How to Make Your Life Better By Making Conscious Choices

To change your life for the better, make conscious choices. Here’s an inspiring read that will set you on the path to make your life better and happier.
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You can make your life better. You can implement your plans and achieve your goals. And, you can do that if you take action and make conscious choices. It doesn’t matter if you fail or make mistakes but if your intentions are clear and you make smart choices, you’ll grow and achieve progress. Here’s an inspiring read that will set you on the path to making your life better and happier. ~ Ed.


That helpless feeling!

It’s frustrating.

Not knowing what’ll become of your life.

You wonder if you’ll ever reach your goals. Or are they mere delusions?

Only a few people make real progress and succeed in life. What if you’re not one of them?

You have a vision, follow a plan and try to take actions.

But what if it isn’t about the vision, plan or actions?

What if your frustration is rising from a deeper issue?

Like gravity, this invisible force is pulling you down. It has the potential to destroy your hopes and keep you from rising to your true potential – as it does for most people.

But you can save yourself and make your life better. Learn how.


The Fool, the Good and the Smart

A fool fell into a hole while walking on the road. He walked out of it to continue on. The next day he fell into the same hole again. He did not learn.

A good guy fell into a hole while walking on the road. Immediately he made a mental note and avoided falling into it the next day.

A smart guy fell into a hole while walking on the road. He realized he should avoid all possible holes ahead. So, he started talking to returning travelers. He avoided ten more holes without falling into them. He avoided them all each day.

The most popular advice is to learn from your mistakes. The entire self-improvement industry is constantly bombarded with this philosophy. The narration goes something like this.

“Mistakes are good. They point towards areas that require improvement. Making a mistake is not the end of the world. You should learn from your mistakes. Blah, blah, blah.”

While this advice is not wrong, it can be misleading.

It’s only partially true.

Sure, learning from your mistakes is crucial. You don’t have to be the fool.

But it’s not enough to make your life better.


If you rely only on your mistakes then you’ll have to make a gazillion mistakes for years to learn and grow significantly.

It’s like falling into each hole on the road to know how many holes are there.

But do you really have to fall into each one of them? Or is it better to find them without falling?

What if you don’t wait to make mistakes?

You could be the smart guy looking to avoid mistakes.

All you need is to find a person whose goals match yours and learn from the mistakes he made. This way you can know what pitfalls to avoid in the road ahead.

Makes sense, right?

But here’s another problem.

Even if you understand this, you may still be stuck.

The invisible gravity is still operating.

Because of a myth.

The Myth that Keeps People Paralyzed in Stagnation

Most people believe that life is happening to them. It is outside their control. They have no power to influence and impact their lives.

They live life as a victim, afraid and powerless in whatever situation that comes up.

The result?

It makes them wait. It makes them hope. And, it makes them wonder if they’re lucky enough to have bits and pieces of happiness. (While they do little to make it happen.)

So it doesn’t matter what vision you have. It doesn’t matter what plans you make. It doesn’t matter what actions you take.

The myth ensures that you feel powerless in life. So when you do something with the mindset that nothing will change, you doom yourself to fail unconsciously.

But is this really true?

Do you have no control over life at all?

If life is truly outside your control then why bother about anything at all?

Why struggle to get an education, go to college, find a job and make money?

You could just settle into your cozy bed and wait for God to arrive with food and ten thousand bucks.

What will happen will happen and there’s no way to change that, right?

By experience, you know this is not true.

If you can choose the food you want to eat (cheesy burger or crispy pizza) or if you can choose what subjects to major in, then you have at least some control over life and can impact it.

Your Hidden Superpower Waiting to be Realized

In Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker was strong with the Force. But it took Jedi master Qui-Gon to identify his potential and teach him ways of the Force. Eventually, Anakin became a powerful Jedi warrior.

You are like Anakin.

Powerful and yet, unaware of your true potential.

I want you to realize that you too have a hidden superpower (though I’m no Jedi master and have lost my lightsaber).

You need to realize it. Train yourself to do good with it.

To yourself. To your life. And, to this world.

You DO impact your life.

You can create a better life through conscious choice.

Instead of waiting for life to improve itself magically, you can choose to make it happen. Using conscious intentions, you can figure out and follow the exact path required to reach your objectives.

You could choose a passionate career over a boring job. You could explore specific interests (science, philosophy etc) instead of numbing your mind with television negativity. And, you could choose to meditate, slow down and live deeply in a world where everybody is racing to someplace else.

Now you can still argue that one cannot control each event of a day. And that is correct.

If you could control every event, you would hypnotize the pizza delivery guy to get the tastiest pizza absolutely free. That would be unrealistic (but awesome).

But this lack of control is merely short term. Over a long-term period of time, your choices shape the direction of life (a boring job or a passionate career?).

So instead of sinking in self-pity and waiting for life to turn out right, it’s time you show up and take full responsibility.

Growing More than Most People Ever Will

Do you have to be treated rudely before you realize the value of kindness? Or you can choose to be kind (it makes more sense).

Do you have to spend ten years at a boring job to consider the work you love? Or you could just do the work you love (it makes more sense).

Do you have to own expensive toys before you realize happiness is more than the things you possess? Or cultivate happiness within (it makes more sense).

Do you have to fall into all these holes before you avoid them?

Or simply become intentional. Consciously choose what matters to you and invest time in pursuing it.

Why wait for years when you can find the right path right now?

Most people will miss the point. Most people will not choose. Also, most people will wait for life to get better by itself.

And they won’t go far.

But you don’t have to wait.

You can improve it yourself.

You have the Power. Take Responsibility Now.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

You have the power to influence your life. You simply need to take responsibility.

Become intentional. And choose.

Choose to live with your deepest values.

Choose to do the work you love.

And, choose to seek happiness and peace within.

Your conscious intentions are enough to seek what you want.

Don’t wait for years. Start now.

Imagine what it feels to live like this.

Instead of wondering what will become of your life, you know the exact life you’re creating (meaningful and joyous).

Your goals are not delusions. They are aligned with your deepest intentions.

You’ll still make your share of mistakes. And that’s fine. But your growth isn’t limited to mistakes. You grow all the time, with or without mistakes.

Few people go far in life. And you ARE one of those few people.

While most people wait for life to get better, you’ll be busy creating an excellent one.

Now go choose.

Over to You

Do you think conscious choices can make your life better? Share in the comments.


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  1. Your article on “How to Make Your Life Better By Making Conscious Choices” is a beacon of wisdom and guidance. Your insights are not only practical but also deeply resonant with anyone seeking to lead a purposeful life. The steps you’ve outlined serve as a roadmap towards a more mindful and fulfilling existence. Thank you for sharing this invaluable piece of advice. I’m inspired to implement these principles and embark on a journey of conscious living. Looking forward to more of your insightful content!

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