Best Preventive Measures To Protect Your Credit Score

A good credit score may help you. Know the preventive measures to take to protect your credit score and avoid any mistakes that may harm your credit health.
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A good credit score can help you get loans at lower interest rates as one of the benefits. However, there are some do’s and dont’s to keep your credit score high. Know these preventive measures to protect your credit score and avoid any mistakes that may harm your credit health. ~ Ed.

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Having bad credit can make your life much more difficult than it has to be. What starts out as a few missed payments quickly turn into nagging creditors, rejected loans and applications, and limited life options.

On the other hand, having a good score opens a whole world of financial stability in front of you. Creditors become much more eager to lend you, you get lower interest rates on your loan, and you even have access to the best credit cards.

But having good credit isn’t the end of the journey; it’s actually just the beginning. If you currently have good credit, you should do everything in your might to keep it that way. 

Here are some preventive measures to help you protect your credit score.


8 Measures to Protect Your Credit Score

Your credit score signifies your credit health. Higher the credit score, the better is your credit health. Know these tips to keep your credit score high for better financial prospects and stability.

Manage Your Debt Before It Gets Out Of Hand

It’s easy to keep your good credit score if you don’t have any ongoing debts; the real trick is to keep it even when you’re deep in debt. 

It’s understandable how, sometimes, you’ll have to compromise on something, but that thing should never result in serious damage to your score. One of the gravest mistakes you can make is facing foreclosure. 

Foreclosure can occur once you default on paying a loan that’s secured by your house as collateral, in which case your creditor can issue foreclosure and seize ownership of your property. Foreclosures can damage your credit score and financial health, lasting up to seven years on your credit report.

Don’t Fall Behind On Payments

If the last point has taught us anything, then it’s the importance of making timely and accurate payments. Even if you’re facing severe financial stress, delivering your monthly payments should always be a priority. 

When it comes to debts, missing a payment or two may not result in instant foreclosure, but it will certainly increase the interests that multiply the amount of debt due.

Know Which Bills Directly Affect Your Credit Score

So what can you do if you absolutely can’t pay all of your bills in a specific month? It’s always better to find a way to pay off your bills, as failing to make monthly payments will only make your situation worse. 

However, in the worst-case scenarios, make sure you don’t default on payments that are reported directly to the credit bureaus, such as credit cards, mortgage, and loans. Failing to deliver payments on these bills will instantly affect your credit score.

Don’t Get Into More Debt Than You Can Manage

Before getting into more debt, you should first assess your financial situation and then ask yourself if that’s a smart thing to do. 

It can be tempting to get instant cash and think about the payment details later, but you really shouldn’t be taking any loans if that’s the mindset you’re having. If you have a debt problem or you want to keep your credit score healthy, don’t get into more debt than you can manage.

Become Better With Money

There’s a simple solution to keeping a good credit score, which is to avoid getting into debt altogether. Life can be tough for sure, but taking a loan doesn’t always work for the better. 

Instead, you should first exhaust all your alternative options, all of which start with better financial planning and proper budgeting.

Stay Away From Credit Card Loans

If you absolutely have to take a loan, stay away from credit card loans. You can opt for a personal loan from your bank or your credit union, but credit card loans should be a red flag. 

These loans come with very high-interest rates, which get multiplied in the case of late payments.

Save Money For A Rainy Day

Having more money in your bank account may not directly improve your credit score, but it will certainly prevent making it worse. When you save for the uncertainties of life, your savings can save both your life and your credit score in emergency situations.


Beware Of Cosigning

You may be a rational individual who works diligently to keep your credit score high, but for some reason or another, you decided to be a cosigner for someone else. This person can be relative, a close friend, or even a co-worker, but once that person defaults on their payments, you’ll be the one facing the fired shots. 

Unless you’re willing to deliver the payments yourself if they default, you should never become a cosigner. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping a good credit score can sound easy – until it’s not. All it takes is one small mistake, and then everything can start going downhill from there. 

That’s why you should take any preventive measures you can to keep your good credit health, as well as improve any spots instantly.

Over to you

How do you protect your credit score and ensure it remains high? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments.


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