Generator Types and What Should You Get

Generators are essential to counter the problem of power outages. Know about the types of generators available for basic use at your home or workplace.
Portable power generator as one type of generator

Generators are essential for places where there are frequent power cuts or outages. They may also be required to eliminate any chances of break in the power supply to devices or equipment that need to be powered on at all times. Here is some information on the types of generators available for basic use at your home or workplace so it could help you decide what’s best for you. ~ Ed.

Generators are one great way you can fill in the need of energy in your home or workplace, every time the power goes out.

Although, that just might not be the only place generators are used to because generators make it easier to power up any equipment that requires power to start. It has been easier to make use of things that you can’t always connect directly with electricity.

Now the types of generators can really vary from the size with the use and the source that it provides power through, but they’re all very efficient and helpful in their own way. Yet, when it comes to buying one for your needs, it’s important to know the right one and how to power it up before you head out to buy one.

This will really save you from the struggle of getting all confused when you go buy one.

So without further ado, let’s just discuss the types of generators and where they can be used.


How to Pick the Right Generator

When it comes to choosing the right type of generator for yourself, various categories should be a topic of concern.

For instance, if you’re looking for a generator that would be your substitute for electricity, it has to meet up with all the criteria of your home appliances and other requirements to be able to serve you right.

So, with a huge amount of options and types of generators available in the market, it’s crucial that you look out on some important points to find the suitable one for yourself. This includes figuring out what total power, power supply, motor type as well as portability you require in a generator, and which one provides all of it to you.

A better option of the generator, that would stand out in every criterion would be to look out on dual fuel varieties, to be able to make use of it with both gas and fuel. You can go and check out reviews on such generators to pick the right one for you. This way you can get the best one for, right according to your requirements and needs.

3 Types of Generators for Your Home or Workplace

There are three types of generators for basic home or workplace use. They are portable, inverter, and standby generators. Here’s more information about them for better understanding.

Portable Generators

These generators are powered through gas or diesel fuel and can be a temporary source of electricity. It can easily provide electricity to electrical appliances or tools, through the connectivity of its sockets.

Now other than normal lights and fans in a house, these generators can easily provide power to run electrical home appliances including televisions, freezers as well as refrigerators. Other than these, it can also provide electricity easily to nail guns as well as spray gun systems. The engine of these generators should run at a current of 3600 rpm.

Inverter Generators

The working of an inverter generator is different in comparison to a portable generator, as its engine requires it to be connected to an alternator in order to produce its AC power. This type of generator also requires a rectifier to convert its AC power into DC power.

Now if you’re going to get an inverter generator, it’s important you know that it’ll need an advanced electronic circuitry to work with. These types of generators are more efficient to use as they use a constant flow of current along with the ability to adjust on its own to the requirement of power. These generators are quite little and lightweight and can fit in a car, boat or RV easily.

Standby Generators

This electrical system simply works through an automatic transfer switch that commands it to provide power to a device, when/during power loss. These types of generators operate automatically and can be operated on both natural gas as well as liquid propane.

The main use of these types of generators is found in elevators, standby lighting systems, medical and life support systems as well as equipment and systems of fire protection. These generators are often found and are used in the hospital machinery too.

Wrap Up

Now, these may be the three most basic types of generators that are found in the markets to be used as a power and electricity source. But when it comes to having a bigger and better generator just for your home, the list of options is never-ending.

Though it might be obvious that you’ll need a portable generator, things might not be as simple and sorted there too. Because of the huge variety available in the market, it’s important to know how to find the right suitable generator for your home.

So, let’s discuss what you can do so! So once you’re done figuring out the right type of generator for your home, it’ll be a lot easier for you to make it a perfect substitute for electricity, every time the power goes out!


Over to you

What type of generator do you use at home or at your workplace? Share your tips and experiences in the comments for choosing and using power generators.


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