10 Gift Ideas for Men This Christmas

If you’re undecided what to gift men this Christmas, here are some Christmas gift ideas for men that would appeal to your men and also fit in your budget.
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Christmas is special and so are the men in your life. If you want to gift them but you’re confused about what to gift, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for men that would not only appeal to them but also fit in your budget. ~ Ed.

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When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for men, you might be struggling for inspiration.

With so many possibilities out there, it can be really difficult to pick between the different options to find something they will love.

That’s why we are here to help with these top 10 best Christmas gifts for men this year.

No matter what their tastes or interests, or how much you are looking to spend on the gift, you are sure to find something here which is just perfect.


10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

There are so many things you can gift to men, be it your brother, husband, son or anybody else. But here are the trendy things you can consider this Christmas.



Men love LEGO, so this mug is the perfect way to make his morning coffee more interesting! It’s compatible with most brands of building bricks, such as PixelBlocks and K’NEX, as well as LEGO.

A package of random assorted bricks is included for getting started with. The mug holds 16 ounces and is BPA-free. There are five different colors of the mug to choose from, so you can pick the one he will like best.

Whether he is using the mug at home or at the office, you can guarantee he will have loads of fun building different models on his mug every day!

Bluetooth Hat

If you’re buying for a man who loves technology, this unique Bluetooth hat is a perfect choice.

It allows him to easily listen to music anywhere, and it has a huge battery life of up to 20 hours of continuous playing. The sound quality is excellent, and the top volume is 110db, which is sure to be loud enough.

The hat can also be used to answer calls hands-free, which is very convenient when out and about.

Retro Arcade Game

When it comes to cool gift ideas for men, those related to gaming are always a good pick.

This retro gaming system comes with 200 games built-in, and there is a screen on the device, so no external screen or console is required. The games fit into a variety of categories, and there are many classic games he is sure to love, including Checkers, Tennis and Forest Adventure.

If you’re buying for a man who loves playing games from his childhood, this gift is sure to be well-received and played with for hours!

Bullet Whiskey Stones

Looking for gifts for men who like whiskey? These ice bullets are a great idea and will make his next drink much more enjoyable.

The ice is contained within the bullets so it doesn’t dilute the drink as it melts, and they help keep the drink chilled for up to an hour. There are six ice bullets in the set, and they are contained within the revolver barrel for easy storage and presentation.

Next time the lucky recipient of this gift has some friends over for drinks, these unique ice cubes are sure to be a talking point! They’re great for small parties and gatherings as there are six in the pack – plenty to share out with friends.

Penguin Slippers

Penguin Mens Slippers

Slippers are a classic Christmas gift and they are very practical, especially within the winter months. These ones from Penguin come in three classy color schemes and sizes from 8 to 22.


There is memory foam cushioning inside for maximum warmth and comfort, so men won’t want to take these slippers off!

The slippers are breathable and easy to slip on and off, and they come with a gift box so they are ready to give straight away.

The Grinch Socks

The Grinch Socks

Socks are another classic gift at Christmas, although they aren’t always appreciated, especially by the younger generation. However, these cool Grinch ones make a perfect Christmas gift!

They come as a pack of two pairs and are made from polyester for maximum durability. The socks are designed to fit sizes 10 – 13 and make a perfect stocking stuffer for your son, boyfriend, or any other special man in your life.

If you are looking for more gifts like this for younger men, check out this list of ideas for 19 year old boys.

Wooden Watch

A watch is an excellent gift for men of all ages at Christmas, and this one looks very stylish and unique.

It’s made from Zebrawood and Ebony for the contrasting colors, and the Japanese Quartz movement is used inside the watch. The watch is durable and reliable, with stainless steel elements to keep water out during a rain shower.

However, it should not be worn underwater or when swimming for example. The strap can be customized and adjusted for a perfect fit.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If you’re looking for slightly unusual and different Christmas gifts for men this year, how about this breakfast sandwich maker machine?!

It makes the perfect breakfast sandwich in just five minutes, and only four steps are required. There is a recipe book included which shows what can be done with the machine. There is a double version also available to make breakfast for two.

Gaming T-Shirt

Gaming T-Shirt

If you’re looking for gifts for young men who love gaming, this t-shirt is simply perfect. It comes in a choice of sizes and the design is screen-printed on for maximum durability.

The shirt is made using 100% cotton and is medium-weight for comfort. This is a great gift for the special gamer in your life, and he will love to wear it when playing his latest game!

Wooden Docking Station

Last on our list of gift ideas for men is this wooden docking station which can be used to keep all your man’s gadgets organized on his desk or nightstand.

The station can be used to hold a smartphone, tablet, keys, wallet, watch, glasses and pens or pencils – everything a man needs on a day-to-day basis! It’s made from birch plywood and will look stylish in any room.

How to Choose the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

We’ve looked at ten men gift ideas above, but how can you choose between them?

First, you should consider his age – some of these gifts might appeal more to younger men. Such as the gaming shirt, whereas others are more for the older generation.

Also think about his tastes and interests, as well as the things he already has at home.

If you don’t know too much about these, it’s better to ask than risk choosing something he won’t like, or a duplicate of something he has already.

Wrapping Up – Our Top Pick

After considering ten of the best Christmas present ideas for men, it’s time to choose which appears to be the best overall.

Our top pick is the wooden watch because it will appeal to just about everyone – all men should have a classy watch! We love the unique appearance of the watch, and it is adjustable to fit various wrist sizes.

It’s also reasonably priced to fit most budgets and is perfect for a husband, son, brother or any other special guy.

Over to you

What do you plan to gift men this Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments.


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