How To Be A Champion Of Your Life In 2015

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Do you know that becoming a champion is possible?

It might be a difficult path to tread that requires more effort, but you can definitely be a champion of your life.

Starting this New Year, I want you to have this positive affirmation in your mind – “I am a champion, and I can transform myself to be happy and successful.

Yes, you can and you will!

All you need to do is change yourself and channelize your energies.

Keep reading this post to know what and how to get down to doing that.

I have termed 2015 as the “Year of CHAMPS”. I am going to define and explain it to you.

But first, welcome to Aha!NOW in this new year as a budding champion of life.

The previous year was good, but 2015 is going to be better for you and me. 🙂

We all are going to be successful in whatever we do.

So, let’s start with the meaning of CHAMPS.


What is CHAMPS

Of course, champs, is a short form of the word “Champion”.

However, here, CHAMPS is an acronym I created that is made up of the following words.

C Celebrations

H Happiness

A Achievements

M Miracles

P Prosperity

S Success

Well, this is all you want and wish for in this New Year, isn’t it?


You want 2015 to be miraculous so that you celebrate your successes by achieving more and be prosperous and happy.

So be it. If you have these elements in life, then you are a champion!

But, how do you go about being a champion of your life.

Aha!Now New Year's Card 2015

Who Is A Champion

Before I go any further, let me define the meaning of a champion.

As per various dictionaries, a champion is someone who has won first place in a competition/contest.

However, that is not necessary, because a champion can also be someone who fights for or supports a cause or person.

A champion can also be an expert or someone who is skilled in any field.

These definitions are correct, but there’s more to being a champion of life.

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion,” ~ Billie Jean King

Well, I’d say, a true champion is the one who is in complete control over his or her life, more of internal control rather than external.

You may not be able to win every sports championship, academic awards, or prizes and trophies in other fields, or even be successful in every cause that you campaign for.

However, you can win yourself over, and be a champion of your life.

Once you have conquered the inner kingdom, you can go out on conquering and win the world.

Don’t think you are any less!

You have all the reasons to consider yourself as a potential champion. You are eligible and already qualify to be the champ of your life.

Make sure you follow these ways to be successful, and be a self-crowned champion of life.

“What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win.” ~ Patty Berg

6 Ways To Be a Champion For Life

Life is how you look at it and how you make it.

So, start changing yourself and create a champion out of you.

Definition of Attitude

1. Change Your Attitude

Attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values, and dispositions, to act in certain ways.

Change the way you feel and think. Be optimistic and positive.

Only if you think of a possibility, things are going to happen the way you want.

Most people find it hard to change their attitude, and this is where they fail.

Believe in change.

Be smart.

If winning requires you completely to change the way you have been feeling and thinking for years, do it.

Change like a champion.

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Puzzle background with the text Think Different in foreground

2. Change Your Mindset

Mindset is a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

Mindset is the pattern and scope of your thinking. It is your framework or strategy that decides your fate.

If you do not change your mindset as and when required, it is going to hijack your success.

Change your outlook.

Start looking at and consider things from a different point of view.

Sometimes you wear a different set of clothes, and you start feeling different. It changes the way you carry yourself or even how you behave.

Same is with the mindset. Change it, and you may begin to see new possibilities and missed opportunities.

Think like a champion.

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“Anyone can train to be a gladiator. What marks you out is having the mindset of a champion.” ~ Manu Bennett

A champion showing passion

3. Create A Fire

To reach success, you need to drive the engine of your “self” on the path of progress.

You cannot do that unless you put yourself on fire. Don’t take it literally! 🙂

Ignite the fire of passion within you and see the difference.

Passion brings you the power.

Passion is a strong feeling or emotion or something that is desired intensely.

Your passion will be the key to your self-motivation. Your strong desire or emotions will encourage you to excel.

Dream to be successful, and make success the dream you want to achieve.

The combination of dream and desire will move you towards your destination.

Your passion is enough to make you do things that you never thought of, to enter new frontiers, and keep making efforts until you succeed.

Feel like a champion.

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Cartoon man holding banner of best practice

4. Create Good Habits

Habit is an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation; may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition.

Habit is your programmed autopilot. Good habits make things easy for the champions and provide additional help or support.

Successful people are focused and disciplined. They are determined, positive, and keep trying to be better.

They follow a set pattern of routine, which they know, will help them achieve success.

They follow the pattern without fail, even if they detest it or it requires them to move out of their comfort zone.

They do not lose faith and believe in themselves.

Make no excuses! Those are always easy to make.

Instead, make a habit of making the best use of your resources.

Make a habit of analyzing your failures, correcting your mistakes, and learning from others.

Behave like a champion.

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“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” ~ Muhammad Ali

A cartoon figure choosing the best with a lens

5. Choose The Best

Choice is an act of choosing or selecting.

You always have a choice.

You need to choose the best company and the environment, conducive to your campaign for success.

Surround yourself with good and competitive people.

If you have bad company, then being better or the best will be difficult, sometimes even not possible.

Don’t be shy to seek help. Select the best coach or mentor to help you succeed.

Choose the right lifestyle that promotes a healthy living, for your body and mind.

Choose to work hard, as well as smart.

There is no substitute for hard work and being smart is the quality of successful people.

Remember that the choices you make decide your fate.

Choose like a champion.

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Champions celebrate their achievements

6. Celebrate Your Achievements

Achievement is the action of accomplishing something successfully.

There are many steps to success. Small victories lead to a big victory.

You need to celebrate each successful step you take to strengthen your belief and motivate you so that you work harder to reach your final destination.

Reward yourself appropriately to keep yourself motivated.

Brim yourself with confidence and the belief that you can do it.

With each small victory, challenge yourself to go farther and higher. Raise your bar and move towards your ultimate goal.

Complete success will be yours – it is only a matter of time.

Expect to win like a champion.

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These are not the only steps to be a champion in life. However, they are good enough to begin with.

If you really want to be successful, then you will sincerely follow these ways.

Like the sports champions, you need to train your body and mind to help you achieve your aim.

You need to identify your talents, recognize your abilities, and turn them into achievements.

You need to have patience and be persistent. Perseverance is one of the keys to success.

And just do it.

Becoming a champion is not only about winning competitions or becoming popular.

It’s about your state of mind.

It’s about self-development and improvement.

It is about your progress in comparison to your own past, and about achieving your goals.

“To be a champion you must act like one, act like a champion,” ~ Lou Ferrigno

When you master yourself and develop all the abilities and qualities that make you successful and bring happiness into your life, you become a champion.

The mantra is to keep improving yourself and change for the better. Your personal growth is your success.

Be your own champion.

That will be the true miracle, when you will achieve success, be prosperous, and bring happiness into your life.

Celebrate yourself like a champion in this New Year.

Over To You –

Do you think you are a champion? How do you plan to be a champion of your life in 2015? What are the other things people should do to be successful?

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  1. This article is a true gem! I want to express my gratitude to the author for sharing such inspiring and practical insights. The acronym CHAMPS beautifully captures the essence of what we all aspire for in the new year. It’s refreshing to see the focus on internal transformation and self-improvement as the key to becoming a champion. Your tips on changing attitude, and mindset, and creating good habits are spot on. I particularly appreciate the reminder to choose the best company and seek the guidance of mentors. Surrounding ourselves with positive and competitive individuals can make a world of difference in our personal growth and success. Your words have ignited a fire within me to pursue my passions and dream big. Thank you for this motivational article that reminds us all that we have the power to be our own champions and create miracles in our lives!

  2. A minor wording point but a huge difference in outlook. “Good Habits are those that make YOU stronger, more successful, etc … Bad Habits are those that affect YOUR health negatively, make YOU unhappy, etc …” Your habits do not affect you and you only but every single being with whom you come into contact in a myriad of ways every single day. Thanks

  3. I know I’m last to reach this post, but have to say really inspirational post.
    Shown me a new way to shine bright.

  4. Hello Madam Harleena, I believe I’m not too late in wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous 2015.
    When it comes to becoming a champion there is no way attitude can left out of the equation. Having a positive attitude towards life is what matters the most.

  5. Hi Harleena,

    I like numbers 1 and 2 best because if our mindset and attitude are changed then we can conquer anything. I truly believe that with all my heart. I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction as well and mindset and how you think is critical to our success. We have to believe in the positive to get positive results. Believing or staying in an energy of negativity will keep us from obtaining our goals. Belief in a positive mindset will move us to higher places. Changing mindset and attitude are precursors to some of the others like creating a fire and creating good habits. This is a great post and helps everyone understand what needs to be done to be successful.

    Thanks for a marvelous post.

  6. Hi Harleena,

    I am happy to come back here. You know, a few days ago I can not comment on your blog. When I move the cursor over to the comment box, which I found only links to other posts. It was strange, I think. Therefore I can not write a comment here. How could it be, Harleena?

    For CHAMPS, I love the way how you interpret CHAMPS into some relaxing phrases. I hope I can be a CHAMPS in this year as well. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with us, Harleena.
    Have a nice weekend for you.


  7. Hello Harleena,
    CHAMPS is going to be my mantra for this year..i think number 6 is well chosen..we get so caught up thinking about some big prize that we can forget to celebrate the small victories, or be thankful for the smaller pleasures of life.
    Stopping to take a breath and acknowledging the path traversed can also be a morale booster, I think..
    thanks for sharing this wonderful post, as usual!

  8. Hi Harleena.

    That was good. You’ve shown that all of us have it in us to become champs!

    You shared some great advice to keep me motivated and positive. I’ve got plans to do so much more this year, and articles like these will help.



    P.S. I’m now your newest Ahaian! I’ve just subscribed!

  9. Hi Champion,

    I know you’re a champion indeed, Harleena 🙂 And inspires us to be a champion as well. Thank you so much for that 🙂

    I thought I’d comment on your blog first, but you were ahead. See… You were the champion 😉 But it’s not a competition and doesn’t has to be the first, so I’m a champ too. Logic works for both, eh? 😉 lol…

    This is a very apt and inspirational post as we celebrate the New Year. I felt it whispering us to embrace the hope and believe in ourselves 🙂 Dreams can come true, if we believe. I mean “really” believe.

    It should never left go unsaid, you never cease to amaze us with your cute and wonderful acronyms, Harleena 😉 I know the factors you have mentioned are vital in this process, and I’d like to point out #5 – Choose The Best, ’cause it had a big impact in my life. Even when no one around, make yourself the best 🙂

    I’m sure it may be different among vivid personalities. But you know, when there are people who truly understands you and respect you for who you are, nothing else really matters. Sometimes others bring out the best in us, don’t you agree? 🙂

    I still believe I’m a wanna-be-champion and believes it can be attain by helping others like you do dear. It could be that my nature of satisfaction, which makes me wanna give more as I feel rewarded and each time, it reminds me I can still do more and more.

    As I worry less about myself, I feel I can do more to others as well 🙂 If you are not afraid to lose, it brings you the true freedom. Isn’t it?

    Thank you for this wonderful post and keeping us inspired as always dear 🙂

    You have a wonderful weekend ahead! Well… Like a champion 😉


  10. Hallo Harleena,
    Wonderfully positive aspirations and challenges for all of us in 2015.
    Have bookmarked your site to return to as my year unfolds. But also copying your link and some of the salient points to send to our daughter in an email. In a few weeks she goes into detox, and then up to 3 months in a special ‘recovery’ house on a farm for the addicted, for in-depth counselling and help to cope and be able to return to as normal a life as possible. She is needing all the help, support and love in the world for the difficult days ahead. I believe your words will help her see that light at the end of the tunnel glowing even brighter.
    Thank you most sincerely

  11. Hi Harleena, what a great post to start the new year. I do believe that passion is the key. We also have to visual ourselves as champions, something not as easy to do as it sounds.
    I do agree its all about our mindset and who we surround ourselves with.
    Thanks for sharing the inspiring tips and they’ll be greag to look back on a down day. Hope your week is going well as the new year is beginning!

  12. Hi Harleena,

    Happy New Year and welcome back to the blogosphere. It is so nice to see you back and a CHAMPION!!

    What an awesome post to start the new year. Yes, our attitude and mindset play a very important role in moving us into the championship state of mind. Champions aren’t born but they are shaped and modeled with time.

    I so strongly agree with you that to become a champion, we need to accept change and change ourselves and focus on what we can do better even if that is going to take us beyond our comfort zone.

    Living like a champion is possible in all walks of life if we want and take steps to change ourselves and do the hard work involved.

    Thanks Harleena for a wonderful share. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,


  13. Hi Harleena,

    Great post to start 2015.

    Great acronym as well. We all have to be champions of our own lives.

    I love your 6 ways to become a champion of your own life. Number 1 & Number 2 are definitely important.

    You’re attitude towards things can definitely affect how things in your life work. If you have a negative attitude, negative things will consistently happen to you … and you’ll be left wondering why.

    And the best way to change your attitude is to change your mindset from the beginning.

    “Sometimes you wear a different set of clothes, and you start feeling different. It changes the way you carry yourself or even how you behave.” You know, that’s so true.

    Also, regarding Number 5, that’s absolutely the truth. I use to hang around negative people and non-ambitious people and in turn, I myself started becoming negative and lost every ambitious bone in my body. I had to cut people off and start surrounding myself with positive people in order to change and start walking on the path to success.

    Excellent post here, Harleena. Truly Excellent.

    – Andrew

  14. Hey Harleena,

    You are really starting the year great with this post! Mastery Of Self! When it comes to being a champion that’s what you have to do to be aligned with success.

    Your Mindset, Attitude, and Habits you create lays out those foundation. I tell others you want to create the “magnetism” or “frequency” that’s going to attract the likeness that you want. If you have internalize success with everything that you do, then you will definitely attract success. Otherwise you won’t. It’s just as simple as that.

    But in order to do this, one must look at the tips you just mentioned above. Many will overlook, which I can understand from all the conditioning. At least I have overlooked this when I began my entrepreneurial journey, but after failure after failure, it dawned on me that I might have to look more into personal development and mindset training in order to attract the success that I want!

    Thanks for sharing Harleena! I hope you’re having a great week!

  15. Hi Harleena,

    Yep, I believe I’m a champion of my life. I’m by no means perfect but I’ve come a long way putting things together and figuring out the way to really make things show up for me.

    I’ve been kind of going head to head with someone lately and I decided it was time to distance myself. Of course like most situations they feel I’m in the wrong but when you have someone who only wants to argue with you then that drains my positive energy and upsets me. The fact is we aren’t going to see eye to eye so stop coming back to me with your hurtful comments. I just don’t understand people like that so we have to surround ourselves with those people who are positive, uplifting and of the same mindset. I think that’s a big key to us staying on our desired path in life.

    I need to still light that fire though… I did last year being so excited about releasing my product but it’s a new year and I have new ventures I’m involved in. I need to start getting really motivated now that I’m back from vacation and light that fire that’s going to get me really going. Maybe then I can 100% say I’m a champion and I intend to stay that way throughout the year.

    Great share and a great way to start us off for the new year. Glad you enjoyed your time off and great to see you back too. You have a great rest of your week and enjoyed the post.


  16. Hi Harleena,

    “Year of CHAMPS” – I’m in!!!!

    I love this article and I can see the parallels you mentioned in contrast with my post yesterday.

    I love optimist, they change the world and make it a better place to be. Optimists see the possibilities and what can be in spite of the challenges and obstacles.

    There is always hope and a way, we just have to be open minded enough to find them. Right?

    That’s why I love your section around right thinking and mindset. If you believe you can’t; you are right.

    As for me, I absolutely can and I will. Alongside those such as yourself who are able, willing and determined to be the best!!!!

    Let’s do this in 2015 Harleena. I’m all in.

    Here is to a Happy New Year!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

  17. Hi Harleena

    Very inspirational post and really helpful to make a good start of the new year.

    It is the right of everyone to be good and look good. For this he needs to create excellence to be noticed by others and make his life a symbole of success.

    So the most important thing is how one takes his life. It may sound funny but everyone should take his life as the one who he loves most, admires most and follows most to make it happier and then reap its blessings in return.

    Attitude is the foundation of the foundation to become champion in one’s life. While struggling it is good to have a backup plan but it must be with the firm belief to use it as SoS and not earlier than that stage.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful post that really made me emotional and thats credit goes to your prowess of heart-touching writing.

  18. Hi Harleena

    You have picked a good theme for the year. I love the affirmation for ABC. Being a CHAMPION

    You are right being a champion first starts from within before it manifests outside. A positive attitude with a mindset fro success and a passion that is as strong as fire will always choose the best choices and will know when to celebrate his accomplishments. Thanks for giving such words of wisdom

    What a wonderful way to boost confidence in all ABC members as well as readers. We are all Champions. So lets make it happen this year. Have a wonderful week.

  19. Hi Harleena,
    Though I have been here at ABC waiting for this post, since the notification alert was appearing on top of the page, but unfortunately i could not reach in time and I missed this notification thus this delay in reaching here. I just found it at sherryl’s tweet at twitter and I am at fb with a trouble again I faced, and today after @admin Harleena’s note at fb brought me here again. Yes the problem was with my browser. I was using Mozilla and now changed to chrome and its working well, thus this note.
    This is an amazing post indeed for the opening of a New Year!
    Yes, @vinzen and @admin you brought out a Wonderful post as a gift to your readers and the members of ABC!
    Yes, You knitted a wonderful Acronym! Let me repeat it here.
    C – Celebrations
    H – Happiness
    A – Achievements
    M – Miracles
    P – Prosperity
    S – Success
    Oh! Yeah, We all wants to be Champions!!
    And Hah! That is in our Motto and it’s in our hands too!
    That is really wonderful!!!
    I am sure many do not know this great Truth!
    Yes, ultimately we are the decision makers! We Want To Be Champs Or Not!
    Yes We all wants to be ONE ! 🙂
    The points you brought out in this post for the New Year 2015 is indeed wonderful boost!
    Your 6 point formula for becoming a Champion is really noteworthy!
    And Ha, of course the related connected links too are educative ones, especially the ones: “Are You Living An Ideal Lifestyle and the 11 Keys to Success From The Quotes of Successful People
    If one emulate it and with a passion or dedication follow it diligently one can achieve the goal.
    I am sure the magic formulas will do tremendous success in reaching that higher level.
    May this post be a motive to all your readers and visitors this Year.
    Yes the ultimately the Key word is that: Be your own champion. Yes, Let us be our own champion!!

    Wish you All readers especially the Ahaians a Wonderful and Successful and CHAMPION New Year 2015 🙂
    Thank you so much Harleena for sharing this though provoking educative post for at the Eve of New Year 2015.
    Have a Great and Profitable time of Sharing and Caring 2015 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ~ Phil

  20. Hi Harleena,

    This is a pretty good post for the year 2015. 🙂

    Yes, ATTITUDE is everything. You have to change your attitude to make things possible. To makes things happen. Negativity can really suck all your energy and good vibrations. It depletes you quick. So must think positive always.

    …and in order to change your attitude you have to have the right mindset. Our mind is like the soil that needs to be cultivated. If you plant the wrong seed in the soil, you will reap the wrong harvest. They ask, “What comes up first? The chicken or the egg?” Well, I think our attitude…and the right mindset is what brings our ACTIONS and EMOTIONS. So yeah, the BRAIN is on top of our body because it rules our body, mind, and spirit.

    Ah, PASSION is also very important. People who doesn’t have this are like zombies who goes to work and live from paycheck to paycheck and doesn’t really have any meaning in life. You’ve got to have passion for what you really want to do. I believe this is the success of many business entrepreneurs.

    I agree with you when you said, “Passion is a strong feeling or emotion or something that is desired intensely.” It’s like LOVE and HATE…both of the strongest emotions we have which can either make it or break it.

    They said it takes 21 days to break a habit. Or to make a good habit. I sometime I struggle on this specially in my Writing. Like I can’t seem to write 500-1000 words a day. Man, it’s hard to be a Writer!!!!! *LOL* So I commend you, Harleena. I’m not much of a writer but I do love expressing my opinion.

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhh….ABSOLUTELY!!!!! We always have a choice. When life throws us in a jungle or when it storms hail and we can’t see where we are going, we always have a choice, right? With me, I’ll be definitely PRAYING if this happens to me. *laughs* Anyway, just a little humor there.

    GREAT POST, my dearest friend. Thank you for sharing all your nuggets to us. May everyone adopt all these wonderful, wonderful ingredients on how to be a CHAMP OF YOUR LIFE IN 2015.


  21. Hi mam,

    Good to see you back. Happy new year to you. We become what become think of ourselves. So, on this new year we need to throw our bad habit and negative attitude. Lets all make this new year a fresh start.

  22. Hi madam,

    Isn’t it a electrifying come back of yours for this new year? I like the references from famous quotes you have mentioned in between those 6 golden rules to be a champion. I enjoyed reading every piece of the article and the abbreviation for the word ‘CHAMPS’ is taken a note for the rest of the year.

    Thank you so much for sharing such an article for your comeback!

    Have a great year 🙂

  23. Hi Harleena,

    Welcome back and Happy New Year to you too. We’ve missed you!

    CHAMPS sounds a great plan to aim for.

    I have to admit that some of your points will come more easily to me than others – but I guess that’s the same for everyone, and it’s by working on the more challenging issues that we grow.

    One of my big changes for 2015 is to be in the company I keep. Not that I’m stopping seeing my current friends, but I’m going to meet more business-minded people, because my existing friends (love them dearly) aren’t very interested in business matters. So I’m joining some local networking groups. I’m a pretty shy person, so that will be quite a challenge for me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    By the way – I bought that desk and am pleased with it, so that’s another change for 2015.

    Great post as always, your blog is looking good!

    Have a great week, Joy

  24. Hi Harleena

    What a great way to start off this new year with a post on CHAMPS and what it means to be a champion. I love the affirmations – it is definitely a positive step in the right direction.

    Life can sometimes be filled with defeating moments and when those occasions present themselves it is affirmations such as these that we need to openly declare to bring us back on our feet again.

    Sure we need to have the right attitude, right mindset and perspective regardless. I also believe in creating a fire and a passion to pursue goals in life. With all that is happening around us, now is not the time to think defeat. We become what we think and believe. Love this! Thanks for sharing. Cheers! 🙂

  25. Hi Harleena,


    I strongly believe we are what we tell ourselves. What a better way to start our year off than positive self talk, right? WOW So many people want to change but don’t know how. This post we help all of us become champions of our life by changing our attitude and mindset.

    Being a champion is a inside job like you clearly pointed out. When we begin to change on the inside we standout from others by responding to life differently. We may not have external things but we have something that’s priceless; self-awareness.

    One thing that stood out the most to me was when you said believe in change. That’s where change starts in what we believe. People act according to what they believe.

    And I believe we all are champions here at ABC. And I’m accepting this invitation as an opportunity to be the champion I was born to be.


  26. Hello Harleena, Love Love Love This Positive Energy here today! I took this positive affirmation->> I am a champion, and I can transform myself to be happy and successful and wrote it down right away on my white board and that is where it is going to stay all year my friend!

    A new year with new beginnings. You have hit on so many great points within this post, I cannot even begin to even choose one to talk about.

    So I will leave you with my new affirmation I Am Going To Celebrate Even My Smallest Victories Like A Champion In 2015!.

    Thanks for this Awesome Post, what a great way to start out my week..

    Chery :))

  27. Hi Harleena,

    What a powerful post! I love how you broke down each individual piece and make it easy for anyone to plan ahead and become their own champion. I decided in 2015 I was going to become my own champion, my own hero. I’m working very hard at being more positive, more forgiving, less negative, and less judgmental. It’s hard to do but I must do this for me.

    I’m sure that a lot of people will value your post so I’m definitely passing it along.

    Happy Monday!


  28. Hi Harleena, What an uplifting message for 2015! If everyone followed your advice here, we would all be Champs!

    I completely agree with you about the power of positive thinking. You really have to believe in yourself and not give into negative thoughts. I also like your advice about celebrating your achievements. Too often we minimize our accomplishments when they should be celebrated.

    I predict a lot of your readers will be celebrating their achievements if they follow your words of wisdom here, Harleena!

  29. Hi Harleena,

    Happy New Year. Yes I do believe this is going to be a great year, for all of us! I have my mindset on positive things and I’m not going to let any negative thoughts or fear hold me back this year.

    I love your acrnonym for CHAMPS! I definitely want all of those things and wish them for everyone I know.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the six ways to be a champion in our lives. For me it started with my mindset. I had to change the way I saw myself and that opened the door to a better attitude and as well as creating better work habits.

    Wonderful post Harleena! You definitely motivated me this morning!I hope you had a great weekend my dear :). Here’s to a great new week!

  30. Hi Harleena,

    Welcome back and happy new year to you.

    As I read along each point I nodded my head saying to myself “YES” I do that, Yes, I think like that, so I guess I’m a champion. Wow I feel so good about myself right now! Thank you I needed that lol.

    To be a champion one has to think out of the box and create a positive mindset. Sometimes it is easier said than done. But if someone is struggling to change their mindset, there is so much help for them – your post you mentioned “how to stay focused and achieve your goals” is a fine example.

    I did in the past had trouble staying focused to be productive. My mind would go everywhere. I had to fix it so I downloaded an mp3 of a hypnosis strategy to stay focused on business. After 30 days of dilligently using this, It worked! Sometimes we need to dig so deep into our subconscious to change that stubborn mindset! 🙂

    I love all points you have mentioned. My favorite is #4 whereby we have to create good habits. Once we decide to be successful, we have to have a lot of self control not to stray from our daily routine. But, like anything else.. it’s a choice. When a good choice is made, we must follow up on it and eventually it becomes a habit.

    I sometimes feel like a robot because I’ve become habitual about each and every day. But it is important to remember to take time out for me and make that a habit too. Working smartly and having a balance will lead to success!


  31. Leave it to you to come up with such a fitting nickname for champions. I love CHANMPS, and consider myself a champion, too. 🙂

    Great post, great advice, and written by a great gal. 😉

    Good to see you back in the swing of things. I’m still sick with a cold but have decided to cut back on my commenting this year as I move forward with growing my business. I’ll still be here, lurking in the background, but wanted to tell you up-front of my goals to make my own writing needs a priority.

    I think this decision is that of a champion, too. Do you?

  32. Hello Harleena,

    A nice way to start the new year’s journey of spreading positive thoughts.
    The irony with the world is that though we are fame-craving beings and desperately need success, only a few of us are ready to take the pain of achieving it.

    A common attitude which I have seen in a number of successful people is their perseverance and never say die attitude. Shortcuts often lead to ashtray.

    As far as I am concerned I am still in the developing stages of my career and working hard to achieve some goals. And as far as my blogging is concerned, you know who my mentor is! Yup you guessed it right…its you. I have read your story and I liked the way you reached here step by step.

    Keep up the good work.

  33. Hi Harleena Mam,
    Its really a inspiring and motivated article. I dont know how you can find and write the all these things.
    Thanks a lot to share this article coz it inspire me a lot to work hard and change some of my habit and work more and I am sure one day I will also the champ of my world.

    Thanks again

  34. Wow! Leena! This is such a powerful, straightforward article! I love it! I’m going to save this one to motivate me when I need some push…. Thanks so much! Sally

  35. Hi Harleena,

    You’ve definitely mentioned some of the most important factors to be a champion here.

    First of all, attitude and mindset.

    People tend to react to anything in life, good or bad, based on their mindset.

    What attitude we have towards life depends a lot of on how we “choose” to react to things.

    For example, those events in France this past week, reminded me that it’s not what it’s said about you that matters, but HOW you react to it.

    In French we have a saying that says “Only the stupids are offended.” that says it all about the fact that’s how we react that matters.

    Successful people have good habits, unsuccessful ones often have bad habits. Good habits are essential for success and being a champion in life.

    Thanks for this great post, Harleena.

  36. Hi Harleena,
    happy new year and good to read this great post!

    I firmly believe that most of the success lies in winning mentality, which is not only being positive and aspiring to achieve great things, but also accepting our defeats and having the strength to rise again and again.

    Keep up the fantastic work here at Aha-Now community.
    Have a great week!

    1. Hi Erik,

      Wish you too a happy and prosperous New year! 🙂

      These are truly the great words from the champion himself. You’re absolutely right, and a champion is a great fighter, who keeps on making efforts to achieve success.

      I’m glad you liked the post and the activities at the ABC. I’m so honored that you are a part of it too.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your valuable views. Do have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

  37. Hi, Harleena, thank you for some great inspiration! That’s quite a push. I feel motivated to take a really positive look at the year ahead.

    The point I normally skip over is taking time to celebrate achievements, so I’m really glad you included it. I just cross it off my list when it’s done and move on to the next one, or more often procrastinate a bit first…

    Thank you for balancing out the drudgery ahead! And a Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

    1. Welcome to Aha!NOW Donald 🙂

      Glad you liked the post and found it inspirational.

      Self-rewarding is so important and helpful in moving forward. I celebrate my blogging achievements through my posts, and I feel charged up with the appreciation and praises that I receive. And when you’re all fired up, procrastination has least of the probability.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your views. Hope to see you around. Wish you and your family too a Happy New Year! 🙂

      BTW – Do use your Gravatar or profile picture – we’d love to see you. Just a friendly suggestion 🙂

  38. It is really a nice post ever, I can’t read yet but I bookmarked to read into my appropriate time with full of attention. You anchored some titles that are too worthy and brings me here to write something. Hope next time see you agin with another new hope.

  39. Respected Harleena Madam,
    Wish you a happy, wonderful year 2015. This a great article. I am not able to read it full because I am going out of the city. But in this article lots of lines and points are very unique, inspirational and useful for me. For this year I have made full plan.
    I wish your year will be awesome and full with dreams. Fell like a champion and behave like a champion both are very mind-able words for me. I will surly set these 2 statements in my mind.
    In last I would like to represent a very motivational line for those people who don’t know the meaning of life. Please must read it.
    “When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world the world cries while you rejoice”
    I hope this is very motivation line for you all.
    Monu Kumar

    1. Hi Monu,

      Wish you a wonderful year too. 🙂

      I hope you’ve been able to read the full article by now. I’m sure you’ll find more useful information in the post when you do so.

      Great to know that you have a plan made in advance for this year, so here’s wishing you all the best to you for achieving your goals like a champion!

      Thanks for sharing your motivational quote, and indeed we need to make the best of our life and do the best while we live.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your views. 🙂

  40. Hello Harleeena, Happy New Year! 🙂

    I am really taking some steps toward remaining happy during the most hours of days, took some last day and committed to have some more along the way.

    The way the post is written, I have to work on all of the mentioned parts to become “CHAMPs”

    I am now at the point of “Just do it” because I have been thinking of transforming myself since years.. Thanks for fueling the fire in me!


    1. Welcome to Aha!NOW and to the ABC as a new member, Adeel! 🙂

      It’s good to know that you’re making good efforts of giving happiness its fair share in your life. I wish that you also receive the rest of the elements of CHAMPS in your life.

      We all have to constantly work on all the ways to be a champion as mentioned in this post. Of course, doing it is the most crucial step, which is where the chunk gets filtered out.

      So, I guess this post started the right amount of fire in you to get started on the path of transformation, and that you’re no longer going to wait more. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your views. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

      BTW – Do use your Gravatar or profile picture so that we can all see who we are talking to. I know you have a nice one you use on FB, so use it here too. Just a friendly suggestion 🙂

  41. Hi Harleena Mam,

    A very Happy New Year to you and your family too. What a wonderful post on this new year. I can’t stop myself from reading here.

    The championship is what that everybody wants to achieve. And we can get it too if we go on a right track and with lots of efforts/hard work.

    You have termed very right to this New Year 2015. It is really going to be ‘Year of Champs”. But, if we really do correctly to achieve it. I also want to get Championship in blogosphere in this “Year of Champs” 2015.

    You have defined so nice to each letter of CHAMPS. The all 6 ways to get the championship, you described here are really great and motivational too. I would definitely celebrate myself like a champion in this New Year.

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article. It has really made my day and inspired me to achieve my championship in blogging world.

    Have an awesome day!

    1. Hi Nisha,

      The best New Year greetings to you and your family as well. I’m glad you liked this post. 🙂

      You’re right that you need to be on the right track and work hard to achieve success in life. Most importantly, you need to have the right mindset.

      You’re a champion in your way, but you can be a champion among others too by giving more of yourself to the pursuit of success.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you all the best to be successful and to be a champion of champions in the year ahead. 🙂

  42. Harleena, this is so uplifting and postive! “fake it until you make it” is one of my favorites and speaks to attitude and believing in self until you ‘get there’. Thank you for the wonderful resources you’ve listed along the way. the quotes you share from famous champions are also great reminders and very inspiring. I like to think I am a champion of sorts but I will certainly refer back to this post on those days that I don’t feel like one. 🙂 Thanks for this!!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      This is so true and apt for this post – fake it until you make it. I like it! 🙂

      Yes, that really helps. It helps to carry on our pursuit and make us more hopeful that we will succeed.

      I’m glad you liked the post and the resources, including the quotes. I too found them to be very inspiring. Of course, you are a champion, as you have progressed, and I’m sure you’ll keep doing so.

      I wish you all the best in this New year. Thanks for your valuable comment, I appreciate it. Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

  43. The Master Blogger is back and how 😀 Awesome post about CHAMPS and the way to be champions in the New Year! I agree with your points about attitude and especially the line “Only if you think of a possibility, things are going to happen the way you want.”

    I am happy I got an inspiring start to my day reading this 🙂 Wish you all the luck in the New Year.


    1. Hi Nikshep,

      Lol…thanks for the welcome and I’m so glad you like the post.:)

      I think that believing in a possibility is like sending the invitation for the event to happen. So, that’s all we need to do all the time. The chances greatly increase that your destiny will accept at least one of the invitations it receives. 😉

      I’m glad you could takeaway something from this post, and I hope the inspiration will help you be charged for the rest of the year.

      Thanks for sharing your views. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  44. Hi Harleena; a great post. yes we have to know we are a champion and act like it. you never know who is watching and modeling themselves after you so be sure you live like one all the time. even if you don’t have the trophy medal or championship belt you can still be a champion in your own mind as you said. I know i am a champion and so are you my friend. and in the words of the rockets coach roody t never underestimate the heart of a champion. take care my friend. xoxo max

    1. Hi Maxwell,

      It’s good to see you on Aha!NOW after a long time! Where have you been?! 🙂

      You’re right, and even if no one is watching you, you still should put your best foot forward and present yourself in the best possible way.

      I agree with you that trophy’s and medals are really not the criteria to be crowned as a champion, as it’s all about how much progress you’ve made and excelled yourself in comparison to your past. So, that way, we all are champions, and if we put in a bit more, the best of the best in us, we can be the champion of champions!

      That’s right – it’s all in the mind. The right mindset or the state of mind is the sign of success. You truly have the heart of a champion, I can say that. So, wish you all success in this New year. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope you keep coming now on. 🙂

      1. hi harleena; i’ve missed coming around too. am finally starting to feel more energy. they reset my cpap machine so i’m feeling more like the champion i am every day. i like to picture this in my mind. its madison square garden and i’m walking out in front of a packed house to hear the immortal announcing legend michael buffer pronounce as he introduces me the heavy weight champion of the world in only the way he could do it. 🙂 imagine myself walking down the isle to the ring with people cheering cameras popping knowing that i am the best i can be at this moment and that all will go well. images can be affirmations too? 🙂 take care my friend. xoxo max

  45. Hi Harleena,

    Nice to see you back into business! Hope you had a rewarding and restful break. At the outset I too would like to wish you a Wonderful 2015, once again.

    This is a terrific topic, always alive and multifaceted. Each and every person tries to be a champion in his/her own way and so your tips can be SO helpful to all of them who aim high, chase success and never rest till they have accomplished their dreams.

    As always, your post is inspiring as well as enlightening. I totally agree with you that one has to think like a champion to be one! Yes, attitude lies at the core of any successful endeavor and so we have to keep a positive attitude even in the face of adverse circumstances. Cultivating good habits leads us effortlessly towards our goals if we continue to persevere. Well, celebrations give a greater impetus to us.

    Thanks for such a loaded post, exhorting all your readers to get going! Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Balroop,

      Yes, it’s good to be back into the old routine of posting. 🙂

      I couldn’t really have a restful break, as I was almost working behind the scenes of Aha!nOW and the ABC all the time, but I did have some time away to cook goodies for a change! 🙂

      I too wish you a year of CHAMPS! I had to charge myself and the audience for the year ahead, and the ways of becoming a champion seemed apt. You’re right that each one is a champion in some or the other aspect and tries that in his or her own way. But the ways mentioned in this post are the very basic and elementary that lay the foundation for everybody to be a champion.

      I’m glad you like the post and find it inspiring. Yes, this is how you prepare yourself and attract what you desire, by doing and believing in what you want to be. The right attitude, and more specifically the mindset is the most important first step towards success.

      Thanks for appreciating the post and I wish the readers really take some leaves from it and implement the tips in their life to be successful.

      Thanks for sharing your views. Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

  46. Hello Harleena,

    I love that affirmation and surely plan to use it as I want to be a champion of my life in 2015! The phrase C.H.A.M.P.S that you have coined is so very powerful and I applaud you for sharing it with us.

    You are so right that we are all eligible to be a champion. We can have total control of your lives internally and I am a firm believer that the internal can affect the external in profound ways if we allow it to.

    Changing our attitude, mindset, and perspective on things is so powerful and contagious. I love being around people with positive uplifting attitudes, and it even motivates me to have such a different perspective on life when I am around them. My goal is to be that contagious person for others to emulate in 2015.

    I agree with your viewpoints on passion. We have to dream and dream big. Not only dream but then act on those dreams as though they have already come true. I personal have a passion for blogging about frugal living and helping people.

    A lot of my passion comes from knowing you and seeing how you put your all into us over at your blogging community. That has driven me to be a better person, blogger, and friend to so many that I meet online.

    Creating good habits is an awesome tip I am glad you shared here. We have to create good habits and then be consistent on a daily basis. Over time those good habits become second nature and you find others will start to emulate those good habits as well.

    As I stated earlier, having the right types of people around you is contagious. It is important to ensure you have like minded and supportive people in your circle. An example of that is the Aha!Now Community. I spend a majority of my time there because of the types of people that hang out there. Truly an awesome and supportive group.

    I plan to have a lot of small achievements that I celebrate in 2015. As I achieve I surely plan to celebrate and push myself harder to achieve more. I do think it is important to recognize your achievements as it builds confidence and faith that you can do it!

    Thanks Harleena for starting the year off with such a profound message to us all!

    1. Hi Nathaniel,

      Affirmations are really helpful, and they really fill with belief and hope. 🙂

      They sneak into our subconscious and keep supporting us in the background. So, I’m happy to know that you’re adopting the affirmation of the post – wish you all the best to be a champion in your life this year!

      If you look at it carefully, CHAMPS is all that we require to be, as well as in our life. Definitely, the internal is more powerful and productive than the external. If only we could be in total control of the internal, including the mindset, we could possibly do just anything, isn’t it?

      Change is the most essential requirement for progress, and the right company or environment is the catalyst. Good to know your views on this aspect as well as about your goals. I’m sure you’re going to be successful in your niche and help people with your ideas of frugal living.

      We truly have to give the best and completely submerge in the sea of passion, if we wish to achieve success. I’m no exception as that’s the way to go. It’s good to know that I’ve been of help to you in some or the other way.

      That’s a better way to put it – the good habits become your second nature. It’s great to hear that the ABC is becoming successful in its motive to create useful and productive results out of the community engagements and interactions in it. I hope more and more people benefit from it.

      I wish you many celebrations and achievements for you and success in blogging. Sure we need to push ourselves out of our skin, but that’s what sets the ball rolling.

      Thank you Nate for your comprehensive comment and valuable views, I appreciate the time and efforts you’ve put in to add value to this post. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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