6 Types of Four Wheel Walkers and Their Benefits

Four wheel walkers come in many varieties. Here are the benefits of a 4-wheel walker and description of the types of 4-wheel walkers for elders and others.
A senior walking using a 4-wheel walker

People with walking difficulties, elders and seniors often have mobility issues. One of the solutions to address this issue is a four wheel walker. The 4-wheel walkers come with different features and varieties for different kinds of needs. Here is a brief introduction to the types of four wheel walkers and the benefits of using this special mobility aid. ~ Ed.


How do you feel when you or a loved one can’t get around easily without having someone to assist?

The situation can be devastating, but not anymore; thanks to the introduction of the 4-wheel walkers.

Since four-wheel walkers came into existence many years ago, they have been a game changer for people having difficulties walking around comfortably. The advent of technology has played a significant role in the effectiveness of these 4-wheel walkers.

You may be wondering what four-wheel walkers are and their benefits. No need to fret; continue reading for insight.

Defining a Walker

It is a mobility aid that assists people experiencing difficulties in walking easily to do so comfortably.

It gets designed as a frame with four legs to enable balance, rest, and support to the user. Thanks to the materials used in its making, most walkers are durable and comfortable.

The frame is made using aluminum, making it light, easy to handle and use. With the foam, rubber or gel-made handles, the user enjoys a comfortable grip.

Walkers come as very stable, and anti-slip that gets contributed by the rubber caps put on the legs’ tips.

Variety of Four Wheel Walkers

To cater to different types of walking difficulties, walkers get made with many and varied features that distinguish them.

It is essential first to understand what your problem is before getting a 4-wheel walker. You should seek advice or tips from professionals in getting the correct 4-wheel walker to cater for all your needs.

You will not only get a walker that’s suitable for you, but also within your budget. Besides, you get to save your precious time that could have been wasted shopping around. Four-wheel walkers come in variety as follows:

a) Height-Adjustable 4-wheel Walkers

If you are using a walker, it means that you are already undergoing some discomforts.

You wouldn’t go for a walker that will not help eliminate your discomfort; otherwise, it will be in vain to own one. But thanks to the walker manufacturers who recognize that people come in different height.

As a result, they have made walkers that come with levers to help adjust to your preferred height. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult, with just a push of a button, the walker gets set to your height for optimal comfort.

b) Wheeled Walkers

To help you maneuver around easily on different grounds, some walkers come with wheels on their front legs. Others have got wheels on all the legs, but are ideal for those people experiencing fatigue or have less endurance.

Mostly, the wheels are 5-inch in size. Whether you go for a wholly or partly wheeled walker, your safety should be a priority.

c) Folding Walkers

Sometimes you may need to carry your walker while traveling. If you are a frequent traveler, you should go for a walker easy to carry around. No other walker is more ideal than the folding walker.

One can easily fold them for storage or carriage. With a push of a button, you get to make the walker come down and wrap, fitting well in the storage room or the carriage space of your car or plane, ready to store or transport.

d) Hemi Walkers

With this walker, the user gets to enjoy support by leaning on one side. It is ideal for people with no or little ability in one of their hand or arm.

Because it only caters to one side of the body, it comes smaller in size than a regular walker. As a result, it is lighter than other walkers. The fact that their stability gets regarded as better than that of a cane has indeed made them popular with many users.

e) Platform Attached Glider Walkers

The design of this walker makes it appear as if it has a low height. A pole sprouts up from each side, and get attached to a soft platform made from vinyl where the user rests his/her forearms.

The platform comes with comfortable handles for gripping. It is ideal for those people who prefer bearing their weight on their forearms instead of shoulders and elbows.

f) Rise-Assistance Walker

Nowadays, manufacturers are making walkers with the front handle sloping on the lower side of the user.

The main reason why these walkers get designed this way is to help the user pull himself or herself up from a more moderate position such as if seated or in bed. The user gets to reach the lower part easily and uses it as a support while rising.

Though walkers come in different shapes and size, you may find a walker that combines features of various walkers. For example, you can get a wheeled walker that is also foldable, and height adjustable. Depending on your needs, go for what best suits you.

Ideal Persons to Use a Walker

Age comes with a price. Many seniors do not only get tired quickly, but suffer from conditions that limit their walking around and endurance. Such conditions include:

  • Arthritis
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hip problems
  • Back pains

As a result, they become dependent on their loved ones. But with walkers and rollators, their dependency has decreased, and many are now able to move around freely and go on with their business without disturbing anyone.

A four-wheel walker is one of the important aspects of eldercare and senior with difficult in walking.

4 Benefits of a Four Wheel Walker

Some accidents and diseases are vital and may leave you experiencing difficulties in walking around. In such incidences, one may also require a walker.

Depending on the nature of your conditions, you may need to use the walker temporarily or permanently. It is a no secret; benefits of using a 4-wheel walker is massive as stipulated below:

1. Easy Outside Maneuvering

Thanks to four-wheel walkers, seniors or people with problems moving from one place to another can now do so easily. If you love going out, maybe to view the beautiful scenery or enjoy the fresh air, or even to run your errands, a 4-wheel walker with bigger wheels will work like magic.

2. Rest

4-wheel walkers come with seats. If you get tired while strolling around, you only need to put on the brakes and relax in the chair until ready to move on.

3. Luggage Carrier

You can use the seat that comes with many 4-wheel walkers to carry your luggage like coffee mugs, laundry, or shopping.

4. Self-Reliance

A 4-wheel walker will not only support you but also enhance you to go where you want to without anyone’s assistance.

Wrapping Up

It is a no-brainer; as illustrated above, the benefits of using a 4-wheel walker are enormous. Whether you can’t move around comfortably because of age, illness or disability, a 4-wheel walker will help you out.

More so, you get to use it without requiring assistance from anyone. It also helps to carry your luggage along. But to enjoy the benefits entirely, you need to go for a walker that caters for all your needs.

Over to you

What are your thoughts and experiences of using a four wheel walker for people with the need of mobility aids? Share in the comments.

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