How a Female Chiropractor Can Benefit You

While we all suffer from body pain due to lifestyle and other issues, most women prefer a female chiropractor to treat them. Here are the reasons why.
A female chiropractor treating a woman

Our modern lifestyle often takes a toll on us. As a result, our body suffers from pain. Apart from lifestyle problems, women have their own issues that arise due to motherhood and menopause. Chiropractors help us get relief from body pain. Most women prefer female chiropractors to treat them. Here are the reasons why women prefer and believe female chiropractors can benefit them more in comparison to male chiropractors. ~ Ed.


Our lifestyles have become a lot more hectic than usual. We spend hours in front of computers, we work a lot, and our posture and other things suffer because of that.

It’s one of those things that are unavoidable in the modern world.

Since we all put in multiple hours at our jobs, giving some time to your health becomes hard. However, as a consequence of this, our body suffers.

If you keep your body in a particular position for hours at an end, scar tissue forms and is wrapped around by the healthy muscle. These formations make you feel pain for long hours.

Over time, this creates a considerable amount of complications and causes a lot of problems. One of the good things is seeing a chiropractor who can help you out of a slump.

However, yes, women particularly have some problems approaching chiropractors. The practice is very personal and often having a male practitioner at the other end can turn a person off.

So, in a fast-moving city like NYC, having a chiropractor who’s a woman and understands your specific needs can help you a lot.

Plus, this provides you an insight into things like Active Release Technique and other methods. The Active Release Technique benefits are multifold and can help you become more used to the world quickly.


5 Reasons Why Women Need a Female Chiropractor

So, why look for a female chiropractor? Here are a few things that they’d do:

They know what’s wrong

Women know the feeling when they’ve gone to a doctor, and they’re just clueless about the things that are going on. When the woman is a mother and has had a C-section, for example, many chiropractors are clueless going in.

Female chiropractors know the difference and also appreciate the subtle problems that come along with being a woman. Your scar tissues are different, and you need to be treated differently during the various techniques so that you receive relief faster.

One of the practices that female chiropractors use is to treat your body with scrutiny and help you get assistance from the exact issues you would be facing.

So, whether it’s scar tissue leftover from the surgery or the pains of recent motherhood, the female chiropractor knows how to deal with it accurately. She can also help you to move along without much worry.

They know you’re different

Identifying scar tissue in terms of techniques like Active Release Technique is essential. However, the problem is that women’s bodies are fundamentally different from men. They have their body chemistry that results from their biochemical balances and other things.

This means that the way you administer these techniques would have to differ widely from when you’re approaching a man or a woman. So, when you go around checking for different kinds of problems in a woman’s body, a female chiropractor knows where to look.

A chiropractor visit can usually be straining; because they need to assess deep tissue problems, often the testing process can become quite painful. A female being on the other side understands these problems and helps you get over them by focusing on your body as if it’s different.

You have very different issues

Men don’t go through motherhood and have injuries related to that, and shifting heavy objects comes as second nature to women too. Female athletes and sportswomen in general also have their tissue problems which are quite different than the men.

Of course, this means that the way you receive treatment would have to be wildly different too. You can’t per se follow the same techniques in the same way with your male clients and your female clients. The things female chiropractors love doing is to provide you some space where you can get the pain relief you want, quickly.

Most men can choose not to go to work for a day or two, but, when you’re a woman, often work is a part of your home. You have to go back and see your child immediately afterward, so, quick relief is one of the things that you should look for. And in a superfast city like NYC, a female chiropractor is a godsend in these matters.


Some women have different needs

The statistics for menopausal women can give pause to anyone. The daily regime of calcium and other supplements to somehow supplement bone loss is not an option for many of the women we know.

However, proper strength training routine can help women get back on their feet faster. The change in hormone levels is difficult to deal with. Female chiropractors sincerely believe that you must not end up with permanent injuries just because you’re undergoing a healthy and natural process.

The exercise videos available to you, plus, regular appointments can save you a good chunk of money in medical bills from the future. Plus, they help you approach life with the same vivacity as you did before.

Women are just better

Now, the men reading this post might be bringing out the torches at this point. However, it’s been proven that female practitioners of medicine show a significantly lower mortality rate. The whys of this belong to philosophers but, with chiropractors, we can say that this is because they listen.

You know when you’ve gone to a doctor, and they’ve given you dozens of tests without really listening to what your problem is? Female chiropractors attend to your problems and prescribe you specific workouts and other things so that you benefit.

Wrapping Up

Personal care is one of the hallmarks that would help you approach life better and save you from a lot of health issues in the ensuing days.

Following up with your problems with the regime is also much more comfortable with women, so, that makes you receive the best in healthcare, every single time.

With in-depth tissue investigations and specific problems being addressed, you’ll be back to your healthy life in no time.

No matter how hectic it gets, you’d have the idea of how to approach it better, and that’s all that matters anyway.

Over to you

Have you ever suffered from body pain and approached a chiropractor to get pain relief? If you‘re a woman, then share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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