5 Things to Avoid When Using Sunglasses

Sunglasses are for protection of your eyes against the harmful sun rays and you should use them responsibly. Here are the things to avoid when wearing them.
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Sunglasses are important for the protection of your eyes against the harmful sun rays. Your primary objective should be to use them for protection rather than a fashion statement. However, people sometimes use it only for style and don’t maintain them. Here are the things you should avoid doing when wearing sunglasses in order to carry then responsibly and protect your eyes. ~ Ed.

Sunglasses are not only fashionable but they are also functional. Let me explain.

We put clothes and sunblock over our skin to protect it; unfortunately, we can’t do that with our eyes.

In a study, 34 percent of American adults have experienced the effects of prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet Rays from the sun. The over sun exposure symptoms range from eye irritation, red or swollen eyes, and blurred vision.

Also, the risks of cataract and sunburned eyes are not really a concern for most people compared to the effects of the sun on their skin. Instead, we need to take care of our eyes and protecting them from UV exposure by wearing sunglasses is one of them.

However, we also need to be responsible when we do wear our protective sunglasses.

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5 Things That You Should Not Do When Wearing Sunglasses

Here are some things that we might want to avoid when wearing or using one.

Foregoing Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription glasses or prescription contact lenses are there to correct our vision. There is a need to wear them even if we’re not reading or using a computer.

However, when we go outside, our eyes won’t be protected by your contact lenses or eyeglasses. It is convenient when in the outdoors, especially on the beach to remove your contact lenses and use prescription sunglasses instead.

Using non-prescription sunglasses over contact lenses outdoors will sometimes make your eyes feel dry or itchy. Using prescription sunglasses will give you the protection as well as let you see comfortably when you’re under the sun.

Style over Protection when Outdoors

Americans choose comfort or style over UV protection when selecting sunglasses.

More than 62 percent of Americans prefer comfort rather than protection and this has accounted for more of the damage the sun causes to the eyes even when wearing sunglasses.

Style is important and wearing something you’re comfortable with is one of the top criteria of fashion. However, when doing work outside or watching an event we must also consider the practical aspects of what we wear.

We don’t just wear a shirt during the winter, we put our jacket on and we don’t wear a sweater during the summer under the scorching heat.

However, your eye partners from Shark Eyes will not let you sacrifice style for protection as well. Their wide array of selection of stylish sunglasses with UV protective coating will cover your fashion needs as well as the need to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

Forgetting  to Maintain Them

Your favorite sunglasses will last you a long time if you take care of them. It will save you money to maintain one on-hand rather than always purchasing a new one when you need it.

Here are some tips for taking care of your sunglasses:

  • Rinse it. Do not use a dry cloth directly to wipe your lenses because it attracts the smallest of particles and it may damage your lens when you rub it. Rinse it gently with water or liquid solution for lens maintenance and wipe it dry with the cloth.
  • Storage. Use a case when storing your sunglasses. This will prevent the accumulation of debris and any accidental untoward mishap that may damage your sunglasses. Wearing it properly and not putting it on top of your head is also advisable because it may distort the frame and damage the lens.
  • Stop touching the nose piece. When adjusting your sunglasses it is advisable to hold the rim with your finger and thumb rather than pushing it with the nose piece. This is to maintain the sharp look of your sunglasses.
  • Avoid Excessive Heat. Leaving your sunglasses in a parked car under the summer heat without shade will damage it irreversibly. It is important to store it in its case and not leave it exposed to such heat.

Thinking of them as a Luxury

More than 50 percent of Americans buy sunglasses on account of the price rather than the protection it can give. This is just the people who have chosen to buy sunglasses.

There are a lot out there that think sunglasses are a luxury and that UV Ray protection can be granted by cheap sunglasses too.

Protecting your eyes when outdoors is not a luxury; in fact, it is recommended that you wear sunglasses when you’re outside at 8 am to 10 am and later in the afternoon as well. It will cost you more later on if you forego protecting your eyes today.


Forgetting Etiquette

Sometimes when we are used to wearing sunglasses, we may come off as rude to other people.

There are places in the United States as well as around the world that it is not appropriate to talk to someone, while indoors, still wearing your sunglasses. Wearing one while engaged in a conversation creates a barrier between you and the person you’re talking to.

You’d want to be attentive or appearing to be attentive when you talk to someone. Here are some tips to wear your sunglasses without drawing irks from other people:

  • It’s okay to wear sunglasses and talk to someone on the beach or if you’re outside doing work. When you’re outside a store and you happen to talk to someone you can keep them on unless it becomes a lengthy and serious conversation.
  • If you’re in a pharmacy or convenience store, take off your sunglasses when talking to others.
  • When there is an event outdoors, you will need to take your sunglasses off because you’ll be mingling with people and some hosts wouldn’t want people wearing sunglasses in their pictures. But if the event fails to provide some form of shade or protection you can wear your glasses to protect your eyes.


In whatever you do, always consider wellness and health. Sunglasses are fashionable, but they are also important. Using and knowing how to use one is equally pertinent.

Our ancestors didn’t have sunglasses and they have lived their lives, but who’s to say that they didn’t need one or having one could have benefited them in their later years.

Innovation is a product of necessity so it only follows that we have sunglasses now, and the principle behind it is the protection of the eyes, we should use them when necessary.

Over to you

Do you use sunglasses? Share your tips and experiences in the comments about things one should avoid when using them.


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  1. Hey Emily,

    I love the way you present this topic. Also, I must say we should care for sunglass is really important thing. Prescription sunglasses and eye-wear can save our eyes from many harmful thing like dust, pollution and uv from sun. Overall i can say the perfection of your shape and shades defines your over all personality.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

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