Struggles with Addiction: A Star Shares His Own Story

Alcohol addiction is common. Here are some facts about alcohol and its addiction that you probably didn’t know. Also that it’s never too late to recover.
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Alcohol may make inroads into your life through seemingly harmless social drinking or fancy dinner parties. Before you know it, you can become addicted to it. However, it’s never too late to recover. Here are some facts about alcohol and its addiction that you probably didn’t know. And a message through a story about the personal rehabilitation experience of a star. ~ Ed.

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a serious disease that can affect literally anyone. Experts have examined many causes, such as race, gender, genetics, and social circumstances while trying to find the connection between the source and the problem. The only solid proof they could find is that behavioral and psychological factors can play a significant role in it.

Liam Payne is a successful 26 years old member of a boyband “One Direction” and a famous English singer and songwriter. Since his debut in an audition for British television series X-Factor in 2010, most of his fans from all over the world know him as a sweet and well behaved young person. Because of that, his confession about the struggle with alcohol addiction came as a big surprise. Hopefully, the story about his journey to sobriety and the message that people who suffer from substance use disorder should seek help in alcohol rehab facilities or online aa meetings will reach many young people.


Some Facts about Alcohol

Since alcohol is a legal substance and a matter of tradition in many countries, it can be found in almost every shop, and adults can purchase it freely without any restriction. The development of the microbreweries and home brewers made the consumption of beer a trend, especially after new fruit flavors and tastes emerged.

However, with high amounts of alcohol, up to 12 percent, beer became significantly strong, and by drinking it, many people, including the US colleague population, can get easily intoxicated. It might come as a surprise to many, but wine has a highly concentrated amount of alcohol. Compared to beer, an average wine has 5 oz. which is close to 12 oz. of alcohol in beer.

Fancy dinner parties usually imply drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers, which is considered more of prestige than a source of the problem. Lessons about the danger of getting addicted to alcohol by following socially acceptable drinking behavior are a part of every alcohol treatment, and drug counseling clinic included it in their program too. The same lessons but in the format of a person’s experience, you can get on 24-hour aa chat rooms online. 

Alcohol Addiction: It’s Never Too Late to Recover

Almost 59 percent of wine drinkers in the US are women. Modern female socializing often includes spending time drinking wine and relaxing after a stressful day. What most women don’t know is that due to a smaller body mass and less water content, compared to the male body, they end up having a higher concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream. 

Men often choose a combination of hard liquors and carbonation as a quicker way to achieve the feeling of happiness and boost of energy. This mixture will radically speed up alcohol absorption and intoxication, and lead to an extremely high risk of heavy alcohol abuse and addiction. 

Most people who occasionally drink, during social activities, do not realize how close they are to get addicted. The frequent settings, in which they consume alcoholic beverages can blur their perception of the state of their drinking.

Many successfully recovered drinkers claim that it was already too late when they realized how deep they sunk into the addiction. During their participation in online aa meetings USA, some of the stories they shared revealed that frequent drinking slowly but surely became the part of their life, and they realized that when rehabilitation was the only way out.

The Rehabilitation Experience Story of a Star

The statistics of alcoholism shows that there are many reasons why people start and continue to drink. In his story, Liam Payne described how popularity and fame made him feel exhausted and under a lot of pressure.

His drinking problem started during his carrier in the band, after performances, when he would reach for drinks to deal with his feelings, loneliness, emptiness, and boredom. He confessed that he learned how to hide his drinking problem so well, that no one noticed it.

Leaving the band had a huge negative effect on his mental health, so he decided to start with the therapy due to severe depression. Unfortunately, his struggle with alcohol use disorder continued to exist and followed him in his solo carrier too. Finally, he realized that he needs assistance to overcome difficult times, he’s going through and bad situations he was getting into, because of drinking.

Payne openly spoke about his rehabilitation experience with the prescribed epilepsy drug, and the effects it had on him that gave him great insight into the difficulties of the recovery process. Although medications kept him stable, he was unable to function normally under certain lighting, which was a serious problem for a professional singer. 

Payne underlines the importance of support and assistance during recovery and explains the benefits of aa meetings. During his therapy, he realized that because of his addiction, he lost a sense of direction in life, which made him seriously scared and concerned for his future.

Although he is still struggling to find balance in everyday life, he claims to be in a much better state now and strong enough to keep working on his sobriety.


New treatments for alcohol addiction offer many options, including inpatient and outpatient programs, from 30 days to a year. Different medications can be prescribed, such as antidepressants, for easier dealing with emotions common during rehabilitation.

Alcohol addiction can be treated with counseling, nutritional changes, and even with drug therapy in inpatient drug rehab centers. However, for some patients, the best solution is to join an alcoholics anonymous (AA) group or aa support groups online.

With so many options, the best way to treat alcohol use disorder would be to consult the experts in rehab facilities or join aa group, in order to find the best method or the combination of several different treatments. The therapy will be successful if all aspects of the disorder are treated, including the stress of recovery, to prevent relapses, depression, and other mental health issues.

Over to you


Have you or your loved ones ever been treated for alcohol addiction and been part of an aa group? Please share your experiences and tips in the comments to help others.


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  1. thank you, I really liked your article. I especially liked your opinion that it is never too late to be cured, the main thing is to finally realize the problem.

  2. thank you, I really liked your article. I think real examples always work better than just facts. And in general a very interesting article, I learned a lot. I especially liked your opinion that it is never too late to be cured, the main thing is to finally realize the problem. Because how often we are afraid to admit to ourselves that we are alcoholics, and then we think that it is better not to do it at all, because it’s so late. BUT no! It’s never too late, and you proved it to us. Thank you again

  3. Great piece here. Addiction is the worst disease and slavery at the same time. I agree totally that alcohol addiction is a problem that requires counselling and this article has pointed it very well. I could not ask for more than this. Thanks.

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