10 Easy Ways to Clean Your Windows at Home

It may appear to be a difficult task, but cleaning windows at home is easy to do. Here are the best ways to clean windows that you can try at your home.
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Clean windows not only make your home look good; they also help give a good feeling. It may appear to be a difficult task, but cleaning windows at home is easy and quick to do. That too without doing anything that may risk your life. Here are the best ways to clean windows that you can try at your home. ~ Ed.


Many people don’t really pay attention to the benefits of a clean window.

Actually, it’s your ‘other’ door to the outside world!

Yes, a pane of glass between you and the world around you, through which you can take in everything from the comfort of your room.

It regulates sunlight, protects you from harsh weather, and is generally an ‘upper’ in all ways. That’s why unclean windows might be a reason why you have been feeling down lately.

This house chore may seem difficult to finesse, but it doesn’t have to be that way with these ten easy ways to clean your windows.


10 DIY Tips to Clean Windows at Home

You can make window cleaning an easy task by following tips and ways mentioned below.

Magnetic Window Cleaner

This is the best way to use for the exterior side of the windows.

Cleaning the exterior is impossible for windows that can’t be unfastened except if you are willing to risk your life and lean outside on the ledge.

Instead, you can go for these lifesavers – literally – and make it easy for yourself without having to sacrifice a limb. Not just that, but these tools are usually made to clean both sides at once, which could save you a lot of time and effort.

Getting the hang of this tool can be a bit hard at first, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Get Creative And Use A Mop

You can use your mop to clean your windows as well.

The hand of the mop helps a lot in reaching the windows easily while still maintaining control. You will be able to really dig in the dirt, debris, and dust and wipe it easily.

However, using a mop to clean the outside of your windows forces you to climb out of a window on the ledge, which is not very safe.

Instead, it’s best to call in a commercial window cleaning professional to help you out. Opt for the experts who use the most efficient, eco-friendly and safest ways in cleaning.

Cleaning Kits

Power your window cleaning kit with a U-shaped telescopic pole so you will be able to clean the exterior of your windows without risking the unnecessary accidents.

Cleaning kits also usually include a squeegee, circular sponge, and some cleaning cloths.

Using Vinegar

You can make a window cleaner using very simple household items that will cost you close to nothing. The ingredients of the cleaner are going to be distilled water and white vinegar.

You’ll want to use good-concentration vinegar. You can fill a spray bottle with your mix and shake it to make sure it’s all mixed up, then proceed to spray and then wipe with a lint-free cloth.

It’s advisable to wash the windows with soapy water to remove any excess dirt or filth to ensure a smooth operation with water and vinegar.


Using Lemon Juice

Similar to vinegar, lemon juice is also a common household item that can do the job of commercial window cleaners.

The acids in the lemon juice can disintegrate grease in no time. It will help you get that polished look without any problems. It’s recommended to mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a quart of warm water and then mix it by shaking it in a spray bottle.

A couple of sprays and a wipe of soft cloth can get the job done easily. If you’d like to transform this into a grout cleaner, you can add baking soda to the mix.

Using Ammonia and Cornstarch

This is a bit more of an advanced mix compared to vinegar or lemon juice, yet it’s quite easy to create it.

Ammonia is a low-cost ingredient that can be found easily in many stores. It’s known for its strong ability to break the fine particles of dirt, prints, and difficult water spots. It’s recommended to use a newspaper to minimize streaks from forming.

Half a cup of ammonia, and two tablespoons cornstarch, and 2 quarts of warm water are the ingredients you need to mix and pour into a spray bottle.

DIY All-Purpose Window Cleaner

This mix is a circus compared to the simple ones we’ve mentioned so far. You’ll notice that the main complaint people make regarding commercial cleaners is about those harsh chemicals used in it.

A quarter of distilled vinegar, a quarter of rubbing alcohol, one spoonful of cornstarch, 2 cups of water, and 5-10 drops of essential oil are all the ingredients of this mix. The essential oil in the cleaner is going to leave a good smell that lasts for hours.

The only difficulty is in making sure that the recipe is mixed very well as unthorough mixes can clog the spray bottle constantly.


This may sound too sci-fi for this article, but it’s true. People who hate cleaning their windows are finally embarking on a journey towards robotics. It can come equipped with a high-speed fan motor which can clean better than any regular manual work.

Using suction dynamics, they can remain stable while operating such high-speed fans. It doesn’t cause a lot of noise and scans the windows intelligently to find the best routes to navigate.

Steel Wool

Some stains are way too tough for chemicals or commercial cleaners to handle.

Solidified tree sap, adhesive, and other difficult stains can give you a hard time if you try to remove them with a soft cloth as you usually do.

It’s recommended to try removing these stains with fine steel wool after spraying your window with a window cleaner to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Power Tools

This may sound hardcore or a bit overboard, but it’s actually quite innovative to use power tools. Attaching a little buffer wheel and using a very soft abrasive can make cleaning the windows an effortless job.

Make sure to protect the edges of the windows and the window sash by using masking tape.

Wrapping Up

Our homes are the only places where we can truly feel comfortable and relaxed. The only problem here is that turning a house into a home requires so much attention to every little detail.

These play a vital role in living in a cozy home, and how we take care of our cleaning and tidying is just one stop short of reaching that goal!

Over to you

Have you ever tried to clean windows yourself at home? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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  1. Washing your windows is a tedious chore — so we want to make sure we get it right the first time.
    Swap out microfibre cloths for kitchen roll? Most will disintegrate when they get wet and they will leave lint deposits on the window panes.

  2. Thank you, Emily. I never thought we can clean windows by lemon juice. Those some great tips. I agreed if we can DIY, we do not have to spend money on outside vendors. Good post and thumbs up!

  3. I’ve always known (and use) lemon juice or vinegar for cleaning, well, almost anything. I think they work great and I hate using chemicals.

    I was interested in the magnetic cleaner. Perhaps you have a link you recommend on how to make one – or can you add some simple instructions in this post?


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