9 Trendy iPhone Cases for 2019

Here are the latest trends in iPhone cases, ranging from plain to designer mobile cases. Mobile cases provide protection as well as style to your iPhone.
Black stylish iPhone case and many colorful iPhone cases in the background

Cases provide protection to your mobile. Not only that, but they can also be your style statement. You’ve options ranging from transparent, plain or designer cases for your iPhone. There are many different options for iPhone cases this year that may interest you. Here are the latest trends in iPhone cases. ~ Ed.


We all follow trends whether we realize it or not. Even people who claim they don’t follow them are, in a way, still following a trend by subverting that expectation.

Even the smallest of gadgets that we don’t always think of as fashion are part of a larger trend. Phones and their cases are no exception.

Pop sockets, marble patterns, waterproof cases, and more – all of these have been popular phone cases at one point or another.

So what are the major phone case trends of 2019?

Well, you can find quite a few of them among the best iPhone 8 cases from Casely.

If you’re eager to get a trendy case while it’s still hot, here are just a few of the big trends we’ve noticed in 2019.


9 Trendy iPhone Cases

Trends change with time. Here are the latest trends for iPhone cases that may interest you.

Clear Cases

Some people choose an iPhone based on its color, so why wouldn’t they want to show it off?

For those rose gold lovers (or anyone who prefers their phone color), clear cases are a perfect choice. They provide a little extra protection for your phone during a drop or slip while still showing off the phone itself.

You can also find a number of clear cases with designs, like flowers or hearts that show off the phone color but provide a little extra touch of personality.

Charging Cases

This type of iPhone case is becoming more and more popular, not only for some great designs but for sheer utility.

For people who are constantly on the go, it can be hard to find time to stop and charge up your phone when it’s low on battery. With charging cases, your phone will be protected. The best part is charging cases come in many styles, colors, and even sizes.

As a huge trend in 2019, you won’t have any trouble finding one that best expresses who you are while your phone battery stays perfectly preserved.

Wallet Case

Much like the charging case, these types of holders are valued for their utility, not just their looks. However, they do come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit anyone’s tastes.

Some wallet cases simply have an extra pocket to stick your ID and some cards in. Other versions are much more like a “normal” wallet, with multiple pockets, an enclosed space for cash or change, and an open/clear slot for your ID.

These are a great blend of form and function for those who don’t carry a bag or simply like everything in one place.

Rose Gold

Never fear – rose gold is still a wildly popular color choice for any fashion, and phone cases are no exception. Even if your phone itself is not rose gold, there are tons of cases in this shade out there.

You can find anything from solid colors to rose gold, marbling to glitter, and more. You can go more subdued and simple, up to glamorous and sparkly. It’s really all up to you.

Marble Cases

Marble patterned cases rose in popularity in 2018, but the trend continues.


You can find marble style cases in nearly any colors, but the white or black background with a metallic marbling is the most popular. Some are completely metallic, where others only have the marbling itself gleaming through the minimal background.

You can find rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and so much more. The minimalist style will have enduring popularity throughout 2019, and beyond.

Floral Cases

Who doesn’t love a good floral print? You can find florals in nearly any color palette: from dark and cool to light and pastel.

Roses and daisies are some of the more popular flower styles, but you can often find wildflowers and sunflowers, too. Florals are a comforting reminder to keep calm, no matter the colors. You can make your phone look bright and beautiful with little effort.

Animal Print Cases

Tiger stripes, zebra stripes, leopard print, snake skin print – all of these and more are some of the popular animal print cases.

Some cases, though not often, even have “fur” to make them soft, or have some kind of texture to them.

There are “realistic” patterns, with true to nature colors, and there are others which use the basic shapes but bright or fun colors to give the case another level of personality. Leopard print and snakeskin are especially popular right now!

Plaid Cases

The faithful closet staple from preps and to grunge punks everywhere is making a major comeback in fashion.

Aside from traditional red and black, Plaid phone cases come in all colors– checkered boxes to a more classic plaid look, pastels to bright colors, and even black and white.

Whether it was Clueless or Heathers that sparked your love for plaid, there are tons of plaid cases with high protection available for purchase. Plaid is back, and it’s here to stay!

Retro Cases

Speaking of retro and fashion trends making a return, patterns and styles inspired by specific decades are a big hit right now, especially to 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion trends.

Each of these decades inspired classic and quirky styles that are now reflected in our current trends, from 80’s neon to punk rock of the 90’s. Classically retro patterns, like rainbow stripes a la the 70’s, can be found on many phone cases. Designs straight out of an 80’s arcade game and more adorn cases everywhere.

Keep an eye out for something that appeals to your own sense of nostalgia and go for it!

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Phone cases are as much an expression of your personality as any other aspect of fashion.

Some people prefer no phone case, but iPhones tend to be quite delicate, so it’s never a bad idea to add a little extra protection.

These cases above are, of course, not the only ones out there – if your tastes are a little more specific, keep a close watch of phones in your area- the trends of 2019 are just beginning.

Over to You

Which iPhone case do you use or intend to purchase? Share in the comments.


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