Tips for Warming Your Home Up in Winter for Less

Scared of winter, not because of the cold but the electricity bill? Don’t worry. It’s possible to consume less energy for heating and warming the house.
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Winters are welcome but not the inflated electricity bills. Do you wonder if you could do something to reduce your electricity bills? Yes, there are various ways and tips to do that. These are uncommon ideas like opening up the curtains and using your oven in the kitchen. You can do more to spend less but not compromise on your home’s heating. ~ Ed.

Tips for Warming Your Home Up in Winter for Less

Winter is here, and we love this season, don’t get us wrong. The snow, holidays, and overall beauty of the holiday are unmatched. 

But the cost of heating bills can make you despise this season. Luckily, there are ways for you to reduce your heating bills this year. 

Here are some of them.


4 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills

You can use tips like opening up the curtains during the daytime and using warm blankets besides making the existing arrangements more efficient to help lessen your heating bills. Read on to know more.

Make a Checklist

When your heating bills are too high, one consideration is that something is up with your home.

In this case, make a list, and be sure that you check it until you find the culprit.

  • Is it your insulation? Adding more insulation can keep your heat from escaping so that your heater does not have to put more energy into heating your home.
  • Is it your furnace’s filter? A dirty filter can sometimes be the culprit. Not getting into the habit of changing filters annually is terrible for many reasons, with increased expenses being one.
  • Is it the heating unit itself? If your HVAC is older, it may be worth it to replace it altogether. Today’s HVAC units are more powerful for less energy. Not only that, but a newer HVAC can make your home appealing to potential buyers or buying companies such as Kind House Buyers.
  • What about your thermostat? Could you benefit from lowering it when you’re asleep or away? Could you replace your thermostat with a smarter one that can adjust automatically?

Open Your Curtains During the Daytime

With places everywhere seeing an increase in heating bills, some have turned to the natural heating windows can provide. 

When you open your drapes when the sun is out, you can let in some natural heat. When the sun closes, drawing your drapes can prevent the heat from escaping.

Using Your Oven More

Cooking more at home is already an ideal way to save money, as eating in restaurants can be expensive. Another reason cooking can save you money is the heat from the stove can warm your home and prevent you from using your thermostat often. 

Do not use your oven as the sole means of heating your home, but next time you are baking, turn down the thermostat. 

Buying Better Winter Clothes and Blankets

Sometimes, investing in a heavier shirt, sweatpants, and thermal socks can keep you warm and allow you to spend less on heating. You can find some excellent winter clothes nowadays for less, keeping you warm and allowing you to use less energy.

The same applies to blankets. You can purchase thermal, gravity, or heated blankets that allow you to stay warm when you sleep or during the daytime. Like clothes, you can find these for cheaper and be able to keep your home warmer.


There are many ways to warm up for the winter. If all else fails, you may want to consider an energy audit, or call your electric company or see if there’s any way for you to negotiate prices. 

We hope you have a happy, warm, and affordable winter.

Over to you

What strategies do you use to reduce your heating bills during winter? Share your tips in the comments section.


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  1. Hi Harleena,
    Here in the upper east coast of US, the winters are terrible. I recently noticed that a radiator that I used for keeping my home warm was consuming almost $1 a day when turned on. My home inspection guy brought this to my notice and i immediate gave up on that. My electricity bill has reduced considerably since then 🙂

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