Here Are Some Reasons Why Golf Is Perfect for De-Stressing

Besides keeping you physically fit playing golf also helps you to calm your mind. Here’s how playing golf can help you de-stress and relieve anxiety.
A man playing golf to de-stress himself

Stress is common in life. We need to find ways to destress ourselves. One of the proven ways is to play golf. Playing golf is not only good for your physical health but it also helps you to calm your mind. Here’s how playing golf can help you destress and why you should think about getting into golfing. ~ Ed.

Playing golf is fun and has many health benefits. Many golfers admit that playing golf helps them relieve stress and anxiety. A pro golfer can play for 4-5 hours a day before a major tournament because they find it calming and relaxing during crunch time.

The main reason for playing golf for a casual player is to calm their nerves and remain collected as the environment is conducive. 

Golf being an outdoor sport means you play it in a serene and lush green environment. The environment is very relieving that you can even walk the course before any race. The serene environment is so good that you can meditate or do some workouts. 

Exercise and sport are good for both your body and mind. As much as there are sporting activities that cause stress, golf isn’t one of them. In fact, it relieves stress. The gentle breeze blowing past you as you play is refreshing and calming to the mind.


How to Spend Quality Time at The Golf Club

Many elderly people play golf to pass time and to experience the serene natural environment of the golf course. Try visiting the golf club, you will find that most of the people playing golf are in their 40s and above.

  • Take a 10-minute stroll around the golf course you are planning to play on. It gives you a chance to breathe fresh air and loosen your body. 
  • Grab a refreshing drink and sit down on that spot to view the entire golf course.
  • Start a game with a friend, not for competition purposes but to relax and exercise your body. 
  • Engage in a productive conversation as you play golf with your friend. Discuss troubling thoughts or things in your life to clear that load off your chest.
  • Socializing when golfing enhances the effectiveness of the game and relieves stress.

How Playing Golf De-Stresses

Everyone experiences anxiety and stress at some point. As much as some people use medication to deal with their stress, others prefer playing golf. Playing golf is beneficial as it relieves stress and anxiety. How?

Staying Fit

Golfing is an exercise and doctors consider exercise a natural stress reliever. Playing an 18-hole round is plenty of physical exercises and a thorough workout. 

Plus, you enjoy the fresh air and the good company of your friends. The nature of the game and hitting golf balls enhance your endurance training and help you burn calories.

Mental Workout

Golf needs a lot of thinking as it’s a game of skill and strategy. You have to focus on and visualize the trajectory of your shot, which exercises your brain. The actions lower negative self-talk. Golf makes you smarter while lowering your stress.

Serene Outdoor Experience

Nature is good for your mind and overall wellness. Breathing fresh air or strolling in the serene golf course cheers you up. This lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and relieves stress. 

Outdoor engagements relax your muscle tension, further reducing your stress. Besides, the exposure to nature in the golf course lowers blood pressure and makes you feel better physically and emotionally. Plus, it enhances the production of stress hormones and lowers your heart rate.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Playing golf regularly reduces your blood sugar levels as the body uses converted glucose. Engage in quality outdoor fun and play golf with your friends to lower risks of obesity, diabetes, and other kinds of inflammatory diseases.

Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress signs. The golf course exposes you to plenty of sun, which increases your vitamin D consumption. Refuel your vitamin D to keep stress away.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Nothing boosts your self-confidence and esteem than golfing. It’s a complex but rewarding sport that generates joy every time you improve your skills. 

Besides, it’s easy to learn and has endless techniques that boost your play depth. Your self-esteem and confidence increase as you get better. Regular golfing is a fantastic cure for stress and anxiety.

You Live Longer

Golfing helps you live longer as it keeps you healthy, motivated, and physically active. Just playing it on a weekend gives you a chance to stay healthier as you grow older. 

The knowledge that golfing makes you remain healthier and live longer is enough reason to live a stress-free life. Your worries become less important.

Do You Want To Get Into Golfing?

Golf has immense health benefits that range from cardiovascular exercises that are great for your mental health. Swinging the golf club helps you build stronger muscles. Walking helps lower the risk of heart diseases by increasing your heart rate. 

Besides, walking decreases your cholesterol and helps prevent chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Walking the 3.7 miles of the golf course burns 300 calories on the lower course. If you walk the upper course, you burn up to 500 calories.  


You learn new skills by simply watching others play. This is an affordable way of getting into golfing. Later, you can acquire your academy membership to get coaching expertise and the support you need. Practice time is plenty as the course is always open to beginners and professionals alike. 

You can quickly become a confident golfer and meet like-minded professionals or enthusiasts. This is an opportunity to make new friends and grow healthy relationships where you learn from each other. 

Wrapping Up

Golf is enjoyable to play with old friends, partners, colleagues, children, and spouses. The fantastic social scene is good for your well-being as you forge strong relationships that flourish even back at the clubhouse. 

If you love the sound of the health benefits, rich and active social life, why not go into golfing? Visit the golf course and view the green environment, club facilities. Get your hands on a golf club and swing it to have a feel of the awesome experience you are missing or you are looking forward to enjoying. 

As much as you enjoy playing golf with friends and walking the course in the serene environment, your overall well-being improves significantly. It’s time to enjoy some outdoor fun with added health benefits without breaking the bank.

Over to you

Do you play golf? Does it help you destress yourself? Please share your experiences in the comments.


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  2. I like how you talked about golf as a way to exercise yourself both physically and mentally. I’ve wanted to help my father begin his retirement for a long time now, and finding him a place that can accommodate golfing can really help him relax and unwind with how great it is as a destressing activity. I’ll start looking for any golf course homes for him right away so he can live there for his retirement.

  3. Really enjoyed this article. I will be happy to share my view as Physiotherapist to improve your forearm & hand muscles Strength and flexibility to avoid any injury like golfer’s elbow , tennis Elbow etc.

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