I can almost conclude that the new cat will be very exciting to readers of aha!now. I think Harleena did a good thing to have added it.

      Thanks BTW for the wonderful and encouraging comment. Do have a wonderful weekend you too 😉

    2. Hi Mayura,

      I hope so too and this post is a clear indicator of that, so I guess my decision was not wrong after all in this regard. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible had Enstine not been my guest this time as it’s thanks to him that we learnt so much more, isn’t it?

      The rest he already answered so I won’t comment long, and wishing you a happy and relaxed weekend too dear friend 🙂

  12. Hi Enstine,

    Finding advertisers from Google search is the most precious idea I have ever got from any other blog out there. You have written a real mega post for Aha!Now.

    BTW “Who is advertising on blogs in your niche?” is also a great golden tip. I am already working on it;)

    Congrats to you and Harleena for such a great teamwork. I love the way you work. Especially I am very inspired to see how she is joining this discussion. Excellent.

    1. Hey Nasir,
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.
      Yes, Harleena joining the discussion here makes her blog unique. I have guest posted on many blogs and all of them (except this) will shift completely comment replies to the fingers of the guest author. I think it’s a good thing to be involved too as blog owner

  13. Hi Harlenna/Einsten,

    This is really a sincere post, learning from the best has always be the best to learn most especially from an experience fellow, it doesn’t count how you start but what matters is starting well with good idea. I gladly believe this will really work out if properly implemented.

    1. Hey Ade,
      Good to see you here man and thanks for the comment.
      This will surely work. You just need to give it a try 😉

      Do have a wonderful week

    2. Hi Adesanmi,

      He IS the best in his field, and yes, you are right about learning from the best, which is exactly what we are all doing 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  14. Hey Cole,

    It could also be a cool idea to try to generate more income from your blog, at least for it to be able to sponsor itself.

    Will be moving over to your blog again for a closer look

  15. Hi Enstine,

    My blog has focused on promoting my brick and mortar copywriting business, but I have given some thought to monetizing it and just doing what I love, writing for my readers instead of clients. You’ve given me food for thought. Much appreciated.

    – Cole

  16. Hi there Enstine! Welcome to Harleena’s blog.

    I love the suggestions you shard for advertising and if it’s okay with you, I’m going to borrow your ideas, LOL.

    I wish I could suggest ways to make money but I’m looking for those suggestions myself :). I’ve completed my first eBook but still learning how to get it published and on the cheap ;).

    Thank you for a great post. Harleena, you picked a great guest! Hope you both are having a wonderful night…Wednesday on your end Harleena :).

    1. Hey Corina,
      I love that Harleena gave me this opportunity to share this knowledge with you all.

      Yes, the idea is yours. Put it to use 😉

      What’s the content of your ebook? Many places to sell ebooks online 😉

      1. It’s about telecommuting jobs. The types of jobs one can find, online scams to be wary of, job interview tips, how to set up a home-office, etc.

        I’m excited about it :).

  17. Hey Harleena and Enstine,

    What a way to kick off the rest of the year with this post! Thanks Harleena for having Enstine guest post on this subject.

    There are a lot of ways to make money blogging and it sounds like this will be a great way to do so. It definitely does take some time and a lot of patience, but I figure as long as you keep your mind open and stick with this strategy, you can’t go wrong.

    This is a strategy that I’ll have to add since I do want to go beyond Adsense advertising. So i will be bookmarking this post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Smith,

      Good to see you here today and thanks for the comment. I’m thankful to Harleena for the opportunity to share this knowledge here.

      Yes! there are lots of ways to make money blogging. While some do well, others pay peanut. I’m sure you won’t be wrong in implementing this strategy.

      Do have a wonderful week Smith and thanks for making it a date today

    2. Hi Sherman,

      Absolutely! This series had to start with Enstine’s post, and I’d thought long back about getting him over to be my guest because no one know how to make money blogging online better than him I think 🙂

      I think we’d all know only once we try out the ways he’s mentioned to know what works and what doesn’t, and knowing him, I know it’s all tried and tested, which is what he shared it with us.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  18. Fantastic tips, thanks so much for sharing them! My question that has held me back so far is this: how do you go about getting the right contacts in the businesses that you pitch? I feel as though an email to the basic account wouldn’t fall into the right hands 9/10 times. Any tips?

    1. Welcome to the blog Jenn – good to see you here!

      Glad you liked the post, and I think Enstine’s guided you well enough through his other post where he’s mentioned about how you can write a Business Letter too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      BTW – Do get yourself a Gravatar so that we can see who we are talking to. I know you have a lovely one as I saw on Twitter, so perhaps a little change might make a difference. Just a friendly suggestion 🙂

  19. Great tips that I will be integrating in my new blog design! Got to make our time and effort worth something. My plan is also to have products to sell. Been a long time coming. But it is time. I will keep this post for my future!

  20. You can’t go wrong if you are sincere. And as I can see, Enstine has this sincerity, his willingness to lend his hand by giving us some hints, tips, points that can help us in making money online through blogging. No wonder why multiple of bloggers loves his crafts. Great share and awesome post as always! 🙂

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hey Metz,
      Welcome to aha!now
      I’m grateful that harleena gave me this opportunity to share this knowledge. I’m sure this will help many 😉

    2. Welcome to my blog Metz!

      Absolutely! You can never go wrong if you are sincere and out to help others by sharing your own tips and tricks, isn’t it? Enstine’s surely written a wonderful post that’s going to help many people to make money from blogging.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us 🙂

  21. Hey Enstine,

    Well it’s so nice to see you here at Harleena’s place and what a great addition to this new category. I’m not surprised at all that she invited you to write for her.

    Thank you for sharing how you’re able to make money through advertising on your blog. I’ve yet to go that direction mainly because the people who have approached me about it in the past were not niches I wanted to represent.

    I’ve been told a few times that I need to go this direction but I’m just not sure it’s something I want to do. Oh sure, we all would love to make more money but it’s something I’ll definitely have to give more thought.

    I appreciate you sharing this with us though so thank you so very much. I’m thrilled you’re doing so well with this and have given us a mini education.

    Have a great week you two.


    1. Hi Adrienne,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment
      I’m grateful to Harleena for the opportunity to share what I do here with her readers. She’s such a wonderful person as we all know

      I appreciate you not running after money and publishing what’s not suitable for your audience. That’s what most of us do – which is capable of bringing us down.

      However, maybe with time, you may consider this model as it can really help raise some more money to take care of your blog 😉

      Once more, thanks for stopping by Adrienne, and do have a wonderful week ahead

  22. Hi Enstine and Harleena,

    Must say this is really an insightful about making money blogging. In the past few months I’ve made some money from blog sponsorship using some of these tactics. But I’ve just learned something new here: contacting advertisers and bringing them to advertise on your blog! Never thought about this before now. I’ll definitely add this to my strategy.

    Thanks Harleena for bringing Enstine here to reveal these uncommon tactic for us and thanks Enstine for not keeping this to yourself!

    1. Hey Chadrack,
      I’m glad you found something useful reading this article. I’m sure you can go ahead and find those advertisers and cook something really cool for them

      Good luck and have a wonderful week bro

    2. Hi Chadrack,

      I think Enstine’s shared this wonderful way and opened our thinking hats now, isn’t it? 🙂

      He’s the right person to start these money making series I think – no one could have done better justice I feel.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day ahead 🙂

  23. Awesome tips, Enstine 🙂

    I have used both banner advertising and sponsored posts in past (they were among the leading income sources for me).

    But, I have got to say, you have some unique tips here (especially about creating an irresistible package), in order to get more (And give more to our advertisers).

    I am planning to implement both of these (well, banner advertising for now. I haven’t really thought about sponsored posts) in my new blog. So these tips are really helpful 🙂

    Of course, my main mission right now is to build the blog – you know, get some traffic. Advertisers still use numbers to measure the success of our blogs (I don’t agree with that…but numbers are a good measure to track progress).

    Anyways, thank you for the tips, Enstine 🙂

    1. Hey Jeevan,

      Welcome to aha!now. I’m glad Harleena gave me the chance to share a bit of what I know here

      Your new blog is rocking and I think you are on the right track. Don’t rush. Build a solid community so you can create really irresistible packages for advertisers

      Do have a wonderful week as I hope to see you around really soon

  24. Hey Enstine,

    A very awesome post you’ve written here. I’ve already read and commented on this post before but, I didn’t know that my comment wasn’t published.

    If you search through the Internet today, you’ll see so many articles that has already been written before on how to make money online. These includes both the ones that works and the ones that doesn’t work but, everyone will claim to be the master.

    Seriously speaking, with all the posts on this topic, many people especially the newbies has been led astray but, I must confess that your own points is really very exceptional.

    It’s very obvious that the tips you shared here actually works and, I’m sure that anyone that will diligently follow this guide will eventually become the next Internet millionaire.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Theodore,

      I just chipped in to let you know that I didn’t receive any comment from you before on this post. May be you did comment, but it never reached me.

      I agree with you that this is an awesome post by Enstine. I’d rather call him the Einstein of money making! 🙂

      I’m glad you made your second attempt to comment on this post, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

      I’m sure Enstine will be here in short time to answer fully to your comment. Thanks.

  25. Hi Enstine,

    Another great day with your blog post, you become a guru in making money as you’ve proved in many ways to make money by practical ways.

    When I see money in my PayPal, am always be happy and put myself a goal to get this on daily basis.

    What I see from our strategies is, you’ve well diversified your money earning plans.

    Thanks to the wonderful post.

    1. Hey Naveen,
      Thanks for the comment 😉
      You know it’s not good to put all your eggs into one basket. It’s good to diversify

      do have a wonderful weeke

    2. Hi Naveen, welcome to my blog!

      Enstine is truly a money making guru and not many will deny that. He surely has many more aces up his sleeve. 😉

      I hope you visited and benefited from this guest post. Have a great week ahead and hope to see you around! 🙂

  26. Hi Enstine,

    Oh I have to tell you I got so excited as I read your article here. It fell right along with the eSeries I just finished up this week. I cant agree with you more about how important it is to build long lasting relatonships and campaigns for your advertisers. Plus, it really gets more into the marketing aspect of online business. If we as online biz owners are in fact going to be online biz owners, we need to step up and become more professionally developed so we can rock the online world the way we all can. Life is good Enstine and your message is awesome.

    Harleena…you did awesome with this guest post. Its Awesome!!!! = )


    1. Hey Irish,
      I’m glad to know this inline with something you just went through.

      Yes, long lasting relationships with advertisers ensure recurring payment and that’s the most interesting type of money we want online. If we can constantly give exposure to them, they’ll constantly give us their money 😉

      Oh yes, life is good 😉 Let’s see the positive side of it.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Irish

      Do have a wonderful week

  27. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It is very much beneficial for me as I learn a lot of important points from your article.
    Keep writing these kind of stuff. 🙂

    1. Hi Anish, welcome to my blog!

      I’m glad you found the information useful. You may not find anywhere the points Enstine has mentioned here. Hope you make the most use of them.

      Thanks for visiting the blog and have a great week ahead! 🙂

  28. H Enstine,

    This was an excellent post, and Harleena, thanks for having Enstine over!

    Enstine, creating revenue through advertising is something I want to learn more about, and your post has been very helpful. In particular, I really appreciate the advice you shared about approaching advertisers.

    Thank you.

    1. It’s a pleasure to share this with you Hiten and thanks to Harleena for such a wonderful platform

      Do have a wonderful week and feel free to contact me any time

  29. I am one such blogger who want to make money from blogging. Even though i am making some peanuts I eagerly want to make some real money from blogging. I have one question. My blog is PR2 , has only 200+ unique visitors am possible to make money via giving space to advertise ? If yes please tell some sites like buy and sell ads. Because getting approved to buy and sell ads are just a dream. Please do share if you know something like it 🙂

    1. He Nithin,
      Good to see you here
      Yes, I think with 200+ unique visitors, you can get deals. Putting all things together, you may be able to seal deals of $75 to $150 per sponsored post. You just need to cook a good package for the advertisers.

      Well, I don’t think I can point out any site like BSA now because this method does not depend on such. It’s about you going to contact advertisers themselves. Use the tips above to search for advertisers in your niche. You can get some to buy space on your blog.

      Hope I got your point addressed. If not, you can contact me

    2. Hi Nithin, welcome to my blog!

      I’m glad you asked Enstine this question, which I’m sure must the in the minds of many bloggers. His answer and advice his really overwhelming, isn’t it? You too can make up to $150 per post, and that’s just great!

      I hope you implement the tips from this post and prove Enstine right. I wish they work for you.

      Thanks for visiting the blog and have a great week ahead! See you around. 🙂

  30. Harleena and Enstine,

    This is the best blog I have ever read on monetizing. My year old blog gets good traffic because it is health related and my readers trust me. Lately, I’ve been wanting to update my theme. My default wordpress themes is not very exciting.

    As a result, I want more money to spend on the blog! I have been very leery of stepping into adsense. My bloggers are sick and looking for help. I didn’t want them to have to look at too much flash and fluff. I write live saving content.

    You have given me a new perspective. I could definitely contact advertisers about products that I endorse on my blog. And boy do I endorse health foods, skin creams and medications.

    Oh my, you have put a bee in my bonnet. Thank you so much Harleena for hosting Enstine. This is a thoughtful blog about how to reach a goal of making some money with out all of the get rich quick ideas that do not appeal to me. It’s the kind of content that I have come to expect here on your blog.

    Thank you sincerely,

    1. Keren, you got me smiling ear to ear.
      It’s so exciting to see that this post is helping you get to a point. In fact I had to jump to your blog even before coming back to reply to this comment. I also see you were on my blog and left a comment. What

    2. NB: this comment is in continuation 😉

      I want to go one on one with you Karen to see how we can get one or two things done on your blog. I’ll be excited to work closely with you so you can start making some money. If that’s ok by you, give me a shout out on my contact form

    3. Hi Karen,

      You are right about that – it IS the best one because Enstine’s shared his money making ways with us and helped us to put on our thinking hats and get into action 🙂

      Yes indeed, I think the health niche is a great one where contacting advertisers is concerned, they would come up in great numbers to you. I also am not in the favor of those get rick schemes, nor have I even joined any earlier. But this post is something possible that we can all do, and I’m sure with Enstine’s help we would good results too.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  31. Hi Enstine, nice to see you at Harleena’s place.

    I think it takes time to make money online and bloggers should not expect too immediately. People want to get to know them first and be able to trust them before buying anything from them. I am very picky about what type of ads or posts now to have on my site, I don’t stuff that is irrelevant to my readers on my blog – it would turn them away and they may never return. If it’s something relevant I would definately go for it.
    I do love the sample package you put together for advertisers, that’s a really nice feature and more food for thought.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us Enstine. I hope by years end to begin to earn some new income from my blog which will be over 3 years.

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Yes, it takes time to make money blogging. Did you download the report I just published on my blog? That’s one of the 2 things I highlight in it.

      Secondly, you also mentioned an important point in this comment. One needs to be careful what’s accepted on his/her blog. Don’t go after the money while chasing your readers away. This point is so important that I had to put it in red in the article.

      Thanks for your contribution Lisa and do have a wonderful week

  32. Hello Enstine,

    I am really luck to find blogger like you in my starting career in blogging. Really this is worthy article for any newbie blogger. I already buffer this article for my future help. when my blog will be worthy to fulfill requirement of advertisers and sponsers, this article will surely help me to find me advertiser and sponsor and so to make money.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome article. Have a great week start 🙂

    1. Hi Gaurav,
      Good to see you here and thanks for reading and adding a comment. Yes, it’s good to promote your blog quite well before contacting advertisers.

      Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  33. Hi Enstine

    Thank you so much for the information. I had a company contact me to put an article on my site for an advertiser and was willing to pay me some money for it. They ended up doing 3 articles, but I never thought about how to contact companies or who to contact to get more of the same. I shall bookmark this post and see if I can’t make something work. It would be nice to have my monthly expenses compensated, it would be more of an incentive to keep writing.

    Hi Harleena

    Thanks for having Enstine guest post for you, such valuable information. And your moving site is no longer moving so it was a pleasure to read. Thank you.


    1. Hi Mary,

      Good to see you around today and I’m glad you got something new in this post.

      while you can use this tip to get new customers, it can also help to get more from advertisers that contact you. Remember I mentioned that contacted me with a $70 proposal and I succeeded to raise to $200. It does work 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend

    2. Hi Mary,

      The pleasure has all been mine to have such a wonderful and knowledgeable blogging to share his secrets with all of us. Thank you for saying that – it was due to a minor plugin error, though glad it was resolved.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us 🙂

  34. Einstein this is an awesome article, the best i have ever read about making money from a blog and i must commend you for sharing this today. For awhile now i have been thinking how one can find advertisers, this post has simply taught me more than i needed to know to get started in making money from my PR3 blog with Alexa of 33k.

    1. Hey Nwosu,
      I’m glad this post was useful. Go ahead a cook a wonderful package. Contact advertisers and I’m sure you’ll be able to seal deals

      Good luck and happy weekend

  35. Hello Enstine,
    I must confess that this post is filled with great information that blogger will find it rewording following the tips set down by you.
    Direct advertising is good and this year, i am heading to that direction as well. It pays you more if your ads are direct and the Google tip you gave was informative. So that is also one setep to get advertizers? Nicely done brother.

    Thanks for the information, it was indeed helpful. Do have a great wekend both of you

    1. He Baba,
      It’s good seeing you around again and thanks for the comment. I hope you meet success this year as you move out to sell ad space on your blog.

      Try the Google tip and I’m sure you’ll find good results

      Do have a wonderful weekend bro

  36. I haven’t tried contacting advertisers directly Enstine, that’s a great idea.

    Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!

    Sponsored posts can be tricky. It’s a requirement here in the UK to disclose sponsorship as I’m sure it is in many other countries.

    Many advertisers are okay with that but the more unscrupulous ones aren’t.

    The same goes with nofollow tags within sponsored posts – a requirement of Google’s – but many advertisers are only interested in a dofollow backlink.

    That could be a risky strategy to follow.

    I’m certainly going to start contacting advertisers and seeing where it leads though.

    1. Hey Tim,
      Thanks for commenting and underlining some important details
      Interestingly, I have had an advertiser who insisted the links must be nofollow. That benefits both my blog and his linked page. While dofollow links can be very dangerous, many are still hunting for them.

      In most developing countries, people go on and do whatever they care about. No laws or requirements. The only requirements somehow respected are those imposed by Google or sometimes the advertisers 😉 That’s how it goes in most less developed areas.

      Ok, go ahead and contact some advertisers. I’m very sure you’ll have positive results

      Thanks for your comment Tim and do have a wonderful weekend

  37. Hi Enstine,

    It’s great to see here at Harleena blog sharing your secrets, I have been lucky to publish some paid posts through postjoint and two sponsored posts as well. In both cases I have been contacted by advertisers but never thought that there is away to go out there and look for them. Thank you so much for sharing this great strategy.

    1. Hey Qasim,

      It’s wonderful seeing you here today and thanks for the comment. Yes! While you get contacted by these advertisers, it’s good thing to go look for them to multiply your chances.

      Give it a try and let’s know the results

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  38. Hi enstine iam from SOUTH INDIA happy to visit aha-now and read some nice tips and tricks ,as we all know new and interesting content will pay attraction for advertisers .we should have to be very genuine with our content as you said here .

    Hope i will recieve some other good content

    1. Hey Subbareddy,

      How is South India today? Hope to one day visit India. I have so many exceptional blogging friends there 😉

      Thanks for your comment and I hope we engage more. Don’t fail to stop over at my blog for some more engagement

    2. Hi Subbareddy, welcome to my blog!

      This post from Enstine has changed the perspectives of all bloggers. Now, everyone is excited about the new possible opportunities to make money blogging online. I’m sure you too have benefited from the money making tips.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  39. Hiii Enstine Muki sir,
    A special thanks for sharing creating this brilliantly written article. all the money making tips and tricks you described above are truly different from the usual post that other bloggers share. I thoroughly enjoyed this mind-blowing Article.thanks again….!!

    1. Hey Amit,
      Thanks for the sincere comment.
      I encourage you go ahead and put this to practice. There is surely going to be positive results from it

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks once more for being around

  40. A very resourceful article from Enstine Muki! He sure knows his “gifts” and easily imparts knowledge to learners. Many newbies and professionals as well would learn a lot from this article titled ” My killer way to make money blogging online”.

    The details on building an irresistible package for advertisers are my “killer” takeaway from this post because many things have been revealed. Yes, I agree building an irresistible package is where the attraction lies to make money blogging.

    This is also a guide on how to build a blog that would attract advertisers with ease. Thanks for sharing this Harleena!

    I found this post shared in – the content syndication website for Internet marketers and I have left the above comment.

    Sunday – contributor

    1. Hey Sunday,
      Good to see you on Aha!now and thanks for the comment. I’m excited you also shared this on kingged.

      You know the only reason readers of this article will fail is if they don’t try this method. I’m sure if anyone gives it a try, they will be able to seal some deals

    2. Hi Sunday, welcome to my blog!

      It is indeed a resourceful guest post by Enstine, something that has swept everyone off their chairs! We never knew such smart ways to attract advertisers and make money that we all wanted to.

      I’m glad I asked Enstine to guest post, and I can see everyone benefited from it. I’m glad this is shining on Kingged too, which is a great platform for bloggers.

      Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you around. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  41. Hi Enstine,

    I recently read an interesting content on how to make 6,678 dollars in one week on your blog and I must say the tips are real and genuine.

    Coming over to read this particular content blows my mind and I have to admit that you are a professor when it comes to online strategies to make money.

    On reaching out to the advertisers, honestly it has never cross my mind and I must thank you and Harlena for providing this platform for such advertising opportunity tips.

    However, I want to wait for 3-4 months before I start thinking of monetization, I want to get my Alexa traffic less than 20k, and also have my PR to be 2 or 3 depending on the next Google update as my blog is just 2 weeks shy of being 4 months old; and the Alexa ranking is reducing steadily.

    thanks for this awesome and priceless information.

    1. He James,
      Thanks for coming over here and making such an encouraging comment 😉

      I do really hope to be that professor one day 😉

      I think your decision to wait is right to the point. That’s what most bloggers don’t understand. They want to make money right off the very first day. That may not work for them.

      Do have a wonderful weekend bro

      Just work hard and grow your community. Making money then will not be a real issue

  42. Hello Estine,

    Welcome to Aha- Now! Trust me, Harleena is doing a great job here.

    You see, the subject of making money online interests many bloggers: it interests me and believe me, when I receive those little alerts, they can be the best thing that can happen to my day!

    I am excited about your article in more ways than one: you have not mentioned many of the PPC programs out there and your focus is on being active to get results. Most bloggers believe that making money online revolves round Adsense and it has to be passive!

    For the records, the rules of making money online have changed in 2014…and you seem to perfectly understand that change!


    1. Haha! things have really changed Terungwa and we have to move with the changes. Adsense generate peanuts except you have a huge blog or lots of niche blogs.

      There are also issues with Adsense.I’ll discuss that later on my blog.

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the comment

  43. Hi Enstine,

    Good to see you @ Harleena’s. Congrats!! I’m so glad that Harleena added a new “money” category on her blogozine. 🙂

    First off, I want to ask you these:

    • On that bonus thing, what did you mean sponsor for life? This means forever, right? Every time you update, you are advertising them on that 125*125 banner on your widget and that is to stay FOR LIFE even after they paid their 250*250 ad space? Do they keep paying $$ on that sponsor spot on a monthly basis or this is the bonus you give your advertiser FREE for life?

    • Will you give an example business letter what to say to the advertiser if you’re contacting them for the first time?

    Over to you, Harleena…I dunno how much traffic you are getting, but have you heard about the BuySellAds? I believe they are only accepting 40k-50k unique visitors a month. They are extremely picky with their publisher. But they pay very good once you are approbed.. You can set your price on however you want. Have you applied or contacted them? *curious*

    Thank you, Enstine for sharing us your nuggets. Haven’t been on your blog on ages bit will come and visit you asap.

    Have a nice weekend to you both.


    1. Hi Angela,
      Thanks for the questions.
      Re to the first question: The article for life should not be on the sidebar. It should be on the content area of an article. It won’t be possible to have them for life on the side bar.

      For the second question, I’m writing a followup of this post with samples of some of the letters I used. I think there is something in those letters worth mentioning.

      I sure will let you know when the content is published

      I’m sure Harleena will be around to answer the other part directed to her

      Do have a wonderful weekend

    2. Hi Angela,

      Of course I’ve heard of BuySellAds, and I wish I could be eligible for it. I don’t really have that much of traffic. But I’ve my eyes on them and will approach them when it’s time. However, I feel Enstine’s package proposal is a better solution and it will surely give more returns if we implement it correctly and do the required hard work for it. I agree there are pros and cons but it’s good to be in control of the advertisements on your blog. What do you think?

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice weekend 🙂

  44. Wonderful tips well since I’ve created my advertising packages I’ve just been sitting and waiting for advertisers to flock in when i never knew going to them would help out even more and thanks especially for that tip on how using Google search for finding targeted advertisers .

    1. Hey Osei,
      Time to go out there are get those advertisers. The have money for you bro

      Be sure to cook huge value in the packages 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend

    2. Hi Osei, welcome to my blog!

      Enstine really unfolded new ways to attract advertisers that we didn’t think before. Like you, I too benefited from his money making wisdom.

      I’m sure you’ll implement his tips, as I’m going to do. Thanks for visiting the blog and I hope to see you around. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

      1. Thanks harleena 1st time i’ve visited your blog because of triberr and its quite informative and same to you and i already emailed a few advertisers 🙂 looking forward to their reply

  45. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for sharing how you use your blog to make money. Yes, having advertisers on your blog will certainly have that cash rolling in. I am so glad you wrote about having good content. That’s they key point. People will come to your blog for information, then see those advertisers on the side and will click around.

    Many people use this strategy and yes, it sure does work. It is so good to see you here on Harleena’s place giving us great information.


    1. Happy New Year Donna and thanks for the comment and positive contribution. Without good content, no one will be there on your blog so there is really need to feed readers with what they appreciate

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  46. Thanks a lot, Enstine, for taking the time to write such a truly “killer” article. That’s what truly KINGLIKE content looks and feels like! It’s content like this that made Bill Gates come up with the statement “Content is King”, 🙂

    Specifically, I liked that it’s a kind of practical article. It not just says “do this or do that”, but goes deep into it all and uses real life example – yours. And that alone sets this article apart from many articles out there.

    Many bloggers today just rely on theory. They tell their readers to do this or do that, because that’s what they have also read or learned about. Not many actually have real life experiences to show. You do… as clearly shown in this article.

    Of course, I was the one who contacted you re And yes, just as you explained, I wasn’t looking to spend more than $70 per month advertising on your site, but you offered me even more benefits and uppped the amount. A couple of emails later and we ended up sealing it at $200 a month.

    But did it end there? Of course not, ended up eventually buying your EMFastIncome blog. All from an advertising proposal that came you way, from which you made the best of.

    Many bloggers do not, and therein lies the real meat of this post. To push bloggers and let them know that there’s a ton of opportunities out there to make money. Sometimes it’s even right there under their nose.

    Conclusively, I think any blogger that is wise should mostly listen to other bloggers like you who actually DO and get results, not just talk!

    Once again, thanks for a really awesome KINGLIKE article. And thanks for sharing this yourself on I have “kingged” it. I hope others do too, 🙂

    1. Kingged, I am glad you’re here to corroborate what Enstine has said. I know Enstine very well because we have done businesses together for a long time now; he is result oriented. I don’t joke with him because he knows what he’s doing.

      I love associating with people I can learn positively from. Enstine is one of those few persons to associate with. He is indeed a man of integrity.

      It’s good hear you bought Emfastincome form him; that blog is a valuable one and am sure you will reap the benefit of buying it from a reputable person like Enstine.

      Enstine knows how to negotiate business and that’s one attribute everyone of us should possess. I have come to know many people through him, including knowing you as well.

      You are completely right when you say there’s a ton of opportunities to make money out there. Only those who have developed their business eyes see these opportunities and cash in on them.

      Thanks for your invaluable contribution. Do have a great day

    2. Hey Kingsley,
      I’m so excited to see you here and your comment is such an encouragement. Your initial contact has taken us into a world of opportunities. You know Kingsley this is what we need online. I’m so excited about the collaboration. You are a very positive guy with a lot of ideas. The contest on is unheard of. That’s something new that will surely benefit many bloggers. At least now everyone can comment and make money 😉

      Thanks for coming out so clearly and confirming that what I have shared here works. Yes, from $70 proposal to a $200 deal sealed is really worth mentioning

      Do have a wonderful weekend Kingsley

  47. Hello Enstine, you shared very good tips in the article to make money from Blogging. I will be following them from today onwards only. Came here from facebook share but as expected i found great tips from you to make money online. I am regular reader of your blog. Keep going. Thanks

    1. Yes Jatin I remember you and thanks for being a loyal reader.
      Do try this method and let me know if you need some help.

      Have a wonderful weekend

    2. Hi Jatin, welcome to my blog!

      I’m glad you liked the tips given by Enstine. He is really thorough with his subject of money making, and I’m sure you know that as you frequent his blog.

      Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you around. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  48. This is a great list, I am still testing ways to make money on my blog. I use advertisments and adsense but it doesn’t seem to convert very well. I wish that I had a product of my own to sell. Maybe a book in the future, I dunno.

    1. Hey Christy,
      It’s the best step to test and test. This will help find what works best for you.

      Try contacting advertisers in your niche and offer them packages. Be moderate in pricing for a start. You’ll surely get some business.

      Do let me know how it goes

  49. So far the best tips I have read for a long time. That’s exactly the way you should be finding your potential advertisers. Also one thing, you should diversify your income so that you are not dependent on one source. Thanks for these cool up Enstine.

    1. Hey Shalu,
      Good to see you around and thanks for the comment
      Of course, there are other ways to squeeze money out of your blog. These are just banner ads and sponsored posts put together 😉

      How are you doing this weekend BTW?

  50. Hi Enstine and Harleena,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Money thru blogging, though i have an account at Google adsense never thought of such an idea. Indeed the suggestions here will definitely work in the long run. For this i think one need to do some home work before jumping into it 🙂

    I am going to share this in my blog so that few more may be benefited. Thanks Harleena for the mail notification and for introducing this wonderful personality and his page to your readers.

    Have a Happy Weekend to both of you I am yet to visit Enstine’s page.

    Best Regards

    1. Hey Philip,
      You are man of your words. I have seen the post on your blog and thanks for the shout out 😉

      I’ll be glad too to have you on my blog for further engagement

      do have a wonderful weekend

    2. Hi Philip,

      You are most welcome, and I am glad both of you have connected – there’s a lot to learn from Enstine, I can assure you that 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your support and shares as well 🙂

  51. Hi Enstine, it’s nice to meet you.

    Thanks for this inspirational post and the tips you shared. I love the idea of the packages.

    I’ve been blogging for nearly four years and haven’t made any money from my blogs. But to be honest, I haven’t really implemented much to earn anything. But this year I’m hoping to be able to do so. Even if it’s just enough to pay for the hosting.

    Have a good weekend.


    1. Hi June,

      I do think it’s time to implement some monetizing strategies at least to cover the cost of running the blog as you mentioned. I have just been to your blog and can see some engagements worth monetizing. Do give it a try and if you need some tips, I’ll be glad to let us look into it together.

      Do have a wonderful weekend too

  52. Hi Enstine,

    That’s really a productive thinking.. I must appreciate.

    As a blogger we must be smart to offer the clients what they won’t deny. I like the idea of offering leverage packages as a part of Advertisement. I will definitely try it.

    1. Hey Nair,
      This method will not fail man. Just give advertisers the exposure they need and you collect their money 😉

      Do have a nice weekend

    2. Hi Rajeesh, welcome to my blog!

      Enstine has really come up with a novel idea of assuring advertising sales that bloggers really need. I’m glad you could take a leaf from his money making wisdom on this blog.

      Thanks for your visit and hope to see you around. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  53. Hi Enstine, A warm welcome to Harleena’s place!

    I’m so glad she is kicking off the new year with a new topic featuring you as a guest author.

    Great idea on how to find advertisers. I don’t currently accept advertising at The Wonder of Tech, but this is a great game plan on how to get started if I choose to do that in the future.

    I have a couple of questions about pricing. First, how is ROI measured? Do you have to provide stats to the advertisers or guarantee a certain number of clicks? Also, how do you set your advertising rates? Are they based on the number of articles in which the ad appears or do the ads appear in every article on your website in the side bar, for example, during a certain period of time?

    1. Hey Carolyn

      Happy New year!

      Those are strategic questions and I love to answer them.
      Of course advertisers will always ask for some stats like monthly impressions, source of traffic (Search engines, referral,geo-location), time on site, bounce rate, etc As a matter of fact and from my experience, the more traffic you get from countries like US, UK, Canada, the more deals you can seal. I have also come across many advertisers interested in traffic specifically from India. Now with Facebook post boost, I can always drive traffic from specific countries to the post. This is actually a motivating point for advertisers interested in traffic from specific areas.

      However, the main factor here is impressions. While it’s really not possible to guarantee a certain number of clicks, some advertisers are often interesting in the minimum they can get. This also depends on banner position,attractiveness and targeting.

      The way I set my rates depends on the blog’s impressions and the package content. As a matter of fact, with some plugins, you can control the display of objects on the site bar but generally, the banners on this spot are left to show in every article for a specific period (usually 1 month). The more the additional stuff – like sharing on social media, mailing to list (1 or 2 times within 30 days), facebook boosting, commenting and linking back to the post, etc, the higher the price.

      Do let me know if I there are more questions Carol and I’ll be glad to share

  54. Enstine, thanks for this timely post. This is coming at a time everyone is thinking of how to consolidate on the gains of 2013. I wish to also thank Harleena for bringing the “Money making master” (my coinage for Enstine) to your blog to share these wonderful tips with us.

    I must say I have learnt today what I have not learnt in the past five years of blogging. Enstine knows his onions and when it comes to sealing business deals, he sure knows what to do.

    I just adopted one of the points you mentioned here even when I was yet to read your post. I recently got in touch with an advertiser with a proposal and offered to promote his link on Tweetlow and other channels if he agreed to advertise on bizsuccessguide. They have assured me that my mail had been passed on to the right channel.

    You are completely right when you say we should add meat to the bones to make it attractive. Everyone loves bonuses; everyone wants to have value for their money. The competition is fierce and the only way to win the competition is to offer what others are not comfortable offering.

    Offering two banner ads on different posts for life? I may not be able to do that. I might want to offer you the 2 banners so long as the original ad you bought is still running. I think that might also make the advertiser want to renew just to keep benefiting from the bonus.

    I have made up my mind to refocus my blog this year to make it niche directed. You can already notice that my posts this year are on business. This I hope to continue so people would know what my blog is really all about. This has a way of attracting targeted advertisers too.

    Well doing a search on Google for advertisers is one thing that has never crossed my mind in the past. I think I should give it a try this year to see how much I am able to attract through this channel.

    Thanks once again, Enstine, for this wonderful post. Do have a lovely weekend, both of you.

    1. Hey Joe,

      Good to see you over here at Aha!Now and with a very interesting comment. You know Joe, our relationship has gone far beyond blogging. When I visited your country, we spoke much on phone. You have even given me several calls after I returned home. You believed in me and invested in the offline business I came to Nigeria for. That even makes the bond stronger.

      We are going places bro and I hope to meet you in person on my next trip to your country.

      Do have a wonderful weekend as you refocus your blog

      1. That would really be nice. I am eager to meet you someday. If not for the distance and for the commitment at the time you came to my country, we would have met in person then. All the same, I believe the time is getting closer for us to see face to face.

        I have no regrets whatsoever knowing you. You have touched my life and showed me things that have changed my blogging/business reasoning.

        Friendship can start from anywhere. The internet has made it easier to get in touch literally with people far away from your location. That’s one of my benefits for being a blogger and for reaching out too.

        Thanks once again for the positive impact you have made in my life. Do have a pleasant weekend.

  55. Hi Enstine,

    Great article and congratulations on being present at Harleena’s blog as a guest writer.

    I like the method to search directly advertisers for your blog, looking on the search engine results. You may create some great deals offering banner spaces on your site.

    Also, you can look up at your competition, checking blogs of your niche (above all the popular ones), and see who are the companies that are buying advertising there. Then you can contact them directly and offer your deals.

    As you always declare (and I much agree with you), making money online is not a quick way to become rich. May be when you are able to build your online empire though years, having many sites and different ways of earning online, then yes, you can make some BIG numbers.

    But this requires a looooot of work! My best wishes to everyone who want to start their new adventure online this year! 🙂

    1. Hey Erik,
      Good to see you around and thanks for contributing content.
      Advertising is a big way to monetize your blog but one can actually go beyond its traditional nature and cook a very powerful package. It’s all about satisfying your advertisers.

      Thanks for being part of us this week man 😉

  56. Anyone can make money in the internet. But it takes time and good work to succeed. And you have just shared some successful ways to earn money from internet.

    To get Banner advertising and Sponsored posting opportunity, bloggers need more good work.

    Thanks Enstine

    1. Hey Shoukot,
      I’m so excited to see you here at Aha!Now. You have been one of my loyal readers and commentators these days and thanks for following up on this article here.

      Your contribution is very important to me. Do have a wonderful weekend 😉

  57. Hello Enstine Muki,

    I think for a new blogger these tips are golden tips. As a beginner, one can’t think to earn money. But as time passes & as he becomes expert in blogging, he will find different technique & strategy to earn money.

    Another thing, now a days new bloggers want to earn immediately from their site. But I have to say there is no short cut way to success. Here patience is very important.

    The point you mentioned we have to write fort readers not Search Engine. As time passes, this readers will bring money. Here should be Unique content is King & SEO is Queen.

    Thanks for sharing awesome blogging tips in this New Year 🙂

    1. Hey Ahsan,
      Good to see you around and thanks for reading and commenting
      You are right by mentioning there is no shortcut to income online. It has to come with time and hard work. Those get rich quick methods are only meant to scamm the innocent readers.

      We only have to work hard and smart, and give ourselves time

      Thanks for the contribution and do have a wonderful weekend

      1. Sponsored posts have become the essential part in monetizing the blog..

        Building a brand is difficult but after that fruits you receive from the site are amazing 🙂

        Great points shared 😀

  58. Hi Enstine,

    A very warm welcome to Aha!NOW as a guest blogger! It’s wonderful to have you over 🙂

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    I think every blogger would want to make money from blogging, especially if they are blogging full-time or trying to make a living through it. Just by following the simple, yet effective ways that you’ve mentioned, they can surely try to earn through blogging. I liked the way you split the post in a way that all of us can understand.

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    I’m sure my readers are going to love interacting with you, so – it’s all between you and them now. I’d only step in to welcome the new readers to the blog 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

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      While I remain ever grateful and excited to share this simple way with your readers, I’ll always be very present to share more of what I know.

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for this wonderful opportunity

      1. Wow. thsi is mind boggling. Thank you so much.
        I do want to ask though because i am new to this.
        When you say a free banner on two posts of their choice, are those future posts that you will write?
        I especially appreciate the bit where you share on where to go to get the clients.

        Truly awesome.

        Much love,

        1. Hi Wendy,
          They 2 additional posts for the banners are actually existing posts. However, you could go on with your client and get them on future posts. That depends on your negotiation.

          Happy weekend and thanks for the comment

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