Why Lawyer SEO Experts are a Must for High-Growth of Law Firms

Law firms benefit a lot from lawyer SEO experts to stay in the competition. Here are the reasons why investing in law firm SEO experts makes absolute sense.
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In present times, if you need your business to flourish, an online presence definitely helps. However, as the race to the top of search engine query results becomes highly competitive, the need for SEO experts becomes crucial. Likewise, law firms benefit a lot from lawyer SEO experts to stay in the competition. Here are the reasons why investing in law firm SEO experts makes sense. ~ Ed.


What does it take for my company to grow and prosper?

It’s a safe assumption that this is the one million dollar –– quite literally –– question that every business owner needs to ask themselves.

You’ll find dozens of answers, but very few are as crucial as the importance of leveraging your online presence. This is especially the case for law firms, whose presence on social media platforms and the digital world, in general, is now more important than ever for their success.

Search engine optimization has become key for a law firm to make it in such a highly competitive market. Here’s why SEO experts are a must for the high growth of your law firm.


6 Reasons Why You Need Lawyer SEO Experts For Your Law Firm

There’s no doubt that you need an online presence for your law firm. And if you’re online, then you need a lawyer SEO expert. Here are the reasons to support my statement:

The Search Engine Ranking

Did you know that Google receives over 60,000 search queries per second, on pretty much any given day? That’s about 2 trillion searches per year.

Yes, your mind should be blown by these numbers, but it also has to get you thinking. If you want to rank up high amidst such high number of search queries, what do you need to do?

Well, SEO is a simple and direct answer.

Search engine ranking plays a huge factor in how easily people find your law firm’s website, and at the end of the day, that is what you want.

Law firms that generate over 60 percent of their leads online make twice as much money as those who generate 20 percent or less! These numbers mean that the very success of your firm depends on how well you optimized your website.

People Need to Easily Find You

You want people to find your website, quite easily and quickly for that matter.

If a person was wrongfully terminated from their job and they’re looking to sue, they’ll start looking for law firms to help with the matter. The numbers show that people check out 5 different websites on average before reaching out to specific law firms. That means that you have a 20 percent chance of getting that particular lead, and that is even if you are among the 5 companies that the person looking for a firm checked out.

Search engine optimization is how you ensure you are among those five options, and better yet, how you ensure that your chances of being selected are more than 20 percent.

A Specific Service for a Specific Business

Getting SEO done properly for a law firm is no longer a luxury. People don’t look for lawyers in TV spots or on billboards anymore. They look for them online. And you can’t have the same level of service as an insurance company, for instance.

That one size fits all approach to SEO doesn’t work for law firms, as you’ll notice if you visit the Monopolists website and realize that law firms require a custom made plan that is different from most other companies. This is because the service they provide is different from other companies.

The SEO expert you get can’t just be anybody; they have to be lawyer SEO experts. That means someone with knowledge and experience in the field, based on which they’ll create a tailored plan for your business.

This is how you ensure your firm will grow, with a special plan made for your particular business.

Social Media

Let’s face it; you know that you need to be available on social media, one way or another. It’s where people spend most of their time, and it’s where you need to target your audience.

This is where SEO experts come in; you need them to create specific plans to optimize your website and service for the different social media platforms to ensure that your brand reaches as many people as possible.


This approach doesn’t sit well with many people who are sort of old school, but at the end of the day, that’s how things work right now.

People spend loads of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. And if you want your law firm’s name to reach these people, then you’re going to have to optimize your content for these different websites and applications.

The Website

Believe it or not, search engine ranking and social media optimization are not the only reasons why you need lawyer SEO experts. The content of your website itself has got to be optimized so that the user experience is the best it can be.

In other words, if a user opens your website and finds it too difficult to navigate, or finds the site plagued with legal terms that they could not hope to understand in a  million years, chances are they’re going to close that website and never come back.

This is the very definition of poor user experience, and it’s something you definitely want to avoid because as a matter of fact, Google takes the quality of user experience into consideration when it comes to search engine ranking.

So, get some SEO experts to make your website smooth and easy to use because it does count for something.

Good SEO Means Credibility

The two are more related than you realize. When your SEO is properly done, that means your law firm’s website ranks high on search engines. It also means there will be many backlinks to your own website.

These things build credibility, and they give people the impression that your firm is to be trusted and establishes your brand as an authority. The more people stumble upon your website, the better your reputation will be, and the more credible people will find you.

Wrapping Up – Invest in SEO

You can rest assured that your competition is doing it. Everybody is investing in SEO experts, and a law firm needs to do it even more than others.

Search engine optimization is the future of businesses and how they can ensure high-growth for the future.

If you’re not already investing a chunk of your budget in SEO, social media, and anything related to the digital world, then you need to wake up and start doing it.

If you falter behind on this particular angle, you risk losing your place and being forgotten amidst all the competition that realized the importance of SEO and invested in it.

Over to you

Do you believe SEO experts can help in the growth of a law firm? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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