GEMS Of Aha!NOW – November 2014

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GEMS poster of Aha!NOW Blog Community

A community is an amazing aspect of society. It is a group of people, who share similar interests. An online community is a place where the community members can interact with each other through the Internet.

The Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC) is one such online community.

The ABC community members or Ahaians, as they are fondly called, communicate and help each other by discussing and messaging in the activity centers, groups, and forums.

These people share common concerns, interests, and goals, which enhances their knowledge.

They help themselves and are always there to support other bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

In the process they make friends, develop relationships, and promote their interests or business.

The ABC is not only a blogging community, it is a blog community also, for all bloggers and non-bloggers of Aha!NOW.

A blogging community is limited to bloggers, but since Aha!NOW is a life blog that encompasses several aspects and niches of life, a part of its readership are not bloggers.

That is actually good for the bloggers as the non-bloggers are potential bloggers too. So interacting with them might prove beneficial to them.

Even the non-bloggers get the opportunity to mix around and interact with bloggers, and get a taste of their interesting profession.

In a short time, the ABC has evolved and grown into a second home for many people. It’s caring and cozy environment, friendly and supportive atmosphere – has caught their fancy.

As explained in the previous GEMS post, this crown of ABC is studded with many GEMs (Gregarious and Engaging Members). These people make the crown valuable.

In this post again, I want to honor and reveal the gems of the Aha!NOW Blog Community for the month of October 2014.


Leaders of the ABC Activities

A good and valued community is powerful on its own and it also empowers the community members. Such a community uplifts its members, while the members strengthen the community.

Many bloggers have learned a lot about blogging on the ABC that they didn’t experience while blogging. They also made friends, gained useful knowledge, but also won giveaways and rewards.

The community members or Ahaians are given AhaPoints and AhaRefs, which are reward points for their interaction and engagement in the community activities.

Based on their achievements or points they earn, a scoreboard or leaderboard is prepared automatically. Every month there are different prizes for the leaderboard toppers.

This way each month starts on a new slate, so everyone gets a fair chance to win that month.

The month of October was special. Read below to know why!

Man and woman happy about the Aha!NOW workstation giveaway

Leaderboard Topper and Winner of The $600* Giveaway

The first prize at stake for the ABC leaderboard topper for the month of October was the Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation worth up to $600.


I recently wrote a review about the sit-stand workstation that might interest you. Read it here.

This amazing free give away goes to Ahaian Ravi Chahar from India, Asia. Congratulations Ravi!

Ahaian Ravi Chahar

Ravi has been the top GEM in October.

He was one of the GEMs of the ABC in September also, and he has done it again – this time by topping the leaderboard and winning this awesome sit-stand workstation! 🙂

He will receive a special mail to follow up, order, and receive this absolutely free giveaway from Ergotron.

Check out Ravi’s blog at .

Winner of The November Guest Post on Aha!NOW

The runner-up or member who earned the second position in the ABC leaderboard in October earned the opportunity to guest post on Aha!NOW in the month of November.

He’s Ahaian Ikechi Awazie from Lagos, Africa. Congratulations Ikechi!

Ahaian Ikechi Awazie

Ikechi is the new GEM of the ABC. He has a wonderful blog

There he teaches people to be a light to the world. He dreams to create a community that will inspire change, and writes about personal development and all that can inspire change.

Ikechi believes you can help change the world by being a light or a beacon to guide others.

Visit his blog and help him achieve his objective, which will help you and even the generations to come.

I look forward to an inspirational post on Aha!NOW from Ikechi very soon. 🙂

New GEM of the ABC

This is not all. There are more gems in the crown of the Aha!NOW Blog Community that shine in the spotlight.

One new GEM from India is Ahaian Sasidhar Kareti. He blogs at

Ahaian Sasidhar Kareti

The AMFAS in his blog AmfasTech stands for “Ask Me For A Solution”. It’s a tech blog where Sasidhar answers visitor’s technical queries and also provide web and Internet marketing solutions.

Sasidhar blogs about Adsense, Android, blogging and SEO, business and marketing, web and marketing solutions, and social media.

If you have any problems or queries in these aspects of technology, do visit Sasidhar at his blog.

More GEMs of the ABC

It’s not that the members who do not get the spotlight are not important.

GEMs are gems, and they will always be – whether they are hidden or invisible.

Some more Ahaians that probably did not share the podium but still deserve the mention are Harshajyoti Das and Vishnu Verma.

At Aha!NOW, we remember and cherish their contributions to the community.

Top Referrer for The ABC for October

Taking part in the community activities is time consuming. We understand that this may not be possible for every Ahaian to participate actively, no matter how much they want to.

That is why we created another rewarding system, the AhaRefs.

AhaRefs means –  Aha!NOW referrals. Community members can refer member sign ups. However, to be eligible to be rewarded, they need to have a stipulated minimum balance of AhaPoints.

The top referrer of the AhaRefs leaderboard topper of October won the opportunity to host an Ad on Aha!NOW that is worth $75.

He is Ahaian Swadhin Agrawal from India. Congratulations Swadhin!

Ahaian Swadhin Agrawal

Swadhin blogs at . It is a digital guide to various topics related to social media, related strategies, tech & gadget, and blogging resources.

He is passionate about tech things and gadgets and that is why he is developing his blog as a leading tech and social media weblog.

His blog is committed to serve its readers with consumer technology and topics related to the Internet, information technology, and productive stuffs found over the vast web services.

Swadhin is also a freelance writer, and takes writing assignments on tech and all other topics.

Prizes for This Month: In November, both the AhaPoints and AhaRef leaderboard toppers win a guest posting opportunity and the runner-up gets the $75 Ad slot on Aha!NOW respectively.

Special Mention for Special Members

All Aha!NOW Blog community members are precious, but some of them get special attention for their special acts.

While all Ahaians are well-wishers of the ABC, a few have expressed their love by writing dedicated posts about the ABC on their own blogs.

I want to honor and thank them from the bottom of my heart for doing so. Here are the honorable special ABC members:

Nisha Pandey: She was the first to write exclusively about the ABC on her post titled “Get Your Blogging Career on Track with Community Feature @Aha!NOW”

Swadhin Agrawal: We were humbled to read his post titled “Nine reasons why Aha now blogging community is better than Facebook

Ikechi Awazie: He wrote an inspiring account of the ABC in his post titled “Be An Inspiration: ABC Is The Next Big Thing In Social Networks”

Thank you lovely Ahaians for your adorable posts. 🙂 Such special acts will always get special mention in the GEMS posts.

Hidden GEMs of Aha!NOW – The Commenting Stars

I mentioned this before and I stick to my words – all commentators are the hidden gems of Aha!NOW.

In the month of October, Aha!NOW received 437 comments from 160 bloggers. Out of them, the Top 30 October commentators are:

  Harshajyoti Das56 awesome comments.
  Nisha Pandey41 awesome comments.
  Ravi Chahar16 awesome comments.
  Lorraine Reguly14 awesome comments.
  Chery Schmidt. 8 awesome comments.
  Dr. Nicolas Rao8 awesome comments.
  Swadhin Agrawal. 7 awesome comments.
  Don Purdum. 6 awesome comments.
  Neamat Tawadrous6 awesome comments.
  Yvonne I. Wilson6 awesome comments.
  Mi Muba6 awesome comments.
  Donna merrill5 awesome comments.
  Corina Ramos5 awesome comments.
  Maxwell Ivey5 awesome comments.
  Liz McGee5 awesome comments.
  Lisa thomson5 awesome comments.
  Ikechi Awazie5 awesome comments.
  Oloyede Jamiu5 awesome comments.
  Angela McCall5 awesome comments.
  Carolyn Nicander Mohr4 awesome comments.
  Rahul Krishnan4 awesome comments.
  Babanature4 awesome comments.
  Mathi4 awesome comments.
  Adrienne4 awesome comments.
  Balroop Singh4 awesome comments.
  Carol Amato. 4 awesome comments.
  Erik Emanuelli4 awesome comments.
  Rohan Chaubey4 awesome comments.
  Jens-Petter Berget3 awesome comments.
  Sylviane Nuccio3 awesome comments.
This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors

Thank you the Top 30 commentators and all the other commentators who visit Aha!NOW and spend their valuable time, share their thoughts, and appreciate our efforts.

I even salute the readers and visitors of Aha!NOW, who probably do not comment, but read and appreciate everything in their hearts. Thank you all the invisible supporters of Aha!NOW for you make this blog what it is today.

Another Landmark Yet Miles To Go

Lastly, this is the 250th post on Aha!NOW – this landmark achievement took about 4 years! (We complete 4 full years in December!)

I know that you might be amazed that it has been only this many posts. 🙂

Another landmark is that the ABC membership has crossed the mark of 100 already, and all of them are ‘real’ people!

There are more than 100 registered members and the count is increasing day by day.

We’re reaching it slow and steady with all your love and support. Thank you.

With Thanksgiving approaching soon now, we have each one of you to thank and be grateful to 🙂

We love this awesome community, are you already a part of it?

Share Your Thoughts:

What do you think about the GEMs of Aha!NOW? Do you like to be part of a blog community? What do you look for in a blog community?

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  1. I love the idea of true gems in a community blog because we can learn from each other and we are all benefited.Have the best of days! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Vinay,

    Sorry I’m SO late getting by here but 250th post, that’s amazing. It’s been that many already? My how time does fly by.

    That’s also great that you now have 100 registered members and we both know that number will continue to grow. I will tell you that the only reason I’m not a member is that I can’t devote the time to it and I don’t like joining things that I can’t commit to. But I know it’s awesome because I know who is behind it and you guys are doing a fabulous job.

    Hats off to everyone here that you mentioned and again I’m so sorry I haven’t been by here as much as I had hoped in the last few months. Now that my product is out I’m hoping that I won’t have as much on my plate although I’ll still have a pretty busy end to this year. I hope to pick things back up and get by here more often though. I love what you and Harleena share.

    Great post and my congratulations to everyone mentioned and again to reaching yet another milestone.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Better late than never! 🙂

      Yes, time flies. Though I guess judging by the duration, there aren’t that many posts on Aha!NOW as what should’ve been. But even then, Aha!NOW has risen, which proves that the number of posts do not matter that much – its the engagement that matters most.

      Same way, having 100+ members in the ABC isn’t much, but the interaction and engagement of these few people is probably more than that of the communities that have thousands of members, of which most of them are just silent or sleeping members.

      Honestly, we do not want the numbers to grow exponentially – we want to go slow and steady. Instead of 10 more members, we would prefer one quality member. Regarding you being a member, we really don’t mind if you cannot commit for regular interaction or engagement. We do have a special place for superstars and would love you to be a member of the ABC elite group! 🙂

      I know you’ve been busy and I understand its not possible to go and comment on all the posts of the blogging buddies. In spite of that, I so very much appreciate that you could make it here. I wish you all the best with your product and its promotion, and we don’t mind you leveraging the ABC if you want. 😉

      Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend ahead.

      1. Thanks Vinay,

        Even with taking vacations this is still a great number of posts.

        I’m with you as far as the number in your community. Quality over quantity, that’s what I go for every time.

        Ah, I appreciate that and didn’t realize you had an “elite group” but I certainly don’t want any special treatment. See that’s what I’m saying, I wouldn’t be much of a quality contributor right now and with me working on my product my head has been down. I don’t want to just take up space. I love to be a part of the community so I’ll give that some serious consideration. Thank you for sharing that with me.

        I appreciate your well wishes too, it’s been a very exciting week for me. I’m like a new Mom and I can’t wait to teach my children something new and helpful. I’m having a blast.

        Thanks again and you two have a wonderful weekend.


        1. Adrienne, I agree with you.

          We don’t have the elite group as yet, but we’ve the plans to have it soon. Of course, take your time to think it over.

          I read a quote once somewhere that a mother is equal to thousand headmasters. You’re the one – one superstar to take on all the so-called blogging gurus. 😉

          Enjoy the excitement, Harleena and I are so happy for you!

  3. Hi Harleena,

    Wow, congratulations on 250 posts here at Aha-Now! Not only do you offer quantity, you offer quality as well. You tackle the tough topics and bring valuable information and resources to your readers.

    I am very proud to be a GEM again here as you and your blog are certainly gems in the blogosphere, Harleena!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      You’ve been among the most encouraging and loyal supporters of Aha!NOW. Thank you for your good wishes and kind words.

      I’ll definitely pass on the message to Harleena. I’d love you to be a part of the ABC Core group, do let me know your thoughts on it.

      Thank you for referring to Harleena and Aha!NOW as the gems of the blogosphere – only a gem can do that! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and I’m sorry for this late reply. Enjoy your weekend ahead!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Congratulations to Ravi, well done!!

    Harleena and Vinay: You have a wonderful site, and I appreciate the mention. I’m back home and on my regular schedule now, so you’ll see more of me.

    Thanks for all the value you provide and for being so encouraging to others, especially beginners – I see you doing that a lot, and I appreciate it.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    – Carol

    1. Hi Carol,

      So good to hear from you. And its even better when its all good words!

      We wish to provide opportunities for all to grow, new and even the seasoned bloggers.

      Thank you for you love and support. Sorry that this reply comes a bit late. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend ahead yourself!

  5. Hi Sir Vinay and Madam Harleena,

    I have been away for some time and never knew that something like this was on ground.

    Yes, I am part of this community and I can attest to the wonderful happenings in this particular family. Ever since I joined this community, blogging have been fun – I met wonderful people, I learnt a great deal and I believe that more goodies are yet to come.

    Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, congratulations to the winners who were awarded and mentioned as well.
    Long live ABC!!!
    Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  6. Hi Vinay,

    Thank you for the mention. 🙂

    Congratulations for being this long on the internet. Happy Anniversary to You guys have created tremendous value to the internet. You guys are wonderful model for all bloggers.

    Also congratulations to Ravi. Wow!!! That ergotron desk is sure a very nice one to have. I don’t mind having one myself.

    Also, congratulations to your new forum, this community is going stronger each day. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend to you & Harleena.

    God bless,

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thanks for congratulating me and all other winners.:)
      You are right about Ergotron workstation. It will be fun to use it. It will help me to work properly. It provide comfort while working.
      Thanks to Harleena for this giveaway.
      I enjoy a lot in this blog community and feel like home.
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Hope you are enjoying your day.:)

  7. Hi Harleena,

    Wow! I didn’t know all of this was going on! Congratulations on your great success with your blogging community. This is the first I’ve heard of it…where have I been?

    Yes I would love to be a part of a blog community. I’ve tried joining a few, but the interaction is limited. I guess it’s about finding the right one and I’ve only had success in one. I love this idea and it’s a great thing where so many active members are working toward one goal.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Is there room in your blog community for one more? 🙂

    Great achievement in blogging, in bloggers joining your community and in your success. Continued success to you.


  8. Hi Vinay,

    WOW, I don’t believe you’re such an awesome man who giveaway things to motivate newbie bloggers. I really inspired from your this act.
    Want to say Congratulate to all those who won this giveaway. of AHA GEMS of October.

    I’m a member of this community for last 3 weeks. Believe me, this community is one of the best community which I’ve seen in my blogging journey. Whenever I log in to AHA now community I feel a home environment here. All the members of this community are very cooperative.

    I’m enjoying sharing my thoughts and comment on other bloggers wonderful post in this community.

    Thank you guys you’re working very hardly and wanna appreciate you for your this effort.


  9. Hi Vinay!
    Thanks for this wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! My heartiest congratulations to all the AHA GEMS of October! I am so proud of every single one of them! I have only recently joined the AHA forums and begun interacting with everyone here. I must say that I am completely blown away by the amazing engagement and enthusiasm of the members and participants here. I am very glad that I found this amazing community of people and bloggers. The discovery of AHA is my GEM for this year! 🙂

    I am also very impressed by the engagement that is being generated by the giveaways, leaderboards and the GEM mentions. I think it is very generous and it is also creating wonderful engagement and inspiration among the participants. There is always something new and interesting to learn here at ABC and I commend Harleena and your efforts to keep this community running smoothly. A BIG thanks to you both! Also, a big thank you to all the members and participants who put in a great effort and shared their best work and comments with all of us. You rock!

    To a great future!

  10. Hey Vinay and Harleena,

    Oh wow, a nice round up again! Keep up the good job and have an awesome day!

  11. Hi Vinay,

    Congrats to all the winners and I barely made it 🙂 I used to be on top, but some things have changed in my life lately and it’s been tougher to comment as much.

    I also hope that Harleena gets back here soon 🙂 but I understand totally.

    Thanks for sheering the readers.

  12. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    Great Post and a wonderful and unique way for rewarding your community members. Awesome job. I will work on being more active here.

    My sincere Congratulations goes out to all the four Big winners here on your blog, Ravi Chahar, Ikechi Awazie, Sasidhar Kareti and Swadhin Agrawal. You are indeed the great gems here.

    I am very grateful to be part of your amazing community and I will make the time to be more active here. And I want to thank you for the mention as well.

    Thanks Vinay and Harleena for a great share and for all what you do to your community. You are Awesome!! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat,

      Thanks for your warm wishes for all of the winners.
      All have worked so hard to achieve their goal and for sure Ikechi, Swadhin, Sasidhar and all other members should be appreciated.
      Being a part of this community I feel great and hopefully it will goes like this only. Many people should be connected in this community so that we all can share thoughts.
      Thanks a lot.
      Have a nice day.:)

  13. Hi Harleena,

    What a great way to reward your most loyal users. Congrats to each one. I’ve been blessed at one time or another by each one who has visited my site, commented on my blog, and brought some great ideas to the table to think about.

    Congratulations again and I’m so glad I can play a small part in your growing community Harleena.

    Have a great finish to your week!

    ~ Don

  14. Hi Vinay and Harleena!

    What a great milestone for AHA Now! This is a amazing community with amazing people! My heart is filled with joy as this community grows. I am so honored to be part of it.

    I would also like to congratulate Ravi – have fun with your new toy! You deserve a break.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for congratulating me.:)
      There are many things to learn from this community. Harleena has worked so hard for this. We all are the part of this amazing community and there are many other people here with whom we can connect.
      Yeah! I will enjoy this giveaway.

  15. I guess I’ll just beg for one from Harleena so you get to enjoy your new work area 🙂

    Haha. Yeah, enjoying it so far. Thanks!

  16. This is awesome Vinay.

    Congratulations Ravi. You better make the most of that desk or Ill come and take it from you! haha

    Great looking community and I hope to get to know everyone here better. I’ll try my best to squeeze in as much time as possible here because it looks really fun! 🙂

    1. Hi Dennis,

      You can try it may be we both can have fun with this work station.:)
      Thanks a lot Dennis.:) You know there are many people here with whom you can connect and for sure it will be fun to know about them.
      Here at AHA you can get many things to learn and share your thoughts.
      Enjoy your stay.:)

  17. Hi Nisha Madam,

    Thank you for your wishes and it is truly motivating. I should thank Vinay sir for revealing the curtain behind my blog name while specifying it. Seems like he have done a good research on my blog to know about it better.

    Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

  18. Hello Vinay…

    This is a wonderful way to reward your community members. I must say that every member in the above list really did deserve the great mention.

    This is why being a member is a good thing 🙂 I am a member of the Aha-now community but very soon, i’ll be more active after my last big project for the year 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, it is indeed appreciated…

  19. Wow AHA is an awesome blog

    your blog is so helpful and responsive to its readers. Thankyou for your sharing

    You do a great job Vinay and Harleena

  20. Hello Vinay Sir,

    Such a beautiful post indeed! You people are doing great with your readers.

    Ravi, lot of congratulations to you for winning this Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation giveaway. This will be very helpful for your health as blogging needs lot of sitting work. I wish I could have won this giveaway. Anyways Enjoy! Congrats again!

    Ikechi, a very congratulations for winning guest post giveaway on Aha!Now. We are so lucky that we have been here and winning this wonderful opportunities. I am keenly waiting for your guest post here. Enjoy!

    Hi Sasidhar, Congrats for being New GEM here. I really liked your blog’s name that is AmfasTech stands for “Ask Me For A Solution”. Really wonderful!

    Hello Swadhin, Wow! You won some wonderful opportunity here for Ad Slot. This is really a great opportunity for you. Enjoy!

    My warm hello to all other members and readers of Aha!Now. Thanks Vinay sir for sharing this wonderful post with us. I really enjoyed reading here.

    Congratulations to all of the winners here.

    Have a wonderful day ahead all of you!

    1. Hi Nisha,

      Its a kind of amazing feeling to get so many wishes. Thanks a lot for congratulating me and all other winners. This work station will help me a lot while working. As you have mentioned that we need to do so much work in blogging and it is necessary to have something which can comfort us.
      Ikechi, Sasidhar, Swadhin and all other members of the community have done a great job. They worked so hard to achieve their goal.
      Thanks a lot for your wishes.
      Have a wonderful week ahead.:)

  21. Thanks for the mention, Harleena! I so enjoy AhaNow and your informative posts and also, the wonderful people you attract here. I finally got around to becoming a community member 🙂

  22. Hello Vinay,

    I love the term “Ahaians”! That’s awesome and it’s fitting because this is a very helpful community.

    I think this is a great way to recognize your community and those who stop by and comment on your blog posts. I’m very lucky to know a few on this list. 🙂

    Congratulations on your achievements! Wishing Aha!Now many more great years!

    Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week.

  23. Hi Vinay,

    Wow! At the outset, my congratulations to you and Harleena for 250 posts! That is a big achievement. I would also like to felicitate both of you for having created a wonderful community, which is so interactive, loving and cooperative. Your efforts are shining through the give aways!

    Congratulations to Ravi for winning the biggest prize! I am amazed at his hard work and engagement. Keep it up Ravi! Sky is not the limit any more! You really deserve to be rewarded for all the efforts you have been putting in becoming the top member. Congrats to Ickechi and Swadhin, you rock!!

    Thanks for mentioning the humble bloggers like me as the gems. I put in just few hours into blogging, having limited time at my disposal. I am glad I could reach this level. Have a blessed week!

    1. Hi Balroop,

      Thanks a lot for your wishes. I will be doing my best in future too. I am pleased that you have appreciated my hard work. There are many things I had to do for reaching to this level.
      I like your statement “Sky is not the limit any more”. Yes, if we work hard then there is nothing hard to achieve. As you can see that Harleena has done a great job and with 250 blog posts she has become this blog an institute.
      I am glad to be a part of this community.
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Enjoy your day.:)

  24. AHA NOW!is an awesome blog with tons of information and simply enjoyable reading.

    Always glad to be a part of a community that is so helpful and responsive to its readers.

    You do an awesome job Vinay and Harleena!


    1. Hi Liz,

      Glad to know your views about Aha!NOW and that you really enjoy it.

      We would certainly love your active participation in the community and help us evolve it and use the platform as well!

      Thanks for the appreciation and for sharing your thoughts. Have a great week ahead.

  25. Hello Vinay Kachhara,

    Nice to see Aha Now reached milestone one after another. I agree – it is no more a blog, it is more than a blogging community.

    Anyway congrats to the winner. I wish to be the winner next time 🙂

    Happy weekend

    1. Hi Ahsan,

      Good to know that you keep a track of the progress of Aha!NOW, and why not because you’re a contributor too. I know that you’re one of the well-wishers visiting regularly for last couple of years.

      We want Aha!NOW to grow as a blog, as a blog community, and also as a blogging community! That would be great. 🙂

      You’re most welcome to the official community and to leverage this platform!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  26. Hi Ravi, Rohan, Swadhin and Vinay sir,

    Thank you for all of your wishes and references in comments and making my day I have ever imaged it to be

    Great to be with your guys!

    1. Rather we all should THANK YOU! for being so supportive and for contributing your best. I am glad that I met you here 🙂

    2. Hi Sasidhar,
      You deserve it for your amazing performance at in AHA. You were so active here and the NEW GEM of this wonderful community by spreading your valuable thoughts among us.
      Rock this day.:)

  27. I am sorry that I forgot to mention Ikechi and Sasidhar in excitement. Congrats both of you and looking forward for your post Ikechi 🙂 I am sure you will write something which will be the best! 🙂

  28. Congratulations Ravi!
    What a great way to reward Aha-Now most active community members.

    1. Thanks a lot Erik.:)
      Yes, its an unique way of giveaway for the most active members of AHA. There are many bloggers here sharing their blog posts and views about them.
      You will meet many bloggers here.
      Enjoy your day.:)

  29. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

    Ravi, enjoy your workstation! And Ickechi, I can’t wait to read your guest post. Well done! Swadhin, congratulations of being AhaRef. You seem to be a marketing genius.

    Well done everyone!!!

    And I can’t believe that Aha!Now is just 4 years old. Unbelievable what you have done in this time. You became an institution in blogging, such an inspiration to everyone and you are always concerned to help others with your posts 🙂

    The community is awesome, and I honestly don’t know any other blog/community that is so international and supportive from so many angles.

    1. Hi Ilka,

      First, welcome to the ABC as an active member. It’s good to see your community spirit and that’s what binds the Ahaians together.

      People can have different interpretation as for some 4 years might be a long time and some might think it as a short period. We think its just the right time, as there’s a time for everything.

      Harleena has really worked hard to create a solid foundation and its humbling to hear your kind words and appreciation.

      I’m glad you like the community. We are working to make it better and evolve it with your help and support.

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

    2. Hey IIka,

      Thanks for wishing me.:) For sure I will try to use my work station for the best. We all are waiting for the guest post of Ikechi. I know he is going to rock it in his own way like he do at his website.
      Yes, its somehow unbelievable that AHA is just four years old. Harleena has done a great job and reached her goal.
      We all can learn a lot from this amazing blog.
      Enjoy your rest of the week.:)

  30. Afternoon Vinay sir,

    Lovely blog. Firstly, I wanna congratulate the well deserved winner “Ravi”. I still remember that when I joined this community I got my first message from Vinay sir and Ravi. Also, I wanna thank Swadhin to invite me for being a part of this awesome community.

    I am grateful for being a part of a supportive and loving community like this. Thank you everyone for making this community so special for me. 🙂

    Lastly, Thanks everyone for their wonderful contribution which helped me to learn a lot. 🙂

    1. Hey Rohan,

      Thanks buddy.;)
      We all are here to connect with each other and clearing our doubts. People share their valuable content here and we all get chance to learn something new.
      You and me talked and it was great which should be for clearing the thoughts.
      Swadhin is the winner due to his referral points and its good to know that he has invited you here.
      Enjoy your day.:)

    2. Hi Rohan,

      Gratitude is one of the best qualities that makes us better and more human, and it’s good to see that quality in you. 🙂

      Glad you like the community and feel good being its member. Thank you for choosing to be an Ahaian.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  31. Hi Ma’am Herleena,

    It’s a great giveaway, and I think it’s the best I’ve seen. CONGRATULATIONS to Ravi, he was very active on ABC all through last month, and I think he deservs it, same as Ikechi was also active.

    ABC has done noble by dishing out their promise, I’m jealouse of Ravi 🙂 (LOL). I think this month I’ll try my best to lead the board, I expexted my name to be mentioned on this post though, I think I was active, but thats by the way, all that were mention here are great fellows and are sure doing well.

    Long Live ABC! 🙂

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation.:)
      You know all the members of this amazing community are GEMS including you. It doesn’t matter whether you have your name in the list of not. The only thing is that no one is going to forget you here. You share great articles here and we all love it. There are many other members too who may complain but you know there is nothing to complain about. We all have connections which matter a lot for the best. Its really funny that you are jealous of me. You just need to keep your consistency and you will surely win this month.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Enjoy your stay.

    2. Hi Larry,

      We’re glad that you liked the giveaway. We’ll have more of this kind at the ABC.

      You can definitely top the leaderboard and be a GEM too. I agree that you were active on the ABC, and we appreciate that fact, but there were few others ahead of you that got the mention here. No problem, don’t loose heart as I’m sure now you know the way to be a GEM.

      Thanks for your wishes and for sharing your thoughts.

  32. Congratulations Ravi for winning the first prize and also glad to know that Swadhin has also won a ad slot. Great!

    Congrats to everyone who have won something over here.!

    1. Hi Atish,

      Thanks for your wishes.:)
      It took a lot of time and effort to reach this goal. Swadhin too has got his prize of a Ad banner for one month here at AHA. Hopefully it will bring traffic to his blog. I am glad that I joined this blog community and met many bloggers.
      Enjoy your week ahead.:)

  33. I could be a GEM of your blog if my comments got through! 🙂

    It’s been a while since I came here (after Angela’s guest post) to leave a comment, but for some reason I was treated as spam. ROFL

    I guess worst things could happen. At least I was considered SOMETHING other than invisible. Haha.

    How are things going over here, girlfriend? Lots of great people visit here. I recognize some names such as Angela, Carol Amato and Adrienne.

    I hope to get to know more of your community, too! For now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your blog accepts this comment. 🙂

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Congratulations, this comment has got through! So, there’s no stopping now. 🙂

      Of course, I’m sure you’re a gem of a person, and being a GEM is not different either, just requires a little of time and effort.

      I remember the problem you had with your comment then, and we had investigated to find that it was CommentLuv’s G.A.S.P. that was causing the problem. That was strange, but now I can assure you won’t experience any such problem because we don’t have CommentLuv any more at Aha!NOW.

      You are more than welcome to the ABC and I’m sure you’re going to love it over here.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  34. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    This is the biggest achievement till now in my blogging career. I never have achieve something great like this ever. You know it feels really awesome to see my name here at the top.:)

    I enjoyed a lot in October because it was about having a new experience of spending time in any community. As I have told Harleena that this is my first time of joining any blog community and it was the right decision. I came to know about many topics here and met many bloggers.

    After seeing me as a winner is the best feeling. There is one more thing left which I want to achieve here and I will for sure.;)

    During this one month I have learnt that if we want anything and work hard for that then for sure it will be ours. I remember the day when I started to spend my time in this blog community and how I interacted with many new bloggers. And this helped me in getting exposure to my blog too.:)
    All the bloggers have done a great job and I would like to say that they deserve the best respect.

    Ikechi has got a guest post. Congrats to him.:) We will soon get a chance to read a great post here. He writes many inspirational article and hopefully he will do it right here.

    All the hidden GEMS of AHA have devoted their wonderful input which worth a lot for all of us and AHA.

    Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to be a part of this family.
    Hope you both are enjoying your time.:)

    1. Hi Ravi,

      I’m glad that you won the giveaway as you really deserved it. This is really a big achievement.

      It’s good to hear that you had many positive experiences in the community here. Glad you decided to join the ABC.

      I can see what you’re hinting at but this time you’re going to face tough competition to achieve what you desire. 😉 But we would like you to reach to a stage, where the only thing you want to achieve is happiness. 🙂

      You’re right that there’s no substitute for hardwork. Good to know that participating in the ABC also helped you get exposure to your blog.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great time.

  35. Hi Vinay sir,
    Sorry I really indebted to you also. You unveil me to the uncountable audience of aha-now.
    Thank you so much sir.

  36. Hi Harleena Mam,
    Being a student I don’t get enough time to come online. Semester exams are also coming. On this hectic shedule I commented on your blog just because I love your articles. Today I found this post in my inbox. I was not that much active in the community but I did something when I had a little time. So I am wondered to see my name in this post. Thank you very much. The top commentator scribbled 56 and I only 4. Nevertheless I am featured in your post. Thank you so much. The very care and consideration you give to every reader that matters. I think this unique quality makes you reach on top of everyone.
    I personally love all your articles. I am jotting down this comment from my phone and its download folder is filled with most of your interesting posts. I saved many of your posts to read it again and again even if I am not online.

    Cordial congratulations to all who are mentioned in this post. I know how much happiness you guys have (especially the winners).

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      We can understand that you’ve your limitations to come online as a student, and that’s okay. We would expect you to devote more time to your studies and be successful on that front. Having said that, we’re happy and grateful to have you on the ABC for whatever time you’re here.

      It’s good to know that you like and value the posts of Aha!NOW and treasure them. You’re featured because you’re a contributor to the community, the quantity doesn’t matter as much as the quality. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  37. Good morning sir,
    Thanks a ton for making my morning very good. 🙂

    I am honored sir to be featured amongst such awesome friends at this magnanimous community. No words! Really thank you and Harleena madam, for being so very kind to gift us a beautiful community.

    Congrats Ravi, you deserve the superb giveaway.

    Congrats Ikechi, Buddy this is seriously a BIG opportunity to write for the Aha!NOW audience. I envy you on this (but all in good sense).

    Sasidhar, you are truly a celebrated member of our community and we cherish your presence.

    Just stopping with lots of gratitude in the heart that is not possible to put on pen and paper.

    1. Hi Swadhin,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words towards me and all the GEMS of AHA.:)
      For sure Ikechi got a big opportunity to write a guest post on AHA. And we all know that he will rock it in his own way.
      Sasidhar is the one who embrace his views here in this community. He deserve the best.
      And how can I forget to mention you? You are the winner here. Congrats Swadhin. You have worked so hard to do this stuff and reaching at the top.
      Hopefully we will enjoy our upcoming time too.

    2. Hi Swadhin,

      Thank you for your kind and beautiful words. You and other Ahaians are responsible for making the community for what it is today.

      Congratulations for bagging an Ad banner slot on Aha!NOW. We hope it delivers you traffic and prosperity. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions.

      1. Hello sir,
        thank you for the compliments. And about the adslot that was a really pleasant gift. I never thought if I could ever be published on ABC and that too as a ad slot.

        Yes it will definitely deliver its potential and other gifts too. October has been really pleasant with so many presents. lol

        This brainchild of yours is quite innovative and has the potential to reach even greater heights.

  38. Hi Harleena and Vinay

    I want to say that you are a blessing to us and I am proud to be in this communtiy.

    I have most certainly learnt a lot and I have met wonderful friends who are great Pro bloggers. Congratulation to all the Ahaians because I believe that this community will rock the World.

    Thanks for mentioning me as I am so grateful.

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      We’re also proud to have you in the ABC because you always provide value and make the community valuable.

      Thanks for your motivational and inspiring words and hope the ABC reaches to heights as we all desire.

      You deserved to be mentioned and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  39. Harleena,

    You are so awesome. I have been away but definitely need to stay connected to you 🙂 Congrats to all for participating in such an awesome community!

  40. Wooo Hooo Congrats go out to all the Big winners here on your blog Harleena, especially Ravi for taking home the work station.. I bet he will put that to good use..

    I am very grateful to be part of your amazing community and want to thank you for the mention as well..Keep Up the Great Work…

    Thanks for sharing, Chery :))

    1. Hey Chery,

      Thanks a lot for special treatment.:)
      We all are winners here. You know every community member has done a great job here. Being a part of this amazing community I feel honored and may be I will continue to do my best.
      Yeah! I will try to use the work station for the perfect use. It will help me to do my work for long time.
      Hopefully I will see you soon at your blog.;)
      Enjoy your day.

      1. Good Morning Time Ravi, I just received your reply and had to come and say Hi to you. You Luck One! You worked hard for this Special Treatment and do deserve it!

        I am going to try to hook me up a home made station of some sort today.. My back is killing me from to much sitting yesterday.. LOL

        Enjoy my friend, Do Enjoy.. Chery :))

        1. Good morning to you Chery.:)
          Yeah! somehow I am the lucky one. Thanks for your kind words. You should take care of your back because sitting too much may lead to many problems so its better to have a better work station which can comfort you while working. I have checked many work stations and you should have one.
          After all “Health Is Wealth”.;)
          Thanks. You too have fun.

    2. Hi Chery,

      I thank you on behalf of all the Ahaians for your good wishes and kind words.

      It would be great to see more of your participation as the ABC grows and evolves.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great week ahead.

  41. Hi Harleena Madam,

    Thank you for selecting me as a new gem of the community. I’m so excited to see myself featured in AhaNow post that early.

    Thank you everyone and I congratulate the winner Ravi, Swadin, Ikechi and the rest of the ahaNow family members who have been mentioned in this post.

    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Sasidhar,

      GEMs on the ABC are selected on the basis of their interaction and engagement activities and you really excelled in those. So, congratulations again for being a coveted GEM and hope you continue to be such.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a wonderful week too.

    2. Hi Sasidhar,

      Thanks for wishing.:)
      You know it feels really great when someone appreciate our work. And you are also included in the winners list. You have shared some great articles here in this community and we all came to know about many things.
      Thanks for your support and how can I forget to wish you.
      Congrats Sasidhar.:) You rocked.
      Enjoy your day ahead.:)

  42. hi harleena; good work with these posts. great knowing i’m part of the gems in the aha now blog community crown. its a wonderful community that i heartily suggest to my friends and fellow bloggers. wishing you even more success, max

    1. Hi Max,

      Of course, you’re a permanent gem of the ABC. You were the first and will remain forever. Such recommendations coming from you mean a lot, because you really mean what you say.

      Thank you for your kind wishes and for sharing your thoughts.

  43. Hi Vinay

    This is such a great achievement first to Aha!NOW for reaching this awesome milestone. I can tell the community is growing and everyone I believe is respectful of the other, making friends and helping each other out. There is so much here to learn. It’s a very resourceful. I pray the best for you and Harleena who continue to do an excellent job.

    I wish to congratulate everyone, especially the Ahaians who won the Sit-Stand Workstation, who won the AhaRef. guest post winner and those who made the top 30.

    Good to be a part of the celebration. Have a great week. 🙂

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Before I say anything, I need to say that you’re a TOP GEM of the ABC! You’ve been supportive of the community from day 1 and still continue to be a key player and influencer. You’ve also officially been the top GEM in August and published a great guest post too! I proudly say that you’re one of the pillars of the community.

      Thank you for your kind words and well wishes, and I’ll pass on them to Harleena as well, as she has done the spade work to bring Aha!NOW to this stage. We always wanted to build a community in the real sense, unlike the solely promotional and marketing communities, we wanted to have a community that has a soul and spirit, and you and other Ahaians have done that. Thank you so much Yvonne.

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts. You too have a wonderful week ahead.

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