10 Stylistic Designs to Choose for Your Computer Table

There are computer table designs to meet all kinds of needs in your home or office. Here’s a list of computer tables you may want to use for your workplace.
A stylish white computer table design with a Mac and speakers on it

You can use furniture to make your home or office look good. One such essential piece of furniture is the computer table. Not only would you want your computer table to look good but also be useful and serve your purpose. There are computer table designs for almost every kind of requirements that you can think of. Here’s a detailed information on the types of computer tables you can use to improve your home or workplace. ~ Ed.


Be it your office or home, a personalized workstation is much desired for many.

The computer table is the space where we tend to spend most of our time of the day. So, having a computer table of good and useful design not only enhances the work atmosphere but also adds to the décor of the room.

Some of the trendy computer table designs with regards to usefulness are as follows.


10 Computer Table Designs for Home or Office

There’s a computer table for every kind of home or office layout and available space. Even if you have a space crunch or need a multipurpose table, we have a computer table for you.

Z-Lined and l-Shaped

Z-lined computer desks are a widely popular option in recent days. The z-lined pattern lies on the sideway structure whereas it takes an L shaped structure overall. It is suitable to be placed at the corners of the room.

There are usually two to three layers of compartments. The top of each has a glass covering. Apart from keeping a computer, it has some extra space to use it as study table or to keep several essentials.

This type of computer table is ideally used in schools and workplaces where besides computer; one has other things to do too. Plus, these tables enable employees to have lunch at their desks. Thus, reduces time wastage and increases the productivity of the place.

Corner Table

Corner tables are space-saving. It occupies very little space of the room and yet it has arrangements that have the capacity to make the optimum use of it.

The corner tables usually come with cabinets and drawers. It also has a separate tray for keyboard.

Basically, if you want all the amenities of a decent computer table in a place where there is an intense space crunch, then a corner table is your only way out.

Adjustable Table

Adjustable tables may not have the advantage of compartmentalization. But it brings ease of movement.

Usually, these types of tables have wheels beneath their legs and the height is adjustable according to your sitting position. It is extremely useful for the ones who need to sit in front of their computer desk for long hours.

Moreover, an adjustable table is fitted with wheels, it means you can take the table anywhere and work there. If you are hungry, you can shift to the kitchen. Or, if you need fresh air then just roll your table right out into the courtyard.

The only problem with these kinds of tables is that the wheels wear off easy leaving it static, just like any other table.


This can also be called a multipurpose one. It is a multi-storeyed table.

The lowermost station is for the keyboard and the middle station is for the monitor; whereas the upper two sections are to be kept all the accessories and storage. Within less space it is a good pick for your computer.

Instead of the usual structure of the monitor on top, a ladder-shaped table ensures that the speakers are at the top followed by the CPU and then the monitor, keyboard and the mouse. It’s a complete reversal of the prevalent norm of stacking up a computer.


This is one of the most modern styles. The keyboard tray is placed as if it is nesting.

This might fit perfect if you are more concerned about the décor. It works as a complement to other nesting furniture in your room.



If you are looking for something that’s organized and handy, compact tables are the right choice.

Most of the time, it does not offer drawers but still, if you like to keep all the parts together then this kind of table is to be opted for. Compact tables may not offer much room, but what they do offer is the option of having every single thing within your reach.

This is a gamers’ ideal choice as it has everything, from joysticks to headphones within an arm’s reach. Hence reduces the time spent AFK which increases the prowess in gaming.


These tables are usually used in public relations positions, where the person sitting at it needs a desk on all sides so that people don’t get over-enthusiastic and hamper your productivity.

If you are looking for a job as a receptionist or a public relations manager, then this is the table you should definitely opt for.

Floating Table

If you are looking for a space to keep and work on your laptop and you have a space crunch at your residence or work, a floating table is the best possible solution to your needs.

Extending from a wall, a floating table saves space and is extremely light but also offers enough space to use a laptop comfortably.

Hutch Table

If you are someone who spends long hours doing research and working on your thesis or dissertation, then this type of table is ideal for you. It comes with a huge shelf on the side to store your books and journals and everything else related to your work.

For an academician or a researcher, this table is the perfect one as this allows maximum space to carry out your academic works and allows your computer to be handy at the same time.

This table stores all your books and journals near you. It means you don’t have to waste time while going to get them every time. This boosts productivity highly and also, in turn, spares you a lot of hassle.

Double Bar Desks

Just like the name suggests, these kinds of table are two tables stacked on top of each other. The upper table can be used for keeping the desktop and its other accessories while the lower table can be used to keep the secondary accessories and maybe an additional laptop.

Such a table is highly useful for people who work from home. If you wish to work from home, this desk would provide you with the maximum facilities that you would require.

5 Computer Table Categories

There are a variety of amazing styles available in computer tables nowadays. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most prominent fashions.


If you are a fan of old school wooden look with the elegance and craftsmanship which was in vogue during the time which passed away, then the rustic design computer table is just the thing for you.

Featuring a quaint wooden look, the rustic table is the perfect table to give you the old aristocratic feel while catering to your basic necessities expected out of a computer table.


This is the perfect table for anyone with an impeccable sense of style.

Available to be custom made to match the colors of your cottage walls, this kind of table is usually the primary preference of the rich and fashionable populace because of its extremely beautiful outlook and impeccable taste.


If you are someone who prefers practicality over fashion and style, then this is the table for you.

Extremely minimalistic and practical, this table offers drawers and compartments for all your basic requirements. But doesn’t offer a dime in the department of fashion and usually comes in black or grey color.

If you are someone who prefers raw productivity over everything else and pays no heed to other aspects, then this is the perfect table for you.


If you wish to have a computer table which would remind you of the initial designs of computer tables when Windows 98 was in vogue, then be assured that this is the table for you.

Complete with compartments for your books, stereo, speakers and almost everything else, this table provides a wholesome feel which just isn’t available in today’s day and age.


And lastly, we have the contemporary design which is an amalgamation of a bit of everything. It has the practicality of the modern table, a little bit of style, and a minimalistic approach.

This is the most popular kind of computer table available nowadays and also one of the most used types of tables.


Other than these two categories there are a few other categories in which a computer table can be divided into. One can classify the tables in accordance with the material used in them, like wooden, glass, metallic, plastic, etc.

One can even classify the table in regard to the way the legs are allowed to be kept in them like cross-legged, solid legs, etc. But one of the main differences lies in the table being built-in or free.

Free tables allow you to change the layout according to your own sweet will. While a built-in table is not going to allow that, but in its defense, a built-in table is decked with everything and even comes with compartments to take care of unruly wires.

Workaholics or non-workaholics, everyone loves to work in pleasure. And your workstation is the very first thing that you come across almost every day.

So, let the work and the workplace both be beautiful and pleasant by investing in a good sofa set and all other important pieces of furniture.

Over to you

What kind of a computer table do you use at your home or office? Which all computer table designs listed here catches your fancy? Do share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Hello Charlene,

    There are many good furniture designs, a lot of different materials that compose a beautiful desk. Some of them save space in the room because a designer created a functional design that would not only deal with your problem of having too little room for a desk but also look incredible in that small space.

    Some of the desks are suited only for large rooms that accentuate their gorgeous shape. Today computer table become basic furniture for every house and you have explored this topic amazingly.

    These will very helpful for people when it comes to select perfect one. Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful thought with us.

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