How to Take Sharp Family and Group Portraits

Whenever you have a family get together, it’s time to click a group portrait. Here are some tips to take sharp family and group portraits with a camera.

Whenever you have a family get together, it’s time to click a group portrait. Whether you call a professional photographer to do that or do it yourself, following some rules will get you the best results. Here are some tips to take the best and sharp family and group portraits with a camera. ~ Ed.

Family group photo inside a camera lens

It is one of the most common questions among photographers.

No matter what the situation is, the photos have to be attractive.

Maybe it’s a wedding of your brother or your sister, baby shower occasion, or one day your great grandfather decided to have a family photo over the fireplace, all of them require some of the characteristics that make them unique from one another.

And these photos are not going to have humans only. They can have the best non-talking companion a human can have, a pet.

They make us laugh, comfort us when we are down or sick, and always stay by our side. That is why 12 million British people choose to have a company of a beast. And sometimes it cannot be expressed how much pets do for their owners.

So, when you have a companion like them, then you want to make a memory with them down the lane. That’s why here we have a list of tips on how to take sharp family and group portraits.


5 Tips to Take the Perfect Group Portrait Using Your Camera

Family portrait photos are evergreen and have a charm of their own. You can capture the best of the family group photos with your camera if you follow these tips:

Choose the Perfect Pose

There is a human tendency that tells them to form a U-Shape or Curl over the corners in a large group standing for the big picture.

Even photographers do it. But there is an excellent chance that it can ruin the photo. All the people should have lined up in a single line.

This is to prevent the unintended escaping of the focal plane of the people on the ends. Try to form a straight line so that maximum focus, along with the person in the middle, can be given to each standing person. And your pet can stand right in the middle, which completes the photograph.

Avoid Multiple Rows and If Not, Focus More on People in The Front

Always try to avoid having more than one row for a group photo. If not possible, then try reminding the people in the back to come uncomfortably close to the people standing in front of them. This declines any further focus on the people and brings all of them in one frame.

If you have two rows, focus on the people in the front. Have the pets taken in the hands of the people in the front? Here, Aperture plays its part.

When you focus on someone in the front, then you need them to be in the focal plane and nothing in front of them. And you do need the people behind them to be in the focal plane so that maximum focus is equivalent to all.

Speed Up the Shutter

Simple physics is used in this area. Always remember to have your shutter speed to be double of your focal length. Beginners use it, and so does pros practice it.

Aperture works in the system of thirds. If your aperture is f/4, then within your focal plane, in whichever area you focus, 1/3 of total will go in forward, and the remaining 2/3 will go backward. Put, but focus on the people in the middle and, if present, try to cover the people just in the back of the front.

Bump your ISO to one full end to maintain your shutter speed faster. Have the shutter speed between 1/200 and 1/400. When your subjects are in motion, have it set on 1/800.

Have Lens Hoods to Prevent Lens Flare

The most common problem a photographer can bear is the bright sunlight that causes a lens flare. Lens Flare can deviate the focus and causes distress in photographs.

Equip a lens shade or hood which can block the entrance of the extra sunlight. Avoid red eye of the people and shining eyes of pets. Try to find a shaded area for the photos. If not, then make the row stand facing their back to the sun.

Doing this, it can help you prevent further shadows over their face.


Have Another Helping Hand to Your Work

Do not take all upon yourself. Try to take the help of someone to bear the hood when necessary.

Never keep the photography upon yourself when doing for a large crowd. If it is not possible to find someone to manage the remaining chore other than photography, then take the help of the smartest person you can find there to help you. And no, their pet is not the perfect choice for your help.

Remember, one shooter and one organizer together make the album complete and make it unique.

Now that you have the perfect portrait in your hand, it has to be made to make people gasp. And the best way to do it is to make it done with the best out there. You might also need some image editing to be done to make the portrait look fabulous. You can take the help of an expert or always use an image editor yourself.

CanvasPop is the pit stop that you will ever need from now on. The best quality portraits which can make the best use of your wall space. Showing love to your walls and connecting your feelings with them, CanvasPop makes dog and cat portraits at its best.

Summing Up

For the love of your family and friends that includes your pets, you definitely want to have the best photo memory with them. Love cherished with care is what you want to happen.

So, give them the best memory that you can have even for generations to see because that’s what’s going to last, the memories with the person you love.

And if they are in your life, take care of them, love them and click more and more photos.

Over to you

Do let us know how you felt about all these simple yet effective ways to get the photos for your group shots. You can also suggest to us other great ways that you use or already aware of.


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