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an understanding woman looking to change her life

Do you feel it’s easy understanding women or you find doing so an uphill task? If you are a man, I guess your answer will be – it’s tough to understand women – isn’t it?

Some would say understanding women remains a mystery, though I feel women are understandable and undeniably the foundation of the world.

Women are for sure changing roles and evolving, or rather, re-discovering themselves. It is bound to create some misunderstandings and confusion in everybody.

Gone are the days when a woman was supposed to be less than a man.

Women in today’s world are a paragon of total independence. Well, I don’t deny that there are exceptions of women who are still facing the harshness of life.

Would you believe in some parts of the world women are still considered as lesser human beings, and more to be as things or objects?

The sad reality of many women around the globe today includes domestic violence, honor killing, prostitution, rape, degradation, and verbal abuse to name a few.

But this fact cannot be ignored that things and people have changed with time, and so have women. Globally, women now strive and achieve real success, just like men.

Well then, what’s the new face of today’s woman! To know the answer you need to focus on understanding women and their life.


The New Face of Today’s Woman

In ancient civilizations, women were considered as deities or goddesses. Ironically, in those same places women are being mistreated and disrespected.

However, today’s woman can now lift her veil and see her real face in the mirror of society. She deserves a prominent place and respect for what she is, and what she does.

The fact is, without women, men will cease to exist. With a woman’s support, a man feels incomplete. Without a woman’s intuition, a man’s intellect lacks insight.

Women should be loved; but they’re no objects.  They also need to be understood as well.

“Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Today’s woman is the new superpower rising in the world, taking on the path of evolution. The new face of women is promising.

She is the lifeline of this Universe because she is bestowed with the ability to carry a life within her, which isn’t the case with men.

A woman is full of beauty, grace, love, care, simplicity, concern, tenderness, which is part of her nature. She is quick to change her role, and is always happy to share responsibilities.

She is forever multitasking as she plays the role of being a daughter, mother, sister, friend, wife, and grandmother.

However, today’s woman is even willing to work alongside men if she wants, or if it’s required!

With International Women’s Day coming up on 8th March, I thought being a woman myself; I should let people know that it’s not as hard as you think to understand women after all.

No one is perfect, but what steps a woman can take to nurture the perfect woman within is something I had written about last year. Hope you head over and read the article.


This post is about understanding women and her role in today’s world, and is meant for every woman because all of them are perfect in their own ways. Yes, for men too, as they have women in their lives.

“Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Who Decides What a Woman Does

Not only does a woman play multiple roles, but she also has diversified interests, multifarious skills and talents – that she’s no less than a superwoman today!

That was my personal opinion. I would like to have yours.

Okay, in your bid to understand today’s women I’ll make it easier for you; let me ask you a few questions that should get you thinking.

Should a woman always remain silent, only be a homemaker, bear kids and look after them? Will a career make her happy and provide her with a personal identity she seeks?

Can a woman be a wife, mother, and run a career as well? Should her career come first, followed by marriage, or should marriage be a priority over career?

Should she have kids or not, or she should concentrate only on her career?

Isn’t there so much confusion today about how women should order their life to gain fulfillment and satisfaction? Who decides what she does in today’s world? Shouldn’t it be the woman herself?

Except in some dark parts of today’s world, women decide for themselves about who they’ll be, what they’ll do, and how they’ll live their lives.

Why leave anybody in the dark? Every woman on Earth should be able to decide for herself and have a new face to her identity.

“Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women’s issues.” ~ Charlotte Bunch

Understanding Women Today

There are many layers to understanding women that you need to unfold before you really get to know her. You need to get to the bottom – the core – of what makes a woman really tick.

It’s like the Russian nesting dolls, also called the Matryoshka Dolls, where you open one up, and you have a smaller one inside, and then a still smaller one inside, and yet another one inside of that one!

Women have lots of potential and power, but yes, sometimes understanding women is tough.

That’s because women are forever struggling within with the conflict between their true nature, and what they have been taught about themselves.

More than men, I believe women are the victims of the rules laid down by our society, which we’ve lived by for millenniums.

The true nature of women in today’s world is that they are equal to men in all aspects. However, many women are brainwashed ever since childhood to behave differently.

They are taught to suppress their needs, and their internal conflict often leads to difficult, irrational, unpredictable behavior, and mental problems.

Women need to understand that it’s not about breaking social taboos, but about being themselves. She has to fight to live her own life.

Today’s woman has arisen, opened her eyes, and understood her real self.

“One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” ~ Simone de Beauvoir

a woman working in offfice to make a career

Understanding Women’s Role Today

Women’s role in society has changed a lot from what it was a century ago due to feminism.

More women are moving out of their houses to work, and more percentage of them are graduating from colleges as compared to men. They’re reaching top levels, and their salaries have increased!

They aren’t just housewives and mothers, but career women, executives, Prime Ministers, and Presidents of nations.

Women are financially liberated, self-sufficient, and are now very picky about their life partner.

If she does get married and things don’t work out, she knows that it’s easier now to get a divorce and move away rather than stay in such a marriage and suffer.

She knows how she can find her own share of happiness without being dependent on anyone.

While a man today fights to keep his loved one, the woman thinks ahead about where she wants to be 10 years from now!

She might want to be settled with a family and kids. But more likely, she would want to be a powerful career woman, or be able to manage both fronts.

Men have been raised since the beginning to feel like they are the breadwinners, but the modern women fails to understand this.

“Women have been trained to speak softly and carry a lipstick. Those days are over.” ~ Bella Abzug

Problems that Women Face

The problem that women face today is that they are expected to multitask.

They are expected to raise a family, look after kids, clean the house, and do all other odd jobs! And yet, they’re expected to contribute to the family income.

They even suffer emotionally as they have to leave their small kids at home, and stay out for long hours pursuing their careers and jobs.

Hats-off to all those single Moms who are doing everything on their own – single-handedly.

The pressure to cope up with all these roles can result in anxiety, depression, stress, and a loss of self-worth.

However, with changing times it’s expected out of men to contribute and help the women, especially when they are married and looking after their kids and family.

But sadly, in some places men are unsupportive and not bothered. They prefer doing what they feel or find is best, and wouldn’t care less for their wife or kids – leaving the poor woman to handle things.

The changing role of Women today is mainly due to education, poverty, and the responsibility of her home and family.

More women are poor as compared to men, as per surveys. It’s because of poverty that women have now started to move out, find a job, and earn for herself and her family.

Women today are as educated as men in most countries, so they feel they have a right to similar jobs and attain the same levels as men.

This has led them to move out and seek jobs, just like, or even better than men.

Initially men objected to women going out and working or pursuing their career outside home. They still do at some places!

However, with the growing needs and less of money, they had no way other than to accept and adjust.

Most women today have started working. That’s because their husbands can’t or don’t work anymore, or because they are widows and separated.

Also, because she wants to contribute and earn as her husband’s income isn’t enough to support the family.

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” ~ Clare Boothe Luce

However, that’s what makes me proud to be a woman – I’m capable of doing everything that perhaps a man cannot do. And, I feel its pure bliss being a woman – wouldn’t you agree, being a woman?

For men, I’m sure you too agree with all that I mentioned above; after all you all have a woman of substance in your life, whether she is your mother, sister, wife, friend, or granny!

It’s not difficult understanding women in today’s world. Just consider them as equals, give respect and love, and the rest will be easy.

Women have evolved today. They’ve searched, found, and liberated themselves. If you’re a woman and have found your freedom, go help abolish injustice against women and help others like you feel the free air!

So, here’s rejoicing to womanhood with one and all. 🙂

Over to you

If you are a woman, what does it mean to be a woman to you? For others, how do you define a woman? Do you feel that understanding women in today’s world is possible? How do yo feel about the new face of today’s women? Share below.


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  1. Hi! New to blogging and was wondering if anyone knows about the powersourcemedia blog? I am going to look around in order to find my way through your site. Very nice! Love all of you. Namaste

  2. I personally believe that “Nature’s greatest creation is women not men”. In future, science will prove that. Delighting that, Day by day women are exploring her selves to better, quality proofing her, and it will be acceptable in the society.

  3. I personally believe that “Nature’s greatest creation is women not men”. Future science will prove that. It is delighting that day by day women are exploring themselves to better quality and prove herself so will be acceptable in the society.

    1. Welcome to the blog Zillur!

      Thanks for those lovely words, and if I say an absolute yes, which I want to, I might sound being partial towards women 🙂

      I guess men and women are both His creation, though am happy many women are making their mark in society and reaching great heights. That is indeed commendable I feel.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Harleena,

    This is a beautiful post. I love it when I read something that is confirmation that I am proud to be a woman in today’s world. The role as mother, wife, daughter, business owner, and just plain Stacie can be exhausting at times. I really needed to hear your words of wisdom. I look forward to reading more content from you.

    Many Blessings,

    Stacie Walker

    1. Welcome to the blog Stacie!

      Glad you liked the post. 🙂

      I guess we need reminders at times, and it’s nice to know that this post made you feel proud of being a woman, and I second that.

      Playing so many roles, as most women do can be taxing, but yet we do it all – don’t we? I just hope more people can understand women in today’s world and see her as a real person going through all that she does and learn to appreciate and value her more. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. Women are actually the backbone of society. This article is not only true but it has inspired me to appreciate my contribution to society as a woman,. I feel empowered and ready to fight for the rights vulnerable women in marginalized areas. Thanks so much for speaking right through my soul.


    1. Welcome to the blog Doreen!

      Absolutely – they are. I’m glad you were inspired by this post, and I think every women IS contributing to the society in more ways than one, it’s just that some know of it, while some don’t.

      I guess if every women feels the way you feel, we can certainly make a difference in this world, more so in the lives of other women who aren’t living as well a life as most of us are.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. As long as I know, understanding a women a bit tough but in my opinion women needs love, care and respect. If you do these things then you may have a good relationship.

    1. Hi Atish,

      You are surely not alone, and I agree understanding women isn’t easy, but it’s not tough too. 🙂

      I agree – all that a woman needs is a little bit of love, care, attention, understanding, warmth, tenderness, respect – and if you can give her all of that, you can easily win her over.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  7. Love this post on women and love the feedback you are receiving. You are a good soul!

    1. Hi Jodi,

      Glad you liked this post on women, which was mainly written so that people are able to understand women and her life in today’s world. Oh yes…I love the feedback and remain ever so grateful to my readers and commenters for taking out their precious time to visit and read my posts. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words, and for stopping by. 🙂

  8. For me understanding women takes no big effort. It just takes to be free from any prejudice. Lately I’ve found myself making a lot of girl friends. I’ve just been myself with all of them and they have been themselves back to me. What I’ve found is that they are just like me, human beings, except that they are more connected with that tenderness and warmth that only a woman can give. They support each other and take care of you in a very natural way, always think about details and always will bring gifts when they have the chance.They have so much potential and a lot more dedication and passion for things, I bet thats why they can be single mothers and have so many jobs.

    Anyway Im trying to say that they are such marvelous and interesting human beings but I have to say too that even though when they can have very promising careers some o them just leave it for a man, when getting married and I just dont get it. If I saw my wife has a promising path (and Im sure it will be so) I would just become as much as a househusband as it was needed in order for her not to quit.So I would like that women didnt sacrifice so much for feelings

    1. Welcome to the blog Omar!

      That’s wonderful to hear coming from a man, and in fact the first time I’ve heard any man say that too. 🙂

      I totally agree with you, that if you are free from any kind of prejudice, ego, or other hassles, and be yourself and treat women as your equal – there can never be any problems in understanding women. Yes, they are more loving, affectionate, tender, caring, warm, and surely go into a lot more detail as compared to men, and if they expect their men to be a little like them – no harm in that – isn’t it?

      As they are able to multitask and think well in advance, as compared to men in most cases, they are able to manage things in a much organized way I feel, though there are always exceptions. Yes, and that’s why you’ll see mothers with careers, or single moms with kids, manage both their work and families much better. However, I do feel men should always lend a helping hand whenever possible, it would only ease her burden a little.

      Some women do leave everything, including their careers for the man of their dreams, or they are forced to take up work that they don’t want or like, while a few others just keep working and try hard maintaining a balance to sustain their family – it all depends on the woman’s circumstances. I wish more men would think like you and support women to pursue their careers, while lend them a helping hand at home too, and this is exactly what I would call equality in the real sense. I guess it won’t be long when men would realize this fact, especially int his 21st century.

      Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your views with all of us. 🙂

  9. What a wonderful, intelligent, and crisp tribute to women!

    As we approach International Woman’s Day, I am reminded of @ChiefHotMomma and the amazing work she is doing to fuel confidence and success.

    Interestingly, I am also in the process of developing a female character in some fan fiction I’m writing. It’s not easy, but I may be on to something worthwhile. You tell me!

    1. Hi Stan,

      Nice to have you back, and glad you liked the tribute to women. 🙂

      I haven’t heard of @ChiefHotMomma, though the way you talk of her, she surely seems to be a woman of substance. Nice to know about your work in progress about developing a female character, and I hope the post helped you in understanding women in some way. I know it’s not easy, but it’s not tough either. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  10. Hi Harleena,

    “What does it mean to be a woman to you?” is a great question to ask.

    For me, I’m a human being first and a woman second. I can do, be, and have anything I want thanks to the women who paved the way for me. If they didn’t have the courage to stand up for women’s rights, I probably would not be typing this comment on the internet right now.

    Being a woman today means you have more choices. For example, you don’t have to get married or have a boyfriend to have a baby. All you do is go to the sperm bank and there you go, instant baby. Heck, you don’t even have to carry the baby, hire a surrogate to do it for you. And if you don’t have time to raise your child, all you have to do is hire a nanny. Be careful because you could resent the fact that your child has formed a stronger bond with the nanny. I’ve seen this happen with a former co-worker. She was in tears every day because her son called his nanny “mommy.”

    Today, women can own their own businesses, vote, etc. We have more power than we think we do. And if we want more change, all we have to do is use our voices to be heard.

    Men understanding women

    Let me say to ALL of the men out there, don’t feel bad if you don’t understand women because most women don’t understand women either. Seriously. Women have this idea of what a women should be; however, they forget that WE are ALL individuals. Just because we’re classified as women, doesn’t me we think and feel the same way.

    For example, some women have a tendency to say one thing, but she means something else. Here’s a scenario. A husband asks his wife, “What’s wrong?” She’ll probably say, “Nothing, I’m fine.” The reality is that she’s ticked off because you didn’t take out the garbage like you were supposed to, but she can’t communicate her feelings because she was probably taught not to do so. So you see, women aren’t perfect at communication. Most hold back what they are thinking and feeling because they want to please everyone. And we wonder why the U.S. has a high divorce rate.

    I think it’s possible to understand women because we’re all having a spiritual experience in a human body (this is what I think).

    Everyone wears many hats today, no one is immune to this. I do think if women want change, we have to take more action. Instead of constantly talking about the glass ceiling when it comes to salaries, we could demand it. A man would negotiate a better salary. Why can’t we do the same thing without getting emotional about it? It’s business.

    I also think that women who are intelligent, strong and powerful should not feel shame for being intelligent, strong and powerful. Embrace who you are. Don’t change just because society still thinks you need to be a wallflower. It’s the 21st century. We need to grow up and move forward.

    Finally, women can have it all, but it could come with a price. You must figure out your priorities and embrace them. Don’t feel bad if you want to put your marriage first and your child second. Grant it, it’s your choice and your child could come back years later and say, “Well, why did you have me if I wasn’t your first priority?” As long as you can answer that and other questions, you’ll be fine.

    1. Hi Amandah,

      Glad you could relate so well with the post, and I loved your detailed comment as well. 🙂

      Oh yes…we need to be good human beings before men or women, and it is because of someone else’s efforts earlier, who paved this way and gave us the freedom to do what we do in today’s world.

      Lol…I agree, you can do a LOT as a woman today than you could years back. And you really don’t need a man where the babies are concerned too! But yes, those who would like to get married and have it all the right way – there’s no stopping them either. I really don’t like the idea of a nanny or care-taker raising your child, and as you mentioned, the child will bond more with her than you! More so, if you have a child, make sure you have time for it, or else don’t have one till you find time for the child – that’s really not being fair. Of course, it all depends on various circumstances or people too.

      I agree with you there – understanding women isn’t easy for men, nor is it easy for some women too, so they’re not really alone there! This was exactly what made me come up with this post, so that people would at least have a little idea about understanding women, though there’s so much more to be said on this topic. I loved the example you shared, and this IS the case most of the times – lack of open communication or the inability to express her feelings, or just being her true self and telling her partner what she feels or wants. All of this does lead to major misunderstanding or eventually even divorce.

      Women certainly have to wear many hats and multitask – they really have no choice, especially if they are mothers and with careers too. The woman of today has woken up, and she can demand what she wants, though I feel bad for those women who are still down the dumps, especially in the smaller countries, cities, towns and villages. In those areas, women are still under the control of men, or bound by the culture and society, and unless they fight for their rights and move out of their shell – no one can really help them.

      Where work is concerned, I am totally with you – if a man can demand things, why can’t a woman? She surely needs to stand for her rights and go ahead and seek what she feels she needs, without feeling bad about it. Things have changed in most countries for the better, and where they have, women should step up and embrace womanhood without having any kind of inferior feeling. Yes, have your priorities well set and learn to balance out things, this IS the key to your success, especially being women who have look after their kids, families, and work too. Once you do that – you can never really go wrong, and the sky is the limit for you.

      Thanks for stopping by, and laving such a wonderful comment – much appreciated. 🙂

  11. On these outrageous, blood-boiling incidents, I, seriously, am against those people. I support women.

    But, talking about “understanding women”, except my mom and sister, it is only my girlfriend whom I’ve talked a lot (enough to judge whether I can understand). For me, it’s a myth. At times, I’ve even felt like learning mind-reading. You won’t believe it! After one very year, I started reading books on behavioral psychology, relationships, face-reading, body-language reading and much of such. So, you understand if I can understand her.

    But, I love her and she too. This plays fairly on our parts and so are we happy yet together.

    Thanks for sharing this article.


    1. Thanks for your support where women are concerned Koundeenya!

      I can understand that you have your mom and sister, besides your girlfriend, and they surely are enough to understand women. But yes, there are so many women who undergo hardships in their lives that I just wish more of us could understand.

      Nice to know that you went into such details to understand women, and am sure your level of understanding women would have only got better after reading all those books. Your girlfriend must be a special person for you as you took so much of pains to know her better, which again, very few men to. Wishing both of you a happy life. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you sharing the post too. 🙂

  12. Hi Harleena,
    I think being a woman is much more than just being a mother, homemaker, bearing kids and look after them. Her career is also of a paramount importance.

    Woman are meant to be a supporter and a companion, contribute to the family bother financially and otherwise.

    I therefore think that woman should not see themselves as just mothers. Time has passed when WOMEN’S EDUCATION ENDS IN KITCHEN.

    Thanks for sharing Harleena.

    1. Hi Theodore,

      Yes indeed, being a woman is much more than all that I mentioned above, and in fact I wanted to write a lot more, which I would have had the word count not been on my mind. 🙂

      She is supposed to play many roles in her lifetime, that she does too. However, things would be much better if she is understood and supported by her folks and the society – isn’t it? There’s a lot a woman is capable of and as you rightly mentioned, that time’s passed when she was just a homemaker or a mother and wife, as she has lots of choices nowadays, and can take up the career of her choice. However, the situation isn’t the same in many parts of the world still – just as you can make out from some of the readers comments above.

      Hope things get better and people are able to understand women in the real sense. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  13. Hi Harleena,

    You know I’m so glad I live in America.

    I know in other countries, women are degraded and not worth much. I know somewhere in China that if you have a son it’s fine. But if you have a daughter they’ll end up killing them. I forgot where I’ve seen these or what…but it could be on 20/20. They have a line of female children tied in chairs, they were all crying, letting them starved until they die. Then on some countries some women are just kept in a room, waiting for her husband to impregnated her and if she has a daughter she is disowned and if she has a SON then she’s okay. How CRUEL!!!

    I know in the bible says that women are to respect their husband and he shall rule over her. But God didn’t create Eve out of nothing but took her out of a man’s rib…she wasn’t taken out of his head so she can rule over him, or she wasn’t taken out of his foot so he can step upon her, but she was taken from his rib to be EQUAL with him and to walk with him side by side.

    Thank you for sharing a good article.


    1. Hi Angela,

      Yes indeed, lucky to live in a free country in the real sense, though even there, just as I was telling Adrienne, there are a few cases where women suffer a great deal – isn’t it? However, it’s comparatively much less than a lot of other countries I guess.

      Is that they way they are in China? I didn’t know that, and thought such things happened only in our country, and they do! The girl child rarely gets to see the light of the day and is killed, while the new born son is put on a pedestal – such things happen a great deal in a few cities and towns, and even villages our end. However, never heard of tying them up and starving them to death or women being treated and tortured this way – how brutal! But yes, I’ve seen men marry twice or thrice if the first wife doesn’t bear him a son, and that too is very common nowadays.

      I agree with you regarding women and not all of what the Bible says is actually what stands for being the truth today. I’m sure there are some parts unread where she is treated with care and respect, and honored and loved too. Understanding women is not easy work for people who would think this ways about her. It would take them ages knowing what a woman is made up of.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. 🙂

  14. Hello Harleena,

    What a lovely post. I really find women unpredictable, it is impossible as a man to know what their next move would be. But your post is straight forward and really outline how we can take care of things.

    Thanks for this wonderful post and do have a blessed weekend.

    1. Hi Babanature,

      Glad you liked the post. 🙂 I can understand you saying that understanding women isn’t easy because they are unpredictable, but so are a few men – isn’t it? More over, I find men speak less as compared to women, so all the more reason we really can’t make out their next move unless they voice it out!

      Hope more people can understand women through this post, and it helps them to know her better. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice weekend too. 🙂

  15. Hey Harleena,

    Well, I’m sure you know how a lot of us feel.

    When I read your question, “should a woman always remain silent, only be a homemaker, bear kids and look after them” I thought then if that’s my role I’m screwed. You know my situation, not married and no children.

    I’ve read things about how women are treated in other countries and it’s just appalling. I can’t even imagine being degraded like a lot of women are which is why I’m thankful to live in the times that I do and in the US, the land of the free.

    I definitely have a very strong personality and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I know that a lot of men actually find that attractive because we know what we want and won’t put up with less while others can’t stand it because they would prefer having us more under control. Been there and lived in that situation as well.

    I remember reading the book a long time ago, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. I thought it was really an excellent read because we are totally different in the way we think and act and that’s perfectly okay. If you can understand the differences then life will be so much more pleasant.

    I personally think women rock! Oh yeah, we are so much smarter then the majority of the men out there and I think we all need to be ruling the world. It would be in much better shape and a heck of a lot more organized! lol…

    Great post and thanks for telling me about International Women’s Day. I’ll have to jot that date down.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Absolutely! I can feel the feeling most of us share in common here.:)

      Oh yes…I know your situation, but if we think about women who remain silent, are homemakers, and just bear kids and look after them besides bearing the brutalities of life – it pains our heart – isn’t it? And there are so-so many of such women. We have a lot of them in our country in the villages, small towns, and backward areas. Things are much better in the US, though even there one does hear of cases off and on, but not as bad I guess.

      Of course, don’t we all love your attractive and charming personality! You are a strong willed and determined person, and yes – not afraid to speak what you feel to be true, which is how we all need to be too. Oh yes…most men can’t take that kind of a nature of women as they feel only the men have the right to things. It’s the various cultures and societies that women live in today that stops them from being free in their thoughts and actions. Yet again, it’s the woman herself who needs to stand for her right, whether she has help or not, though if she has the support of her family and loved ones – things become easier for her.

      Ah…that’s a lovely book, and you are right, the way men and women act and think can never be the same. That’s alright and should be to quite an extent, but I feel there should be more of equality between them too in certain aspects, which again isn’t the case in most countries.

      I ditto that – we rock! I should highlight those lines of yours about being smarter than most men, and I believe we ARE – and there are some wonderful women who are ruling their countries too. Only if we were really allowed to rule the world – I bet everything would be in place, organized, so systematic, and done in time. 🙂

      Though International Women’s Day is just another day, but we can make it a special one by recognizing women and celebrating womanhood – isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with all of us. 🙂 Loved your motivational lines 🙂

  16. Hi Harleena,

    This was an amazing and very empowering post!

    Personally I think women are brilliant at being able to do so many things. As you say, they are true experts in multitasking.

    I do think women and men are equal and I’m glad this is being recognised more and more in many aspects of life, although there is more work to be done in this area.

    I believe the world needs to be grateful to women. If it wasn’t for women, none of us would be here!

    1. Hi Hiten,

      Glad you liked the post 🙂

      I agree with you – women are able to do many things together, and I say this not because I’m being partial to women, but because I do it myself! I guess it’s part of a woman’s nature, especially after she becomes a mother as she knows shes to manage her kids, house, family and career if shes working – everything together. And how she does it is left to her, which is when she learns to naturally multitask.

      Men and women are being recognized as equals though it isn’t the case in some areas yet. But just as you mentioned, there’s a lot more work to be done in this area and hopefully with time the equality in the real sense would be recognized.

      Ah…I loved your last line and I’d thought of adding it in the post but didn’t because people would think I’m really siding with women. But I’m glad you mentioned it being a man, which is a real fact that men need to realize.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. 🙂

  17. Hi Harleena ji,

    Very nice article , I think you have mentioned it very nicely – role of women from ancient to today’s world.

    Yes exactly today womens are playing great role and doing lot of things .I also do believe that today not only womens are equal to mens when it we talk about responsibilties and work.

    I dont require some other example here as we have great example that is you and others womens whom i know. They work a lot i know this , if we talk about family responsibilities , work , house work etc..

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Shorya Bist

    1. Hi Shorya – nice to have you back 🙂

      Glad you liked the article, and yes it’s a small attempt to make people understand women right through the ages, and see her in today’s world. 🙂

      Yes, women are playing many roles in their lives – much more than men and that’s what even research indicates, that they work harder and more as compared to men, yet it’s the men who get credit for things they do and not the women. However, I’m glad things are changing in most places and they are being treated as equals.

      Ah…that’s so kind of you Shorya! I do try my best to juggle between playing the role of a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, blogger, and writer – doing my writing projects, though I feel I need to devote more time for my kids and am trying for that now.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  18. Hi Harleena,

    Love the post! This line even more “The fact is, without women, men will cease to exist.” I agree with you, completely. (Although, we might cease to exist as well, unless learn to complete the whole procreation process all by ourselves ;-))

    I absolutely hate this so-called-idea that women are difficult to understand. Nor do I believe in ‘men are from mars crap etc…’ It’s all patriarchal culture making women’s life miserable. Women are not weak, they have been taught to believe, just because they have a womb they are weak. Patriarchy, I feel, describe women as alien hence we end up being judged and mistreated. Men would find it easier to understand women if they’d start treating women like a human being.
    Women should be allowed the right to decide who they are, what they are and what they want out of their life. Men have this right, it’s time women are given their share as well.

    Instead, of viewing and labeling us, as “mysterious,” men should seriously consider growing a rational brain. That would help great deal in understanding women.

    1. Welcome to the blog Pia!

      Glad you loved the post and could relate to it. 🙂

      You are right – both men and women would cease to exist, though I feel women are a shade stronger as compared to men in this case – isn’t it?

      I agree with you, but don’t we keep hearing people say that understanding women is an uphill task, especially the men! And they use the Mars and Venus comparison so very often, more so when they have problems understanding women – not their fault actually, or perhaps they really don’t have an idea about what women are made of and all that she undergoes, which is what led me to write his post though there’s a lot more I wanted to add but didn’t, keeping the post length in mind.

      Women are affected by the culture and society they live in, which does more harm than good to them. The feelings they undergo, just as you mentioned, are what make them feel they are weak half the time, which they are not. I guess they need to rise and realize their inner strength and wake up in the real sense, and fight against all odds to go after what they feel is right and what they want – because they matter.

      Yes, if men would place themselves in the shoes of a women, even for one day, they would realize all that she undergoes, which would help them understand women better.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. Do visit again. 🙂

      1. Thanks Harleena for replying and the welcome:-).

        I do stop by your website more frequently than you know. But for the first time I decided to comment as the issue of “how to understand women” is close to my heart. Women undoubtedly are stronger and definitely have advantage over men, if things come to worse. Because we do have the ‘womb’ necessary to procreate life. Who knows when nature would think it’s appropriate to give women full command of procreation? Highly doubtful, men would be able to develop womb on short notice ;-).

        Also, I’m a firm believer it’s a difficult task to even understand men. So why stereotype only women? Centuries ago, they were provided with an easy escape and now except few good men, most are too lazy to want to invest time in trying to understand us.

        1. Nice to know that you stop by often Pia, and am glad you commented – do that often. 🙂

          I agree, women do have more courage and strength to withstand certain things as compared to men (not the physical aspect of it of course). Ah…we do have the ‘womb’ advantage, which the men will never have – at least not in the near future I think. 🙂

          Yes indeed, it’s not easy to understand men and what they undergo too and a major cause for that is they really don’t know how to express themselves as well. I do intend writing a post on that too sometime soon now. This post was mainly written for people so that they understand women in today’s world, though there’s a lot more that could have been said.

          Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂

  19. What a great article Harleena!

    We’ve come a long way baby! As a woman, I think the greatest conflict we have is balancing work with children. Mine are grown now but I do remember having my own business, being a single mom and care taking my daughter. If I was working, I was wondering what she was doing. When I was with her, I wanted to work. That was the most difficult task.

    Other than that, I see no difference between me and a man. I could do the job just as good or even better! Why? Because I am made that way and will shamefully say I take pride in it.

    As a woman, we do tend to fall into certain roles that have been taught to us by our families. Some cultures need to be quiet, some are grown to please a man. It all depends.

    In my day, I was “told” to get my education and get married! That’s it? I did get married but that didn’t last long. Those women roles were forced upon me and away I went.

    My marriage now is balanced. My husband doesn’t expect me to do any traditional roles. In fact, I may be wearing the pants in the house he he.

    Now I’m a “grandmother” and family “expects” me to host holidays. I put a stop to that one! I just didn’t want to do it. After a year of pouting, they all got with the program.

    As long as we are serious about what we are doing and put the boundaries where they belong, women can pass down their strengths to their children.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Glad you liked the article, and yes, we surely have come a long long way as compared to where we were. 🙂

      You ARE absolutely right – for women it is finding the right balance and setting their priorities where work and kids are concerned. Some manage things very well, while others struggle with it – and sooner or later it’s one of the two that takes a back seat or gets adversely affected.

      Things are all the more tough for a single mother, and just as you mentioned, she really can’t give her best while at work because her thoughts are home – with her child, and vice versa. Ah…nothing to feel ashamed to say that you are more efficient than most men, and that’s what most women are too I feel because they CAN multi-task, which very few men can and that makes women more able to handle lots of things together.

      Yes indeed, women play many roles depending on the society and culture they are brought up in, though very few of them have the real freedom to live the life they want to live – which saddens me the most. Like in your case, you did what you were told, because those times were such and so it was kind of a norm to just listen and do what you are told. We have a lot of such cases our end too, and eventually when you marry someone you don’t love or there’s lack of respect and understanding, it does result in an unhappy ending or divorce.

      I’m glad you are through that phase and have someone who thinks more like you, and doesn’t mind you wearing the pants too 😉

      You surely don’t look like a grandmother! But then it’s for the love of the family and the way they look up to you that you must be agreeing to what they want – isn’t it? You are right, the strength and courage of a woman surely does pass down to her kids in more ways than one, and I feel that coming right through to me too – thanks to my Mom, who was another woman of substance.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. 🙂

  20. After reading this post about women and how we are earning our place in this world, I will order my cape in a hot pink color please, LOL 🙂

    I for one am proud of my sisters who carry a briefcase in one hand and a baby on her hip, it’s just amazing how it’s all done without breaking a sweat or a nail!

    I’m very proud of being a women and I’m glad my daughters have role models who demonstrate they can have a career and a family.

    Wonderful post as always Harleena!

    1. Hi Corina,

      That would indeed be wonderful! Order one for me too. 🙂

      I agree with you – there surely is a reason to be proud of all those women who are managing their homes and their careers so efficiently, and yet they have no complaints and do everything willingly. It’s not that the woman doesn’t have her share of problems, or she isn’t stressed or drained out, but she has her reasons for doing what she does, which is either to support her family’s income, finding her own identity, or just about anything. But I just wish she would get more help and support from her family members to let her reach the heights she so desires.

      Your daughters surely must be proud of you and the way you manage things too – perfect role model for them as well. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  21. Hi Harleena,

    I respect women and treat them as equals and no, no one has ever ingrained in me that women are not equals and they have to be suppressed. By the time I gained maturity, feminism picked up and that showed me that it is an equal world for both men and women.

    The only thing that bugs me is reservation here in India. If equality is what they ask for, then maybe reservation is not aiding equality. This is actually my personal grievance because it affected me a bit in my academics. I have nothing against it because after all working hard will fetch you success be it men or women.

    Some of your questions I cannot answer partly because I haven’t been to the stage of marriage yet.

    Personally I think family is much more important than career because after all motherhood is a gift like you say. It is sacred.

    I recently finished reading the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and my respect for women increased much more. There’s a lot of history about women and their sacred nature.

    Good post! Nice topic!


    1. Hi Aditya,

      Nice to know your views about women, and yes, in some people respecting women comes naturally, or perhaps it largely depends on your upbringing and how your parents raised you to respect women too. The young generation is still better off where treating women as equals is concerned because they see a woman also do the very same things as a man, and in some cases, she is even able to handle things a little better – and they are quick to notice and appreciate it too. However, this isn’t the case with the older or our generation, and nor is it so in some places or in the backward areas, again due to various reasons.

      I agree about the reservation part and perhaps with time that too would become equal 🙂 I can understand how it affects us in our higher studies, though perhaps the rules have been made keeping the women in the backward areas in mind more than anything else, so that they get a chance to study further.

      Yes, motherhood or fatherhood, both are sacred, and family should always come first, and it does in most of the cases I guess, though sometimes people get so lost in their careers that they tend to ignore their families, which has it’s adverse effects too. Ah…that’s a nice book, and I’ve just heard about it and not read it. Nice to know your respect and value for women increased after reading it.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. 🙂

  22. Harleena,

    Glad you could share this post about the roles, challenges, and successes of women. It’s sad to know that people discriminate on things beyond our control – such as gender. But also good to know there are women who are excelling despite all this.

    Seeing these inspirational women shows other women what’s possible!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I had been wanting to write such a post on understanding women since a long time, and am glad I was finally able to now. Yes, it’s mostly the people in our society or the culture that are majorly responsible for the discrimination on various things, though now things are slowly changing for the better in most places.

      I guess it’s the woman who has to take the stand and learn to fight for her rights, whether someone is around to support her or not, especially when she has no one to side with her. You are right, seeing more of inspirational women shows other women that things are possible – only if we make up our mind.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  23. Hi Harleena,

    While I’ve never been one to see women as less than men; a lot of my feelings towards women stem from being surrounded by them growing up. I can relate to women more than men, because I didn’t have many men role models, or any I would consider to be role models, around me at the time. With that being said, I think women are as different as a 42-count box of crayons. That’s not meant to be an insult or degrading; so I hope no one takes it that way. It’s simply that I’ve been exposed to strong willed and minded women, as well as weak ones. My grandmother was a strong one. Only having an eight grade education before she was taken out of school and made to help with bringing in money into the household. I saw her rise above such limiting conditions purchasing and owning her own home, starting several businesses, raising nine children and several grand-children (including myself), and being a person of great influence in her neighborhood, church, and among her family, friends, and peers. I am thankful for having seen such strength too. I attribute her to having gave me my current path and direction in life. She let me know that my limitations don’t have to control my destiny, but I can use them to fulfill my destiny.

    As far as the women of today is concern; in my opinion the same exist. There are strong ones and weak ones… just like the men. I’m grateful that I have surrounded myself with the strong ones, who often remind me of my grandmother.

    1. Hi Deone,

      I know about the special women in your life, your mom and your grandmother as you speak so fondly of both of them so often, and how they surrounded you in your growing years. I can understand that these wonderful women were more of role models in your life than the men, and that’s absolutely alright too. I liked your comparison – 42- count of box of crayons – yes indeed, many colors of a woman, and yes – they play those many and may be more roles in their lives too.

      Your granny surely went through a lot, and to start working at that young an age isn’t easy. More so, to take care of so many kids and grandkids in the family, and manage things is commendable indeed. She surely sounds like a woman of substance that you must be so proud of – isn’t it? I guess all this was possible only because she was determined and strong willed, and most importantly, wanted to make things work despite the odds. And she did it all with courage and strength – what better example could you have had in-front of you about understanding women – and all of this was long back.

      Knowingly or unknowingly, the very nature of such women has an influence in our lives and there must be so many things, as you mentioned, that you have found helped you finally find the right direction and path in your life.

      I agree, there are all kinds of men and women today – both, strong and weak, and it does make sense to surround ourselves with the strong ones who help us grow further. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with all of us. Always a pleasure to have you over. 🙂

  24. Very interesting Harleena.

    I am very happy being a women. Some woman go to far I believe when they think they can feel a mans shoes. There is a reason for a man and woman and we both have to respect each other.

    Yes, you have to be yourself and not let society tell you what you have to be. When it comes to being a single parent I always had to laugh to myself. If a woman is a single parent, that is her problem. If a man is a single parent he is respected for taking on the roll. I always found this very interesting.

    When it comes to priorities and balance. I always keep my life in balance like this, God first, family second and career third. It has always worked for me.

    Thanks for the deep thinking this day.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Nice to know that you found the post interesting. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more – I sure am happy being a woman too. Absolutely! The mutual respect is needed in both cases, whether you are a man or a woman, though sadly the men expect more of it and give less as compared to women I feel. But yes, I am glad things are changing now.

      I agree, women need to rise and learn to feel good about what they want in life, though society and culture often are the ones that pull them back. I guess unless she takes a stand for herself – no one can really help her – isn’t it? Ah…I agree about the part of being a single parent, and similarly there are so many instances where women are pointed out to while the men are free to have their way.

      Balance IS the only way things work. As women, we know the amount of work we need to do, and whether it’s our career or our family we need to manage, if we don’t prioritize and balance out things – we would be losing out on something or the other. I like your balance – yes, keep a place for the Almighty too – always. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your pearls of wisdom with us. 🙂

  25. Such a fantastic article for our mother,sister and wife by a beautiful lady.Truly its difficult to understand a lady but not difficult to understand our mother.
    She is devoted devoted and devoted towards us and family. 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog Aman!

      Glad you liked the post, and thanks for the kind words too. 🙂

      Yes indeed, you would best know more about women whom you are related to like your mother, sister, or wife if you are married, and all that they undergo in their lives. I’m glad you appreciate your mother and all she does for you and your family. Hope more people would do that and try helping and supporting them in their own way.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  26. Hi Harleena Di

    Great thoughts Shared!

    When we talk about the women in cities, the situation has completely changed and more so in favor of women.Women are leading the ways and men are just following them in corporate sector(Indra Noyi, Naina Lal and Vinita Bali of Britannia, Yahoo’s Mayer and there are so many now), they have been responsible in paradigm shift that has taken place in corporate sector and especially in India.I really don’t feel that situation is so sweet in rural India.

    In my case I have been currently doing many things from Software development to Blogging to managing family but wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my husband and at the same time the will and determination to succeed.

    Thanks for this great share Di. Have a great week ahead.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      Glad you liked the post 🙂

      Yes indeed, a lot has changed from what was the situation of women long back, though I hope for the better in most countries. You surely did mention some powerful women, and yes, they are successful and leaders in many places – surely doing well for themselves. In India I feel the women are doing well, though they are mainly in the larger cities and metros. The state of the Indian women in smaller cities and villages still needs to get better.

      Oh yes…you are a wonderful example of doing so well for yourself in a short period of time, which is commendable. And more so, I know how difficult things are for women who have to manage a family and see to their jobs too. Yet they do it all – isn’t it? I just hope and pray that more people are able to understand women and the different hats they have to wear, and support her in whatever way possible. I agree, if there is support from husbands and other family members, women can do wonders today.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. 🙂

  27. Hi Harleena,

    Mom always say that be a man is better be a women. I didn’t believed since I was too little but its truth that, be a men is better than be women.

    About me, everybody loves to have the ability to take care of everything. It’s possible but it makes life tired and life is meant to be enjoyable.

    Thanks – Ferb

    1. Hi Ferb,

      Wise words from your Mom, though I feel she might’ve said those knowing all that a women undergoes, so as per her it’s better to be a man in today’s world. While I do agree to a certain extent when I see things that some women have to undergo in some parts of the world, I don’t think I personally would like to be a man – I sure am happy being a woman. 🙂

      Yes indeed, it isn’t humanly possible to take care of everything and multi-task all the time, but women do it. I’m sure you’ve seen the women in your life like your Mom etc. go through it too. It does tire and stress them out. I guess if men were to help them out, things would be a lot easier for them.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with all of us. 🙂

  28. I dont know about small towns thinking,but,in metro cities the sitauation is surely changing.Women are standing up for themselves.I for one can vouch for this..upto a point my wife wanted to continue as a small time business womman,which she did and gave up to remain at home and relax.In both the cases it was her own decision.
    My daughter has taken similar decisions and we stand by her.
    Like men,even women have one life….why mustnt they too live it their way?

    1. Hi BK,

      Absolutely! Things are surely changing in the metros and other larger cities, though in the small towns and villages things take time. But yes, there are some women who are taking a stand for themselves in these villages and towns, and just as they say, sometimes just a spark is needed to light the fire- isn’t it?

      Nice to know more about your wife, and am glad you stood by her decision, whether it was to go out and work or sit home and manage the house, which in itself, just as I was telling Mayura, is a full time job!

      I agree, just like men, even women have full rights to live the life they want to, on their terms and conditions. And if they are in a family, it’s the duty of the family members to be supportive of her decision.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with all of us. 🙂

  29. Hi Harleena! Fabulous post coming from a Fabulous Woman!

    IMO, being a woman is being who I want to be and not being what society or my ole man wants me to be. I’m a leader, not a follower. If I’m told I can’t do something (like riding my own motorcycle) I am that much more determined to do it. Why? Because I am capable of being my own woman.

    Now, do I understand women? Absolutely not! Women can be very catty, gossipy, and down right awful. Do I understand myself? Absolutely! My past has made me who I am today. All the love, heartbreak, deaths, births, setbacks, accomplishments, and perseverance have made me, ME and I love me. 😉

    I’m curious to read the other comments as they come in. Thanks Harleena! You are fabulous!

    1. Hi Bren,

      Glad you liked the post and could relate so well to it 🙂

      Yes indeed, that’s the way we all need to think. Just be and do what we want to do, without really thinking about the society or how our folks will think. But sadly, in most places that isn’t the case, or perhaps women haven’t yet reached that level, nor are they that free. Yes, the answer too lies in their hands though.

      Ah…I can well relate to that…when we are stopped from doing something, or if we are told that we are no good or can’t do it, we are all the more determined and take it as a challenge to prove ourselves – isn’t it? And most of the times, we don’t stop till we succeed. 🙂

      Oh yes…sometimes women have a tough time understanding other women too, just as you mentioned. It’s sad but true how some women can get, and they just don’t stop! I guess it’s best to avoid such people, or find better ones. I agree, each passing day is a learning experience, and even those rough times teach us something in return, which makes us who and what we are today – just ourselves, and we need to love and value ourselves for who we are.

      Let’s see what other men and women have to say about this one. Hope they can take back home something from this piece. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with all of us. 🙂

  30. Hi Harleena,

    Mmm… I think it depends dear 🙂 I’ve met not only women but also men who are unpredictable or harder to understand too. Sometimes I feels it’s their nature or as a result of being through different circumstances. But my friends (boys) in relationships used to murmur they can’t understand women when something unusual happens 😀

    I’ve read and heard about the time, about few decades back here. Women were impressive in education but limited to home. Less career choices. Mostly it’s about marriage after the education and taking care of husband and children. Yeah, my mother too 🙂

    You are right about how multitasking becomes an attribute of women Harleena. Eventhough they are housewives. My perfect example is my mother. When it comes to career and family, I think it’s not easy at all to balance everything. AND not everyone can do it though 🙂

    You are a wife, mother and having a career too. I think you are the best to tell about what should be the first priority dear 🙂 Women themselves make that choice and men can supportive as the partner too, no?

    There’s a possibility that women can be equal to men in all aspects, but personally I don’t think it needs to be all the time Harleena 🙂 Women have a sacred place than men and we believe they are a treasure. They are the source of love as I define. May be it’s coming from our culture.

    It’s not about holding equal positions that men do. It’s perfectly alright. But there are incidents we don’t let women to risk their lives but defend them, no? So they don’t need to be equal in my opinion. Well, that’s my view though.

    Also as women now much exposed to the World, there’s a greater chance they can exposed to threats. I think now women have a huge responsibility as a character and finally I think it’s about men and women, not men or women alone.


    1. Hi Mayura,

      Yes, it surely does depend from one person to another and their views about understanding women. It also depends on all that a woman has undergone and her experiences, just as you mentioned – and yes, men too might be facing similar situations, though I feel society is a little stricter with women where rules are concerned – isn’t it?

      Ah…I knew some men would have that question always lurking in their mind that they can’t seem to understand women no matter how much they try – I guess that’s why women are so mysterious!

      Oh yes…I know of my granny who had to complete her studies with teachers coming to her home to teach her as she wasn’t allowed to go out of the house – it amazes me when she tells us stories of her time, and same might be the case with many others. And they were married off at a very young age, had kids, and lived their lives as simple house-makers. There was no question of women pursuing any kind of career or even leaving home for anything else. Those times were different, and most of us have heard about them from our parents or grandparents.

      You are right, not everyone can multi-task and it sure takes a lot out of the woman to get down to doing things, especially if shes a single mother. But without our knowing, a woman is multi-tasking even if shes a simple mother at home as she needs to cook, look after the house, her kids, her hubby, in-laws, do up the laundry, gardening…the list is endless. My Mom would say a woman’s work never ends, and she was right. It all adds to her stress and pressure when she’s also working or has a career and full time job. Where is the respite for her? Unless of course, her husband is willing enough to help out in the house work, which only a few good men would be ready to do because they understand women and what she’s undergoing. Others feel let her do it – it’s her job and they just don’t bother!

      Yes, being a working woman and a Mom I know all that I undergo, but I am lucky that my hubby does help out where and when he can, or else it wouldn’t have been possible. There’s a lot more I want to do and I know I can do, but if I don’t set my priorities right, it’s my kids and family who suffer more than anything else, and that no mother would want, even if she’s working. So, I prefer taking and doing things keeping everything in mind and balancing it all out.

      I agree about the equality part, but here I meant in the way of their career and jobs, and they are no less than men today. However, in our country and few others, things are slowly catching up. Of course, men have more physical strength and should be the protectors where women are concerned, and there women can’t be equal. Regarding security or threat, as she steps out to work, she is aware that she might not be safe. I guess she goes out with her safeguards all up! But again, what about the single woman – she’s to learn to cope for herself, and she surely does find ways – isn’t it?

      Culture and society play a major role, and you said some people respect and treasure women, but in most of the places that’s not the case, which is sad indeed. I wish more would think like you. 🙂

      Yes indeed, now with changing times, it’s both men and women who have to work together with respect and understanding. With changing times and women moving out to work, men certainly need to share her burden in whatever way they can and help out – isn’t it? After all, if shes going out to earn, she’s doing so for the family. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and enriching us with your valuable comment. 🙂

  31. I think in India, its also changing to some extent but not as rapidly as we would have liked. In the rest of the world, women’s role and position is changing for the better. But in India, things don’t always move as fast as the rest of the world. Perhaps that is why India is lagging behind. The position of women in India is still quite pathetic. But the time for women to change has come and realize that women will no longer be subdued and must take steps for financial freedom.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      I agree, things take time in India, though I’m glad they have started to move now. In most countries things are on an upward trend and that has an impact on India too. Yes indeed, the state on Indian women is quite sad, especially in the villages and backward places. I guess they too shall get the light of things pretty soon as things change pretty soon too. We need to remember however, that things change when we change – isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. 🙂

  32. Women are definitely from Venus and to understand her we need to use only the best efforts! From other hands women are too dependent creatures. For instance, the easiest example is this crazy measuring 90-60-90. Every woman is dying for these criteriaыюю deists, gyms and so on. Have you heard about the same for men? No.. Exactly… Men makes the women’s life rough…

    1. Hi Evan,

      Yes indeed, that’s what I’ve heard too that women are from Venus, so that might be a reason most men have a problem understanding women! Some women are dependent alright, though nowadays most are independent and living a happy life of their own.

      Ah..those measurements – well yes, some women are obsessed with those things, not all. But so are men, who want to have those abs and work out to great extents to get that kind of a body. I won’t say all men make women’s lives tough, though some of them do and can turn really bad too at times.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      1. I agree with you Harleena on this point. Also, I would like to add that we cannot generalize in any direction.

        There are also women who make the men’ lives also real tough specially in a society where most of the laws favors Women.

        And also, not only women, men are equally obsessed with beauty and perhaps you will find market is full of beauty products of man.

        It is both ways and never ending debate.

  33. Very well said, Harleena.

    Who decides what a woman does? It should be that woman and no one else. We’ve all grown up with such stereotypes, that at times it’s hard to define ourselves. For example, when I, a working woman and an entrepreneur, decided to stay at home and enjoy my husband’s money ;), a lot of people, including my own family was uncomfortable. It was one of the best decisions I made for myself at the time. Who knows, in a while from now, I might change my mind – but that’s up to me.Sadly, not all women have the choices I do and I always remember to give thanks for that and to reach out to those I can to help them empower themselves.

    1. Hi Corinne,

      Glad you could relate with the post 🙂

      Yes indeed, I wish and pray more women could have their say, though with changing times they are getting out of their shell and reaching great heights. However, my heart goes out to those women who are still not where they ought to be.

      Ah…I can relate to what you said about staying home, especially after you left work, which again was your decision and something you wanted to do. Yes, people, more so our own family doesn’t take to such things happily. We too have a lot of such cases our end, and I too faced the same issue when I left work to start working from home. I guess they just can’t imagine nor understand that we can earn sitting at home too nowadays, and they have their fixed ideas carrying on from good old times.

      I agree, you and me had that choice and we took it. But what about those women who don’t have that kind of freedom to take their own life’s decisions? I guess it always helps to reach out to those women and do something for them, whenever we can.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with everyone. 🙂

  34. Hi Harleena,

    What an insightful post! I’ve worn many hats over the years – student, corporate ladder climber and motivated career woman, mom, working mom, stay-at-home working mom, volunteer worker, wife, caregiver, house and yard keeper – the list is endless. And sometimes exhausting! It can be hard to be a woman in today’s world, but it was hard 1000 years ago too!

    Thanks again for a great introspective post.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Nice to see you again, and glad you liked the post. 🙂

      Wow! Those sure are a lot many hats to handle, though am sure you must have done very well in all the areas. Yes indeed, the list is never ending to the amount of work a woman has to do – I guess her work just never ends! It IS exhausting – ask me!

      It sure was hard way back then, and so is the case now. But yes, now life’s become much more demanding I think with the growing needs. One just doesn’t know where to stop. It does take a lot to understand a woman – doesn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      1. Yes, Harleena, lots of hats, but don’t we all have lots of hats to wear? And thankfully I didn’t wear them all at once! Sometimes society puts so much pressure on us to “be everything” – I’ve done my best to jump off that track, but there are times I get caught up in it, trying to “be everything”.
        Have a great day!

        1. Yes, we do Carol 🙂

          I guess it’s the various roles women have to play, though not all at once. Yet, there are certain things a woman does all at once too – like being a Mom, wife, daughter, and even working. That’s what exhausts her – isn’t it? I agree, it is the pressure that begins showing in many forms sooner or later.

          Thanks once again. 🙂

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