Family Problems Due to Social Networking

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”-  Anthony Brandt There are numerous family…
a family enjoying togetherness without problems in absence of social networking
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”-  Anthony Brandt
There are numerous family problems due to social networking in the world today, especially with countless people of all ages, culture and races spending numerous hours interacting on the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Black Planet etc.

The name ‘social networking’ is ironical as it doesn’t bring people or families closer, instead creates big drifts in relationships with people who matter most to us. Even experts like Dr.Laura Schlessinger believe that cyber technology and social networking are having a negative effect on the family, as it has replaced the intimate interactions that used to occur within most families.

Mentioned below are a few family problems due to social networking, which I feel are common to most families.

  • A normal healthy family conversation or gathering has now been replaced by text messaging sessions, thus leading to abbreviated words that lack true emotions.
  • Family activity time is now replaced by endless hours of Internet surfing and chatting with people you may or may not even know. This results in hardly any kind of family bonding or intimate interaction with the ones closest to us.
  • Family members get addicted to social networking sites that cause serious family problems, as they feel they would be left out if they do not keep up with the ever changing technology. They may tend to leave all their important work and prefer logging onto social networking sites many times a day, so that they can show their presence on the Internet and not miss out on any messages left by others.
  • Family problems due to social networking arise when it becomes difficult for children to learn the proper social skills, which are vital to our day to day living in the ‘real’ world.
  • Social networking makes you lazy and obese, which is not good for your health, as you prefer spending your hours sitting in front of your computer or laptop, chatting or surfing the Internet.
  • Family problems due to social networking arise when the children and adolescent are exposed to sexual and adult content, which they may not be yet ready for.
  • As per a research conducted in United States, students who use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites have a low attention span, thus score low grades in school or colleges.
  • Major family problems due to social networking arise between couples leading to problems in their marriage. Either of the spouse maybe staying awake all night, chatting with strangers, and it can lead to cheating and adultery.
  • Staying up all night is unhealthy, and your day job may be affected or you may not be fresh to attend school or college and would spend your time sleeping all day, when you should be working.
  • Family problems due to social networking can become grave if you get fired from your job. A recent research showed that over 72% employees in a company spent nearly more than an hour on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites during work.
  • Family problems can arise if you or your family members are not careful while using social networking sites. Sites like Facebook, where even though you do have an option for privacy settings, but if a hacker can get your account password in a jiffy, how long would it take them to break Facebook security and get all your details out on the web. The information posted on such sites can put you at a risk for identity theft, thus refrain from giving your phone number, address, or the name of your school or college.
  • Family problems due to social networking can damage your reputation, as anything you post online is public information that anyone can view, including your employers, boss, friends, relatives, or parents, which can harm you a great deal.

Though social networking sites have their plus points too if they are used sensibly and safely, but remember, excess of everything is bad, and you need to keep your familyintact, thus do not get too involved into social networking. Life is to live and with thousand of things waiting for you in the real world, avoid any kinds of family problems due to social networking and enjoy life by living it to the fullest.

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  1. Harleena,

    I love it when you pull one out that is so relevant to my situation. Not only do I have to contend with social networking on the job with my students, but it can interfere with home and family too!

    My daughter has not allowed her girls to get in on the social networks yet because she feels that their time is better spent reading or just being with family. I know at times it is hard just to get them off of youtube or texting!

    My husband is a bit zero on social networks. We also have no television. That keeps us talking and doing things together. With my blog and social networks, I am making a new commitment to limit myself on interactions for the New Year.

    I don’t know how it is going to go yet, but face time is more important than anything else. I love your quote! All of the factors you listed such as health, sleep, adult content are common problems. Someone has to set a limit and keep the family free from interference that can threaten our homes.
    Your blog is great.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thank you for saying that, while I love it when you visit my old posts and bring in fresh air with your words. 🙂

      Your daughter is on the right tracks I must say, though as kids grow and see their friend’s around on the networks, it becomes tough to control them. I never allowed my girls too, but now in their teens, we do allow them because keeping them away from the world out there isn’t right also. What works well for us is moderating and supervising their time allowed, and limiting them to just the basic safe networks, so that they are in touch with things, nothing more.

      Lol…so is mine and he simply doesn’t want to be online either. No television! That’s the best thing I’d say, though it’s tough otherwise for kids to be without one, which is why in our house we have the television on only for 2 hours in the evening/night time after dinner, when everyone watches a little of what they like, though sitting together, again, so one’s not really left out (kids more so). I wish I could limit mine too!

      I think if we ourselves set the limited, such family problems that arise due to social networking that often distance a family won’t arise. The real key to all of this lies in our hand, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your words of wisdom 🙂

  2. I recently wrote a post on my personal blog about how old enough should one be for the online world. And the discussion just proved that people beleive social media rules you and your life only if you allow it to. The distinction should be made, Kids are addicted, no doubt but instilling values in them about how and what is important is primary than stopping them from social media.

    I would agree that social media is slowly taking over the way in which families are functioning; but why are we letting it happen. We did have a life before Facebook; not that we all were wasted and lying here and there. So okay, out of the whole day whoever said we need to spend 10 hours on a social networking site. We can let the good influence us and the bad influence us; it is totally a personal choice and a stand we should be taking.

    This is an eye opener Harleen. We are letting things take over our lives and tough situations are arising out of it.

    1. Glad you could relate to the post Hajra!

      I need to check out the post you mentioned at your blog. That’s so true- social media rules only if you allow it to, and it all lies in your hands. However, many people are not able to understand this and get into the flow of the Internet and just get stuck! ( I do too sometimes!!)

      Yes, kids can get addicted to anything because they are kids! It could be the social media, drugs, alcohol- just about anything, and as parents it’s our duty to ensure they are instilled with the right values right from a young age so that when they are adults they can distinguish the right from wrong.

      You are absolutely right about the social media taking over, because we allow it to- and the same ways Facebook, YouTube, or so many others are influential with kids because we give them the access to it. This is the very reason we have made certain rules in our family about using the Internet, so my kids are online just twice a week for an hour the most, just to check their mails, or send an occasional message on Facebook. Yes, there can be more freedom given but then you are asking for trouble!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding more value to the post. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this important reminder Harleena.

    I think this is very important as we tend to spend even more time online through both social networking and professional networking. The boundaries between these two can even become blurred online.

    1. Glad you could relate to the post Hiten!

      You are so right there- we Do in-fact more time working or surfing the Internet- either for professional work or social networking with friends that our families do tend to take a back-seat somewhere or the other. I guess the answer lies in trying to divide your time well enough so that each thing gets their required attention.

      Thanks for stopping-by. 🙂

  4. I am not that active in any social networking sites because of being a private person. I mean, I don’t need to expose everything that I’m doing in my life to the whole world. So far, so good on my part because I believe that I’ve chosen the right decision.

    Moreover, being active in social networking sites can really eat up much of your time with families. Imagine all of you are using FB every time, and you guys are talking to each other while eating as well. How could a family be strengthened by this kind of routine. In addition, cyber crimes are most common in social networking sites that we should prevent otherwise, it will surely get worse.

    1. Yes, that sure seems like a wonderful decision Audrey!

      To be able to remain away from social networks, especially nowadays when its a vital part, is wonderful. However, whatever time we do devote on the social networking sites, we need to ensure we don’t over do where time is concerned, and it does not cause a hindrance to our family life.

      Thanks for stopping-by. 🙂

      1. Yup! Balancing our lives online and offline is the most important thing that we need to do. In this way, we can maintain healthy relationships with everyone around us. It can be very challenging, but worth the effort.

  5. Glad you could relate to the post William! Yes indeed, social networking sites may have their plus points, but spending too much time on them sure has a negative affect on the family relationships.

    Thanks for vising the blog and commenting 🙂

  6. That's one of the issues regarding social networking sites. They sometimes affect the relationship in the family.

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  7. @MarkYou are so right, Mark. In fact, "control" is the main issue, which if not implemented, causes problems. Technology is wonderful, and social networking is a bliss only if used wisely and correctly. All family members need to value and understand the importance of family activity time and communication, by inserting self-discipline into the schedule of social networking, thus controlling it to healthy limits. Parents play a big role in making this happen by being role models. Thanks Mark, for your wonderful contribution to the post, do visit the blog again!

  8. Harleena, No doubt there are issues with social networking. But you could say that "conversation" can cause all those ills as well. Or for that matter, the telephone, or going to school. So what about those things actually causes the problem? The vehicle or not controlling the vehicle? I have been working with families on the Cyber Safety ) issue for more than 7 years. I have seen where technology is much life fire. When controlled it is fantastic! it provides warmth and electricity to power all kinds of things. Technology and social networks help us communicate and keep up with one another. However, uncontrolled, fire can burn and kill. Uncontrolled, social networking or technology can divide and destroy as well. In the end, families, parents need to take control!

    Mark Strohm

  9. @wheelchairs : Manish Steel Works Thanks for stopping by to comment and saying those kind words. I am glad you find the blog informative and easy to follow. Please do visit it again!

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