How to Effectively Use Video on Social Media

Leverage the benefits of video marketing on social media using information about the effective video categories and tips to use the video on social media.
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Videos are generally impressive. All the more on social media; they are simply captivating! But if you wish to leverage the benefits of video marketing on social media for your business, then you need to know more and have a strategy. Here’s some information that you may find useful about the effective video categories and tips to use the videos on social media. ~ Ed.


You know it.

Being effective with your videos helps you to go viral.

But here’s the twist – uploading a video link on social media won’t simply do the work.

Instead, you have to optimize and create a video based on things that work best on every particular network.

Videos are not sought out things, you have to discover them. You login to YouTube or go to Google and search for tutorials or how-to videos when you really need to learn something.


But on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you generally come across the videos while scrolling through their news feed. So the video has to be eye-catching and engaging.

Fortunately, I’ve got some tactics that will help you to keep going against all odds. In this article, I’ll talk about the most effective video categories which are doing excellent work on social media along with some fine tactics to bear in mind. Let’s jump into it.


10 Different Types of Videos On Social Media

Remember, everybody won’t like the same video.

On Social Media, there are certain types of videos that perform better. So you have to determine which videos would work best for you. And create your own video marketing strategy.

You need to have enough guts because you will want to mix things up and try different methods for your audiences. Here are the most effective types of videos that are trending on social media nowadays:


If you want to answer the burning questions of your audience, you will have to engage with them. Q&A or informative interviews will be the perfect type of video for you in this case.

To build an on-screen chat, you have to sit down with a friend with a leading personality, or your customers or team members. Look for questions from your audience or fans or else you can prepare interview style questions beforehand.

Q&A videos come in handy when your purpose is replying back to followers’ questions by engaging with them directly. You can try going to live or record beforehand.


Who doesn’t love to see what’s going on behind the scenes? You can ultimately showcase the culture of your company.

As you are showing which things are involved in and promoting the latest products and services, there will be a connection between you and your audience with trust.

For example, you can record and display some behind the stage actions at an occasion, demonstrate the most recent items or take a group of visitors to office visit through a video to get a greater commitment. It’s one of the most applied formats that I used for my edit video collections.

Feature/Product Video

Your web-based life posts will impact the greater part of your group of spectators in the event that you claim a brand. You can highlight your product and demonstrate its specific features through the video.

If you share an informal social media post, it will seem more authentic to the audience than most ads. Moreover, it will encourage people to click on “buy”.


Live Videos

Live streaming features have been very popular these days and audiences are taking full advantage of them. Your brand will seem transparent as you boost engagement and foster a relationship with your audience.

You can utilize this configuration for Q&As, in the background, and occasional contents.

Promos and Deals

Who doesn’t love a deal?  An extraordinary method to improve your business through web-based social networking recordings is to offer your devotees a selective arrangement and catch their eye advancing a deal or promotion with an attractive video.

User-Generated Content

Creating content consumes a lot of time, we are aware of that. Be that as it may, you can offer your fans to do a portion of the lawful work by sharing their very own content. To achieve this, you can hold a contest in order to collect user-generated content.

You can likewise contact influencers or quest for recordings that your fans have posted naturally. When you put the focus on your fans by retweeting or reposting them, it will urge more clients to share as well. It’s an ultimate win for you.

Giveaways and Contests

Free stuff is always fun. If you want to drum up the engagement, you should arrange a contest.

You can expand your reach in some ways using your videos. You have to create a video promoting your contests. When the contest is done, make another video announcing the winners.

Hosting live streaming giveaways and randomly picking winners will also help to engage people with your video.


It’s an incredible method to build traffic by reporting some enormous news like another product offering or a development. There is no better spot to declare it aside from online life and with a fun video, you will probably construct the energy impeccably.

Breaking News

Everybody gets their news from web-based social networking nowadays. Breaking news and drifting points is an extraordinary method to bounce into the discussion however you must be cautious about not being viewed as “newsjacking”.

A video is an ideal method to share your take, regardless of whether it’s an aftereffect of a significant occurring or it’s your very own organization’s breaking news. In fact, breaking news engages the most on Twitter because people are keen to see what’s cooking.

How-To Videos

Last but not least. Tutorials are one of the most searched videos on the internet.

This arrangement can be amazingly effective. However, keep in mind that there are fewer chances that anybody is going to watch a 40-minute carpentry video on Facebook. So, you need to make it brief yet satisfactory.

Tips For Using Video on Social Media

Be prepared to do trials to get what works for you. This is because every one of these various sorts of video shared above can be conveyed in an assortment of arrangements.

There are not many things in like manner on every social medium that we can gain from to make better recordings on any social media platform.

  • Entertain and educate: Your video has to be appreciated. And that’s why your aim has to be educating, entertaining, or inspiring.
  • Be catchy: Your video has to catchy and enough engaging. If it isn’t, then your audience will scroll out. Adding a catchy title within a short video will be the job for you.
  • Keep the sound optional: Your video has to work well without even sound. If in case you need the viewers to tune in, you can urge them to tap for sound in the inscriptions or descriptions.
  • Use captions: Text-only videos sometimes happen to be effective but if the dialogue is a must for your video, adding captions will help the viewers to follow along.
  • Keep it short: Short videos are the best videos on social media. When I say short video, I mean video within 2-3 minutes. The less time you take to provide the information to your audience, the more you can get to generate traffic.

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt that videos are an amazing type of captivating content that you can use on any social media platform.

One thing you should keep in mind that you have to approach content marketing from the right place.

Great content has an intrinsic value of its own apart from any service or product. And that’s why you should create a video content which will bring the wow reaction on your viewers’ faces.

Over to you

If you are a blogger, videographer, producer, an entrepreneur or a business person, how do you take advantage of social media for video marketing purposes or something like that? Would you like to share some ideas? Do let me know in the comment section.

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