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This is the first post in the “Share your problems” series of self-help posts on Aha!NOW.

Every month, there will be a new topic in this series, where you are welcome to share your problems or questions related to that month’s topic.

Not only sharing, you can also help, seek advice, get solutions to your problems and answers to your queries. These posts are free and open to everyone.

This is the platform to discuss your personal, family, and professional issues.

The topic of this post is personal “relationship problems”.

To know how to submit your problem, jump to “How to go about”.
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Relationship Problems

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines relationship as “the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other.”

Relationship can also be a romantic or sexual friendship between two people. Marriage is the official, legal, and socially accepted form of such a relationship.

There are also live-in and extra-marital relationships. Here’s a Wikipedia link that mentions all other types of personal and interpersonal relationships that people have.

Every relationship can have problems. The problems can be situational, but generally they are due to faulty personal qualities or individual differences.

The differences are in the following personal qualities –

● Attitude
● Beliefs
● Behavior
● Feelings
● Perspective

And so on.

Most relationship problems are due to ego clashes or differences, and misunderstandings. Some arise due to issues of incompatibility.

In a relationship, people either make incorrect inferences, jump to conclusions, or simply do not want to accept their mistakes.

The first thing that most people do while experiencing a relationship problem is to cut the connection or stop communication.

It’s like destroying the bridge, which disrupts the supplies of love and understanding to each other. Communication is the lifeline of a relationship.

My previous post talks about the main components and fundamentals of relationship, which are communication, love, and respect, that creates the bridge and bond between people.

At times, either you or the other person does not deal with the relationship properly. General solution to a relationship problem is mutual forgiveness and compromise.

This is easy to state but difficult to achieve.

Mostly, people are troubled with relationship problems because they lack mutual understanding.

In a relationship, somebody has to take an initiative. However, the thought of being demeaned and rejected makes people hesitant to take the step.

The only solution is taking a step backward from their stand, and putting the other step forward towards resolution.

Types of Relationship Problems

Couple having relationship conflicts

Problems can affect any type of relationship, be it among friends, family, colleagues, lovers, or even life partners. It may be as small as differences of opinion to as grave as physical abuse!

We’re limiting the discussions to only personal problems between lovers, spouses, and friends.

Here are some of the typical problems that people experience in their lives –

– You are in an abusive relationship, and you feel trapped in it.
– You feel totally disconnected as there’s lack of communication.
– Your spouse is having an affair, and you don’t know what to do.
– You’re dating your friend and all of a sudden she/he has a change of heart.
– Your spouse prefers to be with friends, and hardly spends time with you.
– You’re having an affair and you feel like breaking your present relationship.
– You love your spouse but the daily conflicts related to money break you down.
– You feel the love in your relationship has died, and don’t know how to revive it.
– Your partner is always stressed or working and you feel your sex life takes a beating.
-You’re having an affair and you don’t want to carry on with it, but don’t know how to go back.

There can be innumerable and all types of relationship problems. What is your problem?

How To Go About

When you’ve a problem, you can’t ignore it. The first thing you can do to resolve it is to accept and share it.

You might’ve some questions – I’ve anticipated some, and here are the answers.

Why share?

I’ve written it all here – all the reasons that you wanted to know why sharing your problems really helps you.

Where to share?

In the comments below this post. There’s no separate forum or section, because writing in the comment would be the easiest and quickest way to convey your problem.

What to share?

You can share your relationship problems or questions that have been bothering you, hampering your daily activities, or disturbing your life.

Just share anything that you feel like, though only related to personal relationships this time.

How to share?

Follow this format –

1) Define and write your problem in the first line.
2) Describe and write the problem in detail in the next few lines.
3) Reply to comments in the same thread so the commenter gets notified.

People will respond to you as replies to your comments. In this case, you might want to subscribe to the comments so you are notified whenever somebody replies.

You can also subscribe to all comments to the post, if you wish to be acquainted with the other relationship problems that people experience.

When to share?

Now! Why wait and suffer more? If you wish to have privacy, you can comment anonymously without adding any links to the comment.

Who can help you?

Although I don’t guarantee that you’d find the perfect solution to your relationship problems, we can try to help you.

All the readers of the blog, the Aha!NOW blog community, experienced coaches, and just about anyone can help you because everyone has some kind of an experience where relationships are concerned.

I request all to reply to the comment in the same thread so the original commenter gets notified. Before you proceed, I request you to read this disclaimer.

I hope you find solutions to your problems and bring happiness into your life. Just have patience and keep the faith, this too shall pass and the sun will shine again as the dark clouds pass by. 🙂

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List of stated  problems (click to view the problem in the comments):
1) I’ve a nagging wife who makes my life difficult.
2) Is sex a factor to be considered in a relationship?

Over to you –

Do you have any relationships problems that you’d like to share? What do you think about this new section on Aha!NOW? Share in the comments.

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  1. ruchi

    2015-03-13 at 9:08 pm

    hello readers,
    I am 33. married for 10 years now, in a big joint family. I have two kids. My problem is that my husband is alcoholic. we both love each other. but the nuisances which he creates and only left me with embarrassments at home and in public. my in laws are not supportive at all. they instead blame me for the things. I tolerated thinking may be he might change but he continued. kids get scared watching him. he always committed me but never lived upto them. things became tough and difficult for me. I was like a movie in the big joint family where all are happy but only I was the one to get tortured.
    finally I decided to leave him for good concern thinking may be then his parents take a concern for him. I am now staying with my children are with me they go to school. all is well here. my parents are very supportive and they don’t want me to go back to him. but I love my husband as I know that he loves me. lately he has started taking medical treatment which includes therapies as well but he is too busy with his work that he says that I don’t need therapy. he had stopped drinking in between for somedays and wants me to go back to him. but I just cant think unless he is fully cured. we are in touch regularly. its been a year now that I left him but he is still drinking. he has reduced but not left. the pattern of his drinking can came out any time with reason or with out reason.
    please advice me. how should I go about this? thanks.

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Share Your Relationship Problems on Aha!NOW

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