GEMS Of The ABC January 2015 And A Giveaway

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GEMS post poster with gems and crown in the background.

This is the first “Gregarious and Engaging Member Spotlight” (GEMS) post of ABC of 2015, along with a free giveaway for all of you.

Aha!NOW and the Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC) wishes you and all its gems, a very happy and prosperous New year!

Yes, you too can be a gem, if you aren’t yet. Gems are the active members of the ABC.

No matter whether they are big or small, whatever color they possess and wherever they come from – all gems are precious.

So are you, and all the Ahaians, who are SO precious to us.

They come from all over the world, belong to different walks of life and religion, and are of all colors.

At the ABC, they are all equal. They have equal rights and opportunities. The only aspect that differentiates them is their performance on the ABC.

Read on to know what’s new in the ABC. Find out the new free giveaway offers ahead.


The New GEMS Grading Of The ABC

Recently, I posted a forum topic where I talked of life as a game, and that it has different levels and stages.

You may contribute your views to that topic here. But we believe in karma, and that it is instrumental in placing us at different strata’s in life.

The legacy continues on the ABC, and the principle of grading is applied here as well.

We’ve created levels, stages, and ranks to reward the Ahaians based on their karma or performance at the ABC.

If you want to know more about the new grading system at the ABC, visit the community page.

No matter at what level, stage, or rank you are in the community, you remain a gem or a precious Ahaian, if you are an active member.

All gems are equal in terms of abilities and capabilities. However, the more active the members, the more precious they become.

You too can become a precious gem of the ABC. It’s simple – just take part in the community activities after registering here.

New Badges For The ABC Gems

Starting this year, we have badges for all the active Ahaians.

There will be a badge for every level and stage of the ABC. Ahaians will also receive badges on the basis of their performance in the community.

These badges will be displayed in the member profiles and in the forum activities. You will be able to see the stage badges on the leaderboards of different levels.

If you want to know more about the new badging system at the ABC, visit the community page.


The FREE giveaway of January 2015 is something that every blogger would like to have for his or her blog. Keep reading!

Leader Board Topper And The Winner of A Guest Post on Aha!NOW

Talking of the gems, it’s time to felicitate the champions of the previous month, who made the most contributions on the ABC.

As Harleena had revealed in her fourth blog anniversary post, the Aha Gems leaderboard winner in December 2014 was Abrar Mohi Shafee from Bangladesh.

Photo of Ahaian Abrar Mohi Shafee

Abrar blogs at BloggingSpell. He is a 17-year old passionate blogger, who writes about “How to blog” and related content.

As the leaderboard topper, he received the one-year premium subscription of Grammarly worth $140 from the ABC and Grammarly, as a free giveaway.

The runners-up of the leaderboard was Nathaniel Kidd of United States.

Photo of Ahaian Nathaniel Kidd

Nathaniel blogs at FrugalSoldier. He is a retired soldier helping you fight debt and grow wealth.

If you want to get out of debt, or are looking for awesome frugal deals online, then do visit Nathaniel’s informative blog.

He also earned the opportunity to guest post on Aha!NOW.

In fact, his guest post is scheduled for Friday, 16th January 2015, so do remember to come back to read his fantastic guest post.

Nathaniel also won the opportunity to start his own Group on the ABC. He is now the group admin of the new “Frugal Living” group on the ABC.

More GEMs of the ABC

There were more Ahaians who were quite active on the ABC and contributed a lot.

Larry Frank from Nigeria, who blogs at FlowingTechBlog, was among the top gems for the second consecutive month.

GEMS post poster with gems and  crown in the background.

Sivaramakrishnan from KeenBlogger, and Navneet Teotia from TechFerb, both from India, were also among the top gems of December 2014.

The GEMS post is incomplete without the commenting gems of Aha!NOW.

The Top 40 December 2014 commentators of Aha!NOW are:

   Rohan Chaubey
   Adrienne Smith
   Enstine Muki
   Kira Newman
   Abrar Mohi Shafee
   Ikechi Awazie
   Nathaniel Kidd
   Sivaramakrishnan M
   Balroop Singh
   Philip Verghese Ariel
   Swadhin Agrawal
  Vernon Layne
   Carolyn Nicander Mohr
   Mi Muba
   Lisa thomson
   Sasidhar Kareti
   Lorraine Reguly
   Larry Frank
   Nikshep D Apasangi
   Chery Schmidt
   Corina Ramos
   Neamat Tawadrous
   Don Purdum
   Navneet Teotia
   Joy Healey
   Donna merrill
   Erik Emanuelli
   Dennis Seymour
   Oloyede Jamiu
   Sylviane Nuccio
   Ashutosh Jha
   Victor Ome Umukoro
   Maxwell Ivey
   Carol Amato
   Nisha Pandey
   Priya Sharma
   Carol Graham
   Peter Kanayo

Thank you all the commentators who visit Aha!NOW and share their wisdom with everybody.

Grateful Mentions of the ABC

During the past month, the ABC was mentioned by a few bloggers in their blog posts.

Harleena and I are grateful for the mentions. They are:

Rohan Chaubey wrote a post on the ABC titled – 5 Reasons To Join Aha!Now ABC Community – In fact, his post speaks more about the ABC than we have done as yet.

Sasidhar Kareti mentioned the ABC in his 2nd blog anniversary post – Amfas Tech turns 2 today: An open letter to all our readers.

I hope you stop by at their blogs and read their wonderful posts.

Get your FREE Ad on Aha!NOW. Read ahead to know how!

Winner of a FREE Ad Space on Aha!NOW

Probably you did not know, but the Group Admins at the ABC get free adspace to display their 125×125 button Ad banner on Aha!NOW.

You too can top the ABC leaderboard, win a guest post, and graduate from being a simple gem to a grad gem – a Group Admin (Grad).

The following Ahaians, who have written wonderful guest posts earlier, have earned the privilege to display their Ad banners on Aha!NOW:

Yvonne I. Wilson, Group Admin of the Family Life Network group

Ikechi Awazie, Group Admin of the Be An Inspiration group

Rohan Chaubey, Group Admin of the Tech Tricks group

These wonderful Ahaians do a wonderful job with their groups. Do visit their groups for specific and specialized discussions.

We also started Group Forums, which enables the group members to have enhanced group discussions on their favorite niche and topics.

Icegram logo with Icegram written in text

FREE Giveaway of January For The Aha!NOW Readers And The ABC Members

I know you are eager to know what’s in store for you this month on the ABC.

The FREE giveaway this month is sponsored by Icegram.

It is the ultimate WordPress plugin to capture leads and call your audience to action.

To know more about what Icegram offers, make a visit to their site and know all about it.

Every blogger needs the goodies that Icegram offers. I’ll be trying out their products and services, and would soon come up with a review post.

Icegram has been kind enough to offer you a dozen giveaways this month. And, as always, there is also the Aha!NOW guest post reward.

The Aha Gems Leaderboard

The topper wins the Guest Post on Aha!NOW as well as the FREE annual subscription to the Icegram Super Bundle, worth $49.

(Superbundle consists of any useful Icegram premium extensions and add-ons. Know more about them here.)

The runner-up of the Aha Gems leaderboard also earns a guest post on Aha!NOW.

The top gems at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranks of this leaderboard will get one year FREE subscription to any one premium Icegram addon of their choice, worth from $7 to $25.

The Aha Grads Leaderboard

The most active Group Admin or the topper of this leaderboard wins the FREE one year subscription of the Icegram Super Bundle, worth $49.

The top grads leaderboard runner-up will get a FREE annual subscription to any one premium add-on Icegram of their choice, worth $7 to $25.

The Aha!NOW Commenters

There are giveaways for non-ABC members and the Aha!NOW commenters.

There will be 6 one year FREE annual subscriptions to one Icegram premium add-on worth from $7 to $25, given to the commenters of the Icegram review post that will be published this month on 22nd January.

Look out for more details on the review post. Don’t miss it!

That’s the January giveaway at Aha!NOW and the ABC. Hope you are happy with this start of the New Year!

I’d suggest that you download Icegram, which is a FREE WordPress plugin with many features that you can use for lifetime.

This way you can learn more about the premium add-ons that you’ll earn for FREE as a giveaway here.

We are going to make Aha!NOW and the ABC better and bigger. If you wish to join the ABC and be a part of the active forum and community, register here.

Harleena and I thank you for all your cooperation and support.

We also look forward to your ideas and suggestions to help you provide better service and value for your time.

Over To You –

What are your thoughts on the latest additions on Aha!NOW and the ABC? What more changes or features do you want to see here? Have you joined the ABC? If not, then what’s stopping you from doing so? Share your views in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    Looks like you two have a lot of new things coming your way this year for the Aha!Now community. What exciting times are ahead and I’m sure everyone is eager to start participating even more and winning one of those contests.

    I appreciate being mentioned as one of the top commenters. I don’t feel like I’ve been that active this month yet, my year didn’t exactly start off as I had hoped. I do intend to become more active in the Aha!Now community though and perhaps I’ll get a chance to win one of those giveaways in the coming months. That’s always really fun.

    Great share and congratulations to everyone mentioned here. I know you’re so excited about the direction your blog and community are going and I’m thrilled for you both. No one is more deserving.

    Have a blessed week and thanks again.


  2. Hi Vinay Sir,
    At first I use this opportunity to congratulate all my fellow ahaians.
    Sir, I badly miss this list. Last month I had exams. So entirely went offline and had no PC.
    But this month I got my PC back. This month is much joyful for me as I started my first WordPress blog.
    Really ABC is helping newbies like me very much. I got to know many a one like Rohan Chaubey and Sasidhar Kareti.
    I had done two guest posts for them. One is just published to day on Sasidhar’s blog, amfastech.
    I hope I will be in this list next month.

  3. Hi Vinay,
    I’m really honored by seeing my name here on this list, I really appreciate the mention, I never knew I’ll make it to be listed here, as I was recently hooked up with some offline job that has kept me away from blogging for sometime.

    once more, I say a very big thanks for then mention.
    Happy Blogging time though 🙂

  4. Hello Vinay and Harleena,
    You guys truly do know how to reward your readers. You’ve added some more goodies, like the free ad space slot… and oh, i did like the first time pop up notification you’ve added to the blog.
    Looks like i did got a mention as a top commentator. Thanks for that, i truly appreciate it 🙂
    Now, let me officially Welcome you to 2015. I know that we are going to make even more progress than last year.
    Thanks and have a good weekend

    1. Hi Babanature,

      I’d say we are blessed and honored to have these community members, who deserve so much, and we fall short in rewarding them. So, whenever we do get a chance, we like to shower giveaways and mentions.

      The group admins of the ABC earn the free ad space, it’s the equivalent of monetary reward that we can offer them. Yes, I’m glad you observed the pop up. You are right, it’s the first time we have used that on Aha!NOW, and I’m glad you liked it. It’s one of the free goodies from Icegram, which is giving away premiums add-ons on this blog.

      Thanks for being a commenting gem of Aha!NOW and for the New Year welcome! Yes, indeed, we are going to make more progress, as this will be the “year of CHAMPS” for us. 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and you too have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Vinay

    ABC is massively going viral and its response level and power of engagement is an example for others to follow.

    The winners of ad space are so lucky and they will come to know its benefits once their ad is displayed here and the big rise in traffic at their blog would be more than their expectations. They just need to know how to develop their ad to get more and more impressions here.

    The level of customer care of admin of ABC is also commendable.Its credit goes to you and Harleena both.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this performance report that motivates people like me who yet to have fully reap its benefits.

    1. Hi Mi Muba,

      Good to know your feedback and observations of the ABC. The heart of this community is its engagement and interactions. All the community activities are designed and geared to help every body.

      The group admins or the grads at the ABC deserve the reward of an ad space for responsibly carrying out their tasks. You’re right that the design of the ads too matter a lot.

      Thanks for appreciating the efforts we put in to maintain the community.

      I’m glad that you find this post and the report motivating. Thanks for being a member of the ABC and for your valuable input. Have a great week ahead!

  6. Hi Vinay,

    Superb, the community is growing at a very high rate and I see you guys have managed for sponsorship too to help all.

    Amazing, I must say.

    Keep going and you guys will make Aha now community one of the most reputed among the market. (it is now too, in more eyes)

    Good luck with everything. Take care and say Hi to Harleena. 🙂

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’d say we are going gradually and growing slowly, because we believe in building strong foundation. Also, the faster you rise, the faster you may fall. So, we want to make a place and remain in the hearts of people, and not just end up as an “use and throw” medium.

      Besides providing facilities to bloggers, we also believe in spreading happiness and good values. With your cooperation and support, we can make that possible.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Vinay Sir,

    Thanks for sharing the Gems of ABC for January 2015. Congrats to all my ABC friends. Due to my exams I was unable to be a active member in ABC. My exams will soon be over and I will be back.

    1. Hi Umapathy,

      We look forward to your contributions and participation on the ABC. Your personal and professional engagements are important and I’m glad you took time off for your exams.

      Thanks for your visit and comment, and wish you the best for whatever you do.

  8. I am greatly enjoying my time here. Being new I am just finding my way around but have learned much from what I have learned. Congratulations to the winners who dedicated time to be an active part in the community last month and in 2014. I look forward to getting to know you better and reading what all of you post. I am glad I found Aha.

    1. Hi Bo Tipton,

      You’re a new gem added to the ABC, but I must say you are very valuable. I appreciate your contributions and views.

      It’s good to know that you are enjoying your stay here, and please let me know if you ever face any problems.

      Thank you for your visit and comment. Have a great time at the ABC and Aha!NOW. 🙂

  9. Hi Vinay,

    ABC and AhaNOW and the Ahains are Rocking!!
    Yet another Gem of a post from AhaNOW/ABC
    Congrats to all the winners in different categories,
    And also to all the participants,
    Indeed this year started with lot of activities and
    giveaways and other opportunities,
    Yes, you are indeed rocking, Keep it up!

    May this spirit continue till the end of the year!

    I am so glad to note that I am in among the top 10 commenters.

    Though I could not make it as I thought of,
    I will surely strive to achieve in the coming days LOL

    Keep up this good spirit.

    Yes, let us work together and
    help together! and yes,
    let us grow together!

    May you have a great week ahead

    Best Wishes

    ~ Phil

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for this rocking comment and you too rock! 🙂

      I’m glad you like the celebration of the gems of the ABC.

      We will have more things coming up with your cooperation and support.

      Definitely, I totally agree with your philosophy that we should support each other and grow together. That’s what the ABC is all about.

      Thank you for your kind wishes and words, we too wish you have a successful blogging career.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. See you again on this Friday! 🙂

    1. Hi Ajay,

      Thanks for your wishes and comment, and for your first comment on the ABC. 🙂

      Look forward to your increased interactions at the ABC. Have a great rest of the week!

  10. Hi Harleena and Vinay,

    Thanks for the honor…it is an awesome gesture. You are so generous, keep it up! I am glad that I am a part of Aha-now. Look forward to more contribution this year.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Balroop,

      Thanks for your kind words and for being part of Aha!NOW. We look forward to you in the ABC as well. 🙂 Do come back on Friday for a surprise post.

      Thanks for your visit and sharing your thoughts.

  11. Hello Vinay,

    What a wonderful post and an awesome surprise from you Sir and Harleena! You guys keep giving and giving to this community and may I add not just any community but the very best blogging community I believe on the internet today!

    You have such a way of motivating the members and inspiring us to be better through your leadership and wonderful posts. I want to also congratulate all of the wonderful previous, current, and future Gems of ABC as well as the honorable mentions. The connections I have made with the ABC Community is priceless.

    Thank you for the honor and opportunity to Guest Post this coming Friday. This opportunity will be the highlight of my short but exciting blogging career for sure! I look forward to interacting with many on that post!

    I also am so excited about having the opportunity to be the Admin for the Frugal Living Group. It is starting to take off and I love the interaction over there. As Admins you have given us so many cool rewards and I look forward to my banner being up soon on this prestigious blog!

    If you have not joined this community – do so today! You will not be disappointed but instead you will prosper in so many ways. Thanks Harleena and Vinay for all you do for us!

    1. Hi Nathaniel,

      I’m glad you liked this surprise. 🙂

      Wow, you’ve been very generous in your appreciation, I should say. 🙂 We love giving, and in fact, the community deserves more. I hope with time we will be able to giveaway more things to more members. Thanks for all your kind words for the ABC.

      I love your spirit of caring for and supporting the community and its members. We are blessed to have members like you and all the Ahaians, who follow the principles of caring, helping, giving, and sharing. This is what makes the ABC so special.

      You earned your guest post, and it’s a great value post. I’m sure all readers will love it. I’d wish that this opportunity opens many new doors for you to progress your blogging career.

      I’m so glad you created the community group on the ABC because you’re doing a great job with it. Of course, you’ll have your Ad banner next month, and we would love to see traffic flowing to your blog.

      Thank for campaigning for the ABC. I appreciate your visit and the comment, and wish you all the best for the big day! 🙂

  12. This is really a great gesture for the community Vinay.

    The community is growing and I’m loving every second that I’m here. Keep it up!

    I’m eyeing those ad spaces+guest post opportunities soon! 😀

    1. Hi Dennis,

      I’m glad you appreciate the celebration of the gems of the ABC.

      It’s good to know that you love your stay here, and we hope you’ll be able to stay longer and more this year.

      Everything on the ABC is yours to take it, and you are always welcome here. Thanks for your visit and comment. See you on Friday for a surprise guest post. 🙂

  13. Hi Vinay

    Let me congratulate @Abrar and @frugal1. They are wonderful GEMS of ABC. Let me all so appreciate you and Harleen as you guys are so generous. It is no news that every Ahaian enjoys ABC. They giveaways have been so awesome.

    It is a wonderful idea to reward Group Admins and I do know that we are all having so much fun- trying our best. Thumbs Up ABC. Hurray for the Champions.

    1. Hello Ikechi,

      Thank you so much for your congratulations. It has been such an honor to connect with people like you on this blog. I thank you for your support and mentorship.

    2. Hi Ikechi,

      Thanks for your kind wishes and words. Also, thanks for your cooperation and the support that you have given the ABC with your wonderful contributions.

      It’s so good to see the Ahaians supporting each other. The Grads were always ignored when it came to giveaways, so we made sure this time we include them. Thanks for your appreciation and yes, we are all champions. 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and wonderful views. See you on Friday for Nate’s post!

  14. Wow! There’s sure a lot going on here at AhaNow!! Love the giveaways, Vinay. It’s so generous of you and Harleena. I have had trouble at log in last time I tried. It’s me , I usually memorize all my usernames and pw for social sites but this one I’ve had a few problems. I’ll try again. It’s such a wonderful group of bloggers here!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      We love to make the ABC a happening place. The giveaways are just a small part of the excitement here, but that’s something we love to do for all the lovely Ahaians.

      I’m sorry for the login problems that you faced. I’m sure you received my mail regarding the issue. In fact, I’m trying to make the login more easy, most probably within this month.

      Thanks for your visit and views. We look forward to you at the ABC, and on Friday for a special post. 🙂

  15. Hi Vinay,

    This post is definitely an Aha! moment! 😀

    I always find something to be grateful for and ABC in one of them. Congratulations to @abrar and @frugal1 for leading the way and showing the rest of us that when you humble yourself and put others first it gets you on top. A perfect reminder for the up coming year.

    I look forward to this year at Aha!NOW as a year of positive change. For blogging and for my personal life. What I’m learning from all these GEMS is part of that transition. ABC is helping me create a happier life for myself and my family.


    1. Hi Vernon,

      Thank you for your wonderful congratulations. It is so exciting what is going on at AhaNOW and I am honored to be able to connect with people like you. Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter.

    2. Hi Vernon,

      Aren’t all the moments on Aha!NOW Aha!moments? Just kidding. 😉

      Thanks for your kind thoughts and words about the ABC. This is a wonderful statement from you, helping others does wonders. Definitely worth to be implemented.

      I’m glad that the ABC is affecting your life in a positive way. I’m so happy that you are able to discover happiness and make the ABC the source of your happiness. I’m sure things are going to get only better with your cooperation and support.

      Thank you for your visit and this beautiful comment. Wish you more happiness in your life and family. 🙂

  16. Hello Vinay,

    Big congrats to all the GEMS of Aha! Now. Thank you for mentioning me as one of the top commenters. I love coming here and reading Harleena’s posts.

    Wishing Aha! Now a prosperous 2015. Hope you both are having a great day!

    1. Hi Corina,

      Thanks for your wishes. You’re one of the earliest Aha!NOW supporters and you are always welcome.

      We are having a great and busy time with the growing community, and wish you all the success for your blog. Look forward to your visit on Friday for a surprise post. 🙂

  17. Hello Vinay & Harleena, What a great way to start out the year, I do appreciate you mentioning me as one of your top 40 commenter’s for December!

    I would also like to send out congratulations to all the winners here in Aha!Now! You have certainly made it interesting for all of us to get want to get involved here in your awesome community.

    Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to learning more from all the GEMS here on the ABC community!

    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      You are a sparkling gem of the ABC, how can we forget you. 🙂

      We are trying to make the visits of the members more entertaining and interesting. Basically, relationship building is the key to success in blogging, and we want to provide the right opportunities to our community members.

      Thanks for your visit and the kind words. I appreciate them and would like to see you again on this Friday! 🙂

  18. Yea! Proud to be a GEM again! Congratulations to all the winners.

    This monthly recognition of your biggest supporters is a brilliant idea and is so well done, Vinay. I would certainly read the article and comment without the GEM recognition but getting it every month is very cool!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for your support. All contributors and supporters of Aha!NOW and the ABC deserve to be mentioned and thanked. This is one post where we can let everybody know what’s new and coming up, like the Icegram giveaway!

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Do have a great rest of the week!

  19. Congratulation to all the faithful GEMS of the ABC community!

    Well done and well deserved!

    1. Hi Ilka,

      Thanks for your appreciation and wishes.

      We look forward to more visits from you to the community. We’d love to have your contributions.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a great week ahead!

  20. Hi Vinay Sir and Harleena Mam,

    Thank you for posting the monthly gems winner and for the kind mention.

    Congratulation to Arbar and other winners. Your wonderful contribution in the ABC has always been awesome and much appreciated.

    Thanks again to all of you for making this journey so much delicious 🙂


    1. Hi Ashutosh,

      Thanks for your contribution and support to the community.

      We look forward to have more of your presence and engagement.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting here. Wish you a great rest of the week ahead!

  21. OMG! I’m in it again! I was a bit casted out of internet and computers since last month and so didn’t expect that I’d be mentioned again. I would like to congratulate Abrar for topping the leaderboard. Also, I would like to congratulate all my friends who got top grades in this GEMS post.

    Thank you so much Vinay sir for mentioning my article about ABC. Its been a great pleasure being with you guys and will be.

    Have a great year all of you 🙂

    1. Hi Sasidhar,

      You’ve contributed for and supported the ABC, so you deserve to be mentioned here, because for us you are a gem. 🙂

      We would love to have you back in the community as we miss your regular interactions.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts on this post. Do have a wonderful rest of the week!

  22. Hi Vinay,

    Last month was amazing for me. I joined Aha!Now and my overall experience is beyond words. Now I understand the value of a top notch family that kept supporting me in all situations. I made so many good friends that I can never forget.

    And that’s not the end. Aha!Now community featured me as a GEM of the month and rewarded with an awesome giveaway.

    One thing I always feel, this not just a community, it’s way above that. I’ve seen many other communities, but this community has totally got me in. For that, I’m so grateful to You, Harleena and other beautiful members.

    An special and beloved thanks to the whole community and it’s members.

    1. Hi Abrar,

      I’m glad you enjoyed and had a good time at the ABC that you cherish.

      It’s good to know your thoughts about the community. We are a big family here, where each member cares for and supports the other.

      I hope you’re making good use of the previous giveaway. You can now have one more!

      Thanks for sharing your loving and kind thoughts and words, they really touched our hearts. We are so lucky and proud to have you as a member of our family.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. have a wonderful rest of the week ahead!

  23. Hi Vinay sir,

    This was a surprise post for us. I didn’t expected this at all. And I want to congratulate @Abrar for doing so well and winning the GiveAway. Also @frugal1 sir, congratulations to you too for winning an opportunity to guest post on Aha!Now. I did it the last month and it is an amazing experience.

    Congratulations top commentators and Vinay sir thanks for the kind mention of my blog post which highlights the magic of ABC. 🙂

    I have no suggestions for ABC as you guys constantly keep upgrading the experience. And thanks for that Ad space and Group forums as well. 🙂

    Thanks for everything and congrats everyone.

    ~ Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Thanks for your kind mention buddy. Yeah, this post is really surprising and the mentions are so honorable.

      I can’t forget the days we engaged and chatted. Though I couldn’t be active this month, I will keep my tail straight here soon. I really want my those days back. 🙂

    2. Hi Rohan,

      Surprise it was, and I hope you liked it! Just broke the routine for a change. 🙂

      Thank you again for the wonderful ABC post you had on your blog. I hope together we will be able to make it more amazing and magical.

      We do know some areas where there is scope for improvement in the ABC, we are will be working on them as we get time.

      Thanks for your visit and sharing your thoughts. Do have a great rest of the week ahead!

    3. Hi Rohan,

      Thank you for the wonderful words of congratulations my friend. I am so excited about the Guest Post. I am sure it will be an amazing experience for me as well. I have been so honored to connect with such an awesome community and people like you.

  24. Hello Vinay Sir,

    It’s a wonderful post again. This is good to see new GEMS of Aha Now.

    My hearty congratulations to the leader board topper and the winner of a guest post on Aha!Now. I must say you people deserve it. I can’t able to be more regular here due to my busy schedules. I am really missing some interactions too. Anyways, I will try to come back on regular track soon.

    Also, very congratulations to Ad space winners. Oh my! Again a wonderful giveaway here. I would really try to win this awesome giveaway. This seems a wonderful plugin. We shouldn’t miss it. I am going to try the free version now.

    Vinay sir, and Harleena Mam, you people are really rewarding very well to your readers and community members. The Aha!Now community is rocking.:)

    Enjoy your day ahead both of you!

    1. Hi Nisha,

      Gems of the ABC shine every month. They are so special. 🙂

      I join you in congratualting the awesome members of the community, who have topped the leaderboard, as they really contributed a lot to the community.

      Well, we all have a busy life. But we should take out time for activities that benefit us and our career. We would love to have you back, and hope you win this month’s giveaway!

      We try to give back to our community in whatever form and as much as we can. These giveaways are a token of our gratitude. Coming to Icegram, it’s loaded with features, and soon you’ll see many of them on Aha!NOW.

      Thanks for your kind words for us and the community. Do have a great rest of the week, and do come back on Friday to read the first guest of the year on Aha!NOW. 🙂

      1. Yes, you are right. I should take out some time for regular activities. I would surely try to be regular here and win this awesome giveaway.

        I will come back on Friday to read the first guest post on Aha!Now. Thanks a lot for all your support and encouragement.

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