Internet Addiction: Are You Suffering From This Disorder

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Internet addiction cartoon with captions

Have you ever heard of Internet addiction or Internet addiction disorder? These terms may sound surprising to you, but they do exist!

Well, honestly, are you addicted to the Internet?

I’m sorry if I scared you, but that was not my intention. I just want to create some awareness about Internet addiction and the ways you can avoid it.

Some of you probably would agree that the Internet is addictive to a certain degree, but you might argue about Internet addiction being termed as a disorder.

Whether Internet addiction is a disorder or not is still a debatable topic among the experts.

However, let me make this clear – it is not the Internet that is harmful, but the addiction to Internet activities that might harm you in different ways.

As a rule, excess of anything is bad. In addition, dependency on anything apart from the basic conditions for living is not good.

This general principle applies even for the use of the Internet.

However, a regular Internet user might call this as much absurd as he or she considers the sitting disease to be.

Internet addiction disorder? – You must be out of your mind! Today, nothing works without the Internet, and it’s as essential as breathing, so how can it be a disorder?

I can understand such frustrating statements, coming especially from the youth. 🙂

Most teens are badly addicted to the Internet, but bloggers and the Internet marketers are not far behind either!

True, the Internet is essential, but engaging excessively in online activities can be dangerous.

Let’s know more about the addiction and disorder theories regarding the Internet.


What is Internet Addiction

Now you know that addiction is a sort of dependency or a habit that you find hard to break. In fact, addiction is a habit that goes out of bounds.

In addiction, the habit begins to rule over the person, who loses control over it.

At a certain point, the consequences of such habits become harmful and detrimental to your health and productivity.

The worst stage is when a person becomes dependent on the habit, which starts to interfere with his or her daily life, work, and relationships.

Therefore, Internet addiction is the use of excessive Internet such that it begins to interfere with your daily life and absorbs much of your time.

I repeat that the use of Internet is not bad.


It only becomes a problem when you spend a lot of time online and neglect your relationships, work, or other important things in your life.

The Center for Internet Addiction founded by Dr. Kimberly Young defines Internet addiction as –

Any online-related, compulsive behavior, which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment.

Internet addiction is also called “Internet dependency or Internet compulsivity”. The term Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) was used as early as the late 90s.

According to Wikipedia, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is now more commonly called “problematic internet use” or “compulsive internet use”.

cartoon internet addiction

Who is an Internet Addict

An Internet addict is a person who gives priority to the Internet over his or her family, friends, and work.

Internet addicts can be students, homemakers, executives, bloggers, and internet marketers, besides people from other walks of life.

The Internet becomes the center of their life. Internet addicts even sacrifice what they like in the real world in order to be online.

If you can’t stop yourself from online gambling, shopping, gaming, browsing, networking, or even checking your mails and status on your computer or mobile even if it has negative consequences in your life, then you may be an Internet addict yourself! Are you one?

Why Do People Become Addicted to The Internet

I don’t think people willingly become Internet addicts.

Either circumstances lead them this way or they face some kind of problems in life, which subconsciously forces them to make such a choice.

Apart from genuine work related reasons, addiction to the Internet could be to relieve unpleasant and overwhelming personal feelings.

Internet and its online activities often becomes an outlet for anxiety, loneliness, stress, and depression.

The net becomes an escape route or an easily accessible outlet to avoid problems or soothe one’s own self.

It then becomes a new world and its online activities become more important than the real world activities and duties.

One of the reasons why people tend to be obsessed with the Internet is because of its easy accessibility, control, and the excitement that it provides.

Therefore, if you suffer from anxiety, stress, depressions, lack of social support, and unhappiness – then you could be at risk of being an Internet addict, if you use the Internet.

However, you should know that there are healthier alternatives to deal with such unpleasant feelings such as meditation, exercises, practicing relaxation techniques, and real life social engagements.

Kinds of Internet Addictions

The Internet is just a medium for a vast range of online activities such as online gaming, shopping, viewing internet movies, pornography, checking email, social networking, and even blogging.

According to Wikipedia, compulsive online gaming, online gambling, stock trading, and the use of online auction sites are all classified as categories of Internet Addiction.

Initially, the term Internet Addiction broadly related to net compulsions, computer gaming, cyber relationships, cyber sex, and information and research.

However, now Internet addiction is categorized into 5 subtypes:

Cyber-sexual addiction

As evident, it includes compulsive use of adult websites.

Internet pornography is a part of this addiction, including excessive use of the adult chat sites. Sex addicts have a way to fulfill their addiction.

Cyber-relationship addiction

Now, this includes the addiction to social networking in all forms.

While such online relationships often fail, over-involvement in online relationships causes virtual online friends to become more important than real-life family and friends.

Net compulsions

Other compulsive online activities like day-trading, gambling, and shopping are included here.

Though not all stock exchange brokers and workers suffer from this addiction, but those who wish to realize their fantasies of being rich, fall for it.

Information overload

I do a lot of online research, but as that is related to my work, it isn’t an addiction. However, if I overdo it and let it rule over my offline life, it becomes an addiction.

Compulsive web surfers or database searchers are included here if their online activity leads to lower work productivity and less social interactions.

Computer addiction

Obsessive computer game playing is included here as an addiction, and even obsessive computer programming.

Do you want to know if you are addicted to the Internet or not? For that, you need to go through the various signs and symptoms exhibited by the internet addicts.

A man lying with laptop in arms

10 Signs and Symptoms of Internet Addiction

It’s the symptoms and warning signs you first see that might help you to diagnose the problem, disease, or in this case addiction.

The signs and symptoms of Internet addiction would vary from person to person, though a general guideline is helpful to self-diagnose and understand the problem.

If you experience the following then you may have to reconsider your Internet usage.

1) Preoccupation with the Internet

The thoughts of your online activities are on your mind ALL the time. You think about them 24×7 – while you eat, work, or even when you sleep – and forgo these to be online.

2) Increased use of the Internet

You increase your Internet time to achieve satisfaction. You act on the impulse or strong urge to indulge more in the online activity.

3) Lose track of time

You intended to stay online for a few minutes and end up spending a few hours online. It happens often with me. How about you?

4) Dislike interruptions

Concentration while working is good, but you start getting irritated when your online activity is interrupted. You’re disturbed if you have to cut short your online time.

5) Lack of control

You’re not able to stop or cutback on your Internet usage. Your repeated efforts to do so are unsuccessful and you feel helpless.

6) Feelings of uneasiness

If you cannot access the Internet, it makes you feel uneasy, restless, and depressed. You become sad, irritated, or angry if you are stopped from being online.

7) Lack of empathy

You develop disinterest in your family members, friends, or near and dear ones. You don’t miss them and their presence or absence makes no difference to you.

8) Use of lies

You lie to others, including your family members, about your online activities. You conceal the extent of your Internet involvement so you can continue using it for longer durations.

9) Careless attitude

You become least bothered about your work, studies, assignments, relationships, or responsibilities. Your focus remains on your online activities and you suffer on other fronts.

10) Using as an outlet

You use the Internet as an outlet for your sad feelings, to change your mood, to seek excitement or sexual gratification, and feel a sense of euphoria while doing so.

There can be many more signs and symptoms of Internet addiction, which I’m sure you’ll share in your comments.

Internet addiction on laptop

In short, any online activity or indulgence that takes you away from the reality or real world and disrupts your life or others’ lives indirectly is Internet addiction.

Addiction to the Internet eventually destroys your life and makes you unhappy.

If you are a blogger, then you have to be more careful and aware of the problem of Internet addiction.

You need to be personally accountable and responsible to limit your Internet usage and project yourself as a role model for the younger generation.

Find better ways to be happy with yourself and spend quality time with your family. A little self-discipline and self-control will bring happiness into your life.

In my future posts, I’ll come up with other aspects related to addiction, including ways to cure Internet addiction.

So, don’t remain addicted to the Internet. Remember, everything in moderation is the key. 🙂

Share Your Thoughts –

What do you do to make sure you do not get addicted to the Internet? Do you think that Internet Addiction is a disorder in today’s society?

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  1. Hi Harleena,

    This is a well thought out post. I am not an addict but I must say that since I started blogging I certainly spend a lot more time on the Internet networking, learning and sharing. When I’m online it’s usually after all my household chores are done….or when hubby is at busy doing something else. I make it a must to prioritize relationships, meeting with friends in real life.

    Nevertheless it’s sad that nowadays spending time on the Internet has been coined as an addiction/disorder. It sure is in some cases. The first time I accessed the Internet was at the age of 21 while I working as a teacher. My parents being strict and conservative never even allowed a computer in our home. I bought myself my first smart phone three years ago. I loved the time when I used to go to a library and research on topics. I hardly see any kid doing this nowadays. They all have their heads stuck in an iphone or ipad.

    It’s scary seeing how the Internet is fast becoming indispensable. I can only keep my fingers crossed hoping that it doesn’t harm us any further.

    Thank you for writing about such a pressing topic. It can surely help many reognize their addiction and take control now before its too late.

    I wish you a lovely Sunday:)

  2. As a web designer, search engine marketer and blogger i spend about 10 hours every day on the internet.

    I have gotten so used to it that i never consider the negative sides.

    Thanks for such a wonderful post

  3. I am too addicted to internet because of Blogging and facebook. Also I like to spend my leisure time watching videos and movies in internet. Thanks Harleena Ma’am for refreshing our mind about this issue as this issue is not new one and unheard but we seem to take it granted for long.

  4. Hello Harleena,

    ” Outstanding post, I honestly loved it!”

    But I am a realist and admit that I’m beyond addicted because this ( the internet) is my bread and butter… LOL So therefore I spend countless hours online. But I do understand what you was saying and it is all true.

    Thanks again and I’m off to share this in some of my groups and pages. 😉

    “Have a good one.”


  5. Hi Harleena

    I think I’m more addicted to “work” in general, and most of that work is on the computer / Internet.

    Blogging/Internet Marketing are classic “never finished” tasks. If I do, for instance, a set of accounts in my main business, I do it and the job is finished. With blogging etc there’s always another interesting post to read and comment on, or another advert you could place, or blog post to make.

    Actually my Internet activities are a blessing because my partner died and my sons live a long way away from me so being on the Internet, and blogging in particular, serves a social purpose for me too.

    I do have real flesh and blood friends I go out with and enjoy their company, but I must confess it’s rare for me to switch off my PC screen before 2am! It’s probably better than me sitting in front of the TV on my “alone” nights, because I just fall asleep then.

    I’m definitely not addicted to games – never play them – although I know some who are. I don’t neglect personal tasks (if you don’t count housework LOL) so I think I’ll come down on the side of only mildly addicted.

    As Sam said, it’s probably because I’m enjoying learning so much too.

    Thanks for an interesting post. Joy

  6. Hi Harleena
    Yet another eye opening blog post!!! I used to think I was addicted to the internet, but I definitely do not let it take over when it comes to my responsibilities, so I think I’m OK…?? I will say, when my daughter was born, any free moment I had I was on the internet. Not sure if it was because it was just a “non-mom” outlet for me OR as a new Mom I was so concerned with any little cry or noise she would make I would immediately go online and ask questions on Mommy forums. Which actually turned out to be a good thing for me because it helped calm me down 🙂
    Thanks for this post Harleena! It’s great information to know if I begin to notice me straying towards the addiction line…

    Take Care
    – Monisha

  7. Hello Harleena ji,

    Thanks for this post. I think I am also suffering with this problem as I have some symptoms you have written above in your post.

  8. When I saw the post topic , I said to myself that I was internet addict as whenever I sit on internet I do not came to know how the time passes and it happens daily with me .
    I would like to know the way to remove this addiction.

    I know that internet addiction is not good as it also affects our health but its not easy to control , many people now-a-days are addict to social networking sites like Facebook.

    I would also like to add that I do not think that computer addiction of gaming comes in this category and we can not say it to be an internet addiction .

    I saw this post on

  9. Hii Harleena madam,

    Once again you have amazed us by sharing this extraordinary article related to internet addiction. The Kinds of Internet Addictions you explained in this guide is just appreciable and no one can disagree with it. All people should try out to see if he/she is matching with 10 Signs and Symptoms of Internet Addiction.

    After reading this complete tutorial ver carefully, if i will say frankly then – yes, I am addicted to internet. But the reason of my addiction is my online work. I am going to control my addiction and follow a normal routine.

    Thanks for this ultimate share. I found this great article on

  10. Hey Harleena,

    I do have to say that I got addicted watching youtube videos instead of watching TV. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing since a lot of them were films on history, clips about how i can improve in playing piano and conga drums, and movies. But then again, I did neglect some family and friends to watch them.

    But other than that, I’m always doing something else like salsa dancing (of course), working out at the gym, playing congas and piano, reading, etc… The only thing for me is not hanging out with family and friends as much.

    But this post was definitely a wake up call to do some self analysis!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!

  11. Hello Harleena,

    Nope can’t say as I have heard of Internet addiction before, but a week ago I would have said YES I am An Addict..

    But I just got home from vacation and you know what?? I did not bring my computer along, this was the first time since I bought my computer that I didn’t drag it along with me and you know what??

    HEHE I am still alive. Yes it did bother me a little not to be able to check my e-mails or social media, but I think the break did me some good..

    Thanks for the Awesome Article.. Chery :))

    P.S. I did land here today Via Kingged..

  12. Hey Harleena,

    I seriously thought you were kidding, I didn’t know that it was a real addiction. I’ve heard about people who were addicted to porn and viewed it through the internet but I figured for people with those types of addictions they would view it even if the internet wasn’t around.

    I know that for me growing up we were told to go outside and hang around with our friends. We didn’t really stay inside a lot. There wasn’t a lot of TV back then, nothing like it is today. With the way technology is and everything being accessed via the internet I can see where it would be a real issue.

    I guess I don’t really stay up on a lot of the stuff that’s going around these days. Of course I don’t have children so I’m sure if I did then I would be so much more aware. If they have internet addition then they are bound to have mobile addiction coming soon because I seriously see more of that glued to people’s hands everywhere I go. I just for the life of me can’t understand what’s so darn important that they can’t wait until they get home. I guess with the convenience of mobile phones then people can just access everything on the go.

    Thanks for bringing this up Harleena. I feel kind of ridiculous not having known this was a real problem. I love the internet and the convenience of it but if I didn’t have a business online I don’t think I would be on here all the time. Of course I’m a baby boomer having grown up having real conversations with people in person or on the phone. Granted having a Skype video call or hangout is really neat when you haven’t seen someone in awhile but it’s not something that I can’t live without.

    Hope you’re having a great week and thanks again.


  13. Hi Harleena,

    Great Post!! I started using the internet extensively since I started my online business journey. Yes, I think about my business all the time and about what to write in my blog and how to improve in certain areas and do lots of research.

    I am about to leave for a 10 days vacation where there is no internet and all I am thinking about how will I do without it and how I will check my emails and statuses in the social networks.

    I think I am on the brink of being called addicted but not quite yet. I want to avoid being addictive. I will wait for your next post, to see what steps needed to be taken to wean myself from it before it becomes something out of control.

    Thanks Harleena for this wake-up call!! It really caught my attention that I need to spend less time on it even if it is work related. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  14. Hi Harleena,

    I’m glad you raised this issue about internet addiction. I have read about it in an article somewhere. It is a big problem that does exist.

    I know a few people who have this addiction. One is a gambler. He was happily married with two children. He visited gambling places on vacation but that was about it. Since the internet came about, this man comes home from work, goes right to his office and gambles away to the wee hours of the morning. He doesn’t give his wife attention, and worse, his children are always begging him to have dinner with them or spend some time.

    He lost his home, his car, and now is about to loose his family. It is so sad.

    As for the younger generation, I see baby’s playing with fake cell phones, having little fake computers, and so on. I see kids holding their phones tapping away as they are walking down the street. Hmmm makes me wonder why parents allow this.

    When I get together with the kids and have dinner there is a no cell phone rule in my house and even the restaurant. Leave it behind or go to McDonads! Now these are grown kids in their late twenties and early thirties. They try to re-buttle but know better. he he he

    Yes, there sure is an internet addiction going on in today’s world and I am sure glad I’m not part of it. If I am taking a walk along the beach my phone is home. I am off and on the computer every day. I cannot stand to be sitting for a long time.

    Thanks for spreading the awareness!


  15. Actually, i do know quite few people who could be termed “internet addicts.” People who use their online connections and even game-playing as an escape from real life.

    Many people use crutches until they are ready to create change and to face the real issues at hand. And many never do.

  16. Hello Madam Harleena,

    I think I was one those few guys who saw this post the very moment it was shared but how come my comment is coming 3 days after?
    I guess I was scared to read it as I accept I am addicted to the internet and so to control such addiction of late, I don’t use any smart phone anyone.
    So when I get up from my laptop, I don’t go about with my head buried in my phone. From 4 pm to 7 pm too, I make sure I am offline to have some chat with some friends around.

    I do hope to curb that addiction in no time. I do think I have being bold to read this. Come on check out my latest post and please don’t come and beat me ooo! Hahaha!

    I saw this post shared on

  17. Hi Harleena,

    I didn’t know there was even such a thing. it sounds like that lady who was in the news who played candy crush to the point that she lost her job and got kicked out of her apartment. and i was actually thinking about a post comparing bloggers to gamers. 🙂 I do use my computer to distract and entertain, so i may be a borderline addict. but mostly i use it for work. thanks for bringing this to our attention. I wonder if smart phone owners are more likely to get it that those who don’t own smart phones. Take care, Max

  18. Hi Harleena,

    Yet another GREAT ALERT to the Internet Users! especially to the “Blogging Community”
    after the great and informative post “sitting is the new ‘smoking’ “

    This is really an amazing post! Indeed! A great alert to people like me who regularly make use of the internet for our blogging and other related activities. The pros and cons you brought out well in this post to note down by the regular users and to put into practice. Otherwise what they face at a later stage is also brought out in this educative post.

    The section subtitled “10 Signs and Symptoms of Internet Addiction” is really worth noting.

    Yes, the signs and symptoms of Internet addiction would vary from person to person, and the guidelines given will surely help to check out and diagnose where we are standing and what is our condition in this regard and can surely make some amendments accordingly and get out of the future dangerous situations.

    Your concluding line of alert is really noteworthy! Let me quote it again:

    “So, don’t remain addicted to the Internet. Remember, everything in moderation is the key.”

    Yes, whatever good thing it is, excess usage will definitely give trouble to many areas of our life that is in a way explained well in this post.

    Thanks Harleena for bringing out this wonderful and timely piece to your followers and friends.

    Thanks in advance for the upcoming part II with the other aspects of this addiction.

    Eagerly waiting for that!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    May you have a good day. 🙂

    ~ Phil

    PS; Hey, Harleena after reading the “sitting is the new ‘smoking’ “ I made some changes in my sitting arrangement that I mentioned in your post’s comment column, and in fact that helped me a lot in these days and I am still following that, and of course this post too is an eye opener to me and I must do some adjustments here and there accordingly LOL 🙂 🙂
    Thank you so much Harleena 🙂
    ~ Phil

    Hey Harleens I found this post at The Internet Marketing Social Website “” and I shared this comment there too.
    May you have a great time ahead!
    ~ Phil
    Hey your Commentluv commenting system removed why? Any particular reason to this, if so we can expect yet another post in this regard LOL

  19. Hi Harleena,

    I think I’m an internet addict because I cannot live without it. I take my iPhone everywhere including in the bathroom, I lose track of the time when I’m doing something, I either take my tablet or kindle in bed, just can’t live without it. I just love the internet.

    However, during family vacation when we have to be away from home, I can do without the internet so long as there is family activity and conversation is kept on going. When we are in camp meeting, I don’t have to be in the internet all the time. But instead I read printed books, like the bible and other books bound on paper.

    But when were at home, I’m addicted. When our wifi stops, every single one of us screams, “No internet!” Hubby can’t do his eBay. Daughter can’t do her online research. So I dunno if this is really a disorder or what. I think it is more of a choice than a disease. Coz I can control it when I’m in the boomdox and nothing else to do. I read real books and write on real paper.

    Anyway, I just think because our world is revolving around the internet nowadays, including shopping, bank statement, paying bills, etc., etc… it’s very hard to stay away from it. So perhaps it’s good to take a vacation away from it sometime. Unlearn what we have learn.

    20-years ago our technology wasn’t this proliferated and we still survived. So is this necessity or just luxury? Anyway, thanks for sharing us your thoughts about this. Until later, have a good evening.


  20. Hi Harleena,

    Nice to meet you after a long time span but truly you come with great subject with valuable information about internet addiction.

    Many of us (bloggers) suffered from internet addiction disorders such as back neck problems, sitting disease, sleeping disorders and other health issues in early 30s.

    Because here problem is that many people’s profession internet oriented so they can’t leave to work on internet but they have option to take proper precautions and work on internet.

    This article brings ignored but very essential issue in sunlight which is easy to cure but fatal to ignore. This post reflects your dedication and study about this internet addiction disorder (IAD) issue.

    Thanks for sharing such a great information……!!!

    Gangadhar kulkarni

  21. Hi Harleena,

    I’m not addicted now because I keep losing my Internet service. I’ve been able to function pretty well without Internet, no panicking, even though I’m a bit behind on visiting/commenting on blog posts.

    I do lose time when I’m on the Internet though. There is always one more site to visit, blog to read, article to comment on, blog post to share!

    You’re right, we do have to watch out for that with teenagers. They really need to develop in person social skills and avoid meeting strangers on the Internet.

    I have a question about the new commenting system. If I don’t check the Notify Me of follow-up comments box, will I be notified when you reply to my comment? If I do check that box, will I get notices of every subsequent comment to the blog post?

    My ideal is to get notified of a reply to my comment without subscribing to comments.

  22. Hi Harleena,

    Yes, I have heard of Internet addiction, actually, and was way obsessed when I first started online in 1992… It was all so exciting, and the technical aspect of figuring things out intrigued me so I dove in head first and didn’t come up for air. (Don’t know that I was addicted, but pretty close.)

    I did have three small children who were not neglected, and a house to run so, let’s just say any amount of free time I had, was spent on the computer to learn new skills.

    I did, however, grow out of that. Learning the self-discipline necessary to have the right balance in life is learned through experience and sometimes intervention!

    I completely agree with you that engaging excessively in online activities can be dangerous– I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve seen people lose control and not be able to disconnect at all. It’s very sad to see someone who doesn’t have the social skills with which to engage in conversation with folks around him in the physical realm.

    Ever been to a restaurant and seen folks at a table all on their smart phones instead of talking to each other? I have – and it’s sad!

    Yep, I’ve heard it said that sitting is the new ‘smoking’ so I determined to spend part of my work time each day standing at my laptop. I don’t yet own a standup desk, however, I’m thinking about getting one. The kitchen counter works great to this point, but it’s a little chilly in there with the AC running in the summer.

    Your definition is spot on, and the signs and symptoms you listed were shocking because I thought about people I know as I read them, and can match up some of them to certain individuals.

    We all need to have a well-rounded life and grow physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. May we take heed to the warnings you’ve given and do our best to not become another sad statistic!

    VERY enlightening article, Harlneena – thanks so much for sharing. I will giving the web address to all I know so that it gets spread around…Must read stuff!

    Have a great day. 🙂
    – Carol Amato

  23. Hi Harlenna,

    It’s great to finally connect with you on your blog!

    You pose a very interesting topic here, and I have to admit that I feel a little torn between the reality and what I think is reality.

    While I would like to believe that I’m in control, to a degree I am clearly not. Because my business is so dependant upon the internet, I find myself on it constantly. Engaging, commenting, tweeting, etc.

    It’s really a rush to connect with so many amazing people. I am a master networker offline and I’ve learned that those same principles apply online where I can meet so many more people at one time.

    Do I have an addiction to the Internet. Yes and no. Yes I am addicted but when it comes time for a break or family time; it’s off and put away and can wait until I’m ready to re-engage and jump back on.

    I’ve learned boundaries and I try to keep them. Is my mind still wondering what’s happening when I’m away? Oh ya, for sure. But, though the temptation exists I work to keep the boundary intact.

    Thanks for making me think and it’s good to finally connect with you on your blog. I’ll be back, I promise!

    Don Purdum

  24. Wow! What a post to stumble on your blog on my first visit this month. Fantastic! I mean well written. 🙂

    Internet Addiction? I have it and mine is that I found peace, love and care from the people online and so had to be there. Plus I think I also am addicted to taking in a lot of information and today I think have read over 20 blogs, well compared to a day I did over 100. (I suffered it though, trust me)

    And you did proffer great ways to actually get out of this so called “internet addiction”.

    I’ll find my way around this one addiction with your tips. Thanks ma;am! 🙂


  25. I think internet/computer/video game/i-phone addiction is a huge problem. I have friends who have to check their phone every 5 minutes. It makes it difficult to have in person conversations with these people.

    I know how it can a damaging influence personally. I was addicted to video games during my teenage years and I was addicted to porn as a coping mechanism for much of my youth. I have kicked both habits, but they are dangerous. I used them as a way to numb myself from the reality of living. They damaged my emotional development in a lot of ways.

    I think it is easy to get locked in on the internet if you are a blogger, but it can make you really unhappy if you do, at least I know it can for me. You can easily lose track of time and always check stats and be unhappy about your progress. I curbed this by only commenting on other blogs for an hour in the morning. I only check the email attached to my blog and social media accounts 3 times a day. I only go to social media accounts 3 times a day. I only check stats once a day if that. I know these are strict, but they are what I have to do in order to maintain balance and enjoy life. It is far too easy to get sucked in and then not see friends or not exercise and such.

  26. Hi Harleena,

    Many months ago I have heard about this term but didn’t figure out much about it.
    I didn’t know that it can be that much deadly. Even relationships with the family can be affected by it.
    I have seen many students in my college who spend their time only with their laptop. Other students call them freak, internet worm but they don’t listen to anyone and continue to their internet journey.
    In this age of students mainly the addiction is due to porn movies. Even I have met many who constantly talk only about these kind of movies.

    It’s great to know about different kind of internet addiction.

    Thanks for the info.

    Hope you are having fun this weekend.:)


  27. I can not live without internet. Some times if my internet doesn’t work then I feel that there is no world. I use internet daily for 7-8 hours. And you will not believe that I have downloaded more than 500+ movies with in 4 months. I am addicted internet user.

    ~Diana Hardy

  28. The internet is very addictive! I see so many people with devices wherever they go…I have heard they are doing scientific research on the ‘high’ that people get whenever they receive some sort of ‘affirmation’ online (a like on Facebook for example), and I can see that it is fairly easy to get out of balance in this area. I have been there myself at times 😉
    Thanks for sharing, Rachael

  29. I’m not addicted to the internet although I do get hypnotized by it. I’ll go online to look up something and three hours later, I’m like, “Whoa, where did the time go?” And I will say that without out, i.e., when my internet service goes on the blink, it’s terribly annoying. But the cure for that is my sort-of addiction, I’ll go grab a piece of chocolate! LOL!

  30. I think internet addiction is absolutely a disorder. I find that people spend so much time on social media. It can be a good way to connect and keep up with others but can also be an incredible waste of time.

    When your focus is completely on getting more likes and followers without any consideration for your own personal achievement, you have a problem. Like you said it’s not bad but when you start using it way beyond it’s purpose it can be bad for you.


  31. Well, I am on the verge of becoming one, as of now I am in controlled state, I guess.

    On normal days, I just consume hours of internet and one weekends, 6 hours. That should be normal. I just watch Youtube and read articles.

    Addiction of pretty much anything is bad, and internet one is over-looked many times.

    These days, due to advent of messenger apps, many have became addicted to that too. I see people constantly checking their phone every minutes. Thanks for sharing this awareness. Appreciate it.

    Anyway, I found this post on Kingged.

  32. Hi Harleena,

    Very well captured thoughts. I think the word addiction has got itself such a bad reputation that most of us don’t want to admit that we are addicted to anything. It gives you a feeling of not being in control. Internet addiction is probably a bigger issue today than is addiction to smoking or drinking or any other substance. At Least for the more commonly admitted addictions, society is trying to bring about a change by creating awareness through media and information. We are in an information/knowledge era and unlike 15-20 years ago we have what you rightly called Information overload. So while on one hand we need the internet today to quench our thirst for information, there is no control today over what you see or hear. 20 years ago if I had to get information, I would go to the library and do my research and “choose” what I read. Today things are “pushed” at you even if you dont want to read it. For me the cure for addiction to internet or anything else is far deeper. Addiction is usually a result of a void inside us which forces us to look outside for a support system. We want more acceptance and recognition and in the process take pride in the number of Facebook friends we have. Like you I do spend a lot of time on the internet, but it’s only for information which will help me learn and grow as opposed to information about something or someone which does not add any value to my life. So am I addicted to the internet? I think so… but its controlled addiction!

  33. Hi Harleena,
    To be frank, Internet Addiction is a new term for me! From the word “addition” I guess I know what it implies. Yes, when the use of the Internet is interfering with normal and productive life then it has become addictive. Unfortunately, many are guilty of this phenomenon.

    Its helpful to learn more about this “problem” so that people can control how they use the Internet. The good thing is that posts like this one addresses the impact for us.

    Thanks for sharing this piece on Internet Addiction. While the Internet is good productive tool, when used badly, it could serve as “killer” tool for the body, mind, and spirit!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

  34. Hi Harleena,
    I can tell that a lot of thought clearly went into this presentation, Now, I must confess to symptoms 3 & 6. My internet usage have also increased [link to #2] but it is more to so with research to the extent where I become deeply absorbed in it.

    I recognize a problem associated with that so I have made a conscious decision to cut back on the amount of time that I spend on the internet. Whether that would mean less posts per week on my blog, less comments on other blogs, less of social media on a whole to update my other sites or a combination of all, it’s left to be seen. I will see how that turns out,

    To some extent I see internet addiction as a disorder, but on the other the world has become so internet driven these days it is hard to differ from the fact that it is a part of our everyday life style. There are some industries that just would not get their work accomplished without having the internet. Cell phones have even made the internet more accessible for things like banking, emailing, shopping etc. It goes everywhere with you.

    What are your thoughts on this? Overall, great post! Thanks for the awareness. 🙂

  35. Hello maam, great post again. This post is so close to my heart because it is absolutely true internet is my life. I can’t find a work that internet can’t do and it is true.
    Almost everything to picking your apparel, to booking a taxi, we have got online doctors and law firms too.

    My Love for internet is justified by me due to the fact that Internet gave me everything – name, fame, and most important is a identity of my own. It gave me a dimension to go forward with specially when I could not know where to go.

    Through internet I can connect with everybody from friends round the city to the bestest and Top experts of my field who are world recognized like you, Adrienne maam, Rebekah radice, Ana Hoffman etc. Can a layman even dream of talking with Shah Rukh or Bill Gates but I feel you all are living in my home all thanks to internet.

    As for the addiction I am afraid I am matching the top six points and that is harmful in a way right? But glad to know that the rest are not yet related to me.
    I thought let me say you what I do in the Internet so that you can give me a solution. I, You might be surprised, do only social networking but not in the right sense. I don’t waste time chatting( though it is not bad to chat :P). I read the post related to my/our field of experts for may be 8-10 hours in a day. (mostly night). Google plus communities give nearly hundred posts and they are so lucrative I just engage reading them. even twitter some days G+ and Twitter together give these many valuable posts that I have to save it for the next day.
    Give me a book and I can’t handle it more than 12 minutes. Is this normal or should I worry ? 🙂

  36. Hi Harleena!
    Thanks for a wonderful post!
    I think you are right on with the addiction issue with the internet being a big problem. It is usually demonstrated when the power fails after a storm or something and the fiirst thought people have is which coffee shop to go to to get connected.

    Motivation research has shown that doing something for more than 45 minutes without taking even a small break causes attention decrement and diminishes creativity. I have to remind myself that because I love to write and am in front of the computer for long periods of time and then there is social media and there is a lot of wonderful things to watch and read that people share. Sometimes it does get quite overwhelming.

    I usually just close the computer and take a walk or go to work in my garden or just take a little time to clean the house or to do some other activity that does not involve the internet. Always makes me feel great when I come back to my writing and my work, renewed and relaxed.

    Thanks for bringing the internet time thing into our awareness because now that you mention it, I would get a lot more writing done if I turned the Wifi off sometimes. 🙂


  37. Hi Harleena,

    It’s so interesting that this post was written because I was told that I’m somewhat of an Internet addict myself. I tend to sometimes go 10 – 12 hours on the Internet. Go to bed late at night after coming off the internet and going on it first things in the morning.

    My reasons may differ from some because I go on it mainly because of my blog. I go and interact, read other blog posts, work on my own posts, go on social media, etc. And it’s a daily routine for me with that.

    But those that just go on it for games, chatting, etc and do those things for 12 hours at a time, then I completely agree that they’re addicted. I knew a girl that would spend 15 hours on her social media (mainly MySpace when it was popular) and playing video games online and would do that on a daily basis.

    Makes you really wonder how people’s lives would be when Internet wasn’t around. Being born in the 80s, I grew up a good majority of my life without Internet … I couldn’t imagine being born in the mid-90s and growing up in all this.

    Great post Harleena.

  38. Hi Harleena,

    I certainly had a mild internet addiction a few years back. You are so right; an addiction, internet or otherwise, is a diversion, a way to avoid some problem, which is borne of a subconscious ego-based protective mechanism.

    People become addicted to the web because they want to escape something. For me, I was depressed, unfulfilled, and pretty much miserable, so the internet provided me with some type of getaway, a fantasy land, a release. I would visit sport sites, news sites and other blogs. Some of it was business or online work related but then I found myself taking an inordinate amount of time cruising the web when I should have been offline, exercising, and socializing.

    I kicked the habit by starting my world travels 39 months ago. Since then, I’m offline for extended periods as I island hop, or head into town, or do tourist-type stuff. Really neat, how that’s helped cure me of my mild issue, as well as simply choosing to face my deepest fears head on.

    As for folks with serious, serious problems, get help, See a specialist. Root out the mental issues leading to the addiction, face your fears, stop running away and you can cure yourself of this problem.

    Super smart read Harleena. I’m happy to retweet it and thank you for sharing your keen insight into a pressing issue.

    Have a great weekend!


  39. Hi Harleena
    Very important post.
    I personally observed many parents very proudly declare their kids work on computer for lengthy hours and they give an impression as if they are going to do wonders by this. Maybe they are right but their monitoring is must otherwise crossing the limits is the easiest thing while working online. There is crasher of every type of filter. We can’t expect such negative behavior from our kids but they try to break the filters just to prove how smart they are and then fall victim of the things why we want them not to experience at such a tender age.
    But the main problem is with teen agers. Their elders can’t put lot of barriers on them and equally can’t show any mistrust on them and equally never want their loved ones get any adverse effects of internet.
    But addiction in mature people is so shocking for me. I think they don’t have any purpose in life and live positively as much as it is must to live while the rest of the time they waste aimlessly and obviously internet is the easiest way to enrich their nasty fantasies without any much physical movement. Other effects as you pointed out are also so alarming and make the addicted people asocial by nature.
    Thanks a lot for sharing another wonderful post that highlights an important issue facing every society.

  40. Hello Harleena,

    The people who are addicmed to internet think that Internet world is more lively than real world. They think Internet World is colorful world. So they pass time & time without any goal.

    I think Social Network definitely make people pass their time without any reason. Yes you can do your work in internet but there must be limit. Excess of doing anything is bad as well as harmful for health.

    Anyway you choose an interesting topic which suits with latest modern trend. The teenagers pass their idle time in net without any goal. I hope this article will be a guideline for them.

  41. Hi Harleena Mam,

    Glad to read your blog post after such a long time. This is the first post I’ve read after your comeback from the blogging break.

    Let me confess the fact directly. 9 out of 10 of the symptoms are true in my case, except the lying one. Somewhat sad right? But I don’t think I am an internet addict as I don’t waste my time over the internet. You know what I do!

    Of course, I sometimes waste my time over Facebook or experience information overload. I am currently trying to cure the problem, but I can’t help it. I guess information overload can be controlled by reading not at once but at intervals and also recollecting the points after reading every article. But what to do of Facebook? I sometimes just can’t resist myself from closing the tab associated with Facebook and end up wasting my precious time, which otherwise could be used for other purposes. 🙁

    I am amazed to know that Wikipedia also defines internet disorder! I don’t think there should be something like this. But with the advent of android and ios devices, this might be a problem with every 1 out of 2 people in the near future. What do you think about this?

    Have a nice day!

  42. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for this interesting post. The internet is an different world by itself. Chatting, playing games, blogging are few of the stuffs we guys do over the internet. But, social media is like a curse to me. No matter how much I swear not to touch facebook, I end up using it and destroying my time.

    Thanks for this valuable tips. I hope to implement it out.


    1. Hi Sayantan,

      You can say that the Internet creates a Virtual world, and the tragedy is that some people get trapped in it.

      Everything is okay and good if it is in moderation or under control.

      It’s good to limit your Facebook time as much as possible if you have other productive work to do or time to spend.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  43. Hi Harleena,

    Interesting post!
    Here online games are very lucrative. One way to avoid it is by not trying to play it. You know, actually I was a gamers, but I don’t try to touch it because I was afraid if the case later on, I was addicted to the game and letting the others work.

    I thought, until now I still use the internet with reasonable limits. I also never ignore my family because I know, my family is number one for me and cannot be replaced by the internet 🙂

    Thanks for rising this discussion, Harleena.
    Nice topic!


    1. Hi Nanda,

      Online gaming is almost included in the DSM, which is a manual for psychiatrists that details the disorders. Gaming is very addictive and requires great amount of self-control and self-discipline on the part of the gamer to not make it an addiction.

      Very true, your family should come first for you and that is not replaceable by anything else.

      Good to know that you’re not addicted to the Internet and hope you keep it that way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great weekend ahead. 🙂

  44. Internet Addiction is really a very bad disorder…I really liked this post of yours…I need to learn a lot from you..I think that recently you decided to take a break, and that must have definitely helped you in forgetting about the things that you do online..Did it helped you out Harleena? Did you feel more relax?….Internet Addiction makes us always think that what must be going online, and whether we should also immediately make use of internet….One can definitely get over Internet Addiction by not coming online on Sundays and other holidays.

    1. Hi Mohit,

      The Internet addiction disorder can really be very bad. I took a long break and that was very fruitful – I could afford to be away from the Internet and I enjoyed that time as well. It did help me enormously!

      This is called digital detox and all who use the Internet excessively should completely take off from the Internet, including their smartphones, for sometime.

      Fear of missing out (FOMO) too is a part of Internet addiction, and if you get feelings and thoughts like that, treat them as warning signs to control yourself.

      Voluntary absence from the Internet is a good idea and you can also create a no-digital time zone in a day. Try and follow what works for you.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  45. Hello Harleena,
    When computer was introduced to Africa, then, the number one site i love visiting was none other than porn sites. Hey, it’s hard to see a guy back then, that did watched it 😀

    I use the internet extensively, but i haven’t truly considered my self an addict because i still hang around with friends, and spending time with family.

    internet is fun and it does takes your mind off things..

    Thanks and do have a lovely day and a blessed weekend

    1. Hi Babanature,

      I guess that’s the story with most of the men. But the wise gradually wean off making it a temporary phase.

      It’s good that you use the Internet smartly and then even if you spend time online in excess, you still don’t get addicted.

      That’s the way people should be – treat the Internet as fun, hang around with friends, and spend time with family.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  46. Hey Harleena,

    I’m with Kumar! Is this the end of Comment Luv here?

    You always have such informative and detailed post. I never looked at the internet being an addiction but I certainly see how it can be.

    I think I may have a few traits but I wouldn’t call it an addiction since I look forward to my time away from the internet.

    I appreciate you opening my mind to something I never thought of

    1. Hi Steven,

      No, not the end of CommentLuv. As I wrote as a reply to Kumar, I’m trying out other commenting systems and will finalize one soon.

      Yes, the Internet can be a hardcore addiction if the user doesn’t practice self-control and self-discipline.

      You seem to be safe and I hope you keep it that way. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. Do have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  47. Very timely article, Harleena.

    Thankfully, I’m not a total addict, but I certainly have experienced symptoms 3, 4 and 5 and also get bouts of internet fatigue. Believe it or not, I was totally disinterested in computers until my father bought me a laptop for Christmas in 2008. I took to it easily, found an online forum and started making friends, (even met three of them in person). Entering the Blogosphere brought even more interaction and as a result, I often find myself playing “catch up” with various chores, etc., but it’s never affected my real world relationships or offline business.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Those who are new to the Internet will experience many of those symptoms, but as time passes by the initial attraction should wean off. But it becomes a problem when that behavior becomes a habit and continues on.

      As far as your daily life, work, and productivity is not compromised in anyway, you’re okay and safe! It’s okay to experience some or the symptom as listed and you don’t have to worry about them.

      Good to know how you started your online activities and I too started off around the same time! Of course, blogging is very demanding and you never know how much time you spend online doing all the tasks. But the key is to not let the real world relationships suffer, and you take care of that nicely.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and commenting here. have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  48. Hi Harleena,

    You are right, internet is the latest addiction of generation ‘X’, who don’t really know how much and when to stop. These are also the consequences of any addiction – when somebody keeps going deeper and farther and doesn’t know how to return. I think peer group pressure plays havoc and even the most conscientious parents feel helpless.

    I have seen recently at a gurdwara, here in US, while a wedding was being solemnised inside, all the children and teenagers were sitting outside, either in the staircase or wherever they could find any space, quickly moving their fingers at the smart phones…ALL of them! And it went down deep into my heart…my God! I told myself…this is the next generation!!

    When addiction starts SO early, you can well imagine the outcome! I agree with Mr. Kumar that internet has made our life so easy but we know how to use it. I hope we can do something about the younger generation too, which seems to be a herculean task! I couldn’t do much as a parent and had to give in to the demands of my girls.

    Thanks for sharing another excellent post. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Balroop,

      It’s not only the generation X, but it’s even become the addiction of generations Y and Z! Lol! Look at China, they used punishments and electric shocks to wean off the Internet addiction from the youth. This is a serious disorder which is becoming a threatening menace if not understood and made to understand.

      You make a good point – it becomes an addiction when you reach the point of no return, and true that today’s youth are in that stage. It’s not possible for me to keep my kids off their mobiles, which is as good as a computer these days for watching movies, playing games, and chatting away.

      Ditto! The same happens here – the kids are together but as good as not being together because they’re engrossed in their own mobile worlds and all you can see is their fingers dancing to the tune of addiction.

      I also read the in Singapore even the 7 or 8 years old keep themselves busy with their smartphones. Now, I feel that is not the age to have absolute freedom to own a digital device that can get you carried away – and if adults can’t control themselves, what will these small kids do!

      I share the same views as you do and I too wish that somehow the younger generation becomes aware of this addiction.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  49. Wow, this is a great post, I am a victim of this.

    I have been so addicted that i will have to even borrow someone’s else phone because I just feel inside of me that how can i go to sleep without checking something online.

    I feel uneasy if i don go online a day. It has not taken so much of my time because i control it, but ,my friends know me for one thing. When i have an internet connection, i don’t talk when they are discussing but once the internet just go off, i start talking and they know something is wrong with my internet. Lol

    Thanks for the interesting post. Do have a nice time,.

    1. Hi Miracle,

      I appreciate your spirit to accept and acknowledge that you’re addicted to Internet. I’m sure you’ll also understand and adapt the cures to get rid of this addiction, or take help to make that happen.

      Regarding the Internet use, when we used to have limited connectivity here, we also tried to make the best and most use of that Internet time, whenever we had. So there’s nothing wrong it that. But now, since we’ve a broadband connection for unlimited use, we can afford to even ignore it.

      In any case, if you feel the urge or compulsion and you cannot control it, which might even disturb your sleep, you need to do something about it. I think you should look forward to my next post. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  50. Hi Harleena,

    Thankfully I’m not addicted to the internet. I think it’s because I’m online so much for blogging that I don’t care to take time for leisure online activities. By the time I get around to it, my eyes are burning and I’m too tired to search :).

    Thanks for pointing out the different kinds of internet addictions there are and the symptoms. I’m definitely passing this along. Look forward to your next post!

    Have a wonderful evening!

    1. Hi Corina,

      Ah.. I don’t think many bloggers can find the time to indulge in any other online activity, blogging is one big hell of an activity in itself! 🙂

      However, my dear if you experience that your eyes burn, then you need to take care. Complications due to continuous sitting and staring at the monitor too are byproducts of Internet addiction, though I’m sure you’re not addicted in the sense of alienation from the reality and isolation from the family and friends.

      Thanks for reading and sharing the post. Do have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

    1. Hi Prabhu,

      No need to worry, just Google the topic or wait for my next post on the cure of Internet addiction. It’s great that you recognize and acknowledge the symptoms; you can cure them too.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

  51. Hi Harleena,

    First of all, I just noticed that you have indeed removed Commentluv. Is that the end of CommentLuv on your site or are you trying something out?

    I would like to know your thoughts.

    Well, Internet is just another aspect of human life today. Just like TV, radio and movies, people can use it a little or a lot and sometimes it can turn into a disorder which is bad obviously.

    Four people in software industry, I remember when I was in India working for Wipro, work was a disorder and I assume that it still is. Today Internet is used not just for communication but for pretty much everything is having a relationship with the Internet.

    I remember going to banks spending hours to withdraw money or deposit. Today, I deposit my checks using my cell phone. I send money to people using Internet locally, nationally and internationally.

    Be used to spend weekends running around shops for buying cloths and shoes and all household stuff. Today, we shop online and receive all the time that was invested in driving finding a parking lot and standing in the checkout queues.

    That means a lot more can be achieved in a day today and compared with a life without Internet. Which also means that the end up spending more time in front of our computers and it may feel sometimes that we are using too much time in front of the machine. But, as far as I see it if you know what you are doing you don’t have to be scared of Internet.

    If you know that the Internet is helping you build your business or achieve more in a day than you could in a month without it, I think you’re doing a great job.

    On the other hand, there are people who do the things that you mentioned and I agree that they need to have a checkup from the neck up.

    Very thoughtful post and I thank you for that. I just thought to pay my tribute to the Internet because I really think that I am able to achieve so much more today because of $24.07 Internet connection in my home.


    1. Hi Kumar,

      Yes, I removed CommentLuv to try out the other commenting systems. I’m trying out Jetpack right now and I’ll let you know of my findings and the final decision through a post after some time.

      I totally agree with you that Internet has become a way or part of our life, and there’s no way that we can wish it away.

      There’s nothing wrong in occasional excessive use of the Internet or even frequent long hours of working online provided you remain connected to the reality and do not ignore or neglect your family, friends, and the offline responsibilities.

      It’s not only about the duration of the use of Internet but even how you use it which also matters. I’ve mentioned that all in the post.

      By no means I want to proclaim Internet as something bad that has to be avoided – no way. Internet is the source of earning for me and I love it dearly! And as you rightly point out, we use the Internet in almost all works and walks of life today.

      The case of Internet is much like the example of a knife – you can use it to cut food or kill people. Two things matter – how you use it and who uses it.

      The sex addict makes the bad or wrong choice and uses the Internet for cyber sex. Whereas a blogger uses it to enhance business and develop relationships.

      Excessive work too is not good. Not only the workoholics suffer themselves, even their families suffer too. So, as I mentioned in the post, moderation is the key.

      Internet is a boon, but some people just get carried away. This post is for them to realize what they are doing to themselves and their families, and also to those who’re new to the world of Internet and blinded by its brilliance.

      I’m glad you like the post and I agree with all of your views. Thanks for putting them here. That was a great tribute to the Internet. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

      1. Similar symptoms can be found in me. i am addicted with internet due to blogging every time if i am online is due to blogging because now a days i am doing lot of hard work to reach higher level that i had planned from beginning but i think this Internet addiction is not good for me, it may ruin my future life if i didn’t take care for it

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