5 Things to Look for in a Mover

If you’ve to relocate, choose your moving company wisely. Here are the best tips for choosing a good moving company to make your relocating stress-free.
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Relocation is a big task and it could be quite stressful if you don’t choose your moving company wisely. The moving company you decide to hire would depend on many factors such as the distance, type of objects, additional services if required, etc. You need to select a company that makes relocating hassle free and satisfactory. Here are some tips for choosing a good moving company for your relocation purposes. ~ Ed.

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Are you moving?

Planning to relocate your enterprise or shifting your home to a different location involves a lot of carrying, organizing, packing, loading, unloading, moving, and a whole lot of stress.

In these kinds of situations, hiring a moving company seems to be the most appealing choice there is.

However, choosing reliable removalists can determine how much you’re going to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and broken appliances.

Below are some qualities that will you need to look for in a moving company to ensure that your relocation will be stress-free.


5 Tips for Choosing a Moving Company

The success of your relocation depends on the services provided by your moving company. If you choose your moving company wisely, then you’re most likely to relax during and after your relocation.

So, here are the best tips to choose a moving company.

Good Reputation

Seek recommendations on which moving company to hire to have your stuff moved since recommendations almost always translate to quality services.

You are likely to encounter a few individuals who have hired moving companies in your locality. Inquire about their experiences.

Ask if they have had a bad experience upon having a certain moving company hired for service or have been charged unexpected fees which were not included in the agreed amount and cross them off your list.

You might also come across people who had an excellent experience with other van lines and will recommend you to have them at your service.

Regardless, you should ask people who are capable of giving unbiased opinions. It might happen; some will talk you into choosing this or that moving company for all the wrong reasons.

Also, you could see clients’ online performance appraisals to gather more information about a certain moving company and their services.

People who have hired them before usually leave comments based on the nature of service they have experienced, may it be negative or positive. It’s always good to read the moving company reviews before coming to a decision.

Get a broad perspective on what the service of moving companies you consider on hiring will be like. It will help you know who and who not to hire.

Service Legitimacy and Transparency

Although asking for the previous clients’ experiences can surely determine the moving company’s excellence in terms of performance, verifying if it is properly licensed and bonded is still definitely necessary.

It’s important to know if they’re legally approved to conduct business and if they can commit to perform their service preeminently. Checking if the moving company is insured is also a must.

Having their services insured means that they’re capable of compensating in case your items get broken within the duration they’re being moved. Ensuring that they have complied to the above mentioned requirements can save you from being a victim of corporate frauds or scam.

Customer transparency should also be observed in the service of the moving company of your choice.


A transparent company should be in a position to give you, for instance, a rate in terms of the number of hours and movers you require from them. This is usually a base rate as it does not cover extra packing materials you may need.

Moving charges are based on the weight of the object, distance to be covered and other incidental add-ons. A good moving company should be able to give a general idea of the amount you will be spending and what their rates include.

However, transparency in their rates is just one of the few areas you should be keen on. They should be able to provide you honest communication and updates for relevant information there is to discuss.

This way, you can rest your worries on the thought that your belongings are in, if not the best, good hands possible.

Services Offered

There can be massive differences in the services offered by various moving companies.

Check what services they offer. If there are special services you would like to avail or if you wish to have added services such as decluttering, additional storage, or cleanouts, you should check what the company you have in mind only has to offer.

Although there are a lot of moving companies out in the open, there are only a few who could accommodate you best with your specific needs as some companies may lack the manpower or equipment to address particular client requests.

However, you have to keep in mind that additional men and equipment indicates extra service fees.

Successful Track Record

Service experience counts and a successful track record only proves that the services they offer are efficient and of great quality.

Choose a moving company which has been in operation for a couple of years for if you’ll choose to hire a company who has barely performed in the business, you might find it hard to tell whether they have the qualifications for your move.

In terms of the information you obtain online, you should be in a position to ascertain a general idea of their records based on time and maintaining the condition of the items being moved from and to.

Choosing a competent moving company for your relocation will always be a wise decision to make.

Customer Support

Choose to hire a moving company which provides adequate customer support.

Customer support is essential because it enables the clients to raise their disputes which may include missing items, even damaged property, and other more concerns via these platforms. This will allow the company to resolve these claims during or after the move.

Seek more information from the movers relating to their dispute settlement program, how they handle the complaints or claims raised against them.

You can also ask them how they address the disputes arising from customers who are not satisfied with their services. A good moving company should be capable of offering excellent customer support to resolve customer issues professionally.

Wrapping Up

When hiring a moving company, you should try as much as possible not to make rash decisions as it almost always results in an unsatisfactory service experience.

Assessing the companies you consider hiring for the service earlier will help you compare the benefits your options offer.

The qualities mentioned above should be enough to help you in ensuring that the moving company you choose will comply with all the necessary factors and those that fit your comfort.

These tips should generally be enough to assist you to choose the right moving company for relocation.

Over to You

If you ever had the experience of relocating, share your tips of choosing a moving company in the comments.

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  1. It makes sense that you should find out what services they offer. My husband and his company are planning on moving to a new location at the end of this month, and he talked about how he wants to make sure he finds the right company to help them with the move. I’ll pass these tips along to him so he can know how to find the right moving company.

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