Making Memories and Exploring the Undeniable Beauty of Northern Europe

Here are some tips that you can use to fully explore the beauty of Northern Europe and make the best of memories of your tour.
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Northern Europe is a popular tourist destination that should be on your bucket list. Not only is it rich in its natural beauty, it has an interesting cultural heritage and plenty of tourist hotspots. Here are some tips that you can use to fully explore the beauty of Northern Europe and make the best of memories of your tour. ~ Ed.


Travel is food for the soul, they say! And there’s arguably nowhere else on the planet where nature feeds the soul like Northern Europe.

Stretching from the Arctic Circle to the southern end of England, it’s an experience unlike any other.

Spanning the Nordic countries, Ireland, UK, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; Northern Europe is super-rich in cultural, historical and social attractions.

Make the most of your travels as you want it. So whether you’re a solo traveler who’s willing to backpack all around the hostels of Northern Europe, a couple who’s looking for the luxuries of a five-star hotel or a family eager to introduce the beautiful sceneries of the world to their young ones; you have numerous options to choose from.

You can always optimize your travel experience as per your budget and schedule. Like you can travel by plane and take a road trip from there, or if you’re looking for feel-like-celebrity family friendly cruises, then you can set out on a North Sea excursion while having some quality time with your entire family.

No matter what option suits you best, here’s how to make your travel memories absolutely unforgettable.


6 Ways to Make Your Travels Memorable

You make memories by doing something for the first time, doing something different or doing it in a special way. Here are more ways to make your Northern Europe travels memorable.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Chances are that all the capital cities of Northern European countries are widely covered on the Internet.

From blogs to YouTube videos—it’s there. And it’s wonderful to see them in person too, but nothing makes an experience more memorable than going down the unbeaten path and making unique discoveries for yourself.

Visit smaller Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian villages and explore their histories, connect with their people, enjoy that tranquil country feel! This way, you get to experience a novel way of life far from your everyday routine and from what’s widely available on the Internet.

And hey… imagine what it’d be like to share your travel stories with your loved ones when you come back! You’d be the bold adventurer who dared experience something new and made it their own.

Go with the Flow

Traveling can be frustrating, especially when you have a limited amount of time and many places to visit. As humans, it’s natural for us to avert this negative feeling by planning every single hour of the trip.

We think this would translate into making the most of our time. In truth though, you make the best memories without sticking to plans. Not to say that you shouldn’t plan your itineraries in advance, but do leave some room for going along with whatever comes your way.

It’s true that this could mean having equal chances of a great experience or one filled with misfortunes, but either way, you’ll remember it with a smile on your face.

Be open to getting lost exploring the cobblestone mazes of Nordic towns, stopping to walk in a desolate forest, or taking a random hike through the fjords. Chances are, you’ll be in for a surprise and you’ll keep the memories forever.

Make New Friends

We say we travel to experience the locations. What we usually forget is that those destinations are home to extraordinary locals who know their towns like the back of their hands. They’ve been living there for as long as they can remember, and their lifestyles are probably very different from yours.

Take time, for example, to converse with a local waiter/waitress (hopefully language won’t be a problem). Get to know them and their country through their point of view.

You’ll likely learn something new about the place you’re visiting that wasn’t listed on Google, and you’ll probably get a low-down on cool hangout spots lesser known to tourists.

Plus, you’ll have earned a friend whom you can meet if you ever want to come back, and whom you can host if they ever happen to visit your city.


Take Keepsakes

Other than photos, what do you have to remember your adventures by? Perhaps it is a rare rock you’d found while hiking through the inspiring Norwegian landscapes, a unique cup depicting Latvian history or an Irish kilt you wore to a random wedding you got invited to.

Build a collection of meaningful souvenirs that will remind you of the times you had and the people you came across during your journey.

Who knows, as your collection grows, you might even dedicate a part of your home to exhibit these valuable objects and reminisce about the memories you made all around the world.

Keep a Diary

While you’re out there in the middle of your trip, it may feel like you will remember every little detail forever. Unfortunately, memories fade—and your days in Northern Europe are too precious to be lost for good.

Try to make a habit of writing down the highlights of your day in a designated travel journal to prevent this from happening. You can categorize your entries by themes, locations or sentiments. And even spice it up with photos or other memorabilia like postcards.

When you come back, you’ll have an entire book about your experiences. And trust me, it will be long-lasting enough for future generations to read or even consult.

If you’re the tech-friendly type, you can consider taking this online and feature your Northern Europe Chronicles on your personal blog or YouTube channel!

Go for Variety

Unless you’re an advanced traveler, visiting one or two cities at a time can sound more comforting to you. But Northern Europe is a vast land, and it’s generally sparsely populated. So, if you want to make the best out of it, you might want to prepare yourself to spend some time on the way.

You can put the night times to use and hop on overnight trains, or choose sea travel to squeeze in more destinations into your set vacation schedule.

If you’re planning your own itinerary, try to leave room for at least a couple of days in each destination, as they offer too many enjoyable experiences to rule out!

Try out calming saunas or exciting reindeer tours in Finland, and whale-watching excursions on the archipelagos in Norway. Also, visit the cultural attractions in Sweden; witness the awe-inspiring northern lights in Iceland, or drive through the castles and scenic monuments in Scotland—they will definitely be worth your while.

Wrapping It Up

No matter what means of transport or specific destinations you opt for, Northern Europe will be ready to inspire you with its natural forests, glacial attractions, one-of-a-kind outdoor activities and the rich historical architecture of its towns.

Ranking high in the must-see lists of leading travel publications around the world, Northern Europe hosts many underrated destinations that offer great value for money, alongside its more popular tourist hotspots.

So if exploring the undeniable beauty of Northern Europe is on your bucket list as well, no need to postpone it any longer. Just pack your bags and set out on your next great adventure!

Over to You

Have you ever traveled to Northern Europe? Please share your experiences. Also, would do you do to make your travels memorable. Share in the comments.


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  1. I love to travel but don’t like to make new friends and to keep a diary but you surely inspired me to visit & explore northern Europe!

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