6 Air Conditioning Fixes That You Should Leave To The Pros

Your aircon will work non-stop this summer and may need fixes. Here are the problems you can face with your airconditioning and how you can diagnose them.
Air conditioners on a wall that need fixes

Air conditioning is a necessity during summer. But as with all electrical appliances, your aircon may get bad at times. While you can deal with some small and simple fixes, you should have professionals deal with complex tasks. Here are the problems you can face with your aircon and how you can diagnose them. ~ Ed.

With summer in full force in some tropical countries, the weather can get undeniably hot and are highly reliant on the air conditioning unit, and if you have one, it has probably turned on and been working non-stop

A functioning unit is important to keep you and your families comfortable during the day. But sometimes you forget that machine needs to take a rest too and often neglect to keep it maintained resulting in some serious matter.

When it comes to fixing things, you like to do it on your own. You’d rather use the google search engine to look for an answer on how to fix an appliance than taking it to the repair center. 

It’s only natural that you would want to try to fix things on your own. But it is the opposite, this will waste your money and time and potentially bring you to a serious problem. Instead of inflicting more damages to your airconditioning unit, let the professionals or an expert on this matter do it for you.


6 Air Conditioning Fixes That Require Professional Servicing

Here’s all about the common air conditioning problems that you may face and how you can diagnose them.

Airflow Restrictions

It is undeniably dusty in some area and it is unavoidable to get your aircon filter to collect dirt and dust. Aircon filter is responsible for blocking harsh contaminants to ensure clean and pure air quality. Without it, unwanted raw materials can make their way to your house resulting in performance issues and health-related concerns. 

Another issue that you might encounter is a  problem in airflow and frozen coils brought by polluted and contaminated air filters. You need to remember that dust, dirt, and mold can start to form in the condensing coil of the air system that can lead to weak cooling capacity and efficiency.

If you continue to ignore this problem the entire unit can ice up, which means that lines connected within the system can be covered with ice. Making it hard for your air conditioner to draw and produce cold air. 

You can do the cleaning of the filter by yourself but it is best to consult a professional to ensure that the proper requirements and safety guidelines are met professionally. According to an aircon service in Singapore, Indonesia, where the haze is the common cause of pollution, filter cleaning is very important as it prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit. Professionals can also identify the level of contamination around the filter and clean the filters and coils for you. 

Liquid Leaks

Refrigerant or most commonly known as Freon is a kind of chemical that cools the air that circulates inside your air conditioning unit. If your aircon has a refrigerant leak, the chemical that is coming out of your unit reduces the ability to produce cold air. 

One way to know if you come across a refrigerant leak is when your aircon cannot produce cold wind even at low temperatures. You can also tell that you are having a refrigerant leak when your aircon requires frequent refills of refrigerant. It’s time for you to seek assistance to expert and assess the situation.

It is never common to you as a homeowner to detect such a problem because it is mainly concerned with the vital parts of the machine such as condenser evaporator and compressor. It is therefore always to call your aircon servicing near you. 

You should know that when calling a professional that is skilled in fixing issues likes this doesn’t simply involve replacing the refrigerant but also detect all leakage and fix their originating holes as they will also perform extensive service. 

Broken Motor

The fan motor is a fan placed inside your airconditioning unit. It is responsible for processing the heat towards the compressor that endures extreme temperature and must be check every once in a year. When you feel like the problem of your aircon is with the motor, do not hesitate to call for aircon servicing and let the professional handle it. 

For you not to be disrupted by this issue, it is recommended for you to consult a professional beforehand to make sure that your aircon is in perfect working condition. Since the motor will be exposed to high heat, running with such an environment can cause wires, motors to breakdown causing short circuits across the electrical setup of the house. 

Circuit Fuse

One reason why air conditioning units cannot be fixed is because of an error on the circuit breaker. Faulty circuits fuse can create a fire when an electric short circuit happened. It means that the electricity that travels through the wires will end up rushing the process which expands the level of electrical current to the point that wires cannot handle resulting in the wires to suffocate and produce fire in the circuit. 

Since the circuit breaker generally travels through the wire before things can get worse, it is advisable for homeowners like you to quickly call a professional to assess the situation and fix the problem before the fire starts. Since the consequence of having a bad circuit breaker is severe, it is never a good idea to try changing it on your own. Seek expert assistance to save you and your family from trouble.

Strange Sounds

Today, air conditioning units are made to deliver comfort and making it quieter than ever. So if you hear your aircon is producing an unpleasant sound like buzzing, hissing and squeaking do not ignore them. This could be because the fan belt or the fan motor is not lubricated enough or there are loose parts that require replacement.

While some of these sounds don’t indicate an issue, this sound can make the people around you annoyed and hard for them to focus on. A professional should look to determine what needs to be done.


Smoke Coming Out

If you can see visible smoke coming out of the air conditioning unit there is probably an excess water store in the heater resulting in your aircon to stop cooling. It is a representation of a dirty tube that requires cleaning. Call a professional to access the situation. If you ignore it, it may create more damage to your unit.

Wrapping Up

Whether its a leakage, cleaning the air filter or replacing the motor, you can always seek assistance to professionals as they are experts in this matter. 

Generally, do not forget to have your aircon be checked from time to time to maximize its full performance and deliver the comfort it promised to bring.

Over to you

What kind of problems have you faced with your air conditioning? How did you sort them out? Share your tips and experiences in the comments.


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  1. It was really helpful when you discussed the fact that strange sounds coming from an air conditioner should not be ignored. The faint whistle-like sound coming from my AC unit has always been there since a few weeks ago, but because I have never felt any real change in how it operates, I decided to ignore it. Now that I know that any sound like this could mean trouble, I’ll look for an HVAC contractor in the area that can help me get it fixed.

  2. During the summer, air conditioning is necessary. At high temperatures, it cannot function normally without a hernia device. Thank you for this article, while reading the same I learned how to react if any of the malfunctions in the air conditioner occur.

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