What To Do Following a Serious Personal Injury

Serious injuries can cost a lot. After seeking medical attention, take photos of your injuries, gather proof, and keep a record of the medical bills.
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A serious personal injury can cause physical, mental, emotional, as well as financial problems. If applicable, you can take a legal action to recover your monetary losses because of the injury. You will have a strong legal case if you gather a few evidences and records. But first, you should seek medical attention. Here are the things you need to do following a serious personal injury. ~ Ed.

What To Do Following a Serious Personal Injury

It can be incredibly overwhelming when you suffer a personal injury. Not only is it entirely unexpected, but it can completely destroy any plans you had, both professionally and personally. 

It is entirely natural to feel a little confused and overwhelmed, but it is in your best interests to act accordingly. This will benefit you when making insurance claims or taking further legal action. Professionals that are experienced in personal injury cases, such as The Bruner Law Firm, know all about what it takes to win a case. However, the average person probably does not, which is precisely why I am writing this post. 

In this guide, I will point out some of the key actions you need to take straight after suffering a personal injury. This will help embolden your case if you choose to take legal action. 


3 Things to Do Immediately After a Serious Personal Injury

First of all seek medical attention, and then take photos of your injuries, CCTV footage of the accident if possible, and keep a record of your medical bills. Do these things even if you do not plan to take a legal action because in case you change your mind, they could come in handy.

Seek Medical Attention

The first priority is your health and wellbeing. Remember, serious injuries are not always obvious. Internal bleeding or severe head trauma cannot be detected by looking alone. Always seek the attention of a medical professional following an injury to ensure that your health is protected.

Some of your symptoms may not show for days or weeks after the event — you can only be sure following a proper medical review. This can also help your case with insurance companies afterward, as it puts your injury on record and demonstrates the perceived severity. 

Take Photos of Your Injuries

This is especially important if you plan to take legal action afterward. Photos provide hard evidence of the injuries you sustained, which can then strengthen your case. It can also be used to assess the severity of the injury you sustained following the accident. Unfortunately, in a court of law, your personal word is not always enough.

Beyond pictures of your injuries after the event, if you can acquire CCTV footage of the accident itself, then you are in an even stronger position. This will provide direct evidence as to how the incident occurred and who is ultimately responsible. Just remember, CCTV footage is often wiped regularly, so it is best to put a request in as soon as possible.

Make a Record of Any Money You Lose as a Result

Aside from damages caused to your health and wellbeing, financial damages are a significant component of any insurance or legal claim. To better represent this, it is wise to gather as much information as possible as to how you have been affected. If you were forced to take time off work, create a specific record of how much money you have missed out on due to your injury.

Additionally, it would be helpful to keep a record of medical bills that will undoubtedly build following your injury. These can be especially important when pursuing compensation, as your insurance company should pay these off if your case is successful. Medical bills can relate to anything associated with the treatment of your injury, including equipment and medication necessary once you have been discharged from the hospital. 

Personal Injury is Daunting, But You Aren’t Alone

There is no doubt that suffering a serious injury can be a stressful and emotionally challenging time. However, with the right legal representation, you can earn back all the money you may have lost throughout this arduous process. You may even be able to earn more in compensation, especially if you have evidence that the accident impacted your life negatively in multiple ways. 

Remember, preparation is key! The sooner you enact any of the tips above, the sooner you can see results and the better prepared you will be for the court day. Get the compensation you deserve today!

Over to you

Have you or your loved ones ever taken a legal action after suffering from a serious personal injury? Share your tips and experiences in the comments section.


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