Best Cuisines for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating helps you live a healthy life. The food ingredients matter a lot. Here are the best cuisines from around the globe for a healthy lifestyle.
A cuisine consisting of veggies, fruits, and seafood for healthy lifestyle

Healthy eating makes you live a healthy life. There are different types of cuisines around the world that promote a healthy lifestyle. They use vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy, and fish, etc. in interesting recipes infused with healing herbs and spices to produce delicious flavors. Here are the best global cuisines to live a lifestyle that is healthy. ~ Ed.

More and more people are now becoming aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. They exert extra effort to ensure that they consistently perform their workout routine, and try their very best to stick to a healthy and balanced diet. 

In terms of the latter, you may want to consider some of the best cuisines that can support your healthy lifestyle.


10 Global Cuisines for a Healthy Lifestyle

Various cultures in different parts of the world have evolved different types of cuisines. Their ingredients and recipes may be different but they share the same goal to make your lifestyle healthy.


The traditional Greek cuisine is composed of unsaturated fats, legumes, fish, and grains, which makes their dishes high in nutritional values. 

The dishes that make up their cuisine rarely involve meat, which is why the unsaturated fats are considerably low. This is perhaps why Greeks have a considerably high life expectancy and lower risk of heart diseases.


Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by fresh, vibrant, and tasty flavors. This is because of the herbs, and chili that they infuse in their dishes. According to the food experts from Yordar, this is the reason why the office catering scene in Sydney is incomplete without Vietnamese dishes. 

Pho, or the hilly nutritious noodle-based soup dish famous in the Vietnamese cuisine, is also antioxidants-rich and healthy. And because Vietnamese noodles are made from rice and not from gluten, they are easy to digest and also low in fat.


Chad cuisine from Africa is considered as one of the healthiest ones all over the globe. 

This is because most of the ingredients they use in their dishes are fresh and free from preservatives, especially for boule, which is their national dish that is a thick porridge prepared with grains. Almost all their local produce is rich in the essential nutrients that the body needs.


Falafel is the signature of Israeli cuisine, which is greatly composed of chickpeas. Aside from falafel, Israeli food staples include legumes, eggplants and olive oil infused with several spices. These dish ingredients aid in metabolism and digestion because of its nutritional benefits. 

Their food is also rich in vitamins A and C, as well as calcium and folic acid. Even pita bread has a considerable nutritional value.


Korean cuisine is slowly winning the hearts of many individuals all over the globe. Kimchi, their staple food, is known as one of the healthiest dishes, being made up of fermented vegetables. 

Kimchi is also considered as a probiotic, while their other food staples are known to have anti-cancer and anti-obesity properties. This is because Korean cuisine is largely made up of vegetables and steamed food.

Indian Food


Authentic Indian food is very healthy because these are infused with spices that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 

Vegetable curries are prevalent in Indian cuisine and nowadays, several people crave this dish all over the globe. Because their spices give out a strong and aromatic flavor to their dishes, some people find their food invigorating and rejuvenating.


Another healthy cuisine is Thai cuisine. Their dishes are filled with intense flavors because of the spices they use, and they don’t really depend much on meat and fats. 

Tom Yum Gung soup is even known to have cancer-fighting properties because of the antioxidants found in shrimp, coriander, lemongrass, ginger and other Thai herbs that make up the soup. 

Aside from these, most of Thai ingredients boost the immune system and aid in digestion. It won’t be surprising, though, because ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass, which they normally use in their dishes, are known to have medicinal values.


The Scandinavian diet is known as one of the healthiest diets, which is rich in dark bread, berries, fish and dairy. These ingredients are high in fiber and antioxidants, which aids in burning body fats. 


Their meat produce can be categorized as organic and of high quality because the animals are raised well in free-roaming environments where they can graze well. As a result, Scandinavians are known to have a long lifespan and low obesity rate.


Fresh seafood and vegetables are common ingredients in Spanish cuisine. But aside from this, more and more people from around the world are emulating their eating style, which is geared towards portion control. This eating style is known as tapas, or small plates, which makes it easy for you to try out even some of their unhealthy dishes, but only in small portions. 

Rest assured that there are several other healthy dishes in the Spanish cuisine that are high in fiber and low in fat such as those made from beans, oily fish, olive oil, seafood, and vegetables.


Japanese cuisine is largely made up of seafood and fresh vegetables, which are known to be low in saturated fats. As a result, the Japanese people are among those who have a low tendency to suffer from chronic diseases and they are also among those who have the longest life span all over the globe. 

However, their dishes also feature some deep-fried seafood or oily noodles, which you need to go easy on if you prefer to get a taste of Japanese cuisine.


Traditional Mexican food is actually very healthy because their dishes are largely made up of beans and fruits, which are rich in fiber. While it is true that Mexican food also offers fried foods like flautas and chimichangas, they also have numerous vegetable-infused dishes that are prepared in a healthy manner. 

If you favor Mexican cuisine, just remember to go light on their dishes with heavy cheese and sour cream.


The dishes in the Italian cuisine that are made of olive oil, fresh tomatoes and herbs are some of the healthiest dishes all over the globe. However, Italians tend to shy away from processed food. Rather, they opt for fresh produce which includes beans, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Wrapping Up

Your diet doesn’t need to be bland to be healthy. In fact, it can just be otherwise because of the number of cuisines that support a healthy lifestyle. 

Greek, Mexican, and Israeli cuisines are just some of the healthiest cuisines in the globe. Perhaps now is the time for you to consider adding these to your plate, but that is if you haven’t yet.

Over to you

Which cuisine do you prefer to live a healthy life? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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