7 Reasons to Have a Generator at Home

Power outages cause inconvenience and hindrance in work that uses electricity for operations. Here are more reasons why to have a generator at your home.
Candle light in dark at home due to power outage

Power outages are not uncommon. They cause inconvenience and hindrance in work that uses electricity for operations. It could be your computer, fridge, medical equipment or any other appliance that you want to run uninterruptedly or at any given hour. A power generator solves your problems in cases of power outages. Here are the main reasons why you would want a generator at home for your convenience and needs. ~ Ed.

Being a homeowner is one of the best feelings you will ever experience. You will no longer have to worry about paying rent on time –– though there is the possibility of a mortgage –– or having to deal with annoying landlords.

Plus, the fact that it is your place not someone else’s just feels warm on the inside.

For many, the most exciting part of getting a place is buying furniture and appliances. All essentials aside, a generator is probably the most important thing you could get for your property.

Here are the reasons to have a generator at home.


7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Generator at Home

You need a generator at home to run critical medical appliances, to charge and operate your computer or laptop, and other important tasks. While the list may be endless, get to know the most basic and important reasons to own a generator as a homeowner.

Dealing with Power Outages

Power outages do happen. If you are living in a place that has bad weather more often than not, then the frequency of those blackouts will increase, because most are related to weather conditions anyway.

Having a generator is a must so you could deal with a blackout. Some could go on for a day or even more, and the last thing you want is to have no electricity for that many hours.

When you get one, you will be able to keep all the appliances in your place working, which is more important than you think. It is not just your TV and laptop we’re talking about here. You have electrical appliances like refrigerators with food on the inside that could go bad if left without cooling, for instance.

Medical Equipment

If your fridge happens to be empty on a regular basis, then you need to worry about having any medical equipment around that might need electricity to run.

A lot of people have conditions that require the constant usage of medical appliances like oxygen concentrators, home dialysis equipment, and artificial ventilators. Those require electricity to run, and not having any during a blackout could cause some serious medical complications.

You Work from Home

We live in a digital age where a lot of people have jobs that only require an internet connection and a laptop or personal computer. This is why many work from home as freelancers or remotely, and if you happen to be one of those people, you will suffer a lot with power outage if you need to get work done and your laptop or PC is dying.

As you can see on this website, it helps in cases like these to get a quiet generator so you could get your work done without being annoyed by roaring sounds coming from the machine. You want a generator offering a noise level below 60 decibels, which is the same noise level of two people talking together.

Fortunately, there are products like that in the market and you can find them. When you do get one of these, and if the lights go out, you will be able to sit down and get your work done no matter how long it takes for them to come back.

Protection from Flood Damage

As we mentioned earlier, most often the reason for a blackout is bad weather, which is usually accompanied by heavy rain, and if you don’t have a generator, that rain could easily flood your home.

If there is heavy rain without a blackout, the sump pump in your basement will take care of it and protect your house from the flooding. But if there is no electricity, that pump will not work and you will be risking a flood. This is another reason why getting a generator at home is crucial.

If and when the lights do go out amid heavy rains, the generator will work and operate the sump pump which will efficiently protect your place.

Providing Fresh Well Water

A lot of people have wells as the main source of water for their houses, and those require electricity, too, to properly function. It is not like in the old days where the mechanism was manual. Now wells require a pump that runs on electricity as well as proper filtration systems that are also operated by it.

If you don’t have a generator during a blackout, those systems will not function properly and you will not be able to get safe water to drink or use in bathing and cleaning the dishes, and that alone should be enough reason to get a generator.

Living in a Fire-Risk Zone

Some people live in areas where there are a lot of trees and woods in general. These areas are considered high risk for fire, and this is why utility companies often disconnect electricity when there are any severe weather conditions like heavy winds, which can destroy power lines and lead to a fire.


If you happen to be living in such an area, having a portable generator isn’t really an option, because you will have blackouts more often than you’d like to count, so it is quite important to have one always available.

Recreational Activities

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just use generators for emergencies and blackouts. There are several recreational uses for them. If you’re a family that loves camping in the outdoors, a generator is quite useful to keep your appliances running and charge your phones and laptops.

You’d be basically enjoying all the amenities you want, but out in the woods. You could also use a portable generator for your hobbies like using power tools to make things in your garage if you want to avoid overloading your main power lines.

Wrap Up

In short, a generator can save you a lot of trouble and nuisances, and it will provide you and your family with much-needed peace of mind. You will be able to enjoy your amenities and home, even in the most extreme of conditions, which is really something.

You need to do some research and shop around for the best generator options in the market, though, because there are plenty.

Don’t just make pricing the deciding factor, but also consider things like power and noise level. You should also remember to check for operational capacity, and how long you could keep the generator running.

Over to you

Do you have a generator at home? How does it help you? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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  1. Hello Emily,

    When the electrical power goes out during a major storm or utility company outage, many of us realize just how reliant we are on electricity.

    Electricity, after all, provides light and powers just about every appliance and technology device in our homes.

    As a result, without electrical power, our homes become little more than shelter.

    Generators can supply enough power to keep our households operating until the electricity returns.

    Having a portable electrical generator on hand in the event of a major power outage can help your family in many circumstances. Thanks for exploring these wonderful useful points with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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