10 Benefits of Playing Scrabble

Playing Scrabble has many benefits besides escaping boredom, including intellectual and health benefits. Here are all the benefits of playing Scrabble.
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People play Scrabble to escape boredom. But that is not the only reason to play this game. In fact, playing Scrabble has many hidden benefits that range from developing your intellect to enhancing your vocabulary and much more than you can imagine. Not only that, it’s got health benefits too. Here’s a list of all the benefits of playing Scrabble that you should know. ~ Ed.

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Scrabble refers to a board game that allows you to put letters together to create meaningful words.

Playing Scrabble, particularly with your friends or family members is a great way to forge stronger relationships and kill boredom.

However, it is more than a simple game of words as it involves many strategies to succeed.

Besides being a good party and bedtime game, there are lots of other benefits you can enjoy while playing Scrabble.


10 Benefits of Playing Scrabble

People of all ages love to play Scrabble. It’s not only a family game but also a challenging game having its own competition events. Get to know the top ten benefits of playing Scrabble.

Scrabble teaches you the vocabulary

One of the most obvious advantages of playing Scrabble is that it’ll teach you to expand your vocabulary. But as a word game, it will also help you to improve your word-derivation skills.

Individuals who play Scrabble often learn to utilize suffixes and prefixes more easily than those who don’t play any word games. Playing this game is the same as oppositely playing a typical crossword puzzle.

Besides understanding how to spell English words correctly, you can also learn about the different meanings of many words and how you can use them.

Although you’re not supposed to use a dictionary apart from when a particular word gets challenged, most young players learn the Scrabble game with a dictionary or an online scrabble word finder.

However, competitive Scrabble rules typically disallow the use of dictionaries or other online tools, since the competitions are intended to give the players a chance to display their spelling and vocabulary skills.

Scrabble helps develop your intellectual abilities

There have been researches that point out playing word games also aid in developing the cognitive capacity of people. Such games also compensate for lack of education.  

Regular cognitive exercises have been proven to delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease as well as other types of dementia.

If you teach each other about some rare words you use, you can acquire some new knowledge in science, philosophy, and history simply by expanding your vocabulary through game-play.

Playing Scrabble and reaping the intellectual benefits of the game requires confidence. If you find Scrabble can be too challenging, and are discouraged from playing, trying a word unscrambling tool. You can enter the letters you have, and it will present words that you can play. Overtime, you’ll build your confidence playing the game, you’ll enjoy it more, and best of all, you’ll fine tune your intellectual thinking!

Scrabble teaches you strategy

Scrabble has interesting features which make it pretty challenging.

Some of the letters are relatively rare, and they should be played fast, or you will risk holding the letters when your game comes to an end.

Because the Scrabble ends when there aren’t any more letters to be drawn, or one player utilizes all their letters or a complete round of play in which none of the players can create a word, all the remaining letters are usually deducted from the scores of all players.

Strategy in Scrabble involves planning a couple of words ahead. Although there’s a possibility of an opponent blocking planned words, players strive hard to build out some word combinations to get the opportunity to utilize Double and Triple word or letter score squares found on the board. That will maximize the points you will be awarded for using your letter tiles.

Scrabble encourages social cooperation and bonding

Families, strangers, and friends enjoy playing Scrabble game and other word games for many hours, hence strengthening their social skills and bonds.


Gameplay helps you learn how to easily adapt to new rules and also work together towards a common goal.

Group games are popularly accepted as a form of shared entertainment, where individuals spend some time with each other for fun and recreation. A dinner party might change into a social game party as your companions break out several board games.

Scrabble helps improve your emotional well-being and personal confidence

In Scrabble, you have to solve a logical problem in each turn of play. So, even if you do not win the game, you derive a great sense of achievement from playing it. You get a good feeling of creating great scoring words on the board.

As you build your confidence in yourselves and your abilities you are in a better position to deal with relatively ordinary setbacks and also make better decisions in your life.

Scrabble improves creativity

Scrabble is a word game that continually teases your kid’s creative skills. Children are always forced to think more creatively and create words that are not present on the board.

Moreover, you can also teach your kid to move a couple of tiles on the Scrabble board to make some new words to score more points.

Scrabble develops concentration

Scrabble game demands the player to pay a lot of attention to the blocks of words on hand.

Children will learn to utilize every letter effectively to make high scoring words. These tasks will assist in building the levels of concentration in your little one.

Scrabble fosters learning through creative play

One of the best ways to teach children to learn is via creative play. Scrabble game is an easy and exciting way to enhance your kids’ language capacity and teach them essential life skills, the exciting way.

Therefore, go on and get that Scrabble board; it is time to make learning incredibly fun.

Scrabble helps boosts the immune system

Due to the positive feelings senior adults experience when playing this word game, their immune system can easily ward off illnesses and diseases.

When feeling sad, anxious, stressed, or depressed, the natural defense of the body against diseases is lowered, which increases the chances of an elderly loved one getting sick. Playing Scrabble will help a lot in keeping your loved ones healthy.

Scrabble makes you happy

Most board games, like Scrabble, are fun activities to do with the seniors and other family members. Chances are there’ll also be a lot of laughter during the word game. By laughing, the body increases endorphins, a chemical found in the brain which triggers a feel-good reaction.

The laughing will not only bring happiness to your elderly family members, but it can also increase the level of compassion, trust, and empathy, the elderly loved one, and other players share.

Wrapping It Up

Playing Scrabble isn’t limited to families or homes. Just as there are tournaments for crossword puzzles and spelling bees, there are competitions for playing Scrabble. Competitors might become incredibly skilled at this word game, mastering highly sophisticated vocabularies and strategy.

Individuals seeking to challenge themselves through competitions might welcome the opportunities to do so via Scrabble social competitions, which are not physically demanding like sports competitions. Besides, playing Scrabble boosts social engagements, unlike other competitive games.

For the reasons discussed above and many others, most people enjoy playing Scrabble.

Sometimes, parents cannot wait to introduce their kids to the game. Playing Scrabble is exciting and mysterious as well as challenging at the same time.

Over to You

Do you like playing Scrabble? Do you know of any more benefits of playing Scrabble? Please add them by sharing your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I love playing scrabble because it brings out the logical side of me. I play against my husband who has a huge vocabulary and always loose to him. But…I can laugh at myself when I make mistakes. It does a lot for the relationship. Sometimes he will fool me and tell me with a straight face “that is a word” when it is not. Then we have a good old belly laugh.
    Playing this game with him is always fun and guarantees lots of laughter.

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