16 Effective Tips on How to Reward Your Blog Readers

Make your blog successful by rewarding your loyal site visitors.

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16 effective tips on how to reward your blog readers

Rewarding blog readers is very important for the success of your blog.

A reader decides the success for your blog. So unless you appreciate and reward your readers, you cannot move up to your blogging success.

There are various ways to reward the readers of your blog free of cost and effectively. Some of them may need a very small amount of money, but then this is the best investment you can do for your blogging.

Today in this post, I am going to share sixteen best and effective ways to reward your readers and keep them motivated and glued to your blog.

Just like an employee in an organization needs motivation to work, in the same way, a reader needs regular motivation to keep engaged on the blog.

Now, let’s see some of the best ways to reward your blog readers in detail.

16 Tips For Rewarding Readers of Your Blog

I am now going to explain in detail how you can effectively make some changes in your blog or blogging practice and reward your readers.

Remember, most of these changes or ideas do not involve money; even if have to spend some money, it is very less.

Remember the formula: A loyal reader equals to followers. Followers become fans. And a fan becomes your promoter.

1. Use WordPress Sidebar Recent Comment Plugin

This is one of the easiest ways to recognize the readers. When a user leaves a comment on your blog, they love to see it displayed on the front page.Recent comments plugin

Do not forget to mention top and most commenters. The recent comment plugin is a good WordPress plugin to display the latest comment with the reader’s gravatar. You can add it and show your recent commenters.

Here is an example from my blog. I use the recent comments plugin.

This will not only motivate the blog readers to comment but also display that you appreciate their time, and you have a place for them in your blog.

2. Mention Top Commenters In Your Post And Social Media

Always mention the top commenters of your blog in social media.

Your readers will like it, and you can show them that you care. Harleena always mentions her top commenters on Twitter.

It motivates me to keep on tweeting her content as it helps me to get more followers.

Harleena Twitter Share

Try to make a habit of sharing and tagging the top commenters on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.

It is also a good idea to write a post on your blog’s top commenters once in a month and thank them. I do it often for my blog, and I have noticed a very good response.

3. Prizes and Rewards

This a paid way to reward readers. Though you do not have to buy a costly reward, consider giving one to your top commenters once in 2 months or so.

Select a random winner from a giveaway and send them some prizes related to your niche.

It can be an ebook, mp3 player, a novel or could be a recipe book. It does not have to be costly but just a way to show your readers that you appreciate them.

It also could be any in-house tool, any WordPress themes or anything you would like to reward to your readers.

This is also one of the best ways to attract visitors and also to get the word of mouth publicity.

4. Share Their Link in Your Post

This is my personal favorite. I keep track of users who comment on my post regularly. While writing a new post, always look out for a post from the top commenters. I maintain a list of my blog’s top commenters.

If I find something interesting and relevant to my blog, I always share their URL in the post. This will not only improve the relevance of your post but also create a personal touch with your readers.

Please make sure to let them if you share their content on your blog by email or tagging them in social share.

5. Invite Them to Guest Post

Not all bloggers accept guest posting. It is a great way to get quality content. If you see someone seriously engaged with your blog or comments and shares often; it is a good time to offer him/her a guest posting opportunity.

Even if you do not invite everyone, at least select few loyal readers and give them a chance.

It is a win-win for everyone. You will get quality content, and your reader will get quality backlinks.

Aha!NOW is a prime example of a blog which is open to all for guest post contribution.

6. Thank Personally

This is a must for every blogger. Everytime someone posts a comment; you must personally thank them and reply. Whether it is social media or a blog post, whenever you get time, you should reply.

A visitor always feels good and is likely to come back to your blog if you personally reply to them.

7. Send a Surprise Gift

Most of the bloggers follow this and get a good result. They create more followers and email subscribers using it.

You can send a surprise gift like an ebook, a free tool, magazine subscription or a goodies bag to your readers as a surprise gift.

It may not be a good idea if you are a beginner, but as you get more followers and start earning some money, it is a good idea to invest some amount here in retaining and adding new readers.

Some gift ideas could be a backpack, headphone, music player, a DVD, etc. Remember price is not important. Everyone like free stuff and it does not matter how costly it is.

8. Use Plugin Like Commenluv

A WordPress plugin like CommentLuv will be very handy to attract more readers. It will display the latest posts of the commenters below every comment on your post.

People will be likely to comment if you will display their latest post with every comment. Most of the blogger uses this.

9. Create Forums for Your Blog

A forum is a good place where you can let your readers ask a question and you can answer. It helps you to create a community around your blog. Even though you do not add any post, a reader still prefers to come to your blog to make new friends on the forum.

10. Introduce Some Free Content

If you want your readers to be more engaging, it is not a bad idea to introduce more free content. People like free stuff and they likely to stick with your blog if they get the free content regularly.

It can be a free ebook or a tool.

11. Offer Some Discounts to Your Readers

If you have created some tool or a paid ebook, offer some exclusive discount for your readers.

People like to get discounts. They have a better chance subscribing or continuing to be a part of your blog if you keep offering a discount.

12. Offer Free Services or Help

People rarely offer help for free when they are good at that. Occasionally, you can do so to your readers like setting up their website or troubleshooting any issue.

It will help them to build trust, and they will understand that you’re a helping person.

13. Promote Some Blog Readers as Moderators

People like to take extra responsibility. You can provide some loyal readers extra responsibility like comment moderation or proofreading.

This will not only take some burden off you but also motivate the readers.

14. Share Your Reader’s Post

When you know a reader always shares and comment on your post; it is your responsibility to do the same for that reader.

If that person is a blogger or a website owner, take an extra step and make sure you share their content on social media regularly.

This activity will motivate your readers and they will continue to comment on and share your content.

15. Reply to Comments

Make sure to reply to every incoming comment.

People come to your blog to read an interesting post and learn something new. Take some time and answer their questions or thoughts.

16. Host a Contest

It is a great idea to host a contest in a regular interval. Ask your blog readers to share interesting stories, or a picture or anything related to your niche.

Rewarding them with some gift will keep them motivated and connected to your blog.


Along with quality content, you need to have a process in place to reward and appreciate your blog readers. You need to make sure you appreciate new readers and retain the existing viewers.

The best way to do that is to create a personal touch with them by rewarding them.

Please remember whether you are a new or pro blogger, you need loyal readers and commenters for the success of your blog .

I hope these tips helped you to get new ideas.

Over to You –

I would love to hear from you about how you reward your blog readers. Please use the comments section to post your views.

Also, please do not forget to share this story with your friends.

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  1. Alex Marsh

    2019-12-12 at 11:34 am

    Yes, Putting comment moderation or proofreading is always a better idea and this way you won’t hurt the feeling of your audience.

  2. Sherman Smith

    2016-11-04 at 3:44 am

    Hey Ravi,

    This was a great post. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded!

    It’s a great idea to give your readers and commenters recognition for coming to your blog. This will keep the engagement going and sharing reciprocation going.

    I use commentluv premium on my blog. I do have it set up so my commenters have to comment a number of times before a link from their site shows up. This is so that it can keep spam comments at a low.

    I also have seen Harleena tweet who her top commenters are. The thought never really crossed my mind to do it, but why not add this to my routine. I reply to my commenters and it would be great to give them some recognition to the Twitter world.

    Thanks Ravi for the great suggestions! Have a great upcoming weekend!

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16 Effective Tips on How to Reward Your Blog Readers

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