5 Myths About Healthy Foods That Affect Your Health

Here are the common myths about healthy foods that can affect your health adversely. Follow these healthy eating habits and tips for healthy living.
5 Myths About Healthy Foods That Affect Your Health

Healthy foods contribute towards a healthy body and mind. However, we develop some myths about health foods that deter us from including them in our diet. This post demolishes some of the healthy food eating myths to help you improve your health and achieve better fitness. ~ Ed.


Having a strong will is often not enough to help one to win the battle of healthy eating.

You’ll need to do more than make some changes to the way you shop, eat, and live. You’ll also have to change the way you think to ensure that you don’t fall off the wagon.

There are countless books and articles available about how beneficial it is for you to improve your eating habits, but not many of them pinpoint why it is often so challenging to do so.

It is in your best interest to research all you can about different foods so you can learn how to use that knowledge to improve your overall lifestyle.


5 Healthy Food Eating Myths That You Should Know

Here are several reasons why it can be it hard to improve your eating habits and how you can overcome them.

Myth #1: Don’t Know How to Start

The hardest thing about developing new habits is breaking the old ones.

When it comes to eating healthy foods, you essentially have to reprogram the way your mind thinks and sees food. You need to train your mind and body to enjoy the taste and texture of healthy foods.

After spending your whole life up until this point eating just about anything you wanted, you need to literally start over to improve your chances for success.

Starting fresh can be a great way for you to regain a healthy outlook on life and to implement the changes you need to eat healthier.

Make a plan, establish goals, and don’t ever settle once you obtain them. Stay motivated and look to others for encouragement.

You’d be surprised to learn that there may be others in your circle who have the same or similar goals as you.

Myth #2: They Don’t Taste Very Good

Contrary to popular belief, many healthy foods taste great. It really depends on your perspective.

Your taste buds have become accustomed throughout the years to foods that are saturated in fats, sugar, additives, and many other unhealthy substances.

These substances make it hard for you to know what some foods actually taste like. You also have to consider the way many healthy foods are made.

Often times, you need less heat and chemical processes because you can transform them into tasty dishes without all of the unnecessary work.

Myth #3: Take too Long to Prepare

You can eat many natural and organic produce and foods as they are. They don’t necessarily require you to use heat to prepare them.

However, if you want to transform them so they taste and look more like the foods you are accustomed to, you will need to do a little work in your kitchen.

Preparing whole and organic foods is not as challenging as it may seem, and once you’ve had the opportunity to make a few meals, you may find that you enjoy the process and new skill.

Myth #4: Healthy Food Choices Are Not Readily Available

Time is a commodity that you may have less of when it comes to shopping for food.


When you take into consideration that some brands of food are not always available, you may feel more inclined to make unhealthier food choices because they are easier to find.

However, you can easily avoid this common pitfall if you pay close attention to the types of healthy food items that are available at many of your local produce and whole food stores.

If you keep track of the days when those items are in stock, you’ll find that it is easier for you to maintain your own personal stock of healthy foods.

Myth #5: Healthy Foods Cost Too Much

While organic produce and unprocessed foods tend to cost more, they are often more affordable if you purchase them in bulk. Buying in bulk means you can prepare your meals in advance and freeze them.

Also, when you think about the fact they can have positive effects on your health, it’s easy to see why cost may not be as much of a factor as you originally thought it was.

Many natural foods, fruits, and vegetables have a much shorter shelf life than regular kinds of foods, leading to more waste if you do not consume them within a certain amount of time.

However, buying food in smaller quantities means you’ll need less storage space and energy to store it.

If you are ready to make a change in the way you eat and live, stop looking for excuses and start looking for ways to make your transformation more successful.

Educate yourself about the benefits of healthy foods and more about how you can use them to improve your health, fitness, and moods.

Over to you –

Do you have any myths about healthy foods? What did you do to develop healthy eating habits? Share in the comments.


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  1. As we all know “Health is Wealth”. There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health. Without health, there is no happiness, no peace, and no success. This is not only a thought, it is a way to keep following for making our loved one more careful and beautiful life. Everyone should have a diet plan and schedule, to make our lives more healthy and free of disease but People avoid healthy food as everyone do not have the routine of having food on time

  2. Yes,I agree. Eating healthy takes a little effort in the beginning and it is most necessary when unlearning old or wrong habits.
    However like all other changes that help you feel better there is always the reward after.
    Keeping note of positives gained and adding to the list constantly is the secret of stepping up in health and walking in the Joy of your rewards
    Perseverance is the key.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us. I agree there’s a lot of tasty health food out there. Oatmeal is just one example. I haven’t had a nice, big bowl of oatmeal for awhile since the weather’s gotten warmer around here. But I love oatmeal. Cheese sticks are another of my favorites. Not the fried mozzarella sticks you see in some restaurants, but refrigerated cheese sticks you buy at a grocery store. These take some muscle to unwrap, but I love them. Thanks again and have a great day. Happy eating!

  4. Hi Harleena

    Looking at this post, I don’t have any excuse for not eating healthy foods. You have knocked off every excuse that I could think.

    As said, living healthy depends on what we eat. So thanks so much for sharing this information. Have a lovely week. Take Care

  5. Hi Harleena di ,
    Really nice and informative article .Through the post you have covered the myth of avoiding healthy food .
    Food effects us not only on our health but also mind . A sound mind is an asset on the way of oue life journey . We are what we eat . A healthy food satifies us with many ways , increases blood circlulation , disease prevention ,strengthen our stamina . Other side unhealthy foods as well as junk foods badly effect on our body . But interesting fact we know the worst effect of unhealthy food but we can’t resist them to have it . 😀 To lead a better life we should take hygienic food .

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post . Have a good day .:)


  6. Hi Harleena,

    It’s great to see these myths busted. I had one of my own busted recently on a holiday trip to Bath in England. We went to a vegetarian restaurant because the more famous one next door was very busy. There I was, expecting lentils and green leaves when actually my taste buds went into overdrive.

    I enjoyed one of the most tasteful, colourful and healthy meals I’ve ever had. It was a taste explosion.

    Healthy food can be the most exciting if it’s prepared properly.

    For me, my next challenge is to cut back on refined sugar. I won’t escape all sugars but am targeting the elimination of added refined sugar (cakes, desserts etc). Sugar is addictive and a killer in the long term.

    Sugar is also used to camouflage what would otherwise be taste-free food.

    Thanks for promoting health.

    Best Wishes.


  7. Hey Harleena,

    This was informative! I don’t have any myths about healthy food but one thing I’ve been paying closer attention to is how my body responds to different foods.

    I know when I need to eat more plant based foods as well as carbs and protein. There are days where I slip up and my body let’s me know. Besides that I’ve been eating pretty healthy.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

  8. Hi Harleena

    A lot of people say healthy foods don’t taste as good. But that’s only because their taste buds have become polluted with refined sugar, salt, and excessive fat.

    After a couple of weeks of eating healthy foods, people will appreciate how good they taste.

    An example. I love eating fresh fruit salad for lunch. I eat it naturally – no ice cream or cream added. I could never go back to eating it any other way.

    Healthy eating is a choice.


  9. Hi Harleena,

    Healthy foods won’t taste good until you get used to them. If a person is eating lots of sugar and/or salt like processed foods, it will take a while for their taste buds to get used to real food.

    I love eating healthy foods. The only thing I absolutely hate is oatmeal. Because of my cholesterol being high, I have to eat it every morning. I tried putting just about everything on it but i still don’t like it. But I’ve been eating it every morning and it did improve my cholesterol along with other supplements I take. No meds for me.

    Eating good food puts you in a good mood.


  10. Hi Harleena,

    They don’t taste good. I so connect with that one because that was my resistance to healthier options once upon a time. But I focus on fruits that have their own nice taste and have learned how to make veggies that are tasty as well. In the end its all a matter of perspective, you have to get your head in the game if you want to eat right.


  11. Most common myth is they don’t taste good. But I cant say its 100% false. Some of the healthy foods are not that good to taste.

  12. Hi Harleena,

    Yet another informative and timely post,
    The author revealed the myths in eating
    As the saying goes: “We are what we eat”
    Is a worth saying. It is scientifically proved that our food choices will surely affect our well-being or our health. The writer did a wonderful job by revealing these myths thru this post.
    Thanks for sharing this
    May you have a great week ahead

    ~ Phil

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