GEMS Of The ABC, Giveaway Winners & A Contest – February 2015

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The ABC Gems banner of February 2015

This is a post of acknowledgement, mainly to appreciate you and tell that you are worth more than you think you are. You’re a real gem. 🙂

Even if you are not a member of the ABC or a non-blogger, you should read this post, as it contains information about the latest posts updates that you receive in your email.

If you don’t receive them, then you can subscribe now!

This is also a post for bloggers, who wish to grow and evolve into successful bloggers.

Even the money bloggers will find value in the new upcoming features of the ABC. You need to read till the end to know more!

Finally, this “Gregarious and Engaging Member Spotlight” (GEMS) post announces the Icegram giveaway winners, as proposed in the previous GEMS post, and the Icegram review post.

Half Anniversary of The ABC

Let’s start with the best news – we are celebrating the half anniversary of the ABC!

I’m sure some of you must have heard of this term for the first time – me too. 🙂

This is a milestone for the Aha!NOW Blog Community (fondly called as the ABC), as it recently completed 6 months!

It’s heartening to see our dream come true, gradually and gratefully.

half anniversary banner of ABC with half cake image

Aha!NOW was created to help others and make a difference.

The ABC was built on the same principles.

The aim was to create a hub of like-minded people who believe in helping others, sharing information and knowledge, and caring about each other.

Today, I’m really in awe of the ahaians, the fellow community members, who continuously surprise me with their generosity, helpful and kind spirit, their incredible insights, and brilliant ideas.

I agree with most members when they say that the ABC is a second home for them, just like a family. You can read their testimonials here.

Come, join us, be a part of one of the most interactive and engaging blog community. Register here.

Apart from that, it’s a place where we all grow as better human beings and bloggers.

The ABC is growing gradually, but the interactions and engagements are intense and extensive!

Not only the newbie bloggers, but even the expert bloggers find it useful for their respective purposes.

We are continually developing the ABC and are making best efforts to make it a more helpful, meaningful, and a useful place to spend time.

In fact, we have plans to empower the community members also in monetary terms.

Yes, we believe time is money, and you should not waste your time, instead trade your time for some benefit or the other.

Excited to learn about it – then keep reading!

For now, I hope you will join us in celebrating this important milestone of the ABC by helping us promote it to your friends, fans, and followers!

“The Aha!NOW Blog Community Rocks. Join and Rejoice.” 

Thanks for the tweet. 🙂

The ABC was born on 10th July, 2014 and honestly, we missed its half-anniversary date because we got busy with trying and testing the Icegram WordPress plugin, its review, and the giveaways.

Let’s get started with the giveaway results!

Icegram logo with Icegram written in text

The Aha!NOW-Icegram Giveaway Winners

I know many of you are anxiously waiting for the giveaway results that comprise of the free Icegram WordPress plugin premium annual subscriptions.

As mentioned in the Icegram review post here on Aha!NOW, it is the ultimate WordPress plugin to capture leads and connect with your audience.

The giveaway was divided into two parts – the ABC giveaways and the Aha!NOW Icegram review post giveaways.

The ABC Icegram Giveaway Results

As always, the community leaderboard toppers get the best giveaways.

There are two community leaderboards, Aha!Gems and the Aha!Grads. The two community members who topped them are Vernon Layne and Rohan Chaubey respectively.

Congratulations, you both get the one year free subscription to the premium Icegram Super Bundle worth $49!

Vernon Layne blogs from Ohio, United States at

Photo of Vernon Layne

Vernon loves to reflect on life and God’s word. He’s an inspiring motivating speaker and writer who uses his painful truths to help others.

He calls his blog “Self Reflection,” which is about helping people simplify their lives by taking a regular self inventory and learning how to monitor the positive and the negative aspects of our lives.

He will also start his own community group on the ABC and be its Group Admin.

Do visit his blog to know more and discover the happiness in your life.

Rohan Chaubey blogs from Mumbai, India at RohanChaubey.Blogspot.In.

Photo of Ahaian Rohan Chaubey

Rohan has been featured earlier on the GEMS post. He blogs about topics like Programming, Blogging, Social Media, Designing, Technology and Self Improvement.

He is an optimist who considers his mission to spread the light of knowledge and optimism. Besides being an enthusiastic blogger, he is also a presentation designer.

Rohan is also the Group Admin of the TechTricks community group at the ABC.

Do visit his blog to learn more about technology, programming, blogging, and self-development.

Feb 2015 Ahaian Gems group photo

The following ABC members get the one year free subscription to the Icegram premium add-ons of their choice, worth $7 to $25!

Ikechi Awazie for being the runner-up of the Aha!Grads leaderboard and Bo Tipton, Ajay Pai, and Sasidhar Kareti of the Aha!Gems leaderboard.

Ikechi Awazie blogs from Lagos, Nigeria at

Bo Tipton blogs from Kentucky, United States at

Ajay Pai blogs from Bangalore, India at

Sasidhar Kareti from Andhra Pradesh, India at

Congratulations to these new and old gems of the ABC.

The Aha!NOW Icegram Review Giveaway Results

Six lucky commentators of the Aha!NOW review post were selected as recipients’ of one year free subscription to the Icegram premium add-ons of their choice, worth $7 to $25!

Poster of the Aha!NOW review of Icegram WordPress plugin

They are Carolyn Nicander Mohr, Swadhin Agrawal, Neamat Tawadrous, Adegoke, Julie, and AJ Walton.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr blogs from the United States at

Swadhin Agrawal blogs from Odisha, India at

Neamat Tawadrous blogs from Toronto, Canada at

Adegoke Olalekan blogs from Lagos, Nigeria at

Julie blogs from Perth, Australia at

AJ Walton blogs from Saint Petersburg, Russia at

Congratulations all the Aha!NOW visitors and ABC members, I hope you will make the best use of your free Icegram premium gift.

guest post giveaway banner of Aha!NOW

January Guest Post Giveaway

The Aha!Gems leaderboard toppers win the Aha!NOW guest post giveaway. This month, we had two such giveaways.

The top two Sapphire gems of the ABC, who will guest post this month on Aha!NOW are Vernon Layne and Rahul Krishnan.

You read about Vernon earlier in this post, Rahul Krishnan blogs from Kerala, India at

Photo of Rahul Krishnan

Rahul is a student and loves to blog about technology and blogging. He loves to do something productive and writing is his foremost passion.

Do visit his blog to keep updated with the latest and best in technology and blogging.

However, starting this month, it will be easier to guest blog on Aha!NOW. Read further to know more about it!

Commenting Gems Of Aha!NOW

Every visitor of Aha!NOW is a gem, however, the commenters of Aha!NOW are the ones that spend their time and make efforts to add value to the posts.


Thank you all the commentators who visit Aha!NOW and share their wisdom with everybody.

Grateful Mentions of the ABC

We are thankful to everybody who help promote the ABC using social media and blogs.

Here are some of the grateful mentions of the ABC, in the month of January, by these bloggers in their blog posts.

Barbara Charles wrote a post on the “7 Immediate Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog” and recommened joining the ABC .

Reji Stephenson mentioned the ABC in this post “20 Awesome people I came across while blogging” while crediting Harleena Singh.

Bilal Tahir Khan Meo included the ABC in his post “Top 26 Best Blog Communities To Promote Your Content and Drive Massive Traffic”.

I hope you stop by at their blogs and read their wonderful posts. If you too had mentioned the ABC in your blog post and I missed it, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it to this list.

There were a few more mentions of the ABC this month that I know of, and they will be featured in the next GEMS post.

Amazing Group Admins of the ABC

We are also grateful to our amazing community group admins, who manage their groups dedicatedly and responsibly. They are:

community group avatars of the ABC

Rohan Chaubey of “Tech Tricks” group, which is for sharing tech queries and discussing them.

Ikechi Awazie of “Be An Inspiration” group, which is about how to inspire others.

Bo Tipton has recently started moderating the group “Frugal Living”, which is about learning the smart and savvy ways to live the frugal lifestyle.

There are three more groups, “Blogger’s Corner”,  “Life Learners”,and “Family Life Network” which are presently managed by the ABC admins.

Thank you for keeping the community active and helping them with your expert guidance and knowledge.

The ABC Banner Contest For ALL

This is the first contest from the ABC! And it’s open to all.

Many community members have been requesting us to provide them with a banner, which they can host at their blogs to inform their readers about the ABC.

Now, this is also a smart way to use your ABC referral link and increase your AhaRef points score. To know more about the referrals and AhaRef, read here.

Fellow Ahaian Ikechi gave us the suggestion that we should have a banner contest, and we loved the idea.

ABC banner contest banner

So, all you need to do:

    • Create an appealing and impressive banner of the size 300 pixels by 250 pixels, highlighting the awesomeness of the ABC.
    • You can create more than one banner if you want!
    • Share them publicly on ALL these three social media sites – Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
    • Tag “Harleena” so we are notified. If you haven’t connected with her yet, do so here at Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

That’s all. Show your creativity and your promoting charisma.

The best banners will be decided on the basis of the overall appeal and deliverance of the message and purpose of the banner.

You will win an Ad spot on the shared advertising banner ad slot for a month on Aha!NOW for free. You will also get a mention in the next GEMS post and receive AhaPoints, if you’re already a member of the ABC!

To know more about the $17 per month Ad banner slot on Aha!NOW, click here.

We will have the right to choose and use the banner designs submitted by you for the ABC promotions and publicity in any form.

Send your entries before 12th February 2015.

Newsletter Subscription of Aha!NOW

This is something that I had wanted to share with you for a long time.

Since Aha!NOW is a multi-niche blog, I understand that not all readers like to read all the topics published here.

Fair indeed. Everyone has priorities and you have the choice to accept and reject what you think best meets your requirement or interests.

So, we have decided to give people what they want and let them have the right to receive what they like!

From now on, you will receive latest blog post updates of only those topics that you are interested to read about.

So, go ahead and find the latest post update from Aha!NOW, as it must be in your email inbox or may be lying in the spam folder.

Unspam and open it, if it went there!

At the bottom you will find the “Edit Your Subscription” link – click on it.

A “Subscription confirmation” page of Aha!NOW will open. It will list out all the niches of the blog.

All you need to do is tick the niches that you are interested in receiving post updates about. If you feel you like the entire list, then tick the first list option “Aha!NOW All Posts”.

Aha!NOW Celebrations will include the posts on the Aha!NOW blog awards given to the top bloggers and readers of Aha!NOW and the anniversary and gratitude posts as well.

If you tick the Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC) option, you’ll receive the GEMS posts like this post, and all posts related to the blog community that convey the information about the giveaways and new features on the blog and community.

We conduct really comprehensive and interesting reviews and interviews. The reviews we conduct are very helpful, and some also offer free giveaways, and you may not want to miss on them!

Whatever your choices are, just express them in the “Subscription confirmation” page form and hit “Save”.

You’ll get what you want, and nothing else. We promise you that. 🙂

Empowering The Community

At the end, I want to inform you about the start of a new chapter in the growth of the ABC.

I term it as the ETC – Empowering The Community! Yes, empowering you and all the members. I want to start a system that helps us all, so that we all grow together.

To briefly mention, we at the ABC are trying to give you value for the time you spend here.

time is money image

Yes, time is money!

We are going to start with products of the blog and gradually offer you many goodies that you can earn, without having to top the community leaderboard or depend on your destiny to win a giveaway.

This includes even the opportunity to guest post on Aha!NOW. 🙂

I hope we will be able to reveal it all during this weekend, may be also in a newsletter.

So, if you’re subscribed to Aha!NOW latest posts, make sure to edit the subscription and submit your choices including to receive the newsletters.

If you are not subscribed, then do so now by filling this form below:

[wysija_form id=”1″]

Let’s Learn, get Inspired, become Friendly, and be Empowered. That’s LIFE!

Have a wonderful weekend and wait for sweet surprises! 🙂

Over To You –

Have you subscribed to the newsletter and submitted your choices? If you’re a member of the ABC, what are your views about it? You can even express it here in the form of a testimonial. Are you going to submit a banner to win a banner slot here? Finally, would you love the “time” you spend here to really transform into “money”? Share in the comments.

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  1. Nisha Pandey

    2015-02-12 at 3:31 pm

    Hi Harleena Mam and Vinay sir,

    As I said earlier, I liked your GEMS post every time. Congrats for the half birthday of Aha Now community. It is really a wonderful community, I have visited ever.

    It was awesome giveaway of Icegram and so sad that I missed it.
    A very congratulation to the Icegram winners and free ad space winners.
    I have downloaded the free version of Icegram and will start using after 2-3 days. Hope, it will work great for me.

    All of the GEMS of Aha-Now, enjoy your day and Aha Now community. Keep rocking!

  2. Carol Amato

    2015-02-11 at 8:15 am

    Hi, Harleena and Vinay,

    You are a fun loving people and congratulations on your 1/2 anniversary!! 🙂 You like to have a good time because I’ve never seen a celebration for 1/2 of anything, but you know what? I think it’s an excellent idea!!

    Congratulations to Vernon and Rohan and others who have won amazing prizes. So glad Rahul won a guest post, awesome!

    As you know, I have my own community which keeps me so very busy, but do enjoy the time I get to spend here – awesome people and wonderful friendly help…

    You have a lot of very exciting things happening on Aha!NOW, and I know you’re going to grow even more as you continue helping and encouraging folks. You both do an awesome job!

    Thanks so much,

  3. Neamat Tawadrous

    2015-02-10 at 9:36 pm

    Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    Congratulations on this amazing milestone. I am amazed how the ABC community grew in that short 6 months. Wish you all the best and more growth and success with the blog and the community.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful gift and I am blessed to be one of the winning gems in this post for the icegram plugin add-on. Can’t wait to put it into use. Thanks so much for this amazing gift.

    I will keep my subscription as it is as I enjoy reading everything here in Aha!Now even the posts that are not in my niche. Thanks for all what you share here. Everything you share is helpful one way or the other.

    Appreciate you both Venay and Harleena for all the hard work to make this place such an enjoyable and healthy place for all of us.

    Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  4. donna merrill

    2015-02-10 at 11:28 am

    Congratulations Vinay and Harleena!

    In only six months time you have grown such a wonderful community. What a powerful way to get people together. I just love the way you built this and wish you many blessings with this community.

    I see some of my friends here that have won many fantastic gifts. How great is that?

    Now an ABC contest for all? You guys are great and doing a fantastic job!

    I’m looking forward to see the winners of that one too. There is always a surprise here when I visit!


  5. shubhangi srikanth

    2015-02-09 at 11:56 pm

    Congrats to all the winners!! and congrats to Harleena and Vinay on the blogoversary!! I am sure its a special feeling to see all that hardwork blossom so beautifully! here’s to many more!! cheers!

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