How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally Using 9 Simple Tips

If you boost your metabolism, you can lose weight easily and quickly. Using the natural ways to increase your metabolism is a wise choice. Here the simple ways about how to boost your metabolism naturally and live a healthy lifestyle as well. The natural ways to burn fat ensure that there are no side effects.
Food and exercise to boost your metabolism

If your body metabolism rate is high, you burn more fat. One of the keys to losing weight is to boost your metabolism. There are many ways to increase your metabolism. While some require medication, here are the easy and natural ways to not only boost metabolism but also be healthy. ~ Ed.


Your metabolism is your friend. It helps you to consume food faster, provide more energy to you.

And the best thing is it does a great deal to your weight loss journey. It helps you to burn fat.

Seems like it is something that can solve a lot of your problems.

Many people also realize that. And they try to find a magic pill to boost their metabolism.

However, it is quite a science to recognize if your metabolism is high or not. And honestly, you are afraid that using pills will have some unhealthy effects in the long term.

And it does.

So what is the best choice to do here? How to boost your metabolism naturally?

Obviously, go with the natural ways to boost your metabolism. They are safe, side-effect free, much cheaper than pills and surprisingly simple.

Maybe you are here to find out about those methods. And I have the exact thing for you.


9 Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

The best thing is that you can use these simple tips anywhere you are without depending on pills. These will help you to have a healthy lifestyle and remain mentally as well as physically fit.

Here are 9 simple ways to increase your metabolism.

Don’t Starve Yourself

You think to lose weight fast; you need to have a strict diet. And the more you can cut out of your meal, the faster you become slimmer.

That is BS.

Let’s do a little exercise here.

Imagine you are a very wealthy person, every day you have 2,000 bucks to spend, and no worry about losing your supply. What would you do?

Spend as many as possible, right? Even spend all of your 2,000 bucks or more, using your credit card because it would be paid off the next day, with new 2,000 bucks!

Now imagine a darker picture. You are a homeless person. You don’t know if tomorrow you would receive any dime at all. What would you do?

Save as much as possible, right? Just because you are not sure if you could even afford a meal the next day!

Those are the two scenarios of how your diet works.


If you constantly starve yourself, your body will act like the homeless guy, trying to save as many calories as possible. Saving calories means storing them into fat cells and try the best not to spend them, which is exactly why people with strict diet seem to struggle with weight loss.

On the other hand, if you nurture yourself, provide enough calories, your body would act like the shopaholic, spend as many calories as it can, no worry of credit card score!

Have Healthy Meal in the Morning

I know you have heard controversial opinions about big breakfast. Some people suggest having big breakfast to boost metabolism while others claim that makes no difference.

And, the truth is?

It is crucial to have a healthy meal in the morning.


Because the first meal in the morning would set your body into the “yolo, I am rich” mode or “oh no, I am poor” mode. As people say, the first thing you do in the morning would make or break your day; the same thing applies to our bodies.

I am a fan of a balanced diet. I do not go solely on any specific food just to shred fat fast, I believe things come slowly will stay long.

My healthy breakfast includes some sweet potatoes or potatoes, some lean meat, a big bowl of veggies and detox juice. Or sometimes I just go with some oatmeal, fruits and detox juice.

Drink Lots of Water

There is no argument against the benefit of water to your body. Researchers found that drinking about 17oz of water increase metabolic rate by 30% in healthy people.

To take the best out of this, make sure you drink at least 2 glasses of water right after waking up, one or two glasses of water before eating and frequently drink a sip during the day.

Do Exercise

Exercise has many benefits for you, including muscles gain, weight loss, and metabolism boost.

But exactly which types of exercise you should do?

Answer: all exercises count.

If you have been out of shape for a long time, it is not a wise choice to go with an intense workout from day one. Instead, you should start with light exercise like walking or jogging and increase the intensity once your body gets used to it.

But if you want to take it up a notch, try HIIT or Tabata exercise. HIIT refers to high-intensity interval workouts while Tabata is pretty much the same thing where 20 seconds of your all-out effort is followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Higher the intensity, higher calories burned.

You want to boost your metabolism, go for higher intensity exercises.

One reason why high intense workouts are much more effective than low intense ones is that they burn calories for hours even after you finish your workout. Participants of P90X3 burned up to 400 calories after they stopped working out.

Don’t Stress Out Over Weight Loss

People have been saying it for years, that if you are stressed out over weight loss, you will end up gaining weight. But, is it true?

There are two things happen to your body when you are stressed.

One: your body releases the cortisol hormone. This hormone breaks your muscles to get the energy to supply to your body. That’s why when you are stressed, you become weak and tired.

Two: cortisol makes you hungry. Unhealthy foods which contain fat and sugar provide instant satisfaction, and you tend to go with these options.

So keep it in your mind. Do not get stressed over weight loss. And definitely do not get stressed for not being able to relax either.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Researchers have found that sleep affects your metabolism. Sleep-deprived people have lower ability to maintain glucose level, which results in hunger, low metabolism and inability to focus.

So a good night sleep helps to boost your metabolism, keeps you active and focused in the day.

Now, a point to remember is that a good night sleep doesn’t mean a long night sleep.

You don’t have to lie down in bed for 8 hours every night. The key is how long you actually have a deep sleep. The longer you sleep deeply, the more rested you are.

Eat Healthy Snack Throughout the Day

Admit it.

You are not a superhuman as you think you are. You do not have such a strong willpower as you think you do.

In the morning, you can promise yourself to not snack in the day at all, to do some good to your waistline. But in the afternoon, you totally forget your promise. Or you still remember, but you shrug your shoulders, saying “what the heck”. Am I right?

Because your willpower decreases over the course of the day. It is higher in the morning and lowers in the afternoon.

So instead of telling yourself that you are a superhuman and you don’t need to snack at all, just be honest with yourself and prepare some healthy snack.

Healthy snack doesn’t only provide some supplements, fibres, and vitamins, it also keeps your body in the “I am rich” mode and boosts your metabolism.

Spice Things Up in Your Diet

Studies have shown that spicy foods can increase metabolism by 8 percent over a healthy person’s normal rate. Besides, spicy foods can also increase the feeling of satiety.

According to New York Times, one study by Canadian researchers looked at a group of adult men and found that those who were served hot sauce with appetizers before a meal went on to consume on average about 200 fewer calories at lunch and in later meals than their peers who did not have anything with capsaicin.

So spicy foods help you to eat less and burn more calories.

But before you put the whole pound of red chilli into your dish, be careful because too spicy foods can worsen symptoms of ulcers.

Practice Balanced Eating with Protein

Protein is what makes your muscles. And, bigger muscles mean higher protein. Therefore, to form muscles, you need to include protein in your meals.

But exactly what does it have anything to do with metabolism?

Protein forms your muscles. Your muscles use more energy to function than the normal cells. Therefore you can burn more calories.

Besides, protein is harder for your body to break it down to consume than carbs and fibres, which means it requires some more calories to digest it. This results in lower calories intake.

Although this is the main reason behind the low carb, high protein diet, it is not a wise option to only eat protein for a long term. Your body needs a balanced nutrition, or else it will find a way to get it from your organs and your muscles.

Wrapping Up – Boosting Your Metabolism is Not Hard

There you have it. Pretty much all the most efficient and the cheapest methods to boost your metabolism.

After trying them and realizing that your metabolism has reached a new notch, you will know that you made a good choice.

Nothing can beat mother nature, and we definitely shouldn’t try to take our chances.

But mother nature also gives you plenty of options to make things work your way. Those options are always available, waiting for you to discover.

Are you ready to become a fat-burning machine?

Go ahead. It starts now.

Over to you –

How do you plan to increase your metabolism? Share the things you do that help you boost your body metabolism naturally in the comments.


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