What Can You Learn From Grandparents

Grandchildren love their grandparents. In fact, grandparents are their whole world. However, what’s so special in grandparents that…
Grandchild in grandparents company

Grandchildren love their grandparents. In fact, grandparents are their whole world. However, what’s so special in grandparents that children prefer them over their own parents? At least some of them do!

You must have guessed why I am writing about grandparents. Yes, the National Grandparents Day of United States is just round the corner.

People celebrate Grandparents Day all over the world on different dates, but this post was inspired by the previous post on Aha!NOW.

Halreena wrote a post on Teachers and Teachers Day. Not surprisingly, in their comments, many readers attributed their parents and grandparents as being their best teachers in life.

Now, aren’t grandparents really special people? They are better teachers and even better parents for many grandchildren.

Grandparents are more than that – read this post on the role of grandparents in the family to know what other aspects of life grandparents excel in and their role in our lives.

How can these “old” people still be as valuable as gold? I know you would say, why not, because “old is gold”!

If you are a grandparent and somebody tells you that you are old, you can reply saying you are Gold – old grandparents are more valuable than the real gold.

You see we humans are like wine – we get better with age, do you agree?

Grandparents are fully seasoned and grown adults, with highly developed hearts and a rich experienced life.

So, what can we learn from grandparents?

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Learning from Grandparents

I remember that I used to spend a good part of my annual summer holidays regularly at my grandparent’s place. I used to love it over there.

Those days spent with my grandparents are still vivid in my memory, as being one of the best periods in my life.

Why was it so? Well, I had the freedom to be as and what I wanted, I was given what I asked for, I was cared for and loved without being asked about anything, even if I made blunders.

Thank goodness for grandparents, as you get softer, kinder, and warmer treatments being with them.

Times have changed. I am a parent now. Looking back at those days, I don’t think I’m being with my children how my grandparents were with me.

I guess that happens with time as we change our roles. Most probably, I will become like my grandparents, and my children will become more like me.

Coming back to the focus of this post, mentioned below are some of the lessons I learned from my grandparents.

A Dozen Lessons of Life to Learn from Grandparents

Grandparent and grandchildren fishing together.

Be Good


You will mostly find that grandparents are kind and compassionate. They are good, and that is the main reason why grandchildren like them.

In fact, if you are good, everybody will like you. Being good in your thoughts, words, and actions, will also make you feel good!

Be Content

My grandparents were cool and calm. They had all the patience in the world and were content with their life and belongings.

Probably, having limited desires and expectations bring you more happiness in life. Take life as it comes, don’t panic.

Be Yourself

Did your grandparents copy or impersonate someone else? No, they were originals, weren’t they?

After all the years, they knew that liking and loving yourself, and being yourself is the way to be confident and comfortable. Find the real you, from within.

Be Jovial

I bet that your grandparents were the most humorous people you met, they are fun to be with! Though not necessarily.

At least they know that being happy and making light of life’s events makes you less stressed, or enables you to cope with stress in life. More so, you can only enjoy the moments of life if you are happy.

Be Social

Probably you can say that most grandparents have more time to spare because they have completed their duties as parents and have ample time in hand now. So they get social in the real sense – getting involved in social or community activities and service.

Also, being social in terms of interaction help you remain connected, lively, and fresh in your heart and mind. Social would mean meeting friends and being with family, so always encourage family get together as those times are precious.

Be Giving

Of course, grandparents would not ever let you go empty-handed – they always have something to offer you, whether it is cookies, chocolates, or even hugs!

They give you their time, their shoulder for you to lean upon, their ears to listen to your talks and woes, and so much more. You’ll feel good living, if you’re giving – that’s the joy of giving.

Be Caring

Grandparents demonstrate the real way of caring, by being selfless love and understanding all our needs.

They know that the world out there is rough and tough, and you deserve consolation to lift your spirits up. Caring also creates bonds, faith, and loving relations.

Be Loving

Loving words rather than punishments work. How many grandparents do you see punishing their grandchildren in whatever ways? They know what it takes to develop an effective rapport – unconditional love.

This is one reason why grandchildren have absolute faith in their grandparents and confide in or prefer to seek support from them, rather than their own parents.

Be Inspiring

My grandfather told me tales of his hardships when I was young. Those talks directly embedded in my core, and I was inspired by his determination and passion in life. I saw my grandmother working hard and serving all others selflessly.

I subconsciously made up my mind to be like them. You too should live a life that can inspire others to follow you.

Be Non-judgmental

I know that my grandparents never judged their grandchildren, nor even themselves when it came to grand parenting.

I guess that is the reason they were always relaxed, because they had no regrets or guilt about being bad in their job. They just took everything in their stride and moved on.

Be Wise

With knowledge and experience, you become more mature. You don’t let your ego create hurdles. Grandparents know that situations pass, darkness isn’t forever and children too will change with time.

Instead of reacting negatively and confronting, they prefer to reason and are understanding. Wisdom settles all your worries.

Be a Visionary

Grandparents understand the force and speed of time, and know that their grandchildren will grow out soon. They know life is short, so they should live fully, make the best of every moment, and make up with others.

Forgive, forget, and forge ahead to the future is their mantra. Each happy moment in the present will create a pool of happiness in the future.

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Grandchild standing with grandmother

Our grandparents teach us much more. They are the epitome of leading an enriched life, the ones who live the life as it should be lived. Grandparents are said to lay the foundation for the next generation.

You can read more about what you can learn from your grandparents from around the web, here and here.

I understand that not all of these qualities can be attributed to all grandparents because individual differences are always there, and people have varied learning experiences in life.

However, most grandparents know better than the young ones to live life the right way.

You need to take these lessons from their life and graft them into your life, without waiting to become  a grandparent yourself to learn them.

It’s wise and being smart to learn from the failures, success, and the lessons of life of others and save yourself from wasting time learning them and making mistakes. However, that way of learning also has its own advantages.

I’ll leave that for some other post and end this post here by thanking my grandparents, and all the grandparents and seniors around the world for imparting beautiful lessons of life and being our life teachers.

Celebrate this Grandparents Day by giving all the love and respect to your grandparents.

It’s time to giveback and show them what you learned about life from them. That will be the best gift they will love – give them your time, listen to them, share their memories, show that you care, and let them know that they are loved.

On another note, Harleena is taking the children to meet their grandfather as he nears his 75th birthday and will be back on 15th September. I am sure he is going to be a happy grandfather to be with his grandkids.

Wishing ALL of you a very Happy Grandparents Day, well in advance. 🙂

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Share Your Thoughts –

What did you learn from your grandparents? How did you spend your time with them? What have you planned for them for this Grandparents Day?

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  1. It is really great to read this article. Grandparents teach us a lot of things we never learn it at school. Thanks for choosing nice topic

  2. Hi Vinay,

    You have written your heart in the post.

    Grandparents are wonders of children world. I agree with you that we can always learn something new from our parents be it compassion, be jovial, visionary, content or anything.

    Your observation of their giving nature is true to life, they always have something to offer as a token of their love.

    Great post.

  3. Great post and reading it brought back a lot of memories. I was blessed with not only having Grandparents in my life but also getting to know some of my great-grandparents.
    It was amazing listening to there stories of when they first saw a car, first used a telephone, got electricity and so much more. I was able to hear first hand accounts of a changing world while feeling loved and safe.
    Now I am a grandfather of 12 and realize that the wisdom that grandparents have, comes from having more opportunities to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.
    In the family and culture that I come from our grandparents and elders are still very much cherished. More than gold! So much is lost each time we lose one of them.
    Anyway great post and I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Harleena, I was very close to my grandparents – my grandmother was my best friend. They passed when I was 17. And I still miss them today. I learned so much from them and felt unconditionally loved. There was nothing like that relationship.
    I still think of them often and make cookies my grandmother taught me and crochet which I learned from her.
    Now I’ve become one and still don’t believe it. I will soon as I’ll be visiting her. I hope I can be at least 1/2 the grandmother mine was to me.

  5. Fantastic post Sir. Grandparents are always the first friends we have. Even our parents can never share the delight and trust that we share with our grand parents. Our first worthy achievement or our first failure, we can share it all without any hesitation with our grand parents. They are always kind and forgiving. Their love is immense and their patience is tremendous.

  6. Hello Vinay sir,

    The relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren is such a wonderful bond.We always more heartly attached with grandparents in compare to parents.

    By the way my grandparents is not alive but their wishes, blessings and love always alive with me.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us.

    Minakshi Srivastava

  7. Hi Vinay,

    First of all, thank you for sharing these wonderful lessons. I am sure these are something awesome to learn whether we learn from Grandparents or not.

    Now, the reason I say that is because I didn’t have grandparentss. I didn’t see them. I just heard about them.

    But then, I learnt all these from my parents who have been a great role model of honesty, integrity and standing for what’s right.

    Thank you very much and appreciate you for sharing these for those who still have time to appreciate the fact that their grandparents can teach these awesome lessons.

  8. Hi Vinay,

    Really so nice post indeed 🙂

    I have learned so many good things from my grandparents. I love and miss them so much 🙁 .

    I really appreciate this great article which is dedicated to all our grandparents.

    Dr. Diana Hardy

  9. Hi Harleena and Vinay,

    Great Post Vinay and a great tribute to grandparents. I wish all the grandparents out there a very happy one.

    Unfortunately, my grandparents from both sides died early on. From my father’s side, I never got to see them. From my mother’s side they passed away early before I get a chance to learn anything from them.

    My parents and my husband’s parents also passed away very early and my kids will also not have the chance to learn from them. So unfortunate but this is life.

    Thanks for sharing this great post, it is very emotional to read it and I feel so sad that my kids will not have their blessing.

    Happy 75th birthday to your father Harleena and I hope you enjoy your stay with your father.

    Be Blessed,


  10. Hi Vinay,

    What a wonderful post and I remember my grandparents. They have all passed on years ago, over 25 to be exact.

    I lost my Dad’s father when I was three years old so I don’t remember him at all. My Dad’s Mom lived to be 98 years old and we use to visit her yearly in the country. She lived on a farm about 8 hours from us. She wasn’t a very loving woman, not that she didn’t love us but we had to watch how we acted and stuff around her. We still had fun visiting because we were raised in the city so the country life was a blast plus we got to spend time with our cousins.

    My Mom’s parents passed away the same year, actually three months apart. My granddad was 90 and my grandmother was 87. They were always very loving to all of use but I’ll be honest with you Vinay, none of my grandparents taught me any type of lesson in life. We just enjoyed their company and loved visiting. There was always a big house full of family when we went to our grandparents house.

    Thanks for helping me remember them all. I can’t believe they’ve been gone for so long now but I love them all.


  11. Hi Vinay,

    I grew up with both sets of grandparents. One set lived nearby, and the other in the downstairs apartment. I can tell you I learned so much and cherished them all.

    My grandmother became my idol and still is. She was spunky and full of life. She was the “life of the party” with great social skills and always was there for her family and neighbors. When I was growing up I could always count on her as a good friend.

    Now, I’m a step-grandparent, and carry those things to my grand children. I sing old songs to them, like my grandmother did for me. I teach them old simple games like my grandparents taught me.

    I have the pleasure to take them out of this fast paced world, and show them how to have fun with no toys at all. But most of all, although I live far away from them, the eldest 8 year old will call me and tell me her “secrets.”

    Yes, grandparents play a huge role in life. It is difficult these days when our kids live miles away, but we can reach out as grandparents and be on a chat with them.

    Thanks for honoring grandparents!


  12. Hi Vinay and Harleena

    I had a much-love Nana and Gangy, my Mum’s parents. Sadly my Dad’s parents died to early for me to know them.

    Nana practically brought me up, because of my Mum and Dad’s business. And all my holidays were taken with them. So they were very special to me.

    I’ve recently become a Nan myself, so look forward to implementing as many of your excellent list as possible.

    Thanks for the check-list!

    Hope Harleena’s visit is brilliant.


  13. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    Excellent post! What I learned most from my grandparents was the importance of hard work. Laziness, procrastination, etc. are all things you just didn’t do when they were younger (not unless you wanted to be a deadbeat, and who would want to be such a thing?).

    Great post. Hope you both have wonderful days!

    – Kevin

  14. Hello Vinay Kachhara,

    The kids who see their grandparents in life is certainly the most luckiest in life. But it is shocking most kids miss their grandparents in early stage. So they don’t get real love at young age & can’t remember their love. But the points you mentioned grandparents are the learning curb to the kids. there are lots of things which a kid cant learn from parents.

    Happy Weekend 🙂

  15. Hi Vinay

    Very touchy post and those can smell its fragrance who are lucky enough to have enjoyed mentoring company of their grandparents.

    On a very personal note I observe the kids who spend their initial years with love and care of these loving and caring beings have their own confidence level and stability in their attitude which can’t be defined in words.

    In urban societies parents usually don’t have much time to give to their kids especailly if both are working persons. In that case grandparents is a great blessing for such family.

    It is very heartening to know you never skip an event related to feelings, emotions and relationship and well cover it with your thought-provoking posts on these topics.

    This is really a great job you are doing. Others people don’t have much time to talk about such important topics.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  16. Hi Viany,

    Grand parents are to treasure and the sad thing is that at times children who are fortunate enough to have their grand parents might not always realize it and take full advantage of such gift.

    On my father’s side, both my grandparents where gone before I was even born, on my mother’s side they died when I was still very little, so I remember very little of them. But gosh wish I could have kept them much longer.

    It’s funny, at time I’ve seen not so good parents become those sweet grandparents. Go figure, they started to get better people as they grew older I guess.

  17. My grandmother was non judgmental. She always wanted us to put our best foot forward but she learned long ago not to use judgment to do that. To each his/her own she would say. As long as we are together, you can be whatever you want to be. It was so nice to be loved like that!

  18. Hi Vinay,

    It’s such an emotional article for me.

    Actually I haven’t got any chance to learn anything from my grandparents.
    In my childhood they passed away but still I remember about my grandfather who used to teach me Maths tables.

    I used to play with him and he always blessed me.

    Thanks for reminding me some great moments.:)


  19. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    As I have said before I was raised by my grandparents and they mean the world to me. When grandma & grandpa got married, they were both a widow and widower, they wanted a child of their own so bad, but grandma got miscarriage 3x and couldn’t have anymore babies. And so when my parents got separated and mom couldn’t really take care of me, my grandparents adopted me since day one. I was only 3-days old when they took me under their wings. They were my heroes!

    And now I’m a grandparent myself, my granddaughter means the world to me. It’s like having Rachel small all over again. Except the only difference is, she gets to go home after the visit. LOL.

    I miss my granddaughter every time she leaves, breaks my heart when I know her parents are really not together and I have no idea whether they will come together again. My wish for my granddaughter to have that home with both parents living together but not. Perhaps God has a PLAN and I can’t see it yet.

    However, my granddaughter Scarlett is staying mostly with her grandparents (her father’s parents) and she means the world to them. They faithfully take Scarlett to Sabbath school and make sure she grows up with the knowledge of God. I am doing the same thing everytime she comes and visit. I make sure I teach her the best that I can to be closer to God, so when she grows up she will always have that foundation in life.


    Happy 75th Birthday to your father, Harleena. On September 16th my youngest daughter will turn 20. And your dad’s birthday is just one day ahead my daughter’s. The September babies, LOL!!

    My grandparents to me are my ANGELS!! <3 I owe my life to them. I have never really missed anything because they gave me all the LOVE I need.

    Have a nice Sunday!


  20. Hi Vinay,

    I was blessed to know all four of my grandparents before they died. They really brought a lot of joy and knowledge into my life. All four of them lived into their 80’s and were born in the 1800’s. They saw a lot of changes in their lives!

    I will become a grandparent (hopefully) in the 2000’s when we’re seeing a lot of changes. My father learned to Skype when our family lived in the UK so he could see his grandchildren from the US. I never did that with my grandparents, lol!

    Thanks for these wonderful reminders about the power of grandparents!

  21. Vinay,
    Excellent and sentimental post for me as I was very close to my grandparents. I am over fifty, but I still remember vividly the golden days I spent with them. The stories they told invariably had a moral message in it and it inspires me to this date. You kindled my childhood memories!

  22. Both my parents work so, they used to put me up in my grandfather’s house during the daytime. Literally, he brought me up.

    I was 10 when my grandfather died. I still remember that my grandfather used to visit us every Sunday. When I was 7-8 years old, I used to watch TV instead of spending time with him or listening to his stories. I still regret not being able to spend much time with him. It’s true that guilt can eat you alive.

    I wish, I can go back in time to listen to his stories.

  23. Hi Vinay,

    This got me thinking. My grandparents are not alive anymore. I was fairly young when my first two grandparents died. They were very giving and they were always there for me. I understood at an early stage in life that “old” people know a lot about life, and they are a lot calmer and have little stress in life. The funny thing, is that one thing I remember the most is that all my grandparents did have daily routines about everything. They did the same thing almost every day. They had control. They didn’t hurry.


  24. Hello Vinay,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I miss my grandparents. They are my best teachers. They supported me and encouraged me. They are no more in this World, they are always with me..

  25. Hello Vinay.

    I definitely learned all these from my grandparents but what I learned most was about our traditions and religion. If it weren’t for their guidance and introducing me to church I’m afraid to think where I could be right now.

    What a lovely post and great timing for celebrating our grandparents. Mine are no longer living but now that I’m a grandmother I want to pass on the same values to my grandchildren as they did to me.

    Have a great day and weekend! Say hello to Harleena for me!

  26. Hello Vinay,
    This is indeed a nice post for people who still have their grandparents or those who grew up with their grandparent.

    I never get to see mine, they were gone before my birth 🙂 . But still, according to my elder brothers, they discribe my grandparents more cooler than my mama…

    Well, happy grandparent day in advance to you and to all that still has one.

    Thanks and do have a nice weekend start

  27. Hi Vinay,

    I liked the way you have described the wonderful relationship between grandchildren and grandparents. Everybody shares a very special relationship with their grandparents, I remember when my both working parents were away from home, my grandparents were always their to take care of me.
    Especially my grandfather used to teach me great things from his life experience and I used to have a lot of discussion with him on the new things which I had discovered.
    Grandparents are the most respectable and experienced members of the family, I still go on a evening walk with my grandfather daily, chat a bit about my day, about my blog and on the other hand he too shares his younger days with me. It’s a quite cherish able moment for both of us.
    Thank you for sharing this post and Happy Grandparents day to everyone 🙂

  28. Hi Harleena and Vinay,

    What a wonderful post, and this has caused wonderful memories to come flooding back. I wasn’t even aware of the national day set aside for grandparents, wow, I’m out of touch! lol

    Yes, grandparents are very special people. I remember my sister and I spending the weekend with my “NaNa,” and we had a great time. She had a cute apartment with beads as room dividers. We ate in front of the TV on TV trays, and she spoiled us.

    We had Tab to drink (glass bottles) and she taught us to play canasta. She would play her organ for us – so very sweet, my dear NaNa. She was my mother’s mom.

    She spent a lot of time with us because she was not as busy as my mother was. She was very kind and compassionate. Even when I would be upset when she took us duck pin bowling, she would remain calm and just encourage me to keep trying.

    What a blessing they are to our children. My parents are gone, and my husband’s mom is still living in Italy. She is 88. My kids haven’t seen her in two years.

    I have wonderful news! I’m going to be a grandmother in November 2014! I’m flying to Texas to help my daughter for two weeks while she has the baby and comes home to settle. So, I will experience being a grandparent for the first time in a few short months.

    Thanks so much for this awesome article – I really enjoyed it and how it took me down memory lane as well as gave me hope for the future.

    Have a great day. 🙂
    – Carol

  29. Great tribute, Vinay! I have wonderful memories of spending time with my maternal grandparents in Germany. They taught me about the finer things in life, to appreciate culture, to have manners, etc. And the dogs! There were always dogs. 😀 Every Sunday, my parents, grandparents and I would go out for dinner and take our dogs along. (German culture is very dog friendly and these pets are well behaved, unlike some here in North America.) They’ve been gone many years now and I think of them often.

  30. Hi Vinay,

    What an awesome tribute to all grandparents! I hope the modern generation, so fond of freedom and privacy realise how important grandparents are in the lives of their children! Blessed are those homes in which grandparents love flows like a natural brook…their wisdom, their affection and their care are natural examples to emulate.

    All grandparents are NOT old!! I gave up my job to look after my first child and now I have given up my job again to look after my first grandchild. I feel grandparents can give much more than the parents, if they are busy with their careers and yes, those invaluable memories! Who can deny that those moments become lifelong treasures!

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful post! Have a nice week!

  31. I have always wished I had a nice time with my grand father, but death was to quick to take him away during a very tender age, and my grandma is very far from me. we only talk on phone. and she is very educative and supportive.

    I would plan something big for my grandma for this Grand parents Day and surprise her..

    Before then, I pray for long life and good health for all grandparents, you would live to see your great grand children..

  32. My grandparents were amazing people and shared a bunch of great things with me over the years. I will always cherish those memories in my heart. My grandmother on my dad’s side was probably the most inspiring to me. She taught me how to be frugal while still looking nice. I remember when she took us to church one time and I helped them pass out bread to low income people.

  33. I really connected with this post. My grandmother practically raised me as my mother was not around much. My grandmother had so many of the qualities you mentioned here. It should have been my mother that raised me but instead I was raised my my grandmother and I am proud to say that I was.

    I wish every grandparent out their a happy grandparents day. Thank you fr sharing.

  34. Vinay this is so thoughtful of you to remember and write about grandparents and what we can learn from them.

    I never had the opportunity to know my grandfather but grew up knowing my paternal and maternal grandmother. They were pretty cool. I loved them both dearly. They taught me many lessons – the most important one being about kindness and how to show compassion for others.

    They were very strong in the faith and were both God fearing women. It is how they lived in the community and that is simply one of the best legacy they have passed on to me and many others.

    They are no longer around and would not witness what they have passed on to me being mannifested in my life. Nor would they see how the values instilled in me that it shaped and molded me into who I am today.

    I am now a young grandmother and my granddaughter and grandson turn 2 years later this month are simply too young to know about grandparents day. Guess I will just have to wait until they are older and we can all celebrate together.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  35. My grandfather taught me to always strive to be a better person all round. I remember when I was younger he tried to teach me about things that I wasn’t quite ready to learn. But even though I wasn’t ready to accept it then, I’m still glad he opened my eyes to it because I’m definitely using it now.


  36. Hi Vinay!

    You were really lucky with your grandparents. I don’t think everyone has the honor to learn so many values from their grandparents.

    You are right with the (positive) spoiling part. My mom allows my kids things she never allowed me. She says there must be a grandparent gene 😉

    I have to say I was lucky as well. I learnt a lot from both my two grandmothers and two grandfathers. My grandfather, who lived through 2 World Wars where he lost his leg as well as all his money, constantly said to me: you have to study and you have to be wise and think smart. People can take anything from you but they cannot take what’s in your brain, what you are and what you know. It influenced me a lot!!!

  37. Hey Vinay,

    Well I’m a grandma just recently and I’m hoping to teach my grand daughter lots of things. In fact I’m enjoying the things with her that I didn’t get to enjoy with my daughter.

    I have the opportunity to teach her things that I didn’t necessarily teach my daughter, the things I wish I had taught her 🙁

    Anyway, grand parents are FULL of wisdom, knowledge and life experiences and of course we love our grand kids like they were our own so there’s a special bond there.

    It’s an awesome experience being a grand parent and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


    1. Hi Liz,

      I’m sure you’re going to be a good grandmother. I guess grandparenting is like repeating a course you did earlier, so obviously, you’re going to do it better this time, since now you know what really matters and how to go about.

      Grandparening is like improving upon your parenting stint on your own children. No harm calling grandparents as improved or perfected parents, right?

      Grandparents-grandchildren is really a special bond as you mentioned. I’m glad that you enjoy being a grandparent.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  38. Nice post Vinay.

    I never had any grandparents and always thought I missed out on something. When I was a kid I would hear other kids saying they were going to there grandparents house for a holiday and always wished I had grandparents so I could go to there house.
    As for now I am a grandparent and love it. Yes, we do have more patients with the little and big ones. We have learned which battles are not worth picking and how the little things really don’t matter.

    This last weekend we had the family over and there are 8 grandkids and another on the way (do hope this is the last one. LOL)My budget can’t handle many more. Anyway they were playing out side and running out of things to do. I said ok grandma is going to teach you how to play kick the can. (only we use a box) They had a ball playing this game for 2 hours. See you don’t need all those fancy toys to make them happy. Grandparent teach them the simple and fun things in life and about life. They can’t wait until fall so they can come over a play in the fallen leave and help pick them up.
    p.s. As they get older they do know that what can happen at grandma, stays and grandma’s. LOL

    1. Wonderful, Debbie!

      You’re doing amazing things with your grandkids. I’m totally with you in regard to teaching the kids from the very beginning to have a minimalist approach and attitude as that really helps a lot in life later.

      Wow, that’s a good number of grandkids, and I hope you don’t plan to have a complete football team to represent your family (just kiddin’) 😉 I really had great experiences with my grandparents and found them so easy-to-go-with people. I agree that grandparents can teach so much about life to their grand children, especially because they are willing to learn and ready to accept, which on the contrary would’ve been difficult with your own kids. What are your thoughts and experiences about this?

      I’m sorry for your own lack of grandparent experience in life and what you had to go through in your childhood, but then that’s how life is and we’ve to accept it as there’s reason to everything, and we do not understand all of them.

      Great comment, and thanks for sharing your experiences with your grandchildren. You’re a wonderful grandmother and your grandkids are the lucky ones! 🙂

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