6 Myths About Web Hosting and Domains Debunked

You need to be aware of the myths of web hosting and domains names that may adversely affect your purchasing. Here are some important points for the novice.
Woman with laptop in hand standing before servers debunking the web hosting myths

It’s good to own a domain name and website for your business or just for yourself. But before you make any purchases, you should know how to choose a good web hosting. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the myths of web hosting and domains names that may adversely affect your purchasing. Here are certain important points for the novice and for those who aren’t that technically inclined. ~ Ed.


The service that allows individuals or organizations to launch, post, and maintain articles on the website or a web page into the Internet is known as web hosting.

There are numerous web hosting providers all over the globe. And they offer a host of features at varying rates.

If you’re looking to have your own website then comprehensive web hosting reviews ought to be conducted to achieve the preferred goals in web hosting.

There are some requirements for these services, although some hosting providers do overrate. Apart from that, the public has got lots of misconceptions about web and especially pertaining to domain names.

Before you choose the domain name provider and hosting, you should have in mind that not all hosts are the same. Just like no dress, cake or person is the same. There are things that you necessarily need to check before you get to the point of purchasing.

Let’s clear some misconceptions about web hosting and domain names.


Website Hosting

If you want to have a good responsive website with the possibility of uploading whichever content (e.g. pictures, music, video clips) on your site, you will have to purchase one.

In the case of hosting, you have to know that no free hosting is a good hosting. If you choose free hosting, be prepared to get pop-ups and advertisements on your website. Such hosting may have further restrictions regarding uploading, traffic, etc.

And with so many available budget-friendly hosting available, it is always better to buy a good option that you will be satisfied with. You might think that a cheap hosting is a bad one, but if you do some research, you will find good ones for a reasonable price for sure.

3 Myths About Web Hosting Debunked

Obviously, choosing a web hosting becomes difficult if you do not know much about them. More so, you may get into thinking that the more the features, the better it is for you.

But like everything else, there should be some important factors that you may consider and require in any web hosting. However, many of these factors are covered by myths and thus may mislead you.

Myth: The Website Speed Time Does Not Depend on the Server Response Time

The first thing you should check is the speed or the response of the website. When you plan to make a good site which is well visited and whose readers are happy, you need to make it fast.

Not just to make visitors happy but even make Google happy because the response time affects search engine rankings as well. Google loves merely fast websites so be careful about it when you research hosts.

But if you think that your web hosting has nothing to do with your website speed, then you’re wrong. The server response times vary from hosting to hosting and you should choose a hosting that has the least response values.

Myth: You Can Host Any Number of Domains on a Web Hosting

The second thing you have to consider is the number of domains you will place on your hosting.

No, you cannot have multiple domains/websites on a web hosting unless it is permitted and technically possible.

Some hosting plans will allow you to keep only one website on it, while others will host several. In the beginning, one website on the hosting might be enough. But think about the future possibility of adding multiple sites or subsites, and allow yourself to leave space for expansion on your hosting.

Myth: All Web Hosting are Completely Reliable

Server reliability is the next thing that you need to take care about. Not all hosting may boast of 100% website uptime and even a small percentage of variation may cause a major impact on your website.

If the server fails for just a couple of minutes every hour, it means that your website will be down for up to two days in a month. So invest in a hosting with reliable servers, especially if your site is your revenue source.


No matter how many features your web hosting provider promises you; if it fails on these three fronts then you may feel quite helpless.

Domain Name

Now, with all this being said, you really don’t need to be an IT expert to choose the excellent hosting for your website.

And after making the right choice all that you need to do is to select a domain name, which is not that difficult either. The critical thing is to choose the one that is easy to remember and has a sound name. If you’ve done this then consider half the job as done.

However, there are some myths about domain names that you will meet on your way of making a website. Let’s debunk some of them because a site is much easier to create and maintain if you have no fears or unrealistic hopes.

3 Myths About Domain Name Debunked

You cannot access your website online without a domain name. But there are many myths about a domain name that may affect your choice of a website hosting provider.

Myth: One Becomes the Owner of Domain After Registration

This is a misconception on domain ownership. The fact is that one pays for the use of the domain for a specific period and the renewal of this contract is necessary in case one needs to use it for more time.

Paying registration fee does not guarantee permanent ownership, thus, as long as you pay the domain restore charges, you remain its owner. While some hosting providers offer free domain names; they may only be partially or totally free for a particular period so do read the terms and conditions carefully.

Myth: You Should Have a .Com Domain to Have Your Website On the Web

Different types of domain extensions are in existence with different domain names each year. The one regarded with lots of trust and authority is the .com.

Though not much popular, there are other domain extensions that exist and can make your domain look professional and trustworthy such as .biz, .info, .net among others.

Today, there are hundreds of domain extensions that people seek for their domain names without any issues.

Myth: You Get a Website Along With Registering a Domain

Once you register a domain name, you have to purchase a web hosting plan from a hosting service provider. This is to store and manage your website files on their server. It means that when you purchase your domain name, it does not include any website with it.

The good thing is that you can use your domain name with different web hosting account or company. However, some providers do offer domain names along with web hosting on conditional basis.

Wrapping It Up

The domain name and web hosting is your secured place online where people can find you and engage with you or your brand. Since it is important to you and others, it requires your utmost attention.

Having full knowledge of the important factors of the domain or web hosting is very vital before purchasing or registering one.

Discerning the information above will prevent one from consuming misguided myths about web hosting and domains.

Over to you

Did you know about these myths about web hosting and domains? What factors do you consider when you purchase yours? Share in the comments.


Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

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  1. The domain name and web hosting is your secured place online where people can find you and engage with you or your brand. Since it is important to you and others, it requires your utmost attention.

    Having full knowledge of the important factors of the domain or web hosting is very vital before purchasing or registering one.

    Discerning the information above will prevent one from consuming misguided myths about web hosting and domains.

  2. Hi Emily,

    You have debunked several myths about web hosting. For example, I used to have the idea that once you pay for a new domain, it becomes your property. It was after I allowed the domain name of my first blog that I get to understand hat it’s no longer mine.
    It meant that I could only retain ownership of the domain if I renew it, or someone else might renew and reactivate it. So these myths should be busted to help newbies in the industry to take steps to tighten their end.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Informative post! Thanks for sharing. The list is very good about best web hostings, anyone create a best website through the article. Keep share more!

  4. Hey Emily,

    People who wish to buy web hosting for the first time are usually allured by fancy web hosting offers and extra-ordinary web hosting features.

    The market is flooded by a wide range of web hosts that claim to be the best! Analyzing all the web hosting options available and finalizing the best one can be an intimidating task at times.

    As a result of abundance of web hosting providers, it is natural for the first time web hosting shoppers to fall prey to a web hosting provider that might not deliver what is promised.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing these wonderful experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  5. Hi Emily,

    That’s the beginners’ guide I wish I had had several years ago.

    I made lots of mistakes with choosing a hosting company by going for “cheap”. I was let down and hacked more times than I remember, until now when I have a good hosting company.

    Another thing to check is whether your hosting company will do backups for you. I once lost 3 websites because I thought the hosting company had backed them up, but they hadn’t.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  6. Nice guide for beginners who want to create a website. All these guides will help them to know about domain and web hosting very well.

  7. Myths about web hosting and domains still exist in the world, in this blog read have learned about web and domain. Hope this article would help those who all confused and did’t aware about it.

  8. Second time reading. More impactful than the first time through. Thank you for sharing this kind of informative blog. Really most of us have these kinds of myths like only .com work better.

  9. The topic you have choosen is really good. People should really compare before buying web hosting because number of web hosting companies are here with different features. I also written blog about top web hosting companies of 2018 where people can come and compare the web hosting services before buying the service.

  10. Hello!
    Can you please tell me world best domain and hosting providers. I want to purchase a new domain for my friends business but I am confused in these companies. 1) Host gator 2) Ipage 3) Godaddy. Can you please recommend me or if you have better options then please guide me. I will be very thank full to you.

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