How To Create A Cozy And More Inviting Outdoor Space

You can convert your outdoor space into a useful asset and a comfort zone. Get started with these ideas to create an outdoor space that is more inviting.
A house with creative outdoor space in the backyard

You can convert your outdoor space into a useful asset and a comfort zone. It just takes a little planning and some efforts to create a space in your home where you can relax, spent quality family time, or even work. Here are some ideas to get you started so you can make your outdoor space cozy and more inviting. ~ Ed. 

A cozy outdoor space at a home

Outdoor spaces are now immensely becoming popular for young families, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for enjoyment and health benefits too. 

Creating an outdoor space is a great way to increase usable space in your backyard. Whether you have a small or large yard, it enables you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in rain, hail, or shine, and no matter what kind of lifestyle you have, there’s an outdoor design option to match it.

If you have big families, making the outdoor space encourages the kids to spend more time outdoors than inside on their phones or computers. 

For those who work from home, an outdoor space can be made into a study or outdoor office for a more picturesque and relaxing area to concentrate and do work in. 

Nevertheless, outdoor spaces are therapeutic simply because being outside in nature reduces stress levels, making us feel more relaxed. Let’s take a look at how to create a cozy and more inviting outdoor space.


6 Ways to Create Outdoor Space that is More Cozy and Inviting

You can make your outdoor space attractive and cozier by incorporating nature if possible, surround it with pleasant lighting, add style and much more.

Create a Dimension

Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home rather than a separate space, seen as a place for the children to play and the pets to run around in. Creating dimensions in a place is an important element in making sure it looks and feels right.

You can go ahead and make use of the walls and ceilings, as just having the furniture in your patio will make it look lifeless and uninteresting. You should consider hardscape design, a method of landscaping that makes use of non-living materials.

Adding up some dimension to your patio would bring a feeling of completeness. Try putting on hanging lanterns, or a vertical flower pot garden. You can even arrange potted plants to create and define spaces.

Having a shaded area outside with all the present-day conveniences of an indoor living room can create a haven to spend time and relax in, all the while enjoying nature.

Focus on Nature

To give your outdoor space a life, use the elements of nature. You can use flower pots, or garden beds, even low maintenance plants. If your outdoor space is sunny, shade it with a tall tree, a lattice covered with edible vines.

If your deck is windy, plant a windbreak with shrubs. Plants like the Leyland Cypress and Thuja Green Giants offer both privacy and wind protection. And, if your house is in a rainy area, consider covering your space so you can enjoy it during rain showers.

In case you have a big space, it is suggested to add a small water feature, and if you like it, then you can also add a fire feature. Almost everyone loves the sound of a water fountain flowing or the sound of sizzling fire, doesn’t it?

Enjoy nature and cover your natural surroundings with greenery, flowers, and stone. If your outdoor space incorporates nature, then it will certainly keep the space fresh, happy, lovely, and lively! 

Add Comfort and Style

You’d most likely spend more time in your patio, so it’s always a good idea to plan making this space attractive as well as comfortable. For example, you can think of protecting yourself from the hot sun by adding sunbrella patio umbrellas.

Adding these big umbrellas provides a larger, sheltered look while keeping you cool under the sun, and they are available in both aluminum or wood to make sure that it still looks stylish while protecting you from UV rays.

Always make sure that the furniture that you include makes you feel comfortable. You can also add a privacy wall, sofa, rugs, make sure you focus on creating comfortable seating that is cozy for you and welcoming to guests.

You can also add throws to cover up with on a cold evening. Who says it can’t be comfortable and looks like a dream at the same time?

Cultivate a Positive Aura

Lights have always been known to make you feel secure and promote positivity. You should know that outdoor lighting is as important as the indoor ones.


If you plan to have gatherings in evenings or night, then you can think of creating ambiance with lights and transform your space. If you want to have evening dinners on the patio, you can light up your place with candles, lanterns, strung lights, and even solar-powered lights.

You can have string lights and hang them overhead, you can also hang some tea light candle chandeliers. If you want to save electricity, you can do solar powered mason jars. Such dazzling light would be a great asset to your space at nighttime. Do it properly and your outdoors will be glowing with so much life.

Prepare for Gatherings and Entertainment 

Outdoor spaces give us the ability to host gatherings and entertain families. If you’re planning to have dinner parties or Sunday brunches, always remember that the right seating for your outdoor living space can make all the difference.

If you have a big space, you can get a huge long table, however, if you have a smaller space, try brightly colored chairs or small benches with throw pillows or bean bags to make space feel more open.

And, if you want to have food and beverage, but don’t have space, you can get grills and small beverage stations. Howsoever you plan your patio space, a table for relishing your coffee and drinks should be a common feature.

Small and Personal Touches

Finally, what makes your space perfect are the little touches that you add to it as per your personal likings. Small pillows, blankets, carpets, rugs, dainty things you put on the table — those personal details make the space complete.

If you love reading, you can put shelves to put the books you read, you can put mirrors, curtains, or anything you like. You can decide to add your personal touches to your space after checking it out.


Even if you live in the city and have a tiny outdoor space, or you live in the province and have a wide-open lawn to work with, there are lots of solutions for turning that boring outdoor area into an amazing spot for your family and friends to enjoy.

Consider hardscape design and add some dimension to your patio, try incorporating nature and do up your outdoor space, suiting the typical environment of your place. Add style and comforting furniture, ambient lighting, and your personal touches to make it into a complete comfort zone.

Over to you

If you have an outdoor space, what did you do to make it cozier and inviting? Share your hacks and tips in the comments.


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  1. This is a great article. I have a few additions to the comfort and style of the patio.

    I have a large patio in my home, which is a great joy. But I didn’t want it to stay empty, so I went through a lot of articles to get some patio decorating inspiration.

    I bought rattan furniture that matched the style of my home on the recommendation of a friend, they are very strong and comfortable.

    In addition to some must-have outdoor furniture, I also purchased some string lights, these lovely lights provide a great ambience at night.

    I’d be happy to share my patio if the comments include photos. 🙂

  2. It definitely liberates you clearing out that space! A life of minimalism seems to be the way to go.

    At our moving business we had a lovely outdoor area which we ended up just adding some outdoor gas heaters with some hanging plants and it made everyone a whole of happier.

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