How Replying To Comments Increase Blog Traffic Conversion Rate

Tips to increase the conversion rate of blog traffic into loyal blog audience

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This is a guest post by Mi Muba, who has an experience of many years of successful blogging, and based on that he emphasizes in this post the importance of replying to your own blog’s comments to make the most of your blog traffic.~ Admin

So, you want to know how to convert your blog visitors into loyal blog audience and also to wonderfully reply to the blog comments at your blog.

Don’t you think the two aspects are closely related?

We will deal with both the aspects in this post with an aim to optimize the conversion rate of your blog traffic. You’ll know and will be able to answer the question of how to increase blog traffic conversions.

Talking about the comments on your blog, which might be rising presently, you could be worried that if you do not reply them with full care, their numbers will decline.

Don’t worry as there is a solution to all your worries and problems.

As a blogger, you should reply to a comment with a clear purpose in your mind.

There should not be a fixed purpose for replying to all the comments like a customer care service or just for building a community.

If you want to convert your blog traffic and make it useful, you need to act differently.

It is actually the nature of the comments that helps you set the purpose of replying to them.

If a commenter shares his problem, your purpose should be to solve his problem by offering a free or premium product, depending upon the business goals of your blog.

You may already be aware that the final goal of a blog is to either earn money or to support an already established business.

There may be a few other purposes like becoming famous, sharing your views with a community, or just help others who need your guidance in a particular field.

Majority of blogs have the objective of either earning money with it directly or make their business earn money with the support of their blog.

It means that a blog needs traffic – not unique traffic but preferably a loyal traffic that regularly visits the blog.

Therefore, it is a must to have such traffic at your blog that not only listens to you but also follows your advice.

That is only possible if you have a proper strategy to increase the blog traffic conversion rate and also if you have the skill to use the tool of replying blog comments effectively. Do you get my point?

For example, if a commenter asks you to share something more, obviously you should promise to offer something more valuable in the future.

Key Objectives Of Replying To Blog Comments

So, the ultimate purpose of replying to each comment on your blog should be to increase conversion rate of blog traffic, in a way to make the visitors:

  • Subscribe to your email updates
  • Follow you on social media
  • Buy your product or service
  • Or influence other readers

The key objective of a blog is to convert the visitors into subscribers and eventually into buyers.

Your every effort should aim at first-time visitors, to convert them. It should aim to convert them into loyal visitors.

Your every blogging effort must aim at achieving maximum results. Therefore, your objective while replying to blog comments should be to:

  • Convert unique visitors into your loyal visitors
  • Turn your loyal visitors into your subscribers
  • Make your subscribers buy your premium value as your customers

Also, the ultimate aim of replying to each comment should be to support your business strategy and help you achieve your blogging goals.

Conversion of unique visitors into loyal ones needs regular customer care, or you can say visitor’s care.

You must fully serve the maximum needs of your blog visitors by not only providing them value with your content, but the post-content care equally can serve this purpose so well.

The post-content care includes replying comments on your blog in a way to tie each commenter in an unbreakable bond with you.

For this purpose, it is a must to provide more care and value while replying to the comments.

In this post, I will share the five tips to increase conversion rate of your blog traffic by replying to blog comments and achieving your business goals more smoothly.

It is already an established fact that leaving blog comments at your blog un-replied are against the ethics. It is also against the norms of customer care.

By not replying them, you may lose an easy opportunity to convert your commenters into your regular supporters. Otherwise, you can also convert them as subscribers of your blog or your products.

Various reasons for commenting on blogs

Why People Comment At Your Blog

People do not comment on your blog just to give their feedback. They also:

  • Ask questions
  • Shows their doubt at a point in your post
  • Refer a case study to endorse your viewpoint
  • Share their problems related to the topic of the post
  • Request you to share a post on another related topic as well

It means you do not simply thank your commenters with your reply. You equally:

  • Offer them a specific solution related to their particular problem
  • Promise them to come up with another post on a related topic in future
  • Give your opinion on additions they put in your post
  • Clarify a confusion they share with you

So, there is no escape from replying to blog comments regularly.

Maybe you are fully aware of ways to get more comments on your blog. However, now you also need to know how to reply to blog comments in the minimum time for more conversion.

Therefore, the main challenge you have is to reply to the comments in minimum time.

You might have fully developed skills on how to write quality comments, but replying to a comment needs more attention than commenting on a blog.

There are no two opinions on what should be an ideal length of blog comments, as everybody knows quality matters a lot and not the quantity.

In the same way, replying to blog comments requires more quality because you need to stay focused at the viewpoint of the commenter and also at the subject matter of your post, to refer it as and when you need.

Two microphones with two callouts and quote on replying to blog comments

5 Tips To Increase Conversion Rate Of Blog Traffic By Comment Replying

So, for your ease I am giving here five tips to increase blog traffic conversion rate by replying to blog comments, which I am sure nobody has shared with you so far.

By following these tips you can easily convert them into your regular subscribers.

1. Check the commenter first

It is right to see “what is being said” and not “who is saying” it. But while replying to a blog comment, you first need to see who is saying or writing the comment.

So, just click on the URL that the commenter submitted with his comment to see the niche of his blog.

Also, check the quality of his content and level of his knowledge and then reply with caution.

If the blog commenter did not submit a URL, it means he is not a blogger and a regular blog reader. Then you can shift your focus to “what is being said”.

Don’t worry it won’t take much time because most commenters give their feedback regularly.

So, on your latest post there will be a few unique commenters and most of them will be returning commenters who you already know.

2. Reply the question at the end

Many commenters ask a question in their comments also.

So, on your latest post, there will be a few unique commenters – and most of them will be returning commenters who you already know.

3. Make a promise which you can fulfill

If someone asks you for something more, never promise without seeing if you can do that or not. If it is not possible for you, then just refuse them very politely.

But never make a false promise. It will hurt the trust they have on you.

4. Always help them and avoid selling

Whether you are a money blogger or a hobby blogger, your first motive should be to help your readers.

So with that aim in mind, do try to help your readers with your comments, either with a free solution or a premium one.

Never try to be smart to sell them a product. Yes, if the best solution lies in your premium product, recommend it to them very honestly.

5. Try to bring them back

To get high level of readers’ engagement, put a subsidiary question while replying to a comment.

This helps to get a commenter’s viewpoint more clearly on a topic and offer the best solution.

If the commenter seriously asked a question, he will come back to reply to your subsidiary question to get the answer to his main question.

In this way, you can involve him in your blog more deeply by making him visit again. Also, it will show his level of interest to get your solution.

Quote by Evan Williams emphasizing the importance of enhancing blog readership

Basic Strategy To Increase Blog Traffic Conversion Rates

Your basic strategy to increase the conversion of blog traffic by replying to blog comments on your blog should also cover the following points:

1. Content quality first

The headline of your content makes the searchers click on your shared post. But it’s the quality of your content that holds the readers till its end.

The effect of your content makes your readers search more content. Finally, the value of your content makes your visitors loyal to you.

However, that is not a mechanical process to provide value to them simply by creating quality content.

It is an all-inclusive process where you talk to your readers through your content, at social media, at blogging forums, while commenting on their blogs, and finally by replying to their comments at your blog.

So, your first task is to write content that influences the readers to participate in them.

You should know the right ways to get more comments on your blog and make every post very participatory.

Once you get huge number of comments, the second task is to reply to the comments.

2. Optimize conversion

It is a must to let maximum visitors become your unique visitors.

Your blog’s value should influence each visitor in such a way that they never forget your blog. For this, replying through your comments can play a big role.

3. Blog traffic

Higher the traffic means higher the conversion if you have a proper strategy to provide excellent customer care.

So, initially your content should be fully optimized, both in terms of search engines and people, to eventually get more traffic.

Once you achieve a regular stream of visitors, you can easily focus on their maximum conversion.

4. Blog commenting

Commenting on other blogs is one of the vital tools to increase blog traffic at your blog to gain a higher level of engagement contrary to search engine traffic.

So, by commenting on other blogs, you can optimize the conversion rate and develop a regular customer base of your blog to earn money or support your already established business.

5. Blog community

Once you create a strong bond with each of your loyal visitors, it becomes your blog community.

It means a group of customers that do not rely simply on  business relationship, but also get a little personal in the relationship. Most of the community members create a relationship with each other as well.

This offers a strong base for your blogging business, where you do not have to sell like an ordinary seller, and just a mention is sufficient to generate a sizable amount of sale.

So, these were the tips on how to increase conversion rate of blog traffic by replying to blog comments and also a few bonus points to develop a basic strategy to bring more and more comments on your blog.

Over To You –

Do you have a proper strategy while replying to each comment on your blog? What do you think about the aspect of using comment replies as a tool to increase the conversion rate of blog traffic. Please share your views with the awesome readers of this wonderful blog.

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  1. ramsai

    2015-07-27 at 4:11 pm

    commenting is the best seo practice but replying to the comment gives readers how loyal you are

  2. Blessed

    2015-06-30 at 6:41 pm

    Wonderful post. I spend several hours every week replying to comments on my blog. I notice that when visitors get answers or reply to their questions they feel valuable and tend to visit again.

    • Mi Muba

      2015-07-26 at 10:02 pm

      Hi Blessed

      Your observation is right, when we reply the comments people get back to our blog because they know they would be responded well.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Mark

    2015-06-26 at 5:32 pm

    Thanks for laying out such a straight forward blueprint Mi!

    Your strategies are sound and extremely easy and straight forward to
    to booth grasp and implement!

    And they make perfect marketing sense.And it’s very easy to see how
    implementing the strategies you are advocating, will definitely lead to
    to a much better long term relationship with your readers and therefore a more
    prosperous one as well!

    • Mi Muba

      2015-07-26 at 9:58 pm

      Hi Mark

      Much appreciate your great words about my post.

      Your views reflect your deep insight into the topic that is why it stopped me read several and assess if I have delivered my level best.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback.

      Have a great week ahead.

  4. clement sadjere

    2015-06-26 at 4:08 am

    For me, the issue of commenting on blogs to increase traffic is a no brainer, because it really help boost traffic if used appropriately. I usually check the Alexa rank and google page rank and the relevance of the blog and the topic been discussed with my own blog before making comments. It is however worthy of note that some blog owners dont really care about commentators. All they are after is their content and thats all. Developing a close relationship with those who spare their time to read your article and make positive comments on your blog requires a bit of feedback.

    • Mi Muba

      2015-07-26 at 9:37 pm

      Hi Clement

      You check the credentials of a blog before dropping your comments over there, vow that shows your seriousness in this field and confirms you are in this field being an entrepreneur. Nice to meet you.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback on my post here.

      Have a great week ahead.

  5. David Adeleke

    2015-06-24 at 9:31 am

    It’s true that this works. But my problem is this: I use Blogger (an annoying platform) and it doesn’t notify people when I reply their comments so I have to hope they come back to that page to reach out to them through other means. Do you have any suggestions to help me solve this?
    Or better yet, I could just move to an independent blog host. But how much would that cost?

    • Herbert

      2015-06-25 at 7:07 am

      @David: If you can move to a self-hosted website, it will be a brilliant idea. In this way, you will have full control with your blog. You can customize it the way you wanted. Regarding the cost, it depends on the host you are purchasing but at the end of the day, its your personal blog and eventually it will paid up. There are a lot of opportunities for bloggers out there.


      Hi Mi,

      First of all, thank you for this awesome post. I strongly believe on this one and I made success with this process. Keep rockin’!!



      • David Adeleke

        2015-06-26 at 12:57 am

        Do you have any ideas for selfhosted blogs I can try out?

    • Mi Muba

      2015-07-16 at 5:30 pm

      Hi David

      You are right; this is a problem with Blogger and its best way-out is moving to a self-hosted WP blog where you have variety of options with several awesome plugins. I am sure you will get a huge response after doing that. It will cost hardly $5 to $7 a month if you buy a quality hosting like Hostgator or Bluehost.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your views here.


    2015-06-21 at 6:09 pm

    Hi Mi Muba

    Very useful tips to increase conversion rate. And definitely commenting also decrease bounce rate. Which is very important for any website’s popularity.

    Thank You for great share

    • Mi Muba

      2015-07-16 at 5:12 pm

      Hi Mobashhir

      Appreciate your stopping by and sharing your feedback. Thanks a lot and have a fabulous day

  7. Barbara Charles

    2015-06-19 at 6:43 am

    Absolutely right in everything you say. So many reasons why commenting is important. Great info all the way through. I think the most important reason is to build a community of bloggers which will help each and every one of us with blog traffic. Great info. Thanks so much.


    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-21 at 1:46 pm

      Hi Barbara

      Thanks a lot for comming back to add more value in this post with your awesome views.

      You are right blog commenting is one of the great ways to build blog community without which one can’t do blogging in the long run more effectively.

      I highly appreciate your views.

      Have a great week ahead.

  8. Shamsudeen

    2015-06-16 at 11:32 pm

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Good to see you as a guest blogger on aha-now with a very highly discuss issue in blogging. Most point you touched here are very valid and most be adhere to.

    But I would like to point out that it may become difficult to regularly reply to all comments left on your blog as your blog growth increase and publishing frequency also is on the rise.

    This is why I gave lots of respect to people like Harleena and Adrienne for their uncommon energy and determination to always reply to the high volume of comments left on each post on their blog.

    That’s something very remarkable from them. Thanks Mi Muba, nice to read your post.

    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-21 at 1:43 pm

      Hi Shamsudeen

      Yes indeed this is one of the highly discussed issues and here any mathematical formula does not apply like two plus two is equal to four.

      There are divergent views on blog commenting but one thing is under global consensus that without talking to others new ways never open.

      You well mentioned two awesome blogger who are widely famous for their blog commenting prowess apart from many other expertise. How lucky we are that we have such amazing people to learn from them.

      Thanks a lot for giving your great feedback on my post.

      Have a great week ahead.

  9. Barbara Charles

    2015-06-14 at 9:17 am

    Hi Mi,

    Great post and it’s great you have written as a guest poster. Commenting to get more traffic to your blog has definitely proven a great technique to get more traffic. I know I did my own experiment a while back and definitely commenting gets more traffic as well as much more interactions. For new bloggers this is critical as it took me a long time to learn this and get people to my posts. So glad you are educating people earlier. Great info for everyone.

    Thanks for writing about it as it can’t be told enough. It is very critical to success blogging.


    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-21 at 1:39 pm

      Hi Barbara

      Great to see you here as you know I off and on visit your blog.

      No doubt commenting is one of the effective tools to bring more traffic at comparatively a new blog. Once people visit a blog after that it ups to blogger how he tries to convert them as his regular subscribers.

      So glad to learn you liked this post and also thanks a lot for sharing your great views on this post.

      Have a great week ahead.

  10. Andrew M. Warner

    2015-06-11 at 8:19 pm

    Hey Mi,

    Good to see you here on Aha-Now. You wrote a great guest post here.

    Commenting to get traffic .. it does work, regardless of what some people may think. They may think it’s time consuming, etc. but it’s not. But you pointed out something better than just commenting, and that’s REPLYING to comments and using them to get more traffic.

    This is something that does work as well. Especially if you check out their blog and respond to, or share, something they wrote. It shows that you’re all about reciprocity and then they’ll be more inclined to come back.

    Good post. Good tips. Great job.

    – Andrew

    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-20 at 7:07 pm

      Hi Andrew

      Yes, I fully agree with you; getting more traffic by building relationship is not time consuming; it is actually a recurring process. As more and more contacts you have that will bring more visitors to your blog. How simple is that.

      This is the basic thing to do before replying a comment of new commenter and check his online whereabouts to get to know more about him and then reply keeping in view of his background.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome views on my post.

      Have a nice week ahead.

  11. Maxwell Ivey

    2015-06-11 at 6:25 am

    hi Mi Muba; what an awesome post about a rarely covered subject. I’ve read hundreds of posts about leaving comments but never one about the value of and proper way to reply to them. I am doing well getting people to follow me on social media and return to the blog for future posts. I am doing pretty well with email subscriptions given that I still don’t have a give away for subscribers. but I’m doing very poorly at converting people to buying from me. part of this could be not yet having a large enough following. part of it could be not having many products or services to offer. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I consider you my friend and would trust your opinion on how specifically I could convert more of my readers into purchasers or at least get them to help increase my subscribers list by spreading the word about my blog and podcasts. thanks so much for the post. You prove that you follow your own advice by giving us an article that could have easily been a top traffic generator for your own site. take care, max

    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-20 at 7:03 pm

      Hi Maxwell

      You are right; at most of the blogs just art of commenting is covered with wonderful ways to give attention grabbing comments. But mostly replying comments is simply considered a courtesy to respond and nothing more than that.

      You have revealed a great reality that getting hundreds of subscribers and followers is quite common but converting them to buyers of our product is damn difficult. Here the real test of our mastery of conversion begins. So we should avail every tool to convert as much as we can and obviously replying comments is one of the effective tools for this purpose.

      You know very well I am always proud of being your friend and your trust on me means a lot to me. You actually gave me a topic to write a post and soon you would read this post at my blog about how to convert in terms of money.

      You are doing great at your blog and around social media and can be called a case study for achieving success in ideally short time. May you get more and more success.

      Thanks for sharing your very insightful views on this post.

      I am sure you are enjoying your weekend.

  12. Rachel Wolany

    2015-06-10 at 1:17 pm

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Great post. This is my fifth week blogging, so my fifth post. I know where I want to be in six months. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to represent myself over the internet before I started to write. I wanted the content to be authentic but I also wanted my own experiences documented and used as the examples. At first a felt a bit self conscious about this aspect of writing, however it soon became clear to me that I was giving someone a hard earned lesson and from there I have had no problem.

    I have not been on the internet for many years, so I have just starting commenting like crazy. At first I thought it would be a chore but it has been a rather good experience and ensures I am writing responses with the same ambition I do with content. Authentic. As for traffic, I am not expecting huge traffic just yet and I am okay with that (for now only), that way I become familiar with internet etiquette. I have not even begun to organise my sales pitch yet. But my main point is getting as much info as I can about conversion rates and how SEO work. I am warming my way in. Do I have expectations – like no other, they are high, but so too are the expectations of what I put out there. All in good time I say. But what got me going and thinking was your post. Cheers.

    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-20 at 1:55 pm


      Just after five weeks in blogging you wrote that so thoughtful and detailed comments; I wonder how awesome would be your comments after a few months. It shows you picked the right field for you.

      This is beauty of online content writing that one simply has to dive into it and after that she enjoys it more and more as much as she learns its basic concepts. To me this is one of the most enjoyable fields on internet.

      It is always good to start working with deep passion and by and by one’s work establishes and she has nothing difficult to face and she simply moves on and on.

      Initially one has to develop her authority and once it is established then huge traffic remains no big issue for her. So just branding is required and then success becomes her major pie.

      I am glad you shared your views in such details and also proved you have already much knowledge about this field.

      Thanks a lot for giving your wonderful feedback on this post.

      I am sure you are enjoying your weekend.

  13. Corina Ramos

    2015-06-10 at 1:17 am

    Hi Mi Muba and Harleena,

    It’s so nice to meet you.

    Wow, you have put together a wonderful post here. A funny thing though, when I first began blogging, I didn’t know replying to comments was the backbone of building a community until I started reading posts from bloggres like Harleena, Donna, and Adrienne.

    I found your tips to increase conversion rate and basic strategies very helpful. It never occured to me to check the commenter first. I’m going to keep that and the other suggestions you shared here in mind.

    It was good to meet you Mi Muba. Thank you for such an informative post.

    I hope you both are having a great week so far.


    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-20 at 1:48 pm

      Hi Corina

      Me too so glad to meet you.

      The bloggers you mentioned here are commenting stars in blogging and you did right by following their way of blogging.

      It is good to know you thoroughly read this post and picked the points that will benefit you to further your blogging achievements.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome views here.

      Have a nice weekend.

    • Harleena Singh

      2015-07-02 at 7:23 pm

      Hi Corina,

      It sure is a wonderful and informative post, isn’t it? 🙂

      I think most of us learnt about the power of blog comments from Adrienne, Donna, and few others and slowly developed our own styles. And now, I think so many of us are so natural in the way we comment.

      Yes indeed, checking the commenter is essential when you approve the comment. It’s good you don’t have any link dropping option, or else you’d be hit with spam half the time!

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice week ahead as well 🙂

  14. Cararta

    2015-06-09 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Muba,

    Wow! I’m afraid as “still learning blogger” that I never really thought about commenting replies, other than as a courtesy and appreciation for the visitor and his or her visit!

    Since this article is focused on increasing conversions of visitors by replying to comments, it becomes abundantly clear that your blog must be in order and set up to offer ways of contact and engagement.

    Guess some of it could be called “pre-selling” because it is very clear that establishing a relationship and maintaining that relationship always has to be your first conversion.

    Thank you for your insight.


    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-19 at 6:28 pm

      Hi Cararta

      Those who proudly claim to be a “still learners” are actually real learners and no one can stop them from becoming authority in their field sooner or later.

      Mostly replying to comments is considered as an act of courtesy but being an online marketer our every act should be purposeful and with comments replying we can achieve multiple purpose including rise in rate of conversion.

      You are right serving to the full satisfaction of our blog visitors is called in one way pre-selling because we do all that just to eventually sell our products and services to them to help them solve their problems with quality solutions.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughtful views on my post.

      Have a fabulous weekend

  15. Aabharan Shastri

    2015-06-09 at 11:11 am

    Awesome post! Love how you tied the wisdom of blog comments into blogging. I think this post really shows how there are lessons for bloggers (and in my case entrepreneurs) in so many areas of life. Many of these helpful lessons we already know but are just not applying to our business/blog. My favorite is “3.” Networking is so important and I’ve gotten many clients, business, and friends from just reaching out to introduce myself to someone new. A great blog brings lots of opportunities like that.

    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-19 at 6:16 pm

      Hi Aabharan

      Very important point you mentioned here: the Networking and without it I think it is so difficult to excel in any field and online marketing is typical example of this.

      I am glad you liked this post and have shared your awesome views on this post.

      Have a nice weekend.

  16. Donna Merrill

    2015-06-09 at 12:47 am

    Hi Mi Muba,

    It is so great to see you here on AHAnow! You have written about my favorite subject: Comments.

    I have always said that comments are the backbone of our blogs. Everything you have explained I totally agree with 100% because when a person comes to my blog, I read that comment carefully and answer it. There have been many times it turns into a conversation because the commenter needs more information. I give it to them. It is great because it elaborates on the content of the blog post itself.

    If someone is new, I immediately say Welcome! I do try to get them more involved in the comment section by asking them a question or go to their blog before answering them and saying something like “I see that your niche is ….”

    Now when going to other blogs, comments are a reflection of our brand. It is You.Inc. so we must put our best foot forward in that comment section. Leave a great one. But you know do leave the best comments!

    Other people see your comment and find it interesting and the next thing you know they are on your blog. It is pretty simple to do as long as you are ethical.

    When going to another blog, especially if they are a new person, connect with them on all the social platforms. Then after leaving a good reply, shout it out on social media.

    So you see by this long winded comment I do love this topic!


    • Mi Muba

      2015-06-19 at 3:26 pm

      Hi Donna

      I fully agree with you that this is your favorite topic but I will add a little more that you are authority in this topic as well and one can confirm by reading the quality of comments at other blogs and your replies of others comments at your blogs.

      Wonderful term you used here “backbone” and without it our blog can’t be upped to the height of success as this is any age of stiff competition so just reliance on SEO hardly brings huge traffic at one’s blog. For this purpose he has to build relationship with influences and active bloggers and for this purpose commenting is one of the effective tools.

      The way you explained how one should reply the comments at his own blog and how he should drop comments at other blogs is sufficient to tell how indepth knowledge and perception you have about this topic.

      So I can’t agree more with you and highly appreciate your stopping by and sharing your expert opinion on my post. I am regular follower of your blog, and you know this very well.

      Have a great weekend Donna.

How Replying To Comments Increase Blog Traffic Conversion Rate

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