7 Harsh Realities Of Blogging That Bloggers Should Know

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A man upset with the reality of blogging

If you are a blogger or thinking of venturing into blogging, then you ought to know these harsh realities of blogging.

Whether you just started blogging or are already a seasoned blogger, I think you all have gone through difficult times in blogging, isn’t it?

I think every blogger experiences the bitter truth about blogging, especially when they start blogging.

Blogging is good, but its better to know its practical aspects before plunging into it.

I’m sure even the existing bloggers would like to know them as there is always has a scope for improvement and no end for learning, provided you are ready to learn.

Most new bloggers get tempted with the myths of blogging and build wrong blogging ideas or strategies.

I don’t blame them because that’s what they have observed and learned from others.

As popularly known, blogging is maintaining a personal journal where you showcase your thoughts and views about various aspects of your own life, or things that affect it directly or indirectly.

Well, that may not actually be an ideal start; however, it also depends on your purpose of blogging.

Is blogging just a hobby for you? Or is it a source of earning, a medium to help others, or is it a way to achieve a set goal?

If you’re serious about blogging and want your blog to become successful, besides becoming a popular blogger – you need to think differently.

I agree that the meaning of success would differ from blogger to blogger, but the most basic and common aspect would be that more people visit your blog and read all that you write.

If you think people will come on their own to your blog and you’ll start making money overnight, you need to wake up!

You’ve to give in a LOT for blogging because there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Don’t think this is a post to demotivate you – no! I’m not discouraging you from going ahead with blogging.

However, I want you to be prepared and know the reality, so that you are able to develop a better strategy to be successful in blogging.

In this post, you’ll know what blogging is all about in a nutshell and might be able to clear your misconceptions by learning the secrets of successful blogging.

“Blogging is an art, same as any other method of self-expression. Some are better at it than others.” ~ Hugh Macleod

Grammarly Writing Support

Debunking The 7 Myths of Blogging

As a blogger, you’re independent. You have the freedom to make your own way.

However, it would be wise to learn from the experiences of other bloggers.

Mentioned below are seven important realities of blogging that you should know to dispel any myths that you might be holding onto.


A woman helping other woman on computer in office

1. Blogging is all about helping others, not self-promotion

This breaks your first myth that blogging is self-promotion. Blogging is not about “me”. It’s all about “you”.

Why do you think anybody would be interested in your life and what you do or don’t do, unless you are a celebrity? How does your personal blabbering help the readers of your blog?

Having said that, being a hobby blogger, you’re do to do and write whatever you like.

But if your motive is to be a successful blogger and have a successful blog, then you need to rethink.

Your blog may be your personal diary, but the fact that you’re now in the blogosphere, requires you to cater to its readers.

If your blog has more of “you” and “your” words than “I” or “me” or “my”, then I’d say you’re well on track.

You need to learn to give more than receive, and believe me, you lose nothing by helping and giving more to others.

TIP: You should blog about your life and experiences in such a way that readers can take back something from your posts, which would help them change or improve their lives. Ask questions and put a “Call to Action” at the end of the posts.

Man happy with the information on blog

2. Blogging is about informational content, not just great writing

Don’t get me wrong – you need to write well, use simple English, and the language should be free of errors. I personally get put-off when I see blogs that aren’t written and formatted well.

However, I often visit blogs where the language is far from perfect, yet they’re popular. It’s because the readers find substantial information and ideas that can help them.

Your writing style may depend on the kind of blog audience you have, as some bloggers might require extra ordinary writing skills to meet the expectations of their readers.

Having said this, it’s great if you can have a blend of good writing and good information, and definitely, deliver useful content.

You definitely need to improve your content by improving your writing process. Besides that, you should have a voice in blogging – your own voice that is unique and impressive.

TIP: Give your readers valuable information that they’re looking for, and they will keep coming back for more, even if at times there are a few writing errors. However, you must develop your writing skills over time and find your own voice.

A solitary blogger among network of bloggers

3. Blogging is about becoming social, not being a solitary blogger

Even the greatest of content won’t directly bring people to your blog. This is another harsh reality of blogging.

Blogging is a social activity where all bloggers support each other. You just can’t create a blog, sit idle, and think your job is done – this may work only for a very few!

Such bloggers might have achieved their goals or are probloggers, or have a huge email list, or a large fan following. But this doesn’t work for most of us.

Being a blogger, you need to visit other blogs, develop relationships with fellow bloggers, spread your word in the blogosphere, and even help others to popularize their work.

The one thing that works in the blogosphere is reciprocation, especially for most bloggers.

That’s the way to go! I know I have always believed in this and even practice it to date. 🙂

The Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC) is one such a place to achieve your social blogging aspect and improve as a blogger.

TIP: You should leverage the social media and blogging communities as much as possible and comment on blogs of other bloggers to build relationships. Do not forget to share their posts too, after all sharing is caring.

A person searching on a search engine

4. Blogging is also for search engines, not just for humans

Yet another bitter and strange blogging reality, but that’s how it works, especially for new bloggers.

Optimize your blog for the search engines and facilitate great user experience.

If you’ve done your content optimization task smartly, then people from search engines will get redirected to your blog.

Voila! You not only impress fellow humans but also make friends with the search engines. After all, most successful bloggers look for traffic, don’t they?

I know many bloggers tend to ignore search engines and keyword optimization, but then they suffer from less organic blog traffic.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t write for humans – you need to strike a balance such that it is not at all apparent that your article is optimized.

Remember, that times have changed since the Google ‘animal updates’ started to control and regulate the web in terms of SEO.

So, you need to keep abreast with the latest happenings in SEO and follow the latest trends.

TIP: Whenever you write a post, optimize it with a long tail keyword phrase that people look for in the search engines. Also use synonyms and semantic variations of your keyword phrase.

A clock placed in front of a blogger's computer.

5. Blogging is a serious job, not just a time pass hobby

You know that by blogging here I mean successful blogging, that is becoming a professional and popular blogger, besides having a high ranked blog.

Do you think you can just blog whenever and whatever you like and expect to become a successful blogger?

Absolutely not! Blogging requires consistency, persistence and dedication. It’s a full-time job, if taken seriously.

In fact, blogging requires your undivided attention, if taken seriously. The components of blogging, namely creation, promotion, and administration take a lot of your time.

When I blog, I try to make it as helpful and useful as possible for my readers.

Sometimes that takes more time then expected. I know it’s bad, and lately I’ve not been very regular with my posting schedule too (thanks to the active and vibrant ABC!!).

However, I believe in giving quality rather than just focusing on punctuality. More so, I know you all understand, don’t you?

But if you can maintain both, that’s great!. 🙂

TIP: Manage your time by creating a daily schedule and distributing various blogging tasks throughout the week so that everything is taken care of. Quality is important, don’t compromise on that.

A woman blogger working on computer like in business

6. Blogging is a tool, not just your business

I know many of you will jump and say – blogging IS business. 🙂

Yes, blogging is a serious business, but it may not directly earn you a substantial amount of money, not initially at least.

You need to treat blogging as a means to attain the end, which depends on your personal expectation and needs. 

I agree that bloggers who wish to make money, should blog with a business-like attitude, but you do not start and end with your blog, rather you go beyond.

Blogging helps you to develop relationships with clients and customers, and extend your business. This would in turn help you sell your products and services.

It’ll open up the communication channels that can pave the way to new frontiers and possibilities.

But remember that you won’t achieve success overnight. Just like everything else, blogging also takes time to produce results, so be patient.

TIP: If you wish, you can leverage or use blogging as a way to promote your business, products, or services. Your blog can  help you create multiple revenue streams by helping you develop a mailing list.

A man surrounded by illustration of plan, do, check, and act arrows

7. Blogging is difficult, not easy as it might appear

Successful blogging is not a piece of cake. I know you didn’t want to hear this, but this is yet another harsh reality of blogging.

You need to keep blogging consistently – consistency is a virtue that makes you stand apart.

Being original and constantly on the lookout for opportunities might make you weary, but you need to go miles and miles before you achieve what you aimed for.

You need to be unique and different to stand out from the crowd. How else would your blog be different from the rest?

There are no shortcuts to success in blogging.

You can use a few tricks or apply some smart blogging tactics, but eventually blogging is hard work, just like any other career or business.

Approach blogging with diligent planning and rigorous hard work – be prepared for the hard times, for success comes to those who wait.

However, tough times don’t last, tough people do, and it’s a matter of time before you enjoy the seeds of success.

TIP: Just like you create a life plan and a business plan before you start a business, develop a blogging plan. List out your purpose, objectives, short-term and long-term goals, the tools and strategies you can use, and most importantly, define your niche.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” ~ Brian Clark

After going through this little write up, I hope you’re inspired.

If you are motivated, which would be great, then I hope you will follow all the tips and avoid the mistakes of blogging that many bloggers make.

I’m sure that if you recognize these harsh realities of blogging, you’ll achieve success and not get disappointed with it.

You can transform to become a really successful blogger, if you want to – it ALL depends on your will. 🙂

Share Your Thoughts:

What are your views about blogging? What were the harsh realities of blogging that you have faced as a blogger?

If you’re interested in some wonderful discussions, then join the Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC), where you get all the answers and help to your questions. You can even promote your latest posts there to get a lot more eyes on it! 🙂

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  1. Tushar Dey

    2019-04-03 at 5:59 pm

    Amazing article.

    You’re right and but most of the newbie bloggers think that they can make easy money or become successful in under night. But, the reality is it takes time.

    Either way, thanks for sharing such an amazing article.


  2. Sachin Prajapati

    2018-10-20 at 9:28 pm

    You have said all the truth about blogging. Only bloggers can understand these realities. If anyone want to start blogging then he must read this article!

    Thanks for sharing these realities with everyone.

  3. Sunny Kumar

    2018-09-30 at 12:49 pm

    Very helpful blog. A new blogger should keep all these things in mind. Thanks for the post ma’am.

  4. Samman Sinha

    2016-07-15 at 8:34 pm

    First of all thank you very much for this post. Being new to blogging these are the points that i will take care of. Thanks!

  5. Hitesh Rana

    2015-11-30 at 9:42 am

    Hi Harleena,
    There are reasons why I’ve been following this blog is getting a chance to read the thoughts and ideas behind this community. I’ve gone through every comments and get plenty of things to know about how a person thinks about a particular matter. I’ve learned so many things about blogging from here which is a good thing for any beginners. Thanks for everything!

  6. Rachel Wolany

    2015-06-15 at 6:28 am

    Hey Harleena,

    Another great post. My harsh blogging realities, gave me a big smack and shack up. I was busy searching for how to over come the three month doubt and the six month slump, when really I should have been researching blogging techniques and what was required. Because when I started I was a mess, overwhelmed – losing sleep, breathing deeply with anxiety. I had committed to something I had no idea about. I did not know of SEO, do you know I did not know a website and blog were the same thing. I point blankly refused to have a website (far too hard for my mind) and thought I was going with the easier option of a blog. I tell you I was spanked. However, while I am still a mild mess, blogging is no longer anything but learning avenues yet to be taken and I enjoy the challenges most days. You are so right this blogging business is not for the faint hearted, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cheers

  7. Amaltas Dwivedi

    2015-05-19 at 9:54 pm

    Hello Harleena,
    First of all thanks for this awe-inspiring post on the harsh realitites of blogging.
    There are so many bloggers mushrooming in our blogosphere, thus increase in competition to link first over the other in Google and search result rankings, then how it creates opportunity for new blogger?? Isn’t it overcrowding of the same piece of material in our virtual world?



  8. Sherman Smith

    2015-05-12 at 2:09 am

    Hey Harleena,

    You had my had knodding all through the post. And you all ready know that I’ve been through the ringer.

    But I do have to say that I appreciate the obstacles I went through because it made me a better blogger. I keep improving my writing and also I’m more educated on many topics and solutions. With that said you become more of a “wise person” that people can look up to. This is what newbies can expect if they stay consistent.

    One tip you mentioned that I was doing a couple of years ago was that I was just writing to maintain a schedule more so than providing great, valuable content. Yes I haven’t seen a blog post written by you in a while but I figured you was busy with ABC as well as other tasks. But I already knew that once you publush a post it would be pact with quality and value! We all should have this mindset. Our readers come to our blog for guidance, quality and solutions. I believe we should focus more on this than trying to keep up with a schedule with less of quality blog posts.

    Thanks Harleena for the share and this post was real motivating for me! Have a great week ahead !

  9. Blessed

    2015-04-22 at 6:07 pm

    Hi Harleena,

    This is the reason i always visit this blog. I always find something what reading. I agree with all your points above.

    Many people venture into blogging thinking its easy. Thanks for revealing the truth about blogging

  10. Mahesh Dobhal

    2015-03-17 at 11:08 am

    very helpful blog. A new blogger should keep all these things in mind. Thanks for the post ma’am

  11. Nikhil Ganotra

    2015-01-31 at 8:50 pm

    Hello Maam,

    Ultimate post indeed!

    I truly agree with your words that blogging is difficult than it seems. It’s easy to say just publishing content is enough to build a community but there are many more tasks to be care of while blogging like.. SEO, Promotion, etc.

    So, it’s a tough job but who is passionate enough can do it very well. And a great example of him is YOU! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this useful post! 🙂

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7 Harsh Realities Of Blogging That Bloggers Should Know

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