8 Reasons Why Holiday Fun Recharge You

I’m sure none of you can deny that holiday fun can recharge or rejuvenate you. Going on a…
Man having holiday fun playing guitar

I’m sure none of you can deny that holiday fun can recharge or rejuvenate you.

Going on a fun holiday is good for your body, mind, and soul.

Going on holidays helps you relieve stress, inspires creativity, besides helping you bond with your family and loved ones.

Not to mention, the time you get for romancing your partner, if you have one!

According to experts, regular holidays are absolutely essential nowadays – they aren’t a luxury any longer.

I can understand how the busyness of life can get to you and stop you from having any holiday fun.

Are you also a person who is chained to your desk and works 24×7? Do you also feel bad and guilty for taking any holiday break that’s so essential?

Well, this post is to inspire you to reconsider your decision and head on to have holiday fun, either alone, or with friends, or your family. And if it’s just the two of you, it’s a great time for a second honeymoon!

“Every man who possibly can should force himself to a holiday of a full month in a year, whether he feels like taking it or not.” ~ William James

Speaking of which, as most of you know, I’m already having fun on my holiday for the year and would be carrying on doing so for another 2 weeks! I am taking my break, how about you?

I hope one or more of these reasons inspire you to have holiday fun to recharge yourself too. 🙂

Reasons Why Holiday Fun Recharge You

Although the list is endless, but here are 8 reasons of why going on a holiday and having fun can rejuvenate you.

1- You feel inspired

Sometimes work can get to us and the stresses of life make us lose the gusto for work. Stagnant surroundings and routine work can make everything very dull and boring.

That’s the time you need to get inspired to get your creativity juices flowing and back on line.

When you have lots of love, sunlight, laughter, exercise, good and healthy food, sex, and fresh air – you are full of enthusiasm once again.

Doing things that inspire you, or those that you want to do, and visiting places that move you do the trick! It does work wonders for me, and I’m sure it must be making a difference to your lifestyle too.

2- You breathe easier

You cannot deny the fact that the pollution in the cities and the air in the urban areas is dirty and congested most of the time.

You need to clear up your lungs and bloodstream and give them the fresh air every few months. And how do you do this?

By visiting holiday fun spots that aren’t populated, which could be places near rainforests, snow fields, and towns that are high above sea level (this is where I’m headed in another week!)

You can literally feel the freshness in the atmosphere and feel refreshed yourself. Try it out 🙂

3- You sleep better

Ah…don’t we all need sleep! I know a lot of you, like me, are deprived of sleep, especially because of the kind of busy lifestyle you and me lead.

Besides this, your city might be having a noisy neighborhood, or the sound of traffic, and other sounds that disturb your sleep can lead to additional stress headaches and blood pressure.

The key to catch up on lost sleep is to go on a vacation and have fun by choosing a quiet and peaceful place that lowers stress levels. I am doing just that – trying to catch up with my sleep. 🙂

4- You rebuild your body and stay fit

Vacations force you to walk around, chase your kids, swim, climb hills, and play sports or other such holiday fun activities that help you regain your fitness.

Moving around while having fun on your holidays boosts your blood circulation, which is good for your heart and immune system.

Your body is able to fight sickness better when you are on holidays because it doesn’t work as hard as you don’t have the stresses of work pressure of a nine to five job.

It’s a known fact that health problems like migraines, back pain, and sore throats vanish when you’re having holiday fun.

Just the simple fact that you are standing upright and moving around all the time instead of sitting on your desk or your computer helps you feel and look a lot better and fitter.

5- You reconnect with your partner or spouse

When you want to stop rushing through life and take a breather – going on a holiday and having fun is the best thing you can do. It’s the best way to reconnect with your partner too!

Everyday stress and tiredness can get in-between your partner and spouse, which can lessen your intimacy and passion.

So, to rekindle the love in your marriage or bond with your partner, move out of your boring, old bedroom and get to some vacation spot and have holiday fun together.

It could be a secluded mountain cabin, or a seaside place, or anyplace for that matter – where you can bring back the good old times and get the fires burning once again.

Let me mention here that even some studies indicate that the male and female fertility rates are higher outside the congested and polluted cities! So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Father, mother, and little daughter playing on beach and having holiday fun

6- You bond better with your kids

If you are married and have kids, then having holiday fun with them is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

If you are both working parents, or even if you have no time as a father or mother for your kids, perhaps taking out time for a family holiday fun trip would do wonders for you.

Let’s face it; you and I lose out on spending quality time with our kid’s because we all lead busy lives. Even our kids get busy in their lives nowadays.

More so, kids tend to get tired, stressed, and moody if not taken out for vacations. In such a case going for a holiday in the right thing you can do.

At our end, the summer vacations have started a few weeks back and most families are already having a holiday with their loved ones. So, how about you? Aren’t you planning a vacation too?

7- You become more productive and a better person

Don’t you just feel so good when you look at nature’s beauty surrounding you, venture into the countryside, or witness the view from atop the hills?

Don’t your eyes or brains feel refreshed?  Why does this happen?

That’s because your eyes get so used to seeing only black and white (when you work!), or the drab grey of life that you forget to appreciate the other colors of life and enjoy living in the moment.

When you see or do the same things, life becomes monotonous. It reduces your mind’s efficiency, thus, you need things like going on to have holiday fun to boost your productivity.

When you take a break, you perform better at work when you return. You also get time for self-reflection.

Even people around you notice the positive change in your nature because you are much calmer, relaxed, and refreshed to take up things once again.

8- You treasure memories

Whether you are having holiday fun alone or with loved ones, you will always treasure and value the memories for years to come. The precious moments of togetherness will always remain with you.

Such memories make you feel good when you remember them or talk about them with your partner, kids, or family members.

So, even if you’re entangled in the hustle – bustle of your working life, such memories take you away to your happy moments and act as stress busters.

You see things that your eyes otherwise could only dream of and feel them only when you are present at such vacation spots. Not to mention that you permit yourself to be silly and have fun on a holiday!

You even meet new people as you visit new places and this can help you make new contacts and friends.

“A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work.” ~ Morris Fishbein

Research conducted at the State University of New York revealed that men who take vacations every year lessen their overall risk of death by nearly 20 percent, and their risk from heart diseases by 30 percent.

Similarly, according to a recent study, women who took more than 2 vacations a year were less likely to suffer from tension and depression as compared to women who only when on vacation once in two years.

Aren’t these good enough reasons for you to go and have your share of holiday fun?

Whatever way you choose, have fun without stress and enjoy your vacations being together. Remember, you need to find time for yourself.

You need to give yourself a break and you can do that by resting, recharging, and rejuvenating yourself, so that you are all geared up when you come back from having a holiday fun.

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!” ~ Amanda Bradley

So, are you ready to leave for your vacation? If not, what’s stopping you? And if you are – then go ahead and join your loved ones to connect with them.

Remember, these moments will never come again – so make the most of them. 🙂

Over to you –

When was the last time you took a vacation? Are you planning to have any holiday fun this year? If so, where do you plan going, and what do you plan doing. Share in the comments below.


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  1. I don’t get to specifically go on vacation too often – when I’m traveling on business I’ll do some sightseeing while I’m there when I can… But I need a pure vacation soon!!!

    Great post – all so true. Just added you on Twitter so I can be inspired more!

  2. Hi Harleena,

    It is amazing how you can come up with so many ‘better’s 🙂 You are so right about the importance of having vacation. Why fall into the trap of rushing through life when we can have total control of what we do in life?

    My last great vacation was some two years ago when I went to the UK to visit my brother. It was a shame that my husband could not join me. We have not had a vacation together for a while now. We look foward to the next one to Tasmania later this year or early next year when his friends are coming to Sydney to visit us!

    For some years now, rather than taking loads of photos, I now ‘breathe and feel’ the joy of living the moment. It is so much worthwhile than buying a whole bunch of souvenirs or simply taking photos or videos.

    Thanks, Harleena, for this great post!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  3. Hi Harleena,

    This is such a great post. I find that when we vacation as a family the stress seems to slide right off of the children as well as us adults. We try to take a week off every summer where we chill and bond as a family.

  4. Hi Harleena,

    I think that the importance of vacations is understood by people but it is all about how they plan it. Your post can really make readers consider a break very seriously. I will also be planning a break later this year and hope to visit some unexplored destination in southern India.

    Thanks for conductive in depth analysis of the importance of a vacation and making us consider a break in a proper manner.

  5. All of the tips you mentioned helps to recharge your battery. The most important to remember is to think about the tips you gave when you get home so you don’t lose those memories, and attitudes. I go to dog trials so we trial somewhere at least once a month. It helps getting away from work for s short weekend. I look for forward to the time with my dog and husband and when I get home I enjoy looking at the ribbons that my dog and myself won. All is good.

  6. Holiday Fun is really cool, we all deserve to spend one every month with our family.

    there are so many advantages holiday fun can do to you and most especially your family…

    I need to take more vacation more often..

    Thanks for writing about this harleena

  7. I need to take more vacations Harleena, I don’t take near enough.

    Now I did go on two this past month but they were both short ones and unfortunately for me, it’s always with family and we do nothing but run run run. I would love to be relax, chill, sit back and just enjoy the time away. Instead, I come home tired because I don’t sleep well when I’m not in my own bed and playing catch up with my work.

    Okay, I just put a damper on that didn’t I!

    I hope you’re having fun though and you aren’t having the type of vacation I did. I love my family but I’d love to take one where I’m not expected to be anywhere in particular at any time to do any one thing. Just chill! That’s the type I need to take next.

    The wheels are turning now!


  8. Hi Harleena,

    Totally agree. Vacations are great. I am planning one now for the end of July or first part of August.

    Going to another state and renting a cabin for about a week. See some sites and just enjoy nature.

    Thanks for reminding me that hubby and I need to do this. Sometimes it is hard to get him away from the job. Other times when we take time off it is to go see his mother who lives 500 miles away and take care of stuff for her. It is real nice when we don’t have to go visit someone, but can do what we want to do.


  9. Hi Harleena,

    Last time I took a vacation? 🙂 Good question! Even I haven’t seen my neighbors for few weeks.

    Isn’t it what we all love to have and yet dreaming? 🙂 Having joyful time with everyone we love. Some says they are saving and working for it, but like the story of a busy dad, it will be too late.

    I really love vacations and at least travelling alone Harleena 🙂 I guess it’s because I lack of ’em. I feel very bad that people stuck in myths made by themselves, such as life is better with money. Spending money on a vacation is a disadvantage for ’em too. And trying to vaccinate it to others.

    How many things we miss out there. Yet I’m not allowed to and you know, not everyone believe in taking vacations. Actually I can’t recall a special vacation with all my family. It’s mostly with friends and few with my girly. Travelling is one thing I will do for sure when I’m on my own 🙂 Yet, simple breaks and slowing down myself are the solutions working for me right now.

    I have no doubt you had awesome time Harleena 🙂 Actually you are inspiring everyone to follow a life with happiness in very simple ways. I love that! I’m proud of you 🙂

    You have a lovely Thursday there dear 🙂


  10. Hello Harleena,

    One main reason for getting recharge is the change in the life i.e. doing something new from daily routine jobs and Holiday Fun especially recharge you with the freshness of mind.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    1. Hi Siddhartha,

      Yes indeed, we do need to recharge ourselves and do something totally new or different, so that the monotonous life we presently lead becomes a little interesting. When you are on vacation, your mind surely gets refreshed and ready to take up new challenges once you return, and you yourself feel rejuvenated and good once again.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  11. Hi Harleena

    Holidays are my favourite subject!

    I’ve already been on holiday twice this year; once with just my family and the second time with my parents and my family for my 40th birthday.

    It’s great to get away and spend some quality time together; away from work and away from the computer!

    We’ll be going over to Ireland in July to visit my wife’s family, so that will be holiday number 3!

    1. Hi Tim,

      Ah..nice to know that, and I know you too are planning one soon now 🙂

      I like that! And I think you are lucky to get away twice a year, or perhaps I say that because it’s yet tough for me to do so. I’m sure it must’ve been a real nice getaway for you and your loved ones. Not to mention how pleased and happy your parents would be to see you for your birthday.

      Did you really take a complete cut-off holiday away from your computer? If you did, you just inspired me to do the same, at least for the coming week or ten days that I would be visiting a lot of places around. But when I think of work, I get into a double mind, or perhaps work just a wee bit, which again isn’t a real break then.

      Awesome indeed! You surely love holidays, don’t you? Hope you have a nice time once again 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  12. Harleena,

    We love going on holidays!
    I agree with you that going on holiday helps to relieve stress. This is the reason why most of us go on holiday. India is our next stop, hopefully early next year 🙂

    Thanks for the share. I always love to read your articles

    1. Hi Seun,

      I like that 🙂

      Oh yes…going on holidays relives stress, provided you go on a real one and leave ALL work behind (I need to do that, and might just try it this time! So, if I don’t visit your blog for a week or two, you’d know why!)Ah…if you are visiting India, it would be great indeed and I’m sure you would love this country. Look forward to your trip!

      Well, we rarely travel out of the country, and because it’s just once a year, we tend to visit our parents and family that live far off from our place. And when we go there, we make sure it’s for at least 3 odd weeks if not more – yet again, work carries on. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you enjoy my posts – it holds a lot of meaning for me when you say that dear friend. 🙂

  13. Harleena, Great points.

    Taking those breaks or family vacations are so important. They do create those memories that we look back on and laugh at the stories they created. We just need to do it, even though there is so much to do around us.

    Awhile back, I wrote a post about taking a driving vacation with your family. This also creates the stories and, more importantly, creates a place to have conversations with your family members. Miles open up minds and begin to remove barriers that have come up.


    1. Hi Jon,

      Glad you liked these reasons why holiday fun recharge us and why they are so important for all of us 🙂

      I agree with you, that’s what memories are made up of. I have so many pictures, videos, and collections of the time we spent together and when you sit back and go through them, they give such a good feeling and bring back good old memories.

      Absolutely! Work will always be there, and it never really ends. But things like taking a break or going on a vacation have become all the more essential nowadays – so, even if there is a lot happening, we need to cut ourselves from all of that and just take off!

      Driving vacation are great because you are always there with each other and constantly conversing, though the driver often needs a break from driving! I guess taking small break in-between or having another family member drive alternatively would make it easier. It does give the freedom to stop and do whatever you wish while enroute. This is exactly how we are planning to travel too to part of the places shortly now.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  14. There is no doubt that holidays are good for you. Its all about getting away from things, the work, the burden and so on.

    Its always nice to do something different, be somewhere else and enjoy for a change. It certainly does make you feel nice when you go away and then you’re back with the new energy.

    Holidays should be a part of one’s essential lifestyle and not just luxury. Its good for the children as well.

    I am fond of beeches, I can sit on the beach for hours. Its all good fun. It certainly does all the things you have mentioned.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      Absolutely! Taking a break to have your share of holiday fun has become essential nowadays, and it does rejuvenate you too 🙂

      It does wonders if you have kids as you get to spend so much more time with them, which otherwise you might not because you remain busy with work and other things. Similar is the case with your partner or spouse – it gives you time away for yourselves.

      Ah…beaches are wonderful indeed, though I’ve been to only a few, and prefer the hills and mountains more, which is where we are headed in a few days time. It sure IS good fun and I think we all look forward to such getaways.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  15. Simply Awesome blog post. Taking a vacation is a much needed fun and relaxing thing to do. Summer time is upon us. However, I’ve already taken a vacation.

    1. Hi Ana,

      Glad you liked the post on taking a little bit of holiday fun 🙂

      It sure is, though few of us are really able to get away from the busyness of life. But if we really want to, we would make all the efforts, wouldn’t we?

      Summer sure is here, and it’s good that you’ve already taken your break. Hope you had a good time and feel nice and refreshed too now.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

    1. Hi BK,

      I can understand that, and I think as we grow older some of of us prefer staying at home or travelling less, while there are still others who take a liking to travelling later in life because they are comparatively free. I guess it depends on each one’s choice. I’m sure you son would be loving to have you over, whenever the yearly visits are there.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  16. Hi Harleena,

    This is the perfect summertime post! Generally when I go away on vacation, getting ready for the trip is so stressful that I wonder why I’m leaving. But your reasons are all good ones. I eventually come to this realization but it’s a great reminder why leaving is so important.

    If I had to add another reason to the list, I would add perspective. Getting out of the routine always helps me look at my life a bit differently, often for the good. I usually make changes based on ideas that I got on vacation.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      It sure is, and I hope it inspires people to take a little time off to have their holiday fun too 🙂

      I agree with you, it IS stressful just gathering things or making other arrangements, whether at home or regarding our work and blog. I wish things were easier and simpler, and we could just take off without giving things so much of a thought. Nevertheless, we bear those few days of stress because we know the next few ones would be moments we would enjoy.

      Ah…that’s a good additional point and it does add up to the way we work once we return, and any positive change brought about to the present routine makes it all the more interesting.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your words of wisdom with us 🙂

  17. Interesting post Leena :),

    Of cause, going on vacation ones in a while can really rejuvenate your strength, body and soul which is why they said that All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy :).

    That’s why i love the internet lifestyle a lot and one of the things i will start doing very well once i start making the $$$$$ online will be to explore the world and, i will surely visit you too :).

    You know what? Traveling is actually one of my hobby and, going on vacation is something i will take really serious ones i can afford it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hi Theodore,

      Glad you liked the post 🙂

      Ah…I’m glad you used those lines about Jack being a dull boy, which are apt for this post. However, even though we know this fact, how many of us really take off for a real holiday? Very few I’m sure.

      You are most welcome to come to our end of the world, and it would be a pleasure to meet you in person. Having said that and while you earn those large amounts to really travel all over the world, you could still start having your share of holiday fun at the near about places where you live. Or perhaps you’re waiting to do that with your loved one, once you get married – it’s always better when you’re together 😉

      Nice to know that you love travelling and seeing new places, which is again something new I learnt about you. I hope your wishes come true soon enough.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post 🙂

  18. Harleena,

    I do love to vacation. If I cannot get away for a long chunk of time, a three day trip is fine for me.

    Going to a different place sure clears my head. I shut off everything – even my phone. With all the technology we use it does make it difficult to unplug. But I force myself to do it and be in the moment.

    When I find myself on longer vacations, I notice that I am walking more, to savor every inch of a new place. There is some kind of energy surge I get when I am in a different setting.

    Then there are those day trips. I usually take them once a week. An hours ride from where I live refreshes the soul.

    And of course, It is me and hubby all the time! It does bring us closer in so many ways.

    I live in “vacation land” right now in New York Finger Lake Region. Right now the tourists are piling in with their RV’s, cameras, and kyacks on top of their cars. We live close to lakes and waterfalls.

    Vacation is a must in our business. We need to get out of our space and into another to connect to our spouse and family.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Nice to hear that you do manage to getaway and have your holiday fun once in a while 🙂

      Ah…shutting off everything including our phones IS the right way to do it. I know it’s really tough to completely cut off and be in the moment, but if we want a real break, we need to take this step. I have to try this way out for once and just see what happens because even though I go for my yearly holidays, it’s always been with my work, though it lessens down a bit. I guess it doesn’t really solve the purpose because work still is on your mind – isn’t it?

      I completely agree with your words – some kind of energy surge – when we are in a different setting, and that’s what makes all the difference to us and our lives. I love my walks too, but the fun you have when you are off on a nature trail and not just simply walking but taking in your surroundings with each step is an altogether different experience.

      Aha…just the two of you would surely be bringing you closer all the more. I think your location IS an awesome one – lakes and waterfalls – must be so-so pretty! What better place could you ask for! And that’s an additional reason for you to be out there and one-to-one with nature.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. 🙂

  19. Hello Harleena,

    I love indoor so much that it has become an habit 🙂 . I only take my vacations only once a year which is July because july is my birthday and i love spending it with my family.

    Vacation is important because it helps clear your mind and help you reconnect with your love ones (especially your wife 🙂 )
    Thanks for bringing the vacation spirit to us all. do have a nice week and a stress free vacation 😀

    1. Hi Babanature,

      Ah…we do get so used to being indoors that we often forget how good the outdoor too can be, and that happens when we are too involved in our work or rarely getaway. I’m like you there too and take my holiday this time of the year because my younger one has her holidays this time of the year.

      Nice to know that you spend your birthday with your family, and I’m sure they too must be looking forward to your visit to them soon now. Oh yes…spending time with your spouse is needed, which otherwise one rarely finds time for as we remain busy in work, unless you create time for each other. But when you are having your share of holiday fun you do have all the time to be with each other as work isn’t as much on your mind then.

      Thanks for your kind wishes, and I do need them for sure. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  20. I agree; vacations are essential for our well-being. That “chained to a desk 24/7” person used to be me and life was stressful and bleak. Much better now! 🙂
    Hope you’re having a good one, Harleena, but a real break would be one where you can get away from it ALL, yes? Including the computer. 😉

    1. Hi Debbie,

      They absolutely are! I can well relate to that ‘working 24/7’ having been there too, especially when I get lost in work that often takes my whole day, and yes – life does get stressful and boring too as you remain busy doing the same thing over and over again. I’m glad you worked your way out of it all 🙂

      I sure am trying to, and like I was mentioning to Corina – the real getaway IS when you really leave work and then go to have your share of holiday fun. Yes – that includes your laptop, your blog, your work, and everything else. I might just try doing that this time, so if I’m not around for awhile, I hope you all understand why the absence or silence is there 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  21. Great Post Harleena

    This post comes right with summer time !

    This is the best opportunity to have fun with your friends and loved ones! I really studied a lot and the exams just finished that morning feel literally tired !

    But this evening I’m going to play a cool soccer match which will surely delete all the stress ! since I love soccer a lot !

    Harleena thanks for sharing this awesome post 😀

    Gusto of Work? In italy Gusto means Taste,It’s an italian word or an english meaning ?

    This post rocks do have an awesome day ahead 😀

    Wanted to share your post through commentLuv but I’, using another browser where I’m not logged in my social networks 🙂

    I’ll use the sharing buttons all of them 😀

    1. Hi Anis,

      Glad you could resonate so well with this post 🙂

      Yes indeed, the summers are right here and most people are out having their share of holiday fun or vacationing with their families and loved ones. I can understand how you must be feeling so relaxed after your examinations, and I’m sure they must’ve gone off pretty well too, so all the more reason to celebrate.

      Ah…soccer – that’s wonderful indeed! I didn’t know that gusto had an Italian meaning too, as I use it in English and it means enthusiastically enjoying something.

      Don’t worry about sharing this post – just the fact that you liked it is good enough. I too have those problems while sharing when I am logged in from another place.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing the post. Hope you have a good break too. 🙂

  22. I can see your vacation inspired you Harleena 🙂 Looks like the rest paid off, right?

    I haven’t had a real vacation in a long time. I’ve had a weekend get away and I’ve been offline for a week but still around to reply to comments and such…but not a “leave-your-phone-and-laptop-at-home kind of vacation and I really can use one 🙂

    You are right about the benefits…just thoughts little getaways helped me reconnect with my sweetie and my kids 🙂

    I’m not quite sure when our next vacation will be. My husband is a longshoreman and hardly has time off. Plus the kids being teens they really don’t want to hang out with us anymore but it’s a nice segway into the “empty nest” phase…that’s when the real vacation starts 🙂

    Great post Harleena! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

    1. Hi Corina,

      It IS still inspiring me as it carries on for another 2-3 weeks, so the holiday fun is yet to begin in the real sense 🙂

      I can well relate to that and have been there myself, but then when we weigh out things and give it a thought, we do realize how important getaways really are. Ah…I WISH I could leave it all home and head over for the real vacation that’s needed, and I might just do that to see what really happens – I guess you need to try it out once to really know how it feels! I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years now but never been on a real holiday without my laptop – even though I know that that IS the real holiday we all need. Yes, the work might reduce a little but then you always need to catch up with it when you are back home. That real holiday feel never really comes – so, you all better be ready to see me vanish for a few weeks if I do 😉

      Small getaways help in many ways, and they bond you better with your family, kids, and your spouse or partner too. I can see that myself being on one, though all of us have to make an effort to get away for that first.

      I can understand how we all have to adjust our lives around our spouses and kids, and it all does take time just getting to plan things out. I guess once the teens are a little grown up and off to their professions, you both find more time for a good getaway. My teens love it because their cousins are also with them in some of the places we are visiting, so they get to meet everyone alongside too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  23. I like to take a vacation at least every two months.. preferably once month.

    I get booorrred without new experiences so I love to see new places and meet new people.

    Do I feel guilty when I take vacations? Absolutely not! Vacations are one of the top reasons I knew early on that I didn’t want to be an employee for long.

    ~ darlene 🙂

    1. Hi Darlene,

      Nice to hear that, and I think if you are able to take a few days off every few months, you are a much happier and healthier person 🙂

      I wish I was as lucky as you, and could just take off every now and then. Perhaps one’s so committed to the work, blog, family, kids, and other things that it all takes a lot of planning to really get away, even if it’s for a few days.

      I agree with you, when we are on vacation or taking time away – we do so because we want to and need a break. So, why feel guilty about it. In-fact we should just drop things off and go away – a few days are needed to rejuvenate ourselves I think.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

      1. Well, my kids are grown so that makes a big difference in “disposable’ time, so to speak. 🙂

        When they were home, much of my time revolved around them. We did however homeschool our children (in the early years) so we still were free to get away as a family quite a bit.

        ~ darlene

        1. I agree with you there and that does make a difference as you aren’t really bound down then, and can manage to take away some time 🙂

          Ah…homeschooling is a nice idea if it works and yes, that ways you can do a lot as a family together too.

          Thanks once again 🙂

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