How To Crack The Code Of Life And Achieve Happiness

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Code of life image showing a person in compassion meditation with a lock symbolizing life hack

Life is a mystery and to understand it you need to decode it. If you are successful in cracking the code of life, you achieve happiness.

Believe me, the happiness code is no secret or difficult to implement in life.

Don’t be surprised by the title of the post and the talk of codes because it is not about software programming! It is neither about genetic engineering nor genomics. 🙂

However, if you are a computer programmer, you will like the interpretation of life codes in this post.

By codes, I mean certain principles or rules of life that will do you good if you follow them.

There are ways of life that can help you live easily. You always have an option of following a code of living that can help you enjoy life and be successful too.

You can say that this post is somewhat about the programming of life through practical ways to make it better.

Who wouldn’t like to live a better life? You sure wouldn’t mind cracking some magical formulas or secret codes to get it all in life, right?

Okay, tell me, what do you need in life to make it better?

I think I can read your mind, so I’ve listed some of the options below that you might be thinking right now:

Money. I know we all need money to live a comfortable life, so I agree with you.

Girlfriend or a boyfriend. Well, we do need a companion, and if you can get a soulmate, that’s the best.

Good physique. Oh yes, you can impress others with a good body. More so, a healthy body will also help you be mentally healthy.

Now your mind is flooding with more desires and requirements – you need an expensive car, a lavish house, the latest mobile, branded clothes, and this and that!

And I agree with you – ALL of these things can make your life better.

But have you ever thought that what you try to achieve through these materialistic things are eventually some abstract qualities of life.

That’s right.

Whatever you do, indirectly you try to achieve “PHP” – PHP here stands for Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity (and not Hypertext Pre-processor, the HTML-embedded scripting language). 🙂

Actually, no matter what your beliefs are, the path of life you take, or which corner of the world you live in, your ultimate aim in life is to be happy.

Yes, its the happiness code that you really need instead of loads of material goods!


So, why not get “PHP” directly instead of taking the indirect, long route?

Why not take a shortcut in place of spending all your time and effort doing tens of things, do a few simple things to get more? Does it make sense?

But for that you need to know the code to get direct access to PHP in life. I bet you want to know about it, right?

I won’t keep you guessing, so here it is. Let’s crack the code of life to achieve peace, happiness, and prosperity!

Diagram of programming life using codes CSS and PHP


The CSS Code Of Life

In computer programming language, CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. If you are a WordPress blogger, you must have come across this term.

In this post, “CSS” is the seed code to get the fruit of “PHP” in life. You can program your life using the principles of CSS.

Here, CSS stands for Compassion, Spirituality, and Self-improvement.

Now, that’s very simple. In fact, it is one of the basics of life that everybody knows, so what’s so special about it?

The only specialty of the act of compassion, spirituality, and self-improvement is that it can easily, directly, and quickly get you long-term happiness, peace, and prosperity in life.

This is such a simple happiness code of life, but sadly, most of us aren’t able to understand it to implement it in our lives.

Don’t take it personally, as I’m relating to it in general terms. If everybody starts practicing CSS in their lives, wouldn’t this world be a better place to live in?

What does the world need now? Read this Aha!NOW post to know and reflect upon.

The Golden Rule

Do you know the golden rule of life?

We mostly use and refer to this rule but do not realize the power of this maxim of life.

Wikipedia defines Golden Rule as the ethic of reciprocity. This ethical code of life states –

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated (also known as the Silver Rule).

Now, if you are a blogger and a member of the ABC, you know the meaning and value of reciprocity. It is a two-way relationship formed by the act of equal and mutual exchange.

Not only the ABC members, I think most bloggers know the power of reciprocation, which means if you want more comments, shares, and visits on your blog – then you should visit other blogs and share their posts as well as comment too.

I don’t want to give a religious tone to this post, but I can’t help mention that the golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a part of the core of all religions.

Though this text may be taken from the Bible, all major religions of the world follow this principle and term it in their own ways.

This principle of empathy is also the foundation for cultivating compassion in life.

Image of Dalai Lama with a quote on how to be happy with compassion


If you want others to care for you, you should care for others. Fair enough?

According to the dictionary, caring is a loving feeling. It is a feeling and exhibition of concern and empathy for others.

You care for your family, friends, partner, and you can even care for strangers.

Caring gives rise to compassion, which is a deep awareness of sympathy for another’s suffering with a desire to help alleviate it.

Compassion leads to Altruism. Altruism is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others.

By being compassionate, you tend to donate to charities, volunteer to help suffering people, or render your services and time free of charge in the welfare for others.

According to Greater Good of Berkeley University, Altruism makes us happy, healthy, more loving, and a better human being.

See, you don’t have to buy anything or possess anybody to be happy. You just need to crack the code of life to get to the basics and unveil the mystery.

As per the Pursuit of Happiness website, “People who care for others’ well-being through acts of altruism, volunteering, or formation of communal relationships seem to be happier and less depressed.”

We now know for sure that compassion begets long-term happiness in life. 

How to Develop Compassion and Altruism

Caring becomes meaningful when you get down to implementing the care, selflessly. In fact, you need to program your life to selflessly help people.

According to a study and this article, compassion can be developed, and it is a skill that can be learned. Your brain can be trained to act compassionately and thus achieve happiness.

Here are some ways to develop compassion:

Believe in compassion –

Compassion is the magic potion for happiness. Here is the master saying it himself as you read above:

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~ Dalai Lama

Compassion will help you change your perspective and make you more positive. You’ll become an understanding and an easy going person, and be more kind and loving.

The first step to any self-development process is to believe – have the belief that compassion will cure your sufferings and make you happy.

Be compassionate for yourself –

Learning and practicing to be compassionate starts with you. If you are kind to yourself, you will be kind to others. If you love yourself, you’ll be able to love others.

Love and feel good about yourself. Forget the painful past and let it go. Forgive and accept yourself, and be grateful to your life.

With every breadth, open your heart and feel the love flowing through your heart and body. Think that you are the kindest person on the planet – and gradually you become what you think.

During this process of developing self-compassion, you may experience some barriers like frustration, resentment, sorrow, etc.

You need to let go of them and understand that this is detoxification of your heart, so good for you in a way.

Keep your focus on being kind and loving. You’ll feel good and forgive yourself as well as embrace yourself.

Next, you spread your compassion universally to your near and dear ones, and to strangers or even to those who do not wish well for you.

Practice compassion meditation for others –

When you feel the kindness and love within yourself, it is time to develop compassion for others by practicing compassion meditation.

It is just like normal meditation, but here you focus on the person for whom you have empathy and care about sincerely.

You open the floodgates of your heart and let the love flow because you wish well for the being of your focus.

Initially, you can use words and phrases like “May you be free from suffering and be healthy”, “Wish your life be filled with love and happiness”.

In fact, any good and positive thought that comes to your mind will help. It has to be intentional, coming straight from the bottom of your heart.

Feel and mean what you say in your mind, being focused and relaxed. Visualize the person or the being getting well and feel happy about it.

Eventually, you’ll learn to be compassionate by just expressing your kind and loving feelings without the need of words.

Read this article to learn more about how to practice compassion meditation.

Realize the oneness –

When practicing compassion for others, understand that all human beings are more or less similar.

Feel the oneness and as you do that, you’ll experience the sorrow and suffering of others. Send your feelings and wishes of love and care as you would do to your own self.

Feel for the person in suffering as if you were in the person’s place, and it happened to you.

Make no distinction and have no doubt – love others as you love yourself.

Don’t get confused between love and lust, as we are dealing with unattached and unconditional true love as a fellow being.

Make compassion a part of your life and daily habit. Practice gratitude and thankfulness.

Be thankful to everyone. Feel grateful for everything in life. Be giving.

Image of Deepak Chopra with his quote on spirituality


Being spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious. While as a religious person, you can also be spiritual.

Spirituality can exist independently and universally with no relation to any religion. However, every religion deals with spirituality in its own way.

Spiritualism is concerned about the personal and subjective experiences rather than being based on any religious text or teachings.

As a spiritual person, you are concerned with the spirit or soul, which is defined as the vital principle or animating force within living things.

In clearer and larger terms, spirituality involves a sense of connection to something bigger than us, a force that is powerful, universal, and eternal.

Spirituality is also the belief in transformation and progression of the state of your spirit or your Self, becoming better, free, and pure.

Spirituality helps us dig deeper within us and understand ourselves as well as understand others. It helps develop a feeling of oneness.

As a spiritual person, you are focused on self-development and expand yourself to embrace humanity as your religion. Spirituality is all about understanding life, self-discovery, and self-realization.

Many believe that spirituality helps develop inner peace and lays the foundation of happiness in life.

How to become spiritual

According to Wikipedia, spiritual practices may include meditation, mindfulness, prayer, the contemplation of sacred texts, and ethical development.

Love and compassion are often described as the mainstay of spiritual development.

Here are a few ways to become spiritual –

Find your life purpose –

Spirituality also deals with questions and thoughts about your existence. To become spiritual, you need to philosophize about life and try to understand why you exist.

As everything in nature has a purpose, you too have a purpose in life. That is, in fact, a secret code of life that can help you live a meaningful life.

Practice Spiritual Meditation –

To be spiritual, you need to control your mind and connect to your spirit. The mind can be a deterrent to your spiritual progress because it likes chaos, disorder, and definitely resists being reined-in.

Meditation is just the right practice to go to your inner depths and seek solutions to your problems.

Of course, there are various types of meditation like Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Mindful Meditation that are basically used to relieve stress and mindfulness. Meditation helps you stay aware and attentive.

Indulge in prayers and reminder acts –

Don’t ever underestimate the power of prayers. They are often regarded as the direct connection to the higher self or even to your powerful potential, hidden in your depths.

You also need to keep reminding yourself of your spiritual nature and qualities that set you apart from others.

For that, you should keep reading spiritual material and take part in spiritual discussions to enhance your knowledge.

Get curious about life –

You should use meditation and other activities to introspect and reflect on your life to sync yourself with your real self.

Always question about the events, processes, and things in life and try to seek their answers. Spirituality is a quest of life, and you need to get proactive in its development.

Become a helpful person –

Stripping down to the basics, we are all spirits in material bodies living in this world. We encourage spiritual development by helping other spiritual beings.

Yes, we are the yet-to-discover-ourselves spiritual beings. Other people and events indirectly help us reveal our true identity to us.

If you help others, others too will help you in reciprocation, and you will exchange love and kindness to brew peace in your lives.

Image showing a man changing his fortune after changing himself


No one is perfect. However, we can certainly improve ourselves.

The act and practice of improving yourself is called self-improvement.

The dictionary defines self-improvement as the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts.

Actually, self-improvement has a broad scope.

It can include improvement in terms of personal development like habits and lifestyle, or in terms of professional terms like leadership skills and time management.

Self-improvement can be applied to achieve better health, relationships, skills, career, personal growth, and life.

Overall, self-improvement is the process of making positive changes in yourself related to various aspects of your life.

To make yourself better than what you are, you need to adopt change. You need to be willing to change, for the better.

If you learn positive and productive habits, behaviors, and thoughts, you are more likely to succeed in your personal, social, and professional aspects of life.

As an improved person, you might excel in your work and remove obstacles in the path of prosperity, to achieve financial and professional wellness.

How to improve yourself

There is no secret to improving oneself, and it is no rocket science either.

If you really feel that you should better yourself and have a strong desire to do so coupled with equally strong belief and determination, you will find your way.

However, the below-mentioned steps will help you take the right directions and approach.

Make a Mission Statement –

First, find out what you want to be or do in life. Imagine yourself ten years from now and visualize how, what, and where you want yourself to be.

Based on your perceptions and desires aka your vision, create your mission statement and promise yourself to make it true.

Make a plan –

Be honest with yourself and evaluate your present standing. This fair assessment will reveal the gap between your present and future life.

You need to make S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals to make your vision a mission possible.

Be Positive and embrace change –

Adopt optimism and expect a positive change in your life. Keep faith in yourself and gear yourself to embrace the change that is required for your success, and be focused.

If need be, change your habits, routine, and attitude.

Be disciplined –

You achieve success through hard work. For that, you need to discipline yourself and be determined. Make your own rules, but don’t fake them.

Make it a habit to complete your objectives, achieve your targets, and accomplish your goals.

Learn to manage –

If you want to have a successful life, you need to manage your life properly. This includes managing your time, family, tasks, health, and other affairs.

Take tips from the masters, learn from the coaches, or join related courses to help you manage your life better. Always keep learning.

Don’t Procrastinate –

The last thing you can do is to go soft on your mission and stall it to make it impossible. Do not delay or postpone, or get lethargic and hopeless in the middle of your mission.

Be action oriented and always believe in yourself. Don’t ditch your dreams; don’t compromise for donuts when you deserve diamonds!

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Wrapping Up

The secret to achieving peace, happiness and prosperity (PHP) in life is finally achieved!

Okay, probably this wasn’t a secret, but you now know the complete code to make your life better. Cracking the happiness code is now easy.

Developing compassion will help you achieve happiness, cultivating spirituality will give you inner peace, and practicing self-improvement will bring you prosperity.

Life will no longer be a mystery if you apply the CSS code in your life. You will program yourself in such a way that winning will become a hard-to-break habit.

It’s no magic but besides happiness and peace, you will also receive all those things as sweet byproducts of your hard labor that you desired – such as money, material things, and what not!

It’s wise to seed compassion, spirituality, and self-improvement early in your life to reap the PHP rewards later.

Over To You –

What do you want in life and what do you do for that? Do you think compassion and spirituality help in life? What other tips would you add to these self-improvement steps? Do you have any special rules or codes in life that you follow to achieve PHP? What’s your happiness code? Share in the comments.

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  1. Very Much Inspirational, Happiness is a natural thing we can only get from spiritual circumstances. I was practiced yoga once, experience was so nice & relaxing. Thank You for sharing.

  2. I loved this post
    I have some deep experience from books by Deepak Chopra
    I did not plan my path to be influenced by him
    It just so happened
    And I have my story to tell some time when the time is right
    It is a pity that children are not taught some of these wonderful lessons in school while they are still young and open to influence of this kind
    Anyway we all have an individual responsibility to share what we believe to be shareable with people so dearly in need of knowledge about the purpose of their lives . Thanks for the wonderful post

  3. Hi Vinay,
    what a great post. I very much appreciate the way you tie together the material, practical,spiritual, and ethereal realms as they are “coded together,” as you say, in making our life experience full and rich in the best meaning of the word.

  4. I am very worried about my life. I will always think of how to achieve success. I can not understand. So I think all of the Internet. Today I saw a text of this kind began to fall. The writing is a little light reading my mind. Thank you very much for posting this.

  5. Great post! i just like this post as it motivates us towards happy life.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a happy life ahead. 🙂

  6. great post indeed, i liked the title of the post which is stared with crack code….
    and inside the post every word is placed amazingly…
    Another thing i loved is abbreviation of PHP and CSS

    Thank you so much

  7. I really like the way use used tech words to decode the key to happiness. It was quite innovative to use PHP and CSS 🙂 I especially loved reading the part of blog where you mentioned about how to improve yourself – Making a plan, embracing the uncertainty and be disciplined! I am definitely going to follow your blog regularly!

  8. Hello Vinay Sir,

    You have truly advised how to crack the code of life to find happiness. I never see PHP and CSS like this. In one word the article is awesome. I am spellbound after reading this article.

    Best regards,

    Moumita Ghosh

  9. Hi Vinay,

    It is said of the historical Buddha that he spoke to people in ways that were right for each person or group of people.

    I think you did the same with how you used PHP and CSS!

    Wonderful post!


  10. In my life, the experience of great sadness, and the understanding resulting from what I learn in overcoming it has led directly to being a more compassionate person. If you have known hurt, you recognize it in others and are able to more effectively act to alleviate needless suffering. If you can’t be sad about your own ignorance and failures, you won’t rededicate to improving your focus. If you want to learn the art of succeeding in a challenging environment then subscribe to my free e-book. Thanks

  11. Hi Harleena Ji,

    PHPCSS – Interesting code of life indeed, the right mix that we need to stay centered & do everything right in our lives. Thanks for sharing this! Made my day :)


  12. Hi Vinay

    Kudos to you and what an awesome post.

    You know I was fascinated by the way you used programming terms to tie to life principles like PHP and CSS

    There is one level where we practice compassion and Happiness to others so that we can receive such as well but there is another level where we understand why humanity needs to be given compassion and Happiness without really think about receiving.

    This level really to me is Spiritual apart from praying and meditation. It is a point where one’s spirit becomes tuned to the World Cosmos.

    Self development is necessary and should never be taken for granted. If one’s cup is full, then there will be no way to learn and this is as good as death.

    Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up to an awesome post. Take Care

  13. Hello Vinay,

    Haven’t I been missing out? I saw this title over and over. But I am having a few coding problems and when I saw the title I avoided it. Thinking you were giving advice on coding tips that are easy and will make you happy.

    What a great post. But firstly I want to congratulate you on your honesty. When you talk about compassion you talk about and I quote you ‘During this process of developing self-compassion, you may experience some barriers like frustration, resentment, sorrow, etc.’ Generally when I read posts, they talk about how to obtain this but leave out, how hard it can be at times.

    Secondly I enjoyed the forumla.

    Now for your questions. I have just started doing what I see me doing for the rest of time I breath. This thing called blogging and You tubing. I want to be at the top of my field. But I understand that I am doing nothing but being a student at this present time. Learning and feeling my way. And yes I am a meditator – so I know this will balance out the times of doubt. The reason I want to do this blogging seriously is due to compassion. What I have been through I would like to share. I want to embrace my history and show it off – because I celebrate getting over the barriers. For my self improvement, my key is reflection. And I have done this for years now that it happens automatically. I dont even set times anymore to reflect, I trust that it will happen. Mind you some times when reflection comes up – I am in situations where I cant give it my full attention. Sometimes I even think my mind teases and tests me but sure enough I go back to it. Because reflection has given such a clear direction as to how I want to respond to the world.

    I have never thought about a happiness code – however I do consider myself happy go lucky generally. However I have had to be a little militant as I was letting everyone in – interpreting it as my duty to serve. Because that is what I believe I am here for; to serve others. But my energy was being zapped and people started taking advantage, so I had to get a little tough, but it has balanced out now. I know when, where and who to focus in on and allow my energy to envelope them. The gift is presenting itself more and more since I have been blogging, so I know I have nailed the path. Thanks for the post and thought provoking questions. Rachel.

  14. Hi Vinay,

    What a beautiful post. I want everything you posted about to become a part of my life.

    20 years ago I did much of what you posted about, somehow I took the wrong turn in the road and now that you’ve got my attention I’m going to turn my life around and take your path. I was so much happier in those days using meditation and spirituality as the course I followed then. I also prayed a lot and I still do. I used a lot of self help books too.

    Thank you for a beautiful post!


  15. Hi Vinay

    Great post, and lots to think about.

    When I was a little girl the “Do unto others…” quote was drummed into me, and I think it was a good rule to live by.

    One of the changes I am trying to make is to be kinder to myself because I’m my own worst critic. I remember I upset a friend once and she was giving me a bit of a telling off – but she wasn’t beating me up anywhere near as badly as I was beating myself up!

    I loved the play on PHP and CSS – although I can’t help thinking that the search engines may give a surprise to someone searching for PHP and CSS. If they find your post, it will likely to more valuable to them!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

  16. Hi Vinay,

    What a wonderful topic and was reading through this the first thing that popped in my mind was happiness as well. I read a little more and there it was..

    I truly believe that if you’re happy then compassion and self-improvement usually go hand in hand with that but of course I would hope that everyone has some sense of spirituality as well. I do believe having all of these together can definitely make our lives so much better.

    I’ve tried to live by the motto to treat others as we would like others to treat us. I think if we can put others in our shoes then we have a much better understanding and of course along with that come compassion. You did mention reciprocity as well and of course I believe that is huge for all of us whether we’re talking about our lives and helping others or as bloggers.

    Most people know my story of course and how I lived with a Dad who had cancer 42 years of my life. That really can teach you a lot about life, compassion for others, helping others and that life isn’t to be wasted at all. We each have to make choices of how we want to live our lives and it definitely helped me to learn that I don’t need to take anything for granted and live my life to the best of my ability. With that to me starts with helping others.

    Really appreciate your message today Vinay and sorry I haven’t been by here in a while. Had a rough month last month but it’s a new one and I’m excited about what June will bring. Hope you and Harleena are doing well and I hope you have a great week.


  17. Hi Vinay,

    This is such a great post. I think compassion and spirituality definitely plays a part in how our life is. If we focus on helping others and sharing our blessings with less fortunate ones, I believe we are blessed even more. If we’re only focused on ourselve, we won’t get anywhere in life.

    It’s sad when people think material things like money and looks is the key to happiness. Sure it these things can improve ones life but I personally think there is more to happiness than that.

    I enjoyed reading how to achieve PHP and the principles of CSS. I agree, the world would be a much better place if we all practiced this way of living.

    I remember being taught the golden rule as early as 5 years old.

    I really enoyed reading this post. I’m so glad you shared some advice how to become spiritual. Some people find it hard to do. And I enjoyed the quotes you shared as well. I don’t think I have anything to add since you’ve really provided all there is to know about cracking the code of happiness.

    Thanks for putting this together!

    Have a great week and month. Say hello to Harleena!


  18. Hi Vinay,

    I was nodding my head all through this article. Since a child, I grew up with the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Growing up religious, it made sense to me then as it does now.

    I find that my spirituality heeds a strong effect on my inner peace. If I get annoyed or angry at people in the world who are harming others I remember a quote “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Yes, the last words of Jesus. I repeat this over and over again, until I find inner peace by praying for them.

    These two quotes I have lived by forever has helped me gain inner peace.

    I do talk to many people, and they always tell me I make them comfortable or feel better. I don’t push my faith on them at all. I see people as one race…the human race and am compassionate. Maybe that’s why I get a reaction.

    I do believe that our actions and energy speak louder than our words. When we reach peace and harmony others feel it. If we can touch but one person in our lifetime and spread this, we have done a wonderful job with our lives.

    I do believe we are here on this earth to love one another. Sometimes it is difficult, but with compassion and forgiveness in our hearts, that energy can spread.


  19. Hi Vinay Sir
    You have connected our personal life with all the digital coding system. After looking at the heading of the post, I was not able to decode it’s proper meaning. But, after reading it, I understood the bigger picture in a simple yet effective manner.
    Everything in our life is connected. There is lot to learn from everything. We just need to have a proper vision to grasp their full potential. I am in love with your acronyms. You have brought in more life to these developer’s code by pumping more positivity.
    Dalai Lama’s quote clearly explains the importance of compassion in our life. We all need to understand the power of compassion. I completely agree with your reciprocation point. After joining this community only, I learned the process to interact with different people. I always believe that sharing is a wonderful thing.
    From this month, I am taking a sharp turn in my life. It took me a long time to realize this shift. I am not thinking it in terms of a late decision. But, I am glad I am making this tough decision. This is a new journey for me. From now, I am planning to move ahead with two most important ingredient- Passion and Patience.
    Thanks for coming up with this uplifting post.

  20. Great Post Vinay,

    The tone and advice of this article shines bright light. I believe that fixating/disciplining your mind to focus on a single thing such as giving love to yourself (which results in a natural urge to give love to others) in every instant of your life helps still the mind and create avenues to cultivate that love. As a result of this disciplined mind all other virtues follow in it’s wake. All the topics you covered here can be achieved if rigorously pursued and i’m grateful that you shared a taste of what the future outcome looks like. A more divine human being and a better world. Thanks again Vinay!!!

  21. Vinay, nowadays I’m not feeling good regarding somethings and I definitely required some motivation.

    Thanks to you that I’m motivated to improve myself more. I definitely believe in spirituality and from now will believe more in it. Bringing compassion in life is something which I need to learn.

    Sometimes we want to do somethings immediately, but that may not be possible. It is patience which we need to have in life. I hope that you’ll soon write a post about getting patience in life.

    This post of yours will definitely make many people feel happy. If you get time do connect with me on facebook, I need to talk more about the same topic :-).

  22. Hi Vinay,

    All excellent points! It’s have been said that it’s better to give than recieve. Why? Because putting others before ourselves is spirtual.

    This post reminds me of that and how important it is to learn yourself, if not, your appetit for things can enslave you. You will always be searching for peace and happiness in things. But never looking within for the code of life. A code we were all born with.

    You are right doing simple things do make a lot of sense but it doesn’t to the ones who only think of themselves. You laid out for us so well how to learn compassion by thinking less of ourselves and believing we can become compassionate.

    All I ever wanted in life was a peace of mind and heart. This post is a road map to that.


  23. Hi Vinay,

    Hahaha, you got me. Initially I thought this was some kind of code programming, but I knew it was not, because it is related to life and happiness. 😆

    Well, there are many things I want out of this life. There are many things that I never get in this life. And there are a lot of things I want to do in life.

    Yes, I’m sure the spiritual and compassion will help us in this life. I have no doubt of it. 🙂

    Also, I like the way you interpret PHP and CSS in another sense. It was a brilliant idea. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, Vinay.
    Hope you can enjoy your weekend!


  24. hi vinay; i loved your post. not sure if its because you brought so much information in the form of personal experience and other resources or because so much of it is how i have lived my life since starting my transformation about six or seven years ago. prayer meditation and a positive outlook are increibly important to me. i also believe in continual self improvement. I approach each day with the attitude of I will do what i can as well as i can today and then do more or do it better tomorrow. great post my friend. xoxo max

  25. Hi Vinay Sir,

    Found your post really amazing. It teaches us how to live happy in very easy way and i would definitely use these in my life. Thank you for your wonderful would look for more such posts from you.

  26. I dedicated most of this year to making myself better. Actually, more than the business itself. I know that I needed to improve myself first before I could do great things. I knew I was lacking in many areas so it has been a great learning year for me. Developing and planning = set me on the right path BUT I have to admit that there are some days that I procrastinate. It’s a real battle though it gets easier.

    Currently, I will be meditating for 20 minutes after posting this comment. Loading up headspace now LOL 🙂

  27. Hello Vinay sir,
    I am glad I did not read the post yesterday late night. Now that I am a bit free and have some time to ponder on your post, I feel I have learnt a LOT.
    This post is really so inspiring and detailed sir, that it evoked a sense of action in me.
    Being a fab coder yourself I went wow when I saw you named PHP and CSS in the post. It actually made it more tasty.

    “Do onto others as you want others to do onto you”. Yes this is what I think we all were taught in preschool and should practice the same.

    Feeling for others is the best thing we can do for them. I think not only for humans we should feel for the animals and birds too.They have o one to care for them and need our love and support.

    Helping someone who is in need even though we know that the person can’t give us something in return is a true virtue. Compassion without expecting is the best compassion I feel.

    Meditation. I did it some days before. I even downloaded an app that played a specific mantra in the ears to help concentrate but that was just after my graduation when I was in depression but as soon as I started blogging I had to be up till early morning so could not afford time. gradually I stopped it completely. I just uninstalled the app a couple of weeks ago but I think this post has inspired me to atleast do something on this again.

    having a purpose. I know it is completely different from having an aim. I have heard in movies people talking about callings and purpose of life and how they got it. I am confused I haven’t got it yet.

    Creating a name for yourself or earning money isn’t calling, right? SO how do we get to know our purpose. I wish I could talk to someone elder about it but frankly speaking no one talks such deep things in our locality and if I start discussing this they might say “take rest this is stress” or even laugh out. But I truly wish I get my calling soon. Paying just the bills and dying isn’t what I want my life to become.

    OH Yes! I knew it. I knew it that you are super good at psychology. Look your new BIO says you have a degree on it. If I wouldn’t have studied pharmacy, I would have loved to study history and psychology along with programming (not this type the java , c++ type) because I was not knowing these all exist at that time.

    Thank you sir. Refreshed, rejuvenated, fresh perspective, inspired and actionable is what your post left me
    like now. 🙂

  28. Hello Vinay,

    Mindblowing post. I love how you started off with the PHP and CSS codes. I won’t lie. For a second I thought…oh! Is this post telling me how to use programming to crack the code of life?? After reading your post, I realized it did. You post helped me see how Programming and Life have something in common…
    They are both simple…Yet we sometimes fail understand the concepts and insist on complicating things making life hard for ourselves.

    Hats off to you. I loved how you came up with such a creative and well thought post. You indeed revealed something many of us know but you made easy for us all to put into practice.

    Referring to this sentence in your post “Being spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious”. I’m glad you made mention of this. People often tend to think if you are spiritual you have to have a religion which is not the case at all.

    The definition of being spiritual differs from person to the other.
    I am spiritual and my definition of it is to be true to myself and help make a difference in people’s lives.I Do I need a religion to do that? Of course not. Isn’t it?

    Referring to the last few questions you asked:

    Just like anybody else’s my life hasn’t always been a bed of roses.But those rough patches have helped me understand people and made me more tolerant. I now use what happened to me, my experiences, the way I cope with difficult times to help others in similar situations. I believe and perform acts of random kindness and love putting a smile on people’s faces. Nothing makes me happier than seeing somebody smile because of me. Makes me feel blessed.

    My special rule is ‘living in the moment’. Being totally present in the NOW. This is one area I see hundreds struggling with and not living in the moment is leading to having regrets.

    I just want you to know that I just spent ONE hour here on this post of yours. I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely a great start to the weekend.

    Thank you so much.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend:)
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Hema,

      I’m so happy with your feedback and how much you liked the post. Aha! you know sometimes I do wonder if we are androids, who can program themselves. 🙂 But talking of self-programming, I hope you have heard of NLP, that’s neuro-linguistic programming. You’ll realize that you can really program your life script.

      Life is simple, but it all depends on your perspective. We do sometimes blind ourselves to the reality and fall deaf to our inner voice. That’s when we start creating the illusion of complication. You’re right that we are responsible for making life harder for ourselves.

      Nothing is a secret in today’s world. With Google in our pockets, we can know about anything at any time. But knowledge isn’t enough and not really productive if we do not implement what we learn. Honestly, I’ve revealed anything new in this post – its just packaged in a different form so people can identify with it easily.

      I agree that spiritualism is a subjective concept. Howsoever one may view or interpret it, it results in progress and development. Your concept is great and its divine to help others and make a difference. I’ve nothing against religion as each and every thing in this world has its significance.

      Its beautiful how you have used your life struggle as a lesson and reason to help others. You truly are blessed if you make other people happy. Mindfulness and living in the NOW is the way to go. It does sound easy, but it isn’t. I’m happy that you believe in and practice living in the moment.

      Wow, you spent 60 minutes to read 3000 words, that’s about a word per second – you’ve taken the post in by your pulse! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you benefit yourself from it.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment and your beautiful thoughts. You too have a great weekend!

  29. Hii Vinay Sir,
    What an awesome post on life and happiness.I like the way that you have relate life and happinees with computer coding,I am also an computer engineer.Sir you have also shared some inspired thoughts in post.I really like the post.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Deep,

      Glad you like the post and the interpretation of happiness in life through computer codes. I hope it helps you.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  30. Hi Vinay,

    I have read a lot about “the secret” to live a happy life, but this is one of the best and most creative articles I have read in a very long time. I really enjoy the easy to understand and easy to remember CSS PHP reference, I’m not a programmer, but I am familiar with both.

    I live a simple life, I just smile and that’s about it. Every time I look into a person’s eyes and smile that person will smile back at me. So many good things are happening just because we’re positive and keep smiling and helping.

    1. Hi Jens, great to see you on this post!

      I’m glad you like the post. Yes, I thought that CSS-PHP reference and interpretation would go well with bloggers and programmers, and it did.

      You’ve put simply the greatest way to live – be positive, be happy, and be helpful. Wish if everybody adopted your philosophy, we would have happiness and peace all around.

      Thanks for your visit and comment.

  31. What an incredible post Vinay. You can certainly write in a way that keeps the reader wanting more. It would make a good eBook or report but I’m sure you have already thought of that!

    Being immersed in the subject of health for most of my life since I was at school I very much agree that “a healthy body will also help you be mentally healthy”. Little do people realize that mental health is very much connected with the health of the body.

    Doctors tend to treat it as though is has nothing to do with the rest of the body. I know of psychiatrists who prescribe diet and nutritional supplements instead of drugs and get amazing results. I also liked your phrase
    “detoxification of the heart”.

    Some people like my husband find it difficult to visualize. So for people like him it’s hard to “Imagine yourself ten years from now and visualize how, what, and where you want yourself to be”. A way round this is to create a vision board.
    It can be a physical one or an online one. I know people who even create a board on Pinterest for this. You can keep it private of course.

    This is one of those posts that you should keep coming back to as there is so much to take in. I don’t mean that in any negative way either. And I love the way you have connected the computer terms to the code of life.

    Looking forward to reading more of your in depth articles.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for the appreciation, I’m truly honored. Thanks for your ideas, and yes, I would work on those when the time comes.

      Harleena and I have written many articles on health, so I can confidently attest to what you wrote – the health of your body and mind are related. That is why, a daily dose of meditation, exercise, and nutritious food is essential for happiness in life. The trio make a great combination.

      Just like the detoxification of body, you can also detoxify your heart. Meditation can also serve as detoxification of your mind. It happens that we are filled with negative elements, feelings, and thoughts and you need to flush them out on regular basis for a healthy living.

      You make present great pointers about making visualization easy. It’s great to create a vision board, and that too on Pinterest. It’s also good to keep a journal and then analyse it later to understand your behavior and thought patterns.

      I’m glad that you liked the post and find it useful. You have really added great value to this post and made it more meaningful.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Have a great weekend ahead!

  32. Hello Vinay,

    I was told that not all what you planned will come to past… but at list, trying to achieve your lifetime goal is what we all are doing right.

    Treat others exactly how you’d want to be treated and your world will be filled with joy and fulfilment 🙂

    You just showed me that life itself is a code… 😉 thanks for the inspirational post, it was indeed helpful.

    Have a beautiful week both of you…

    1. Hi Babanature,

      That’s perfectly true, and moreover, you even do not know if you would live tomorrow. However, in spite of life’s uncertainty, you do plan and think ahead with positive hopes. Having goals are essential to move forward, or say, to thrust ourselves ahead.

      Compassion is pure magic and the concept of reciprocity is enchanting. And yes, life is many things and the interpretation depends on your perspective. 😉

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. You too have a great weekend ahead.

  33. I love how you used computer code to relate it to the codes of life. Ingenious!

    Sure catches people’s attention, too!

    I’m a pretty happy person, overall, but I really enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      I’m glad you liked those computer code terms and their use. I thought that would be the best way so bloggers and programmers can relate to life.

      Everybody has his or her own happiness potion or formula, and I’m glad to know you have your own and its working!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  34. Hi Vinay sir, This is awesome post and I am speechless for the style you written this post. Totally amazing and can not be explained further. You described beyond our thinking about life and its requirements.

    Yes, compassion and spirituality help in life and no one can live without facing such situations.

    Finally, I must say that I did not commit mistake to be a member of this Aha-Now community.

    Once again thanks for sharing this realistic post to help others in their day to day life.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – a Community of Bloggers

    1. Hi Mohinder,

      I’m glad you like the post. Thanks for the appreciation and the kind words.

      Compassion, spirituality, and self-improvement are all necessary and they go hand-in-hand.

      Mohinder, if you wish, you can also register in the ABC as an official member of the community. You will find the register link on the blog.

      Thanks again for visiting and sharing your views.

  35. Nice post Vinay! I appreciate your ‘trying to help; attitude.
    I read about the spirituality thing that you wrote.
    For me, Spirituality cannot be a ‘PART’ of being happy. It should be everything all you need. It is important to know the BASE of all things. The seed from where fruits come.
    Instead of looking at different ways to be happy, we should find that ‘ONE’ source where our true happiness lies.
    Again, Good luck with everything you are doing!


    1. Hi Ankush,

      I agree that spirituality is not a part of happiness, but happiness is certainly a subset of spirituality. That is why we work on spirituality to get happiness and inner peace.

      The seed, in fact, is compassion, which helps spread love and kindness that in turn brings peace in the world. Happiness is, in fact, a state of mind and you can do different things to achieve it. Though there are different levels of happiness, you experience the ultimate bliss at the highest spiritual levels.

      Thanks for your wishes, and for sharing your views.

  36. Hi Vinay,

    This is truly a happy post, guiding how to crack the codes of PHP AND CSS, what a wonderful interpretation of finding happiness. I like the graphics that complement these codes. I think they summarise the subtotal of life though making plans for life is not everybody’s way of living and some of them go haywire, making us wonder what went wrong!

    Self improvement is the pivotal point, to my mind. When we start working on ourselves, happiness and peace step in effortlessly but self-improvement can be quite challenging and therefore we all struggle with all other aspects of PHP.

    Thanks for sharing the code of life, which is quite interesting. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi Balroop,

      Glad you like the post and how it was presented.

      Making plans are just one aspect, and as Carolyn and I discussed in the comments on this post, you need to keep your plans flexible but its good to have aims and goals. However, compassion is something that every human being should develop.

      Yes, achieving PHP is not as easy as it sounds in this post. In fact, nothing in life comes easy, and we need to work hard to achieve the good things in life. However, those who choose to improve themselves, do really benefit.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your views. You too have a great weekend.

  37. Hi Vinay, Wow, what a wonderful explanation of the steps we should take to achieve happiness. Yes, these things are key and if everyone followed them the world would be a better place. Imagine if everyone just had compassion. No wars, crime, strife, poverty. Who could argue with that?

    I love the Dalai Lama quote, it fits so well with the Golden Rule and shows that there really isn’t a downside to compassion.

    I’m not much of a planner though. Any time I’ve tried to make a plan, it has never turned out the way I intended. Usually life throws in so many curves that it seems to be mocking the fact that I made a plan. Now I see what opportunities arise that may move my life in a positive direction. That avoids a lot of stress!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful inspiration, Vinay!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Well, there is a lot you can do to be happy in life and in many different ways too. I’m sure you’ve your own methods and ways but I just wanted to highlight the basics that you cannot do without when trying to achieve happiness and peace in life.

      I believe that the lack of compassion, inability to rein-in the mind, and having wrong beliefs are the source of the miseries of the world. But compassion is really the seed of peace and happiness.

      I agree that life surprises us all the time so our life plans should always be flexible. You need to be like the person who walks on the rope, whose both ends are fixed but it keep swaying. You need to do the adjusting and balancing act to hang on.

      You follow the right approach – instead of having fixed ideas or plans, it is wise to assess what is thrown at us, understand its meaning, and change the direction if needed. If we keep doing our best and surrender to the results, and then make the most of it too, we certainly can avoid stress.

      Thanks for your inspiring comment and beautiful views. Have a great weekend ahead!

  38. Hi Vinay,

    I like the similarities to programming and how you played on that.

    I think being compassionate to yourself is important. A lot of people tend to be hard on themselves. When you put that kind of pressure on yourself it’s hard to find joy.

    It all starts with you and this is just the beginning. Once you’re compassionate for yourself it becomes natural to act that way towards others.

    Like you said you should always be grateful for your life, and that’s something to be happy about. 🙂

    Very uplifting. Enjoy the rest of the week.


    1. Hi Lea,

      Let me tell you that I’m not a programmer myself, but you can’t really avoid these two programming terms when you work on WordPress blogs. 🙂

      I agree the importance of self-compassion. That’s the seed that grows to make the world happier and peaceful. Most people who go wayward are not happy and do not value or love themselves. Once you choose to be on the path to self-improvement, you need to go slow and steady and try not to go to extremes.

      I’m grateful because I’m learning and living – that’s the biggest miracle of my life!

      I’m glad you found the post uplifting. Thanks for visiting and sharing your beautiful views. Have a great weekend ahead.

  39. I want peace of mind! And I think practicing awareness, self compassion and gratitude are also important aspects to improving oneself.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      You’re absolutely right, and all these actions and behaviors are mentioned in the post so I can’t agree with them more. I wish you fulfill your wish to have peace of mind.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  40. Hey Vinay,

    I really like posts like these and I have actually been thinking about how I can be happier and have more piece in mind. for me it starts out with being useful.

    I can remember when I came back from vacation and how depressed I was because I had to go to work. But once I got back to work and saw how much I was needed, that balanced everything out and I felt at peace.

    But yes I do want to put CSS more into practice because I see it as a way for me to really locked down on being balanced! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      I’m glad you like the post. I agree with you that being useful and helping others is a divine trait of humans. You’ve got it and I can sense the level of your kindness.

      The CSS is just a way to categorize all the good things that you can do; you can just pick up a few to start with, however, I’m sure you’re doing many of them already. Here’s wishing you a balanced, happier, and peaceful life!

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your views, and have a great weekend yourself.

  41. Hi Sir,
    very interesting post and style is awesome describe in code it is very helpful post.
    Thanks for sharing keep up it.

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