The Aha!NOW Chat With Carolyn Nicander Mohr [Interview]

Recently, I had the privilege to interview the queen of technology. Some people call her blog as the…
Picutre of interview with Carolyn N Mohr

Recently, I had the privilege to interview the queen of technology. Some people call her blog as the “Holy grail of technology”, and why not!

You’ll find the latest and all of the tech happenings on her blog. If you want to know anything about tech apps, devices, gadgets, services, or websites, you just have to visit this one place.

It’s “The Wonder of Tech” by the “Wonder Woman” – Carolyn!

Today’s guest at the Aha!NOW Chat is Carolyn Nicander Mohr, whose mission is to help you discover and understand today’s technology and have fun learning about useful personal technology.

There is something more about Carolyn. She’s a polygadgetist, and she has been a freelance tech journalist at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Here is a surprise – she is also a graduate from the University Of Virginia School Of Law. Yes, you guessed it right – she’s a lawyer!

Well, I had to be careful in interviewing Carolyn and not to mess up with my questions, as I did not want to land up in any legal troubles. Just joking. 🙂

She won’t do that because she’s a very dear friend and we’ve been associated for a long time.

I want to tell you that Carolyn was also my first guest blogger about 2 years ago.

Here’s the proof:

Carolyn's Guest Post on Aha!NOW

Oh my God, what a coincidence! That was exactly two years ago! Trust me, I didn’t plan this up.

This was about a year after she first visited my blog in October, 2011. That was about 3 years back and I’m so happy that our relationship is still going strong.

Take a look at Carolyn’s first comment on Aha!NOW:

Carolyn's First Comment on Aha!NOW

It feels so good to refresh old memories and wonder at how our blogging relationship turned into real friendship.

This has all happened because of building relationship and exactly what real blogging is all about.

It’s about developing real relationships, and this is what we are doing at the Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC), which is a real community of real people.

Besides being a blogger and a lawyer, Carolyn is also a wife, and mother to three teenagers (including a set of twins).

She has always been contributing valuable insights and sharing her wisdom on all the life, family, marriage, and relationship posts on Aha!NOW, besides the blogging posts and others.

As a blogger, Carolyn was named one of 4 Bloggers to follow by Triberr founder, Dino Dogan at DIY Blogger. She was also named #33 of the Top 100 Bloggers on Triberr for the year 2014 (I was on that list too!).

Not to mention, she was one of the 20 Inspiring Women Bloggers of Aha!NOW this year, as well as the 30 Top Women Bloggers awarded on Aha!NOW the first year too!


Welcome to Aha!NOW as the special guest of this month’s interview. I wanted to give back to all those loyal and regular followers of Aha!NOW, so I thought of interviewing them besides the others I usually do.

Carolyn, you’re the best person that came to mind, after Adrienne who started with these interview series.

So now, without any further delay, let’s start the interview, shall we?


Interview with Carolyn Nicander Mohr

Photo of Carolyn N Mohr

Q1: Carolyn, I always wanted to ask you that you were a lawyer and now a blogger – there is a world of difference, isn’t it? Were you a practicing lawyer and how long did you work as a lawyer? When and what made you change your career?

Carolyn: Great question, Harleena. Yes, I am still a fully licensed lawyer, though I haven’t practiced law since my oldest daughter was born. I worked as a lawyer for 10 years before I decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

I decided to become a blogger because of “popular demand.” I moved to London, England at the end of 2006, before people really used much tech in their everyday lives.

I helped other ex-pats living there use tech to make their lives easier. People didn’t know about GPS/Sat Navs then and loved learning how they could navigate unfamiliar roads without becoming lost.

I also introduced them to other tech such as Skype. Many people were running up huge phone bills calling back home. But when I let them know that they could make video calls around the world for free, they were thrilled.

When I was over there, smartphones were introduced so people would come to me for help setting up their phones and recommending apps.

I began doing regular presentations to the American Women’s Club (which wasn’t all American or women), about how tech could help them in their everyday lives. When I moved back to the US, people said they missed my advice and asked me to write a blog so they could stay up with the latest tech.

I began The Wonder of Tech in January 2011 and it became a weekly column at the website for The Philadelphia Inquirer for about a year in October 2011. I have been very fortunate in gaining such wonderful and loyal readers throughout the year.

You would be surprised at how well my legal background has prepared me for writing a technology blog. The most important lesson is to do research and verify the truth of what you’re writing.

Even when I’m familiar with tech, I want to research it to find out more and see if there are any recent updates. With new tech there are often rumors but I don’t want to write about rumors, I want to write about facts.

My legal background also comes in handy when I’m interviewing tech executives for an article. I prepare by listing the questions I want to ask but frequently the conversation goes in a different direction as I learn new information.

Thinking on my feet is very important then because I have one opportunity to learn as much as possible during the interview.

My legal training also prepared me well for writing. When I write an article, I am really setting forth a case for my readers. I want to present the case clearly and in the proper order so that they understand what I’m trying to say.

Q2: Funny thing is that life doesn’t happen as we plan it. You do not consider blogging as a career, do you? It’s more of a passion, right? How passionate are you about blogging? Give us an example to inspire other bloggers.

Carolyn: You are so right, Harleena! Not only did I not plan a career in blogging, I didn’t plan a career in tech!

I so wish I had taken computer classes in school and learned how to code. I never took a journalism class either, that would have been handy!

But I really feel as if I’ve found my calling with The Wonder of Tech. The blog combines two of my passions: writing and tech. I also love helping people.

The most rewarding part of blogging is when I hear from someone how an article changed their lives in a meaningful way.

I am probably a bit too passionate about my site, but I do feel a responsibility to help my readers.

Summers are particularly busy for me with my girl’s home from school, so publishing three articles a week is challenging. I was going to cut back to publishing twice a week this summer, as you wisely counseled me to do, but I just couldn’t do it.

There was too much tech news to cover so I stuck with my 3x/week schedule. I just learned how to write more quickly and cover topics that didn’t require a lot of research.

Q3: How did you come to love technology, devices, and gadgets? Are you a gadget freak yourself or you just like to collect and share information and knowledge about them? What are your favorite apps, smart phones or other devices that you use or would want to use?

Carolyn: My brother got me started on gadgets. He was the first one to show me a GPS (sat nav), DVR, Palm Pilot and other gadgets. Now he comes to me for tech advice!

Yes, I am a gadget freak, though I’ve found that my smartphone replaces the need to have a lot of different gadgets. Apps do the work of many separate devices.

I use an iPhone and an iPad every day. I rely on apps to keep me connected, check on my blog and give me information.

One of my very favorite apps is iRewardChart that helps give kids incentive to help out around the house. Kids actually want to do chores to earn stars, which makes everyone happy!

WonderOfTech Blog

Q4: You are a mother to three teenage daughters. You also run a very successful technology blog, mostly publishing thrice a week – how do you balance your work and life? How do you chalk out time to do what you love, that is blogging?

Carolyn: The great thing about blogging is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

I use a laptop so I can take it with me if I travel. I use my iPhone and iPad when I’m out and about to respond to comments on my blog and keep up with tech news.

I am constantly looking for holes in my schedule where I can work on my blog. There are days when I wonder where I will find a hole but it always seems to appear.

I keep a couple of articles on reserve just in case I don’t find an opportunity to write but that hasn’t happened yet.

Q5: I know that being the parent of a teenager is not easy and might even be tougher than the most difficult of legal cases (I agree I may have exaggerated a bit 😉 ). What tips do you have for parents to successfully tackle their children and create a beautiful relationship with them?

Carolyn: No, you haven’t exaggerated at all, Harleena! My biggest deal as a lawyer was a $1 billion+ deal but my biggest deal is raising my daughters.

My best advice to moms of teens is advice I got from another mom, “Stay off that emotional train!” That’s what inspired me to write that guest post that you kindly published here at Aha!NOW.

Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in their emotions but if you can stay grounded and calm then everyone benefits.

Q6: You have mentioned in the comment you made 3 years ago that you have a long and beautiful relationship with your husband, Stephen. What exactly do you do to have a successful marital relationship; will you share the secrets with us all?

Carolyn: Yes, I am very blessed to have been married to Stephen for 21 years. The best advice I can offer is to really care about your spouse’s happiness.

Some days it may feel like the rest of the world is against you, but if you know you have the support of your partner then the rest of the world is easier to face.

Also, give words of encouragement daily. I sometimes hear spouses putting each other down or complaining about the other and I cringe a bit.

It’s one thing to vent occasionally, but in general you should be praising your spouse to others and to him/her. Would you rather be around someone who lifts you up or brings you down?

Q7: I know you are health conscious and I read somewhere that you love to play racquetball and your playmates are generally men.

You were also one of the few female lawyers among the male dominated judicial system at your place. What would be your guidelines for women around the world so they too can carve a niche for themselves to earn respect in the men’s world?

Carolyn: That’s so true, Harleena. Between racquetball, law, and tech, I am often one of a few females in a male-dominated world. When I joined my first law firm, there were only three female lawyers out of 100.

Blending into a male-dominated world requires a delicate balance. You don’t want to try to be one of the guys but you don’t want to stand out as a female.

I just treat the guys as people, avoid emotional drama, try not to take stuff personally and always try my best, no matter what I do.

Sometimes you have to earn their respect. They may question whether a female is up to the task, even if they don’t say it to your face. If you’re trying your best, no matter what, you’ll earn their respect.

Q8:Your blog is called the holy grail of technology. My blog has many visitors, who are newbie technology bloggers. What suggestions would you give them to be as successful as you have been with technology related blogs?

Carolyn: Wow, thanks, Harleena. I hadn’t heard my blog called that, but that’s very cool!

I believe the secret to my success as a technology writer is to always have respect for your readers.

Some people just don’t get tech. They may be brilliant but their minds don’t work in a way that processes how to use tech. That doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent, that just means you have to figure out a way to explain tech to them.

I always say, “If you don’t understand tech, that’s not your fault, that’s the fault of the person who designed the tech.”

Tech should be intuitive though sometimes it’s not. That’s where I come in. If I can bridge the gap between tech and people, then I’ve done my job.

Q9: Our work and life are sometimes full of stress and filled with difficulties. How do you keep yourself sane and happy? What do you do for your self-development? What is your secret to bring happiness into your life?

Carolyn: Some people say I was born with the happy gene. I am generally a very happy person and I try to spread that happiness to others in real life and online.

I’ve been through some very tough times in life. My mother fought cancer for quite a few years before she died when I was young. Seeing how hard she fought to live made me value every day of my life, even the days I’d rather not repeat.

You really appreciate the good times when you’ve been through the rough times.

Q10: Last but the most important question for me – you’ve known and observed Aha!NOW for the last three years, as you have been such an important part of the blog. Honestly, tell me what do you think about its growth, what will make the blog even better, and what would you tell others if you were to recommend Aha!NOW to them?

Carolyn: Harleena, you do such an amazing job at Aha!NOW! I constantly marvel at the excellent job you do with your blog. You get scores of comments for every post and have an Alexa rank that any blogger would envy.

But the most impressive part of your blog to me, Harleena, is how you tackle the tough subjects. No one else handles the topics you cover with such honesty and quality.

You cover the subjects thoroughly and offer very helpful suggestions to your readers. I love sharing your blog posts, Harleena because I know they change lives.

So what advice would I have for you? Just keep doing what you’re doing. I do truly believe you are making the world a much better place.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Harleena. I am truly honored to be featured here at Aha!NOW and appreciate the chance to answer your insightful questions.

You can connect with Carolyn at Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Winding it up

What do you think, all the techies and the non-techies? Was I wrong calling Carolyn as the “Wonder Woman”?

I’m amazed at how some of the women bloggers have worked hard and excelled in blogging. Hats off to all the women bloggers, who have set benchmarks and become role models of blogging.

Thank you Carolyn for your splendid answers and letting us know more about you. You’re just wonderful!

I’m sure my blog audience too loved this interview as much as I did. So let’s hear it from all of you.

Share Your Thoughts

What impresses you most about Carolyn? What did you learn from this chat and interview with Carolyn Nicander Mohr ?

Photo Credit: Carolyn Nicander Mohr

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  1. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks a lot for introducing Carolyn among us.

    I’ve found her as a really interesting industry person and she is doing quite well.

    I read few of her posts and I’m getting much value of it.

  2. Thank you Harleena.
    Nice way to end the day. Its actually past I AM an should be in bed.
    But thanks is du,e and thanks it is.

  3. Sorry for the typos. My memory of the last blog and my son unbalances me.
    It is another day now.
    And to be a blogger, that is a no-no.
    So I have learned.

    1. No worries Nick – they are hardly visible. I can understand how things can get, but as you said – we all need to start afresh somewhere – another new day and a new beginning for your dear friend 🙂

  4. Thank you Harleena,
    It is I who must thank you, Aha. com and everyone here.

    For the last week, I have been busy making comments on a lot of posts.

    I have found Jewels on blogging never seen before.. at least by me.

    And I meet sweet people.

    I want to blog again. I did have a blog on Yahoo 360.. a long story. It had 9000 regular visitors.
    Being a free blog. Yahoo changed their format and killed it.
    That was an emotion filled blog as it began just before the death of my son a Staff Sergeant in the US Army who was eventually buried in Arlington one month after his death.
    During my wait I wrote and wrote, my angst was spread all over the pages. My photos, always been a photography illustrated everything I said.
    It was a work of devotion to my dead son. A hero! Gone to Heaven at 31.
    When that blog was destroyed it made me very wary and besides I was too ill to do anything sane after my return from Washington.

    Since then i have sporadically made attempts to do so. Written whole pages and then just run out of steam.

    The reason – deep down inside, I knew that my process was faulty. So this time around i am following you, stumbling at times, making wrong comments on the wrong posts at times. I did that to poor Lorraine. Sorry Lorraine!

    It’s been fun though, and my “how to blog” pdf collection has grown so much. The Documents on Finder are full of subfolders..headers etc.

    A full time project is on. Just need to keep my Aquarian tendency to drift in check.

    Thanks ever so much for the welcome Harleena,

    It is a pleasure to be here.

    1. It’s a pleasure to have you over too, Nick 🙂

      That’s wonderful indeed! Yes, the more blogs you visit, the more your list of meeting new friends will increase, that’s just how it gets.

      Sorry to hear about your blog, and that’s just the reason we shouldn’t open our blogs on a free platform. I also learnt this and switched from a Blogger platform to WordPress. But like a lot of other people, I didn’t know this when I started my blogs, so that’s how we learn.

      Oh dear…losses can be bad…I can understand your pain, having lost my Mom a few years back, which was when I wrote my first post, yes, full of emotions again. I guess he must’ve gone there on deputation.

      No worries at all- you are free to come by here any time, and all small typos are acceptable on Aha!NOW – we all stumble and that’s how we learn. I would also suggest that you keep collecting all that you write, save it up for your blog, whenever it is done. 🙂

      Thanks once again for being a part 🙂

  5. Thank you Carolyn,
    Everything is bookmarked and a folder created for you in my email. I also shared with my Google + contacts. I am retired and want to spend my time usefully.
    Blogging has long been my ambition.
    My head is full of ideas, have a website half finished on GoDaddy for months now.
    My passion is photography, has been since the age of 17, the day I saw my first print in Med school darkroom. Since then it has been non-stop. Loved my darkroom. Now its Photoshop and LightRoom.
    Recently though I have been clicking away on my Android phone while my daughter anchors a TV show and quickly posting her photos off the screen into her Fan club page. She is a Miss India; Miss India- International 2012 and is currently in Bangkok shooting for Fox.
    Anchoring cricket matches is one of her favourite jobs. So while the match is in progress, I send off the pix to twitter and FB. Frequently collages of an innings with important pix only.
    Now, given the chance I will begin to keep on writing and digress easily.
    So shall stop now. Am a compulsive multitasking Aquarian. 🙂
    Thanks again.

    1. Welcome to the blog Nick 🙂

      I know we’ve met on Twitter and you’ve been around reading and commenting on a few posts, but I just hadn’t found time to officially welcome you to the blog and the community as well – it sure is good to have you over!

      You are in the right place I would say as Carolyn’s blog is just the one you’d find a lot of things shared that you like. We do hope to see your site all up once it’s done and I am sure you are putting all your efforts into making it a lovely one, being a photographer.

      Wow! We have a celebrity’s father among us I would say! It’s wonderful that you are able to multitask so efficiently.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  6. That was refreshing. I read the interview, went to FB and read Carolyn’s page for a while. Downloaded sidekick and found a someone who loves gadgets like me. I am a fiddler though. Like to control my comps, tablets and phones. A DIY freak, I like to be able to fix, install, etc.
    Moved to Mac a year ago and am learning to conquer them to a level, but not as easily as I can with Windows or Android. I have subscribed to the newsletter.
    Thanks Harleena and Carloyn.
    Think I am going to enjoy this association a lot.
    Doc/Nick…choice is yours.

    1. Hi Nick, Thank you, I’m so glad we connected through Harleena’s article here! We’re very similar with our affection for gadgets and customizing them to work best for us. Thanks for checking out my Facebook page and The Wonder of Tech. I appreciate your comment there as well!

  7. Hi Harleena and Carolyn,

    Wow, it’s such a wonderful interview, and I find I have a lot in common with Carolyn too, how awesome is that? 🙂

    Raising our children was a priority, absolutely the most important thing there is to undertake, in my opinion.

    I love gadgets too, and my daughter is the gadget queen of the family. She can learn anything new, and fix any piece of technology or figure anything out if I’m having a problem. I’m very comfortable on a computer, and know some coding, etc., but my daughter is a whiz at gadgets.

    I’m definitely going to give her your site address, Carolyn, I’m sure she could learn a lot from you. She’s an RN in an ICU unit in a hospital in Tampa, Florida and has even improved the nursing department technologies. LOL

    I really enjoyed getting to know you more, and will be visiting your site.

    Hope y’all have a great weekend.
    – Carol 🙂

    1. Hi Carol,

      Glad you liked the interview, and it’s good to know that both of you share things in common as well 🙂

      You are absolutely right, and there is NO ifs and buts where kids or family comes in – they are and should be our priority.

      Is that so? How interesting to have a daughter love gadgets because usually it’s the boys who take to such things! I guess she and Carolyn would have so much in common, where gadgets are concerned. Nice to know more about her as well.

      You must, and I know you’d love Carolyn’s blog as much as you’d love connecting with this wonderful person. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it, and Carolyn would be here in a while to reply to you too 🙂

    2. Hi Carol, Yes, we do have a lot in common, my oldest daughter knows much more tech than I do too! That’s so fantastic that she has improved the nursing department technologies in her hospital in Tampa (I used to live there!).

      Thanks so much for visiting The Wonder of Tech and sharing it with your daughter, Carol!

  8. Hi Harleena,
    Hi Carolyn,

    I’ve been a fan of Carolyn for a long time but I’ve never heard her referred to as a “polygadgetist” before. That’s a great descriptioin of her! I didn’t know that she had been a freelance journalist for The Philadelphia Inquirer or a lawyer. No wonder, she writes so well. She’s one smart lady!

    When I read interviews of bloggers who I know and respect, I’m often struck by one common thing and it’s what Carolyn said. “I also love helping people.” You can tell Carolyn enjoys what she’s doing now. She’s definitely found her niche and it’s wonderful to hear how she manages to keep such an active blog while prioritizing her family.

    Kudos to both of you. You’re both wonder women to me (and of course Adrienne is too).

    1. Hi Sherryl,

      You are not the only one – I think Carolyn has lots of fans, including me! 🙂

      She is, and I think it’s mentioned on her blog’s ‘About’ page too. I agree she is a smart lady, a great blogger, and a must-have friend too, which is the most important.

      Yes indeed, she is a very helpful person, besides being a helpful blogger as she is always out there to help anyone seeking her help. Also, she writes posts that help her readers understand the difficult tech stuff, making it so much easier for us, something everyone loves about her I guess. Oh yes…one can learn so much about the fine art of time management from her, wonder how she does it all so well!

      Thanks so much for your kind words – we appreciate it 🙂

    2. Hi Sherryl, Wow, thank you! Those words of praise mean so much coming from you. Yes, I do love my gadgets, they’re a lot of fun and generally quite useful.

      Yes, that’s why I write The Wonder of Tech, to help people. I know so many people who are confused by tech and all they need is someone to explain it to them in plain English. That’s where I come in. I find it very rewarding when I learn that The Wonder of Tech has helped someone.

      As Harleena said, we do appreciate your lovely comment!

  9. Hi Carolyn,

    It was a really nice interview. It really takes a lot of courage to leave a high paying job and follow our passion. It true that you didn’t plan of becoming a tech blogger but it was your heart’s calling and you listened to it.

    Maintaining a healthy relationship with our spouse is so very important. Whenever I feel down, the only person I can turn up to is my wife. The emotional support your life partner can provide is enough to pull you through tough times. Whenever there’s a bad phase in business, my wife always says, “You have done this before, you can do it again”.

    Being happy is the essence of life. There are very few people who will tell you that they are always happy. I am glad to hear it from you, Carolyn.

    Harleena, thanks for inviting her over to do an interview. She is a motivation for many tech bloggers.

    Many Blessings !

    1. Hello Harshajyoti, Thank you for those very nice thoughts. Yes, quitting my job was quite scary, though I did it to raise my daughter, not to be a tech blogger. My husband’s and my income was cut in half but I’ve never regretted the decision because I appreciate all of the extra time I’ve been able to spend with my daughters.

      You’re absolutely right, Harshajyoti, being a tech blogger does seem like my heart’s calling. I do it with passions to help people and find it very rewarding on a lot of levels. Hey, if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it!

      Your wife sounds absolutely wonderful, Harshajyoti. That’s just the type of support everyone wishes they had!

      Well, I’m not always happy, but I do try to take a positive attitude and am generally happy. I do have bad days like anyone else but I appreciate that my bad days usually aren’t so bad!

      Thanks again for stopping by Harleena’s place and sharing your thoughts with us, Harshajyoti!

  10. Hi Nanda,

    Great to see you here at Harleena’s. Thanks so much for supporting me here and at The Wonder of Tech. Yes, I try to cover the news that matters to my readers. Sometimes, like now, it’s tough to keep up with all the tech news, but most of my readers don’t follow other tech blogs. I feel a duty to keep my readers up on what’s happening in the tech world that might affect their daily lives.

    If I can make someone’s life easier or more fun with tech, then I’ve done my job!

  11. Hi Harleena,

    Well, I’m familiar with this wonder woman. 😀
    I’m a frequent visitor to her blog.

    Who knew that a lawyer would make a blog about technology. That’s passion, I guess.

    One thing that impressed me with Carolyn is all the news on her blog is the latest news. When I see a fresh news about technology, I visited Carolyn’s blog and really, she has written about it. It was great, I think! 🙂

    Great interview, Harleena.
    Keep up the hard work and enjoy your week.


    1. Hi Nanda,

      I am not surprised at all! Carolyn is well known in the Blogosphere, and no one quite like here 🙂

      Absolutely! Being a lawyer is so different from being a blogger and that just goes to show she is able to handle things so well. Yes indeed, anything latest or some new tech news, Carolyn’s blog is the one to watch out for – I do just the same.

      Thanks for stopping by – we appreciate it 🙂

  12. Hi Harleena,
    I began reading this post rather casually as I did not know who Carolyn was. But your interview made very interesting reading. She seems to be a wonder woman able to be successful in work as well as in her marriage. A rare thing in this hectic modern world. I totally agree with her that you need to encourage your spouse to make your marriage work. I have become an admirer of her after reading her thoughts. She sounds real and genuine.

    1. Thank you kindly, Mathi. I appreciate your warm words. Yes, I am very honest in my interview with Harleena. She is one of my dearest blogging friends and I wouldn’t ever give her anything less than the truth!

      I appreciate your lovely comment, Mathi!

  13. Hi Harleena

    Never read before such a wonderful interview that is on multi niche of blogging, technology, relationship, health and personal development. Idea is great and its info is very great. Obviously both interviewer and interviewee are awesome bloggers of their own kind.

    I read several posts of Carolyn and the most amazing thing I observed in her posts is that she is equally perfect in so many fields. One can never feel she once have been lawyer by reading her posts. Otherwise lawyers just rely on arguments and evidences while skipping the human aspect in their professional communications.

    Once again thanks a lot Harleena for getting such a wonderful blogger who with her replies here made us learn a lot more about her and about her topic of interests.

    1. Thank you, Mi, I deeply appreciate your kind words. Yes, I do try to keep my writing conversational. If I wrote my articles like a legal brief, very few people would be interested in reading them. I want to make tech fun so people will enjoy tech as much as I do!

  14. I have seen mechanical engineers turning to bloggers, teachers turning to bloggers but never found anyone who turned out to be a blogger after being an efficient lawyer. The thing which grabbed my motives was the Momy’s advice ““Stay off that emotional train!””. It was a super cool interview and learned a lot many things about how a woman manages her everything that too without a glitch or delay in her quality of work.

    Hats off to you Carolyn.

    All the best.
    Keep inspiring us.

  15. Hi Harleena and Carolyn!

    I so appreciate you doing this interview with Carolyn. I’ve been on her blog so many times and admire her work.

    So Carolyn, now that I know so much more about you, I’m over the moon! Raising teenagers is like winning a million dollar case! I know, I’ve lived through it myself. Not an easy job, but your wise words of taking the “emotion” out to communicate with them does work.

    As a person who is not so hard wired with technology, each time I visited your blog, I have learned something new. Even if it was a bit of a struggle for me to understand, and I had to read things twice, it was well worth the effort.

    I either have my husband take car of the technical issues or hire someone. But how can I ever explain what I want if I don’t have some understanding about tech. You have helped me over the years and I thank you so much for that.

    You do always simplify things so that when I hear about a new gizmo, I can count on you to explain it in friendly terms.

    Thank you so much for taking your time out and coming on over to do this interview. I’ve always held you in high esteem, now it is raised because I’ve received the “inside scoop” of Carolyn! Not only a great businesswoman, but a wonderful wife and mom!


    1. Hi Donna,

      You bet! She’s got a huge list of admirers, including me 🙂

      I agree with you there and having two of my own, I just wonder how she does it all with 3 of them! Lol…yes, sometimes the tech posts can get a little over the head, but she explains them so well or else if you ask in the comments, she’d explain it still further – any day better than the other tech blogs one visits.

      Thanks for stopping by and, yes, she is an ‘all in one woman’ I would say 🙂

    2. Thank you so much, Donna!

      Yes, raising teenager is quite challenging. I have learned a lot of tips here from Harleena so I was pleased to share my advice with her in my guest post a year ago.

      It’s great to hear you’ve learned valuable tech tips from The Wonder of Tech. I try to make tech understandable so everyone can take advantage of the convenience of these advancements. Tech becomes an increasing part of our daily lives so we should take some time to understand it.

      Thank you for your lovely comment and for all of your support over the years, Donna!

  16. Hello Harleena & Carolyn

    You can’t even imagine Harleena how glad I am that you thought to take an interview with Carolyn. Although I never had the chance to visit or comment on her blog but after reading this interview, I will definitely rush there. You see, we learn each and every moment in our life.

    I am amazed to know that Carolyn finds time in between her busy schedule to sit for blogging. Publishing 3 articles in a week is no joke and that to by giving time to her family. We are always told that no one can have best of all the worlds. If you are earning in millions then you’ll find that you barely have time to devote to your loved ones and vice verse. It was quite an interesting thing to know about her passion for gadgets.
    But I must say Carolyn that your take on life impressed me. These words of yours will surely make people who always complain see that we all face obstacles in our life but it depends on us to get back on our feet and never look back.

    I am sorry to hear that your mother passed away when you were young. But I also liked how the incident taught you to enjoy each passing moment. Many of us can’t find that strength to let go of a tragedy and break down in the end.
    I hope those guys would definitely read this.

    Thank you once again Harleena to give us the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this strong and beautiful woman. I have been able to take away my share of motivation.
    And last but not the least, before I forget, I have to say that Harleena you really are doing a wonderful job. And as Carolyn has rightly said that you really cover topics thoroughly and with honesty. I always get to learn new things from here. So keep it up. Wish you ladies a beautiful life ahead……


    1. Hi Sanjay,

      I am so glad you liked the interview, and yes, you must reach out and connect with her. There’s lots to learn from her wonderful blog 🙂

      Absolutely! It amazes me too because she is so consistent with her posts, and would have them spot on time even when she’s travelling or on vacation. That’s what shows her commitment and dedication to her blog and readers. I’d leave the rest to Carolyn to reply, once she’s here.

      Thanks for stopping by and for such an insightful comment. Have a nice day as well 🙂

    2. Hi Sanjay,

      Thank you for those inspirational words. I do work hard to put out 3 articles a week, but that’s because tech news just keeps coming fast and furious. Sometimes I feel as if I should do more, posting every day as I used to do, but I do have my limits on time.

      Thank you also for checking out The Wonder of Tech. I like to say there’s something for everyone there. If you’re online (and I think you are), then you’ll find fun and useful information at my blog.

      Yes, I know there are others who had a rougher time than I did but I did get a perspective about appreciating the good times because you won’t always have good times. Hey, if I have time to write a blog, play racquetball and spend time with my family, then I am truly blessed.

      You’re right, we always learn something new here at Aha!NOW. Harleena covers topics thoroughly here. I think there’s something for everyone here too!

      Have a wonderful week and life ahead to you too, Sanjay!

  17. Hi Harleena,

    What an awesome interview with a fantastic person. Carolyn is one of the people I’m most impressed with and one of my “oldest” friends online. She’s been a true inspiration, and her knowledge for tech is very impressive. Her blog posts are always 10 steps ahead of what I know about apps, and even the iPhone. I try to follow everything when it comes to the development of the iPhone, but it seems that I know 1% of what Carolyn knows 🙂


    1. Hi Jens,

      Glad you liked the interview with Carolyn – absolutely fantastic 🙂

      I ditto your words there, she is the one most of us would turn to for our tech knowledge I think. Lol…you bet! I hardly have any knowledge about apps or even the latest gizmos! She is well informed and keeps abreast with all the latest developments and love the way she simplifies it for all of us.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    2. Hi Jens,

      Wow, those words mean a lot coming from you. You have done so much since I first met you a few short years ago. You’ve published a novel, started a new business and launched a successful annual vegetarian festival, all while enriching us with your inspirational blog posts.

      Harleena, you asked for a recommendation for your blog? I recommend that Jens be one of your next interview subjects. He is a fascinating person your readers would love to meet or find out more about! 🙂

  18. Hello Harleena and Carolyn,

    I really loved reading this blog post. It is very inspirational and it shows that you can do anything that you really want to do. You can wear as many hats as you would like to. I really like computers too as I took a PC Specialist course some years ago and it really helped me. I credit that course for helping me excel in my computer skills.

    This is a really good interview and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Hi Maketta,

      That’s great you took a class to become a PC specialist. The more we learn about tech the more comfortable we can become with it. That’s what I hope to do with The Wonder of Tech, educate people so they can become more comfortable with it!

    2. Hi Maketta,

      Glad you liked the interview and found it inspirational too. Oh yes…she does wear many hats and is so good at doing it all so well – very few like her, isn’t it? Nice to know about your course as well.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  19. Hi Harleena and Carolyn,

    Glad to see you here Carolyn.:)

    There is going to be a great session here about Carolyn’s interview. In my previous days she is also one of the bloggers whom I met.

    I always tried to know more about blogging and technology and found Carolyn’s blog. She has provided some great points to know.

    I didn’t know that we can use themes for g-mail but she did teach me. I came to know through here about it.

    I became aware about many other thing from there.

    She is such an amazing person. I am amazed to know she is a lawyer. I mean how did she manage to be a blogger?

    I hope she will continue to provide us about technology.

    I hope you both are enjoying your day.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      Yes, you are one of my top commenters at The Wonder of Tech and I greatly appreciate all of your support!

      I’m glad you learned about themes for Gmail. I hope you’ve used some fun ones by now!

      Blogging does take up a lot of my time with publishing three articles a week. But I don’t practice law right now. If I did I wouldn’t be able to manage even one post a week!

      I do plan to continue to share articles about technology, Ravi. I never run out of topics, that’s for sure!

    2. Hi Ravi,

      Nice to know that and the friendly person that Carolyn is, she’s sure to have touched many lives 🙂

      There is so much we can learn from her blog posts – like you, there are many things that I’ve also picked up from there. Lol…quite a change of profession from being a lawyer to a blogger. But as she mentioned, she’s full time blogging now and that too thrice a week! Oh yes…I don’t think she would do with it, and we too are so used to visiting her blog and reading good stuff there.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day as well 🙂

  20. Hi Harleena and Carolyn,

    I’ve always had an admiration for Carolyn to be so knowledgeable in the tech department. As I often commented on her blog, this is not my area of knowledge at all, so I’m very impressed.

    I’ve been absent on a lot of blogs lately, and have barely been able to go to all the blogs I use to visit regularly, but I’ll be back, Carolyn 🙂

    Carolyn is a great example of how a passion can make up for a well planned career. I think that when you have a passion and that such passion is helping people along the way, you are bound to succeed.

    It’s also interesting that Carolyn is just like me, an expat, but the other way around, so to speak.

    Great interview, as always.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sylviane.

      They mean a lot coming from a professional writer such as yourself! Thank you also for all of your support of The Wonder of Tech. I know you write multiple blogs so I’m amazed you ever have time to visit other blogs!

      Yes, I have great respect for expats. Living outside your home country is an adventure, both for the fun and the challenging parts!

    2. Hi Sylviane,

      You bet – we all are impressed by her and her vast knowledge I would say. Not to mention how well she’s able to manage her family and work.

      I can understand the reason for your absence, and I still wonder how you are managing to write even after all you’ve gone through. I would have been devastated.

      Absolutely, and she does that so well through her blog, which is a great place for non-tech and tech both, for the way she explains things. Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

      1. Thankyou so much for your reply….and i really love the way you manage to take out some time for blogging apart from family responsibilities. Really thats the biggest motivating part for me..good luck 🙂

    1. Welcome to my blog Pratik!

      Nice to know that you too are a tech blogger and this interview inspired you. There is a lot you can learn from Carolyn’s blog, so do reach out and connect with her by visiting her blog – you’d love it!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  21. Hello Harleena and Carolyn,
    Liked the interview very much. I liked mostly the last question. The question that was about the growth and performance of this blog. Carolyn has mentioned it quite aptly that Harleena has some very good topics to write on. Researching and discovering those topics are crucial. Even better is how she handles and manages to write such lovely articles on those topics. Hats off to both of you Mam.

    1. Hi Kaustav,

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation, and I am glad you liked the interview and questions out across to this amazing wonder woman 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend, and so glad you are part of the blog community too 🙂

    2. Hi Kaustav,

      Yes, I am a big fan of Harleena’s blog and I think she does an amazing job covering such a wide variety of topics here. I greatly admire her courage and compassion in covering the tough topics with such grace and competence. More of the same is what I’d like to see, she doesn’t need to change a thing!

  22. Great interview, Harleena.

    Thank you for introducing me to Carolyn. Nice to meet you, Carolyn and thanks for the wonderful tips. I admire a woman who is comfortable in a man’s world! I like your advice on mothering teenagers, too.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Glad you liked the interview, and I am happy that you could meet Carolyn through this write-up. She is one person to reach out and connect with for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy weekend 🙂

    2. Hi Lisa,

      Great to meet you here at Harleena’s place! Yes, I don’t know why I find myself in a man’s world so often, but it does seem to happen. Fortunately the legal world is more balanced now between men and women!

      Lisa, Harleena’s article published on a milestone day for me. That day I dropped my daughter off at college for her very first day. So I’m entering a new phase of mothering for a teenager, being a college mom! It’s tougher than I thought it would be. She hasn’t called home yet (okay, it’s been less than 48 hours since I saw her) which is a very good sign. But I really want to talk to her to find out how it’s going!!! I’m holding out, I want her to call me so I will wait and see…

      Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, Lisa!

      1. Don’t worry Carolyn – I am sure she’d be fine 🙂

        I guess it’s easier said than done…and that’s because I have both my daughters with me presently. Even though the elder one had to be in the same situation as your daughter, but we were lucky that she got admission here itself, so she’s here for a few more years with us. But for how long…that day soon is going to come for us too.

        She’s not called, means she is happy and busy, though I am sure she would, tomorrow as it’s the weekend – so cheer up 🙂

        1. Yes, I am sure she is doing fine. It’s when they’re not doing fine that they call, right? Still haven’t heard from her. I might break down and call her tonight. Classes start tomorrow…

  23. Hello Harleena and Carolyn,

    I am really happy to see you here on Harleena’s blog. Harleena publish interviews only of famous people on her blog. You are really awesome Carolyn. I love your profession too.

    Harleen I am fan of your interview conversation with other bloggers and great personalities.

    ~Dr. Diana

    1. Hi Diana,

      Carolyn is one of her kind – an amazing Mom, blogger, and a very good trustworthy friend anyone can have – very famous indeed 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words, and I am so glad you enjoy these interviews too 🙂

    2. Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your very kind comment! I truly appreciate Harleena interviewing me for her wonderful blog. I’m in very good company with her other interview subjects so I am deeply honored to be here.

  24. Hey Carolyn and Harleena,

    Firstly wow! Glad Harleena did this with such an influencer. I came to know Carolyn around last year.

    From then on, I was learning A LOT from her. Love the way she writes and most importantly, the great smiling face on the bio. Okay, that’s a good advice there!

    Thanks for sharing this and happy Friday!

    1. Hi Reginald,

      She surely is an influencer and has simplified lives for many of us who are not all that tech as she is, and I love the way she writes too. Good to know you already know her. Yes, always smiling 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Friday as well 🙂

    2. Thank you, Reginald. I’m so glad we connected in the blogosphere last year. I appreciate your compliments, I’m glad you’ve learned a lot from The Wonder of Tech and that you enjoy my writing style. Tech can be a dry subject so I try to liven it up with some humor.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Reginald!

  25. Great interview ladies. 🙂 It is a pleasure meeting you here on Aha! NOW Carolyn. Readers can always rely on Harleena to bring the best to us.

    I am not that good with technology but I am thinking it is what makes the world so diverse and interesting – we master in our skills and knowledge and then we come together to complete each other. Isn’t that the way it’s meant to be? 🙂

    I noted you have teenage daughters. That’s great to know considering I have one 18 yr old teenage daughter myself who still lives at home with me. It’s a bit of a challenge of course in many ways but I understand that love will conquer it all.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for your kind words, and no doubt – she IS the best, as a friend and blogger who is known to simplify technology for us. You’d learn a lot about tech things from her blog – all the latest, though in a very easy way. Yes, good that we can all connect, having teens at home.

      She’d be here shortly to reply to the rest of your comment. Thanks for your kind comment, and have a nice weekend 🙂

    2. Hi Yvonne,

      Yes, I remember your brave article here about how to cope with a teenage pregnancy. Having three teenage daughters, I read that article with great interest. I hope I never have an opportunity to follow your sage advice in that article, but if I do, I hope that I face the situation with the courage and compassion that you showed.

      I would say most people aren’t good with technology, which is why I started The Wonder of Tech. I write for non-techies who want to spend as little time as possible learning about tech. Tech advances are happening quickly so we do need to keep up. My blog helps people learn what they need to know in plain English, without having to worry about learning new tech terms.You may even have some fun with tech!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Yvonne!

  26. Hi Carolyn and Harleena,

    I SO appreciate the view on how law helped you as a blogger Carolyn. Deliberate, step by step, thorough thinking helped you in the court room and it helps so much as a blogger.

    My days in college, taking high level science and math courses while studying meteorology, and my coding days at tech school forced me to think logically.

    Especially with my new blog I was forced to simply think through each step of my design as well as my posts, pages, eBook releases and pretty much everything to do with my Blogging from Paradise brand.

    So far, so good.

    Sometimes, we over think things, and other times, we don’t think enough. I learned the latter lesson over the past 5 years and am thinking through my new blog.

    The results have been great so far, and I feel onward and upward is the call, because I’m doing things deliberately these days.

    Thanks guys!

    Tweeting soon.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      With such a methodological approach, you will certainly be making your blog qualitative and successful in the end. I always say that if you provide value to your visitors, they reward you with success to your blog.

      Thinking is good for the blog, I’d say, whether more or less, but better than being directionless and passionless, isn’t it? Wish you all the best for your blog.

      Carolyn too is another thoughtful blogger and very methodological in her approach to blogging. Success comes to those who are prepared, I hope you agree. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    2. You’re right, Ryan, a methodical approach to blogging helps you organize your thoughts and convey them clearly to others. Each time we write and article we have to take a jumble of thoughts and ideas and arrange them in a way our readers can follow. If we entertain the readers along the way, even better!

      That’s very cool, I didn’t know about your background in coding and science. That has served you well in your in your travels and in writing your books and blogs, Ryan.

  27. Hello Harleena,
    Truth be told, you did pick a lovely blogger as your guest today. sharing her life experience with us all, isn’t that awesome?

    The starting of her blogging career did move like mine did – first helping others and then get your own blog to better help and expand your reach 🙂

    I did love the the interview. Thanks once again… Do have a blessed weekend both of you

    1. Hi Babanature,

      You bet! She is on of her kind and an inspiration to so many of us, especially women out there who are making a difference to this world.

      I guess we can all so well relate because we also fall in the same line somewhere, though I don’t think she’s ever thought of monetizing her blog or doesn’t write to make money – that might be a major difference.

      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you liked the interview too. Have a nice weekend as well 🙂

      1. You’re right, Harleena, I don’t monetize my blog. I don’t sell ads, use affiliate links or accept free tech.

        Because I write about tech people may feel my advice would be tainted if I were running an ad or had an affiliate link for the tech I recommend. My advice is motivated by helping others, not by money.

        People who use their blogs to sell their services can use their blogs to showcase their expertise, which is a great way to monetize their blogs while helping others.

    2. Thank you for your words of praise, Babanature! I’m glad we have that in common. I bet a lot of bloggers started that way, by helping individuals and then realizing a blog could help many more people.

      You have a lovely weekend too, Babanature!

  28. Hi Carolyn,

    It’s good to see you at Harleena’s. 🙂

    I love new technology such as my iPhone, tablet, laptop, and iMac…but once I find the one that works for me, I stopped there.

    Before iPhone we had Samsung cellphone and I tell ya Samsung sucks!! I will never ever buy any of their product whether this is cellphone, tablet, etc. It’s like a bad taste in my mouth. Just my own opinion.

    I love Apple products!!! I have used the very first Apple computer when it first came out. And as a Graphic Designer, that is the best computer to use!

    I used to use PC also, just because some of my previous clients used them, but not for long. Every time I install a new program on the PC it cause conflict with everything. I used to have the PC and Mac talking to each other via Ethernet. But not anymore, I just stick to Apple computer for all of my design projects.

    Anyway, I heard that iOS 8 is out but my iPhone haven’t prompt me yet to update. What do you think about it?

    Anyhoo, my granddaughter is here today. I’m so distracted. Have a great weekend to you and Harleena!


    1. Hi Angela,

      That’s great you’ve found tech that works for you. I believe there is no need to upgrade unless you actually need to upgrade. If your computer isn’t working any more or you lose your phone, those are great times to upgrade. But if everything is working well, no need to spend money that could be used on other things.

      Wow, you certainly sound like an Apple fan, Angela. You’re right, Macs are great for graphic designers. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your Samsung phone. I’ve reviewed some Samsung phones and thought they were quality phones with some very cool features. But I know they’re not for everyone.

      Once you get an Apple product you tend to get more of them because they do work so well together. Just wait until you get Yosemite, the update to the Mac operating system that’s coming out later this year. Then your iPhone and Mac will be really integrated!

      On Wednesday I wrote an article at The Wonder of Tech about the evolution of iOS, the operating system for the iPhone, that recommends waiting to update to iOS 8. Between the wait for Apple’s servers to calm down and the potential for bugs, updating to iOS 8 can wait.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing Harleena’s great article on social media, Anglea!

  29. Hi Carolyn,

    Nice to you here on Aha-now… 🙂

    I did NOT notice on your blog that you were a lawyer… I am guilty your honour… 🙂

    Yes.. You are absolutely right… technology is all the about the balance between machines and human civilization… You need to keep it simple but if it is NOT then try to find out a way to make it easy for other people and that is where comes the idea of technology blogging…

    Am I right?


    1. Hi Karmakar, Yes, it’s true, I’m a lawyer. Harleena asked great questions about the transition from lawyer to blogger, the skill sets come in very handy!

      Yes, you’re exactly right. Yes, I could write a tech blog for techies, but so many non-techies need to learn about tech and don’t want to read complicated tech terms. Explaining tech to them in plain English is what I do. I hope that my enthusiasm for great tech is infectious and that my readers learn to embrace tech instead of fearing it.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Karmakar!

  30. Hi Carolyn,

    It is great fun to know you better! Though technology goes over my head but I have been visiting your site and trying to learn a few simple tips, which I could follow! I have always looked at your tech. knowhow with great awe!

    It is nice to see you here. Harleena is really adept at all kinds of posts and her questions have added great meaning to all your loving answers. You seem to be an all rounder! Thanks for sharing all about yourself so honestly. Thanks Harleena, you have done a wonderful job, as usual. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Balroop, I’m so glad you enjoyed Harleena’s interview questions. I enjoyed answering them!

      You’re not alone in finding tech goes over your head. When I get a question from a reader, I realize that many others must be wondering the same thing so I do quite a few Q & A articles answering readers’ questions. Those are among my most popular articles!

      Thanks for stopping by and joining in the conversation, Balroop!

  31. Hi Harleena,

    You picked a wonderful woman to profile here. I enjoyed the post and learning some more things about Carolyn. I wonder if she uses a regular racquet for her games or something more tech, like the iRacquet. 😉

    1. Hi Josh – nice to have you back 🙂

      You are absolutely right about that – no one could be better! I am glad you enjoyed the interview, and yes – always something to learn from her and her blog.

      Ah…that’s a good one! Carolyn would have to answer that 😉

    2. Great idea, Josh! Now that Apple is getting into health and fitness with the new iPhone, perhaps they will start making sporting equipment. I’d be happy to be one of their testers for an iRacquet!

  32. Hello Carolyn madam and Hi Harleena maam,

    This is a very inspiring interview and Harleena madam you never stop surprising us by bringing such inspirational personalities in front us.
    Carolyn madam, one takeaway from this interview is definitely the fact that you have been blogging despite being a lawyer and that others like me (I am a Pharmacist) can also succeed if we got the required dedication in us.

    The line that read “If you don’t understand tech, that’s not your fault, that’s the fault of the person who designed the tech.” is definitely true.

    I am really amazed to get to know more about you and thank you for being so inspirational.

    Thank you Harleena madam for a great interview series. I always wait for your interview series because they are long (trust me long posts always have more to grasp ) inspiring and with personalities we wish we could hear.

    1. Hi Swadhin,

      Absolutely! Nothing can be better than to bring forth those who inspire and motivate us because there is so much to learn from them and their lives, isn’t it? 🙂

      Yes, most of the interviews are long, though there is so much to take back home from them. I am sure you can relate to most of what’s written here too. I’d leave the remaining part for Carolyn to answer.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by here 🙂

      1. Obviously madam I can surely relate to Carolyn mam, and why not ? Her posts are simple and written in a manner one would love to read them. And thanks for taking efforts to introducing us to her.

        1. Absolutely Swadhin! Simple and easy to follow, even for non-tech people like me 😉

          You are most welcome, and thanks once again. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    2. Hi Swadhin, So great to meet you here at Harleena’s place! Very cool that you’re a pharmacist. I used to work at a pharmaceutical company and my husband works for one now.

      You’re right, we can succeed if we have the dedication. A fellow blogger whom I greatly respect, Josh Wilner (whose comment is right below yours), says, “I blog at the speed of me.” One of the great things about blogging is that we all can do what feels right for us. Some people might post twice a day where others post twice a month. The key is finding what works for you.

      Yes, I have met so many brilliant people who hate tech because it “makes them feel stupid.” Well, they’re not stupid, it’s the tech that’s stupid for making them feel that way! Tech should be intuitive. If it’s not intuitive then it’s not well designed. Period.

      You’re right, Harleena’s posts deliver quality and quantity. I always feel as if the topic has been thoroughly covered when I read an article of hers! Her interview questions displayed her depth of knowledge about me, for which I am very grateful!

      1. Hello madam, its great having a conversation with you. Again I can’t thank enough to Harleena mmadam for bringing wonderful ladies and sharing their inspirational stories with us. I met Adrienne madam, you Enstine Muki, Ana Hoffman all here.

        It is so nice to know you have been related to pharmaceutical field at some point in your past. feels so nice to know Your husband is still associated with the field. Its great when people of same profession meet. Conversations never end.

        Yes Josh is 110% right blogging is doing what works for you. Writing what excites you and things that ignite a passion.

        This one fact is true to every word that Harleena madam does through research before conducting an interview. She throws her questions in a manner the reader think you two have been closely associated for long.

        1. Hi Swadhin,

          Thank you, yes, I do try to write in a conversational style, as if we were talking like friends do. My job is to make tech easy to understand so trying to fill my article with confusing tech terms would mean I didn’t do my job!

          Yes, Harleena and I have been dear friends for years. Even though many miles separate us, I have felt close to Harleena from the beginning when I discovered her blog three years ago. Harleena’s conversational style helps us feel as if we are close to her, even if we aren’t close geographically!

  33. Hey Harleena and Carolyn,

    What a great surprise to see my favorite “Tech Queen” here on your blog. I love Carolyn and she knows it too. Like you Harleena, we met early on in our blogging career too and we’ve just bonded as well.

    Carolyn has taught me so much about tech and because of her I bought an iPod and a laptop. I also finally got brave enough to upgrade to an iPhone yet I would still say I’m behind the times with a lot of things but Carolyn has really helped me understand how all of this works and I can’t thank her enough. There is so much technology that is still over my head but I do love to learn and she just explains it so well.

    I also had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn in person along with her entire family last December and we had the best time visiting. I felt like I knew her so well anyway so meeting in person just was the icing on the cake.

    You definitely have shared with everyone who you are, what you’re all about and why you’re so darn good at what you do Carolyn. I’m thankful I met you early on and we built that great relationship.

    Wonderful interview Harleena and thanks for sharing more of your life with us Carolyn. You ladies have a wonderful end to your week now.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Good surprise, isn’t it? I’m glad I could finally have her over as my guest, something I wanted to do since a long time 🙂

      I know you’ve met and bonded long back, and that’s how good friendships are made. You bet! She’s taught all of us a great deal and simplified technology for us. Had it not been for her blog, I wouldn’t have known so many things – there’s always something good to learn from her and her blog. Whenever she writes about Kindle or the iPhones, I AM tempted to get one, but like you, I am a far cry from using the latest tech stuff – just amazing how she does it all. 🙂

      I envy both of you for having met!! Yes, you had mentioned about it in one of your posts – you are both very lucky to have met in person, something so beautiful.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and Carolyn will be here shortly to share her experiences with us. Have a nice week as well 🙂

    2. Hi Adrienne, Yes, I was so very blessed to have met you and Harleena early in my blogging career. Both of your are shining examples of how it’s done right. They always say to find blogs you love and figure out what they’re doing right so I learned from the best with you and Harleena!

      So many people drop out of the blogosphere. I understand. Life gets busy. But you and Harleena have been my foundation since the beginning. I treasure our friendships.

      I really feel as if I’ve learned so much from you too, Adrienne. When I first started blogging I didn’t know to respond to comments. So many of the tech blogs have nasty trolls who comment so the authors don’t respond to comments. When I discovered your blog, I realized what a wonderful difference it was to have a conversation with your readers instead of having them just post comments with no response.

      I’m so glad you have learned about tech from my blog. Tech isn’t as painful as people think. Hey, it can even be fun!

      Our family had a great time meeting you last year, everyone was so excited to meet you! You’re exactly the same in person as online. “What you see is what you get” with Adrienne!

      Adrienne, I hope we get a chance to meet Harleena in person some day! I don’t know if she’ll come to the US, we’ll go to India or we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. Wherever it may be we would have so much fun!

      Thanks so much for visiting here, Adrienne!

      1. That would really be fun – to meet both of you 🙂

        I invite you to come to India, as you do a lot of travelling, and I am sure Adrienne could come along – of course with Kayla! I look forward to having both of you over, and you’d meet so many more friends from our end. Do give it a thought…would love to have you both over 🙂

  34. Hi Harleena, Hi Carolyn!

    So nice to hear your whole story here, great job with the interview Harleena!
    You guys both put me to shame as I have not been as involved (or been able to be) as I was when I first started. But keep holding down the fort and keep up the good work!

    Nice interview format Harleena. I was asked recently if I would review a book and do an interview with the authors. I’m giving it some thought.

    All the best

    1. Hi Lori – good to have you back 🙂

      Glad you liked the interview, and please don’t say that. We know all that you’ve been through, which isn’t easy for anyone, yet you are carrying on so well with your blog, which is commendable, while most of us would have given up.

      I am sure you’d do wonders with the review and interview, especially with the beautiful posts you write – go for it!

      Thanks for stopping by and I am sure Carolyn will have her wise words to share with you too 🙂

    2. Hi Lori, Yes, Harleena is a master interviewer and really did a great job with her questions. If you plan to do interviews, definitely follow Harleena’s lead!

      You do a great job, Lori. It’s really all about quality, not quantity. You always write beautifully and eloquently.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Lori!

    1. Hi Lorraine, Yes, you will be in good company at The Wonder of Tech. I write for non-techies, there are plenty of tech blogs for techies, but not so many for non-techies. All of my articles are in plain English, no tech terms allowed!

      With tech becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, we need to learn about tech to keep up. That’s where The Wonder of Tech comes in. I write about the best tech I can find and tell you what you need to know about it.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Lorraine!

  35. Hi Carolyn! Great seeing you here! Fabulous guest Harleena!

    I didn’t know you were previously a lawyer Carolyn! How exciting! Wonder of Tech is the site I go to most when I want to learn about a gadget cause I just know you’ve already blogged about it! I may not comment every time but I’m definitely reading and sharing your knowledge. It’s great to get to know you a little better as well as you family.

    Keep up the good work Carolyn!


    1. Thank you, Bren Lee. I’m so please you find The Wonder of Tech helpful. That’s why I write it, to be helpful to others, so I really appreciate hearing when people have been helped by my blog.

      You have been so very supportive of me and The Wonder of Tech over the years, Bren. Thanks so much for all of your support!

  36. Hello Harleena and Carolyn,

    This is nice to read your discussions here. Such a awesome interview. I just got to know about wonderoftech few days ago by Adrienne’s blog. I saw your comment there and visited your blog.

    Enjoyed reading about your past connection with aha-now and how you came into tech blogging. Thanks for sharing your experiences about personal life as well as blogging career.

    Really, She is wonder women. Thanks again for sharing this inspiring interview with us.

    Have a great day ahead both of you.

    1. Hi Nisha,

      As you addressed me in your comment, I’m replying to you while Carolyn would be here shortly to reply more in detail. 🙂

      Yes, she is an awesome person and blogger, and I am glad you both have already connected at Adrienne’s blog and even visited hers. You would have seen my comments on both the places as I am a regular to their blogs.

      Carolyn’s always been a part of Aha!NOW right from the start, so the association is such a long one. There was no question of not having her over sooner or later – she is such an inspiration to all of us, and I am sure as you too write articles related to tech, you can relate well.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day as well 🙂

    2. Hi Nisha, Thank you for checking out The Wonder of Tech and for joining in the conversation here. Yes, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Harleena. She asked very intelligent questions, based on her knowledge through our friendship and her research.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, Nisha!

  37. Hi Harleena, Wow, thank you so much for those very kind words! I am deeply honored to be featured here today and to have been interviewed by you for this article. Your questions were thoughtful and insightful as well as a lot of fun to answer! I am also honored to follow in Adrienne’s footsteps. She truly is the Engagement Superstar!

    What a coincidence that my guest post appeared exactly two years ago here at AHA!Now. I was honored then and am honored now to appear at your wonderful blog.

    Thank you also for your wonderful support of The Wonder of Tech. Your frequent comments and sharing have done much to enrich my site.

    I was won over by your blog from the beginning, Harleena, and am touched by our friendship that has developed over the years. Even though many miles separate us and we’ve never met in person, we share so much in common. We really support each other and have each other’s backs. I feel very fortunate to have connected with you in the blogging world and hope we get to meet in person some day!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, Harleena!

    1. Carolyn,
      Triberr may have put you as #33 in their Top100, as far as I am concerned, you are #1! Yes!
      You have been a great friend since we started out … and you have been so supportive ever since! Its amazing. Thank you so much!

      its great to feature one of the smartest ladies in the intersection of lifestyle, tech, and family! WonderOfTech has invaluable resource when it comes to families, kids, and tech that impacts our everyday life! This is a great interview.

      1. Welcome to my blog SS!

        You are absolutely right about Carolyn – she is one of her kind I would add and very versatile, a dear friend who manages to wear many hats 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you liked the interview too 🙂

      2. Thanks, SS, you have been an incredible support to me, ever since I started out. After I published my article about your app, you guided me to grab Wonder of Tech on social media and believed in me, even though my blog was less than a month old!

        I know you get a ton of positive reviews of iRewardChart, but you took the time and made the effort to help out a fledgling blogger. It’s no coincidence that the developer of The Best App Ever! is just as amazing as your app is.

        Thank you for your kind words of support here. You and Harleena are both doing a great job of helping parents around the world do the toughest job better.

  38. Hi Carolyn,

    A very warm welcome to Aha!NOW – this time on the other side, as my guest for this month. It is such a pleasure to have interviewed and got to know you better, something I’d wanted to do for a very long time. 🙂

    I never really knew much about your background where law was concerned, and it surely must have been a complete shift in career and way of working, once you started blogging and being home and working. I can so well relate to that being a working stay at home mom myself, just as so many women bloggers are, yet you manage it all so well.

    I’ve always wondered how you are able to write three posts, and continue doing so, even when you are travelling (even if you schedule them, it takes time writing them!), while so many of us struggle with the 1 or 2 we write weekly! It shows you manage your time and life so well. It’s a great lesson and inspiration for women who are working from home.

    Yes, managing your career and family – that balance is SO important, and you do that so well, as I can make out that family always comes first for you, just like me, yet your blogging never takes a back seat. Ah….so much to learn from you dear friend, and I am so happy that now even my readers have the chance to know the one and only – wonder woman!

    So, I hope you enjoy interacting with my readers, while I take a backseat and would hop in just to welcome the newcomers. I know they’d have lots to ask you. Thanks so much for taking out your precious time to be here as my interviewee for this month 🙂

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