Alcohol Addiction: Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

An alcohol addict exhibits many alcohol abuse symptoms. Here are ten early warning signs of alcoholism you should recognize to get rid of alcohol addiction.
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Alcohol addiction is a disease but you can cure it. Like any other disease, alcoholism too has its signs and symptoms. It’s most helpful if you can recognize the early signs of alcoholism so you can avail treatment in time. Here are ten warning signs of alcoholism that you can easily spot and help save your loved ones from destroying their life. ~ Ed.

A man exhibiting important warning signs of alcoholism

Drinking is an age old intercultural lifestyle habit.

Mostly People drink because of ceremonial or social reasons. But drinking becomes a problem when it gets too personal or too far

A typical early warning sign of alcoholism is drinking on a daily basis. A diehard alcohol addict might start drinking from early in the day and carry it throughout the day.

The most evident warning sign of alcoholism is a person drinking alone through the day. It’s a sign that the person is finding it difficult to cope with life.

When confronted, such people become angry and often lose their temper to dispel any attempt to take away their drinks.

Some people take to drinking secretly – they don’t want their family and friends to find out how much they are drinking all the day. This is another common warning sign of alcohol abuse.

No doubt alcoholism is a disease that shatters a person and breaks families. However, you can stop this from happening if you pay attention to the early warning signs of alcoholism and take appropriate measures. Also, it will help if you try to understand how does drug & alcohol addiction occur?

Here are some of the indicators of alcoholism that can help you save your loved ones from plunging further into alcohol addiction.


10 Early Warning Signs of Alcoholism to Recognize an Alcoholic

Recognizing alcohol addiction is hard because addicts are typically good at hiding their addiction and persuading others that nothing is wrong.

However, there are several tips on how to recognize alcoholism that a friend or a loved one may be struggling with. Here are a few signs of alcoholism for you to be aware of:

Lack of responsibility

A little alcohol can act as medicine, but when you’re a regular, you tend to avoid responsibilities. You won’t show up at time, will be avoiding work. This isn’t productive at all.

A person who’s unproductive may not be an alcohol abuser but this person is also a habitual drinker, the chances are that the irresponsible behaviour is an early sign of alcoholism.

Physical signs of alcoholism

Drinking not only affects our brain but our whole body. Red eyes, trembling hands and shabby look are obvious signs.

An alcoholic can hide bad breath but not this typical warning sign of alcoholism.

Stress buster

One should notice if a person has made alcohol his stress buster.

People who depend on alcohol or any kind of drug as a source of redemption from stress are pushing themselves deeper in the tunnel.

Inappropriate time of drinking

A person who is a slave of substance abuse forgets all limits and any time of the day becomes the right time to drink.

If you find a friend or a family member drunk at odd times, often, it’s an alarm – a most likely early sign of alcoholism.

High tolerance

Someone who is a regular drinker can drink way more than his buddies and has a higher tolerance to alcohol.


This is the most obvious of all the symptoms of alcoholism. He can be drinking even after everyone is done.

Failing at maintaining relationships

There can be many reasons a person starts to drink. Not only he starts running away from responsibilities but becomes very irritable.

Alcoholism leads to bad behavior, hiding things and being aloof. These things don’t help make healthy relationships.

Being dishonest about drinking

A person who avoids talking about the amount of alcohol consumption is well versed with his uncontrollable addiction.

So if they try to hide it from you, know they’re in trouble and need help.

Abandoning recreational activities

Once an addict you do not enjoy the activities you used to enjoy. Movie Fridays, baseball Sundays and painting almost every alternate day are no more in your routine.

If you avoid things you once enjoyed thoroughly, know that these are obvious signs of alcohol abuse.

Unexplained Mood swings

A level headed person suddenly starts getting irritated at everything and is unable to explain it, pretty obvious that he/she has been in a drinking habit.

Being an addict isn’t something very fascinating, once you’re habituated to it, a little delay or decrease in amount can may you cranky.

Monetary issues

Needless to say that no place serves free alcohol, an addict spends a lot of money on his addiction and may face financial crisis.

If you come across this, please look into the matter with utmost care because your loved one might be in some serious trouble. The urge to get drunk makes them do things like steal or borrow money they can’t return.

If you want to help your loved ones and get them out of trouble, it’s necessary to be aware of these early warning signs of alcoholism and their addiction.

Wrapping It Up

A person who is a more than an occasional drinker and is irresponsible, not punctual, unproductive, procrastinator, and looks shabby may be an alcohol addict.

Any kind of dependence on alcohol is dangerous. Alcohol abuse becomes a habit. Anybody who drinks to reduce stress exhibits one of the early warning signs of alcoholism.

Drinking throughout and at anytime of the day is a sure shot sign of alcohol addiction. Alcohol abusers generally have big capacity and high tolerance for drinking.

Secretly drinking, being irresponsible, cranky over little things, and estranging relationships are the common warning signs of alcoholism.

If a person who is known to have a drinking problem isolates himself or herself and becomes a social recluse, it can be yet another important warning sign of alcoholism.

Over to you –

Did you ever see any of these alcohol abuse symptoms in your loved or known ones? Do you have any other experiences to share? Please write in the comments.


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  1. This article was way different than others, a touchy topic here. I havent had a chance to deal with any addicts so far (thank god). The signs you have mentioned are quite enough to recognize one though.

  2. Hi

    This is so true and knowing the warning signs of alcoholism will different make a difference and enable one to swing to action to avoid the consequences. Thanks so much for sharing this post.

    Take Care

  3. There s one of alcoholism state and the most danerous ,it s when the person can t be normal ,if he doesn t drink ,he can t drive ,work and even talk ,he need a dose of alcohol to be himself or at least to be able to do normal things of life ,
    once he decide to stop drinking ,he feels like a stranger to himself ,and to others ,all what he was used to share with them stop ,he become inable to talk ,to think ,to réalise even small actions ,loose communication ,can t sleep … etc although medecal help

    sorry for my poor english ,I hope you andestand the meaning of my coment ,thanks

  4. Hello Harleena,

    It has been a while since I visited your blog and yes I love your content.

    This article was way different than others, a touchy topic here. I havent had a chance to deal with any addicts so far (thank god). The signs you have mentioned are quite enough to recognize one though 🙂

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