How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

We know that saving money is as good as making money. Here are some tips that you can use to save money on your water bill and better manage your budget.
A running tap in kitchen leading to water wastage and increased water bill

We know that saving money is as good as making money. One of the ways to save money is to find ways to reduce your bills. Here are some easy tips you can use to save money on your water bill and better manage your house within your budget. ~ Ed.

More and more people are now conscious of the environmental impact of their actions. 

This is the reason why they strive to exert the extra effort to conserve energy and minimize their consumption of water. In doing so, they tend to save their money and if you are keen on cutting back on your bills. 

Here are some tips on how you can save money on your water bill and in the process, preserve water as well.


7 Tips to Save Money on Your Water Bill

It’s important to check your water usage, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Taking showers, washing dishes and clothes are some of the aspects that can help reduce your water bill.

Regularly Inspect Your Pipes and Fixtures

The first thing that you need to do to be able to save some money on your water bill is to regularly inspect your pipes and fixtures for leaks and drips. 

If you are caught unaware of any leaks and drips, you may be paying for water that you don’t get to use and what’s worse is that you are wasting water. If you regularly inspect for leaks, you will be able to address them promptly. 

For instance, to check whether your toilet has a leak, add a couple of drops of food coloring in the tank. You will know that you have a toilet leak if the water clears up. 

On the other hand, if you notice a slow water flow or low water pressure, there is a big possibility that there is a clog in your drains or pipes. As said by Chris Manariti of Manariti Plumbing, it is essential to let the expert plumbers check your drains and pipes using CCTV equipment because digging up a blocked drain may be unnecessary. 

The important thing is to be able to have a good evaluation of your pipes and fixtures because this is the first step in conserving water and cutting down on your water bill.

Store Cold Water in the Fridge of Hot Water in a Thermos

Running the tap and waiting for the water to cool down or heat up frequently not only wastes water, but it can also add up to your water bill, and your electricity bill. 

A good practice is to fill a jug of cold water and store it in your fridge to keep it cool. You can also fill a small thermos with warm water from the tap because the thermal capacity of the thermos will be able to keep it warm. 

Running the tap water to wait for it to cool down or warm up once, rather than several times in a day, to fill your jug or thermos, is an efficient way of reducing your water bill cost.

Take Shorter Showers

When you take a long shower, then you tend to use up more water. More water consumption ends up as a larger sum in your water bill. 

Thereby, taking a shorter shower means that you use less amount of water, which leads to a reduction in the amount that you are charged with for water consumption. 

It may seem negligible, but there are studies that show that reducing the time you shower by even five minutes can already lower your water consumption by about 4000 gallons of water annually.

Don’t Let the Water Run While You Are Brushing Your Teeth

Letting the water run as you brush your teeth or as you shave is not only wasteful, but it also translates to the amount that you have to pay for water use. 

A better practice is to use a glass of water to rinse your mouth after you brush your teeth. You can also keep a cup of warm water beside you when you shave to dip your razor from time to time for rinsing.

Use the Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher frequently may prove to be costly in terms of your electricity consumption. However, hand washing instead of using the dishwasher is also costly in terms of water consumption. 

To address both of these problems and help cut down your costs, it is best to avoid hand washing your dishes and just run them in the dishwasher once your dishwasher is already fully loaded. To rinse off your dishes before you load them in the dishwasher, avoid using tap water. 


Instead, fill a basin or a container with a small amount of water, just enough to rinse off excess food from the dishes. In this way, you will be able to save 1/6 of the water compared to hand washing dishes or using a dishwasher that is not yet fully loaded.

Run a Full Load of Laundry

Just like with a dishwasher, running a full load of laundry will allow you to save not only water but electricity as well. 

Running your washing machine and dryer in its full capacity means that you will need to use it less frequently. This greatly reduces the amount of water and electricity you use up. It can also help if you opt to skip the permanent press cycle of the extra rinse which uses an additional five gallons of water. 

Cut down on your detergent use as necessary to be able to skip this extra rinse. You can also upgrade with more efficient appliances and in doing so, look for washers with labels that indicate its efficiency. Generally, a front-loading washer is more efficient in comparison to a top-loading washer model.

Upgrade Your Faucets

Another way to save on your water bill is by upgrading your faucets and installing an aerator

Modern faucets or those with an aerator reduce the flow of water without generally compromising the performance of your fixture. Studies show that a faucet with an aerator is 30% more efficient than a standard faucet.

Wrapping Up

Saving money on your water bill may prove to be challenging, but it is doable. 

Taking shorter showers and not letting the water run while you are brushing your teeth can be the first step. Running full loads of dishes and laundry can also do the trick in saving money on your water bill. 

Even if you feel like you only cut back a few dollars each month, the accumulated amount can make a big difference at the end of the year.

Over to you

What do you do to save money on your water bill? Share your tips and experiences in the comments.


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  1. My mother is planning to have water Well constructed in her backyard because she heard that this will help her save water bill. Well, I agree with you that it would be a great idea to store water in the fridge because running the tap water and wait for it to cool down will be a waste of money. Thank you for also sharing here the advantage of taking shorter showers because this will help reduce her consumption.

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