How to Decorate Your Home with Rugs

Rugs do make your home look beautiful if you use them the right way – buy the right rug and place it rightly. Read the tips to decorate your home with rugs.
A family room decorated with rugs

There are various ways to fill up and decorate your home. One of them is doing it with rugs. Though it may appear so, decorating your rooms with rugs is not as simple as placing any rug just anywhere. You need to take into consideration several aspects like balance, harmony, and color schemes. Here are some tips that explain these aspects of decorating your home with rugs so it makes you feel good and happy. ~ Ed.

How to Decorate Your Home With Rugs

While rugs definitely have a practical upside, they can also work wonders in getting your home to feel more cozy, artful, and all-around more aesthetically pleasing.

However, because there are so many designs and fabrics out there to choose from, it can be pretty daunting to pick the right rug for your home. The process of buying a rug actually makes a pretty compelling case for hiring an interior decorator, just to help get some of the guesswork out of the way!

But, rest assured, there’s no need for that if you really think about the kind of atmosphere you’d like in your home. The following are a few tips to help you get started.


3 Tips to Decorating Your Home with Rugs

If you want things to go right, you need to consider the aspects of balance, harmony, and other important aspects. Here are some tips in detail to help you decorate your home with rugs.

Keep It Simple

While you can definitely use more than one rug in a space to help you add some visual interest, you should try to use a light hand. When you use two rugs – even if they are relatively small – in the same room, it will invariably cut the room in two, visually speaking.

So, if you decide to go with this move and not use one main rug to add definition to a room, try to use two rugs that are of a different size so that you do not give the sense that the room is halved in two.

On the same note, you’ll want to keep your rugs slightly different to add variety, but do not add too many wild patterns in the same room that are completely different from one another. You want to keep the effect fun but also as harmonious as possible.

If the rugs don’t complement one another then it may end up looking jarring and rather unpleasant. Contrasting patterns can be wonderful but only if their looks complete each other in some way, and are not warring with one another for attention. So, basically, you can have fun with rugs, but keep your experimentation streamlined and simple.

Vision Board the Color Scheme

One tip that might help you get a better sense of how to go about choosing the right color scheme for you is to create a vision board of which colors and patterns best “speak” to your room. For example, if you already have one style in mind for custom printed rugs, or if you already have one in your home and want to keep it, you can try to build a color scheme around it.

If you haven’t even placed furniture yet in your home, try to choose a favorite color and get the rug to accent the existing patterns or color schemes already there. Taking photos and placing things on a board can be a helpful way of outlining all the different ways you can put the room together. Doing this will let you know straight away if you’re making a big faux pas with one direction before you actually buy the rug.

Balance the Room

One big thing you need to take into consideration is volume, and getting a handle on how best to create a sense of balance between the different elements in your home. For example, if you have already furnished most of the room, and the colors or patterns are already sedate, then you can choose a rug that adds some panache and livens things up, without being too loud.

On the other hand, if you have wallpaper or a couch with some busy patterns or bold colors, then choose a rug that is simple and subdued. Again, the issue of harmony is extremely important, and you want to pay attention to this key goal when designing different areas in your home.

This leads us to the issue of choosing a focal point: the rug is usually used as the main focus of attention in a room, and it might help to build off of that in terms of style. You can do this by contrasting the paint in your walls with ones that are featured in the accent colors of the rug. This can be done in a subtle way, but it makes a huge visual impact in the room, one which both you and visitors will appreciate for its sophistication.

Wrapping Up

A beautiful rug can help anchor your room, and give it some necessary visual interest that might be sorely lacking otherwise.

It also helps to make your home feel warmer, inviting, and just gives off a more relaxed vibe. While a lot of thought goes into choosing the right one, once you’ve done the work you will be a happy camper.

Over to you

Do you use rugs at your home? Share how you chose your rugs and decorated your rooms with them in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks for the great article and helpful tips! My grandmother uses rugs as wall decor in every bedroom and it creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. I haven’t gotten around to using them in the interior yet, but I will definitely try it, it’s worth it.

  2. Emily, thank you for a great article! Decorating with rugs is the best way to define the areas and create harmony in the room. I can also add that following the 60-30-10 color rule is a great approach to choose the rug color. Such a color combination will make the interior look complete.

  3. Hey, you have really arranged it so nicely. Thanks for all the tips here. I never used the rugs in this way, but I’ll try now and let you know it changes the room ambiance dear.

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