Why Sermorelin Is a Better Choice for Growth Hormone Insufficiency

Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing hormone. Here’s why the Sermorelin therapy is better to deal with the growth hormone insufficiency than rhGH.
Syringe, injections and medicines of Sermorelin for growth hormone insufficiency treatment

If there is abnormal or improper human growth, then it might be a case of Growth hormone insufficiency. In such a case, a growth hormone treatment might help. Growth hormone is necessary for growth and development and it is produced by the pituitary gland. Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) that stimulates the pituitary gland to naturally produce increased amounts of growth hormone. Here’s more information about the Sermorelin therapy to deal with the deficiency of growth hormone. ~ Ed.


Growth hormone insufficiency is a condition whereby your body doesn’t produce enough growth hormone. The condition can be present from birth, or you can develop the deficiency later in life as an adult.

There are many signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. Some people may find that their skin becomes dry and thin, others may find that they are more sensitive to the heat and cold weather.

Other symptoms like concentration and memory issues, weight gain and anxiety may also be present.


Treatment for Growth Hormone Insufficiency

Treatment for growth hormone insufficiency can take a number of forms depending on the cause.

For instance, if pituitary tumors cause the insufficiency, then this can be treated with surgery or radiotherapy. Usually, growth hormone replacement therapy is recommended in most cases.

By using recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH), the effects of the growth hormone insufficiency can be reversed. However, the treatment comes with potential side effects and can break down normal physiology through the creation of unnatural conditions.

5 Reasons Why Sermorelin Is a Better Choice for Growth Hormone Insufficiency

In recent times, Sermorelin therapy has emerged as the preferred way to deal with the condition of growth hormone insufficiency. Here are the main reasons why sermorelin is a better choice over rhGH.

Sermorelin leads to a natural production of growth hormone

As an alternative to using rhGH, the growth hormone releasing factor sermorelin may be used.

The molecule is an analog of a naturally occurring growth hormone-releasing hormone, and sermorelin therapy can offer a more immediate alternative to rhGH in a way that is considered better than traditional hormone therapies.

Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland, binding to receptors which lead to an increase in the production of human growth hormone within the body.

Sermorelin has fewer side effects

Growth hormone replacement comes with a lot of risks that can be serious in some patients. Taking human growth hormone can induce carpal tunnel syndrome and swell in the arms and legs, often with joint and muscle pain. The more serious effects include increased insulin resistance. You can see why a more natural treatment is required!

The side effects of sermorelin are limited to the typical side effects from having an injection. These side effects include irritation at the site of injection as well as redness and swelling.

There are some very rare side effects that can include vomiting and dizziness and generally only occur when there’s an allergic reaction to sermorelin. Therefore, for the majority of people, growth hormone treatment with sermorelin is safe and efficient.

Sermorelin can have anti-aging effects

Somatic senescence is the physical state where the cells of your body stop dividing at their usual rate, eventually stopping so that you can’t regenerate new, healthy cells anymore. This happens in old age and results in the declining ability to respond to the stresses of life.

During aging, your natural levels of growth hormone begin to decline. Sermorelin is a potent anti-aging molecule and can improve many different aspects of your body’s health. For example, you might notice that your sleep quality improves and that you have a lot more energy.

Your immune system will function better, and you may notice changes in your muscle mass and fat. Sermorelin can also have amazing effects on your libido!

One of the most attractive considerations of sermorelin is that there are no legal restrictions surrounding the prescription of the molecule.

In stark contrast to rhGH, which has a ton of restrictions on both its clinical use and off-label prescription, sermorelin is not prohibited by federal law in any way. This means that the only thing you need to do if you are interested in the benefits of sermorelin is to talk to your primary care physician.

It’s very important that you acquire sermorelin through a reputable source; as with any medication, you may find it from some online providers who do not actually have a medical license. These sorts of treatments can be unsafe and cause all sorts of complications as they aren’t made by a reputed pharmacy.


However, once you have your prescription, you can safely administer sermorelin from the comfort of your own home.

Sermorelin decreases body fat

We don’t all have the same body type. While one person might find it easy to be naturally fit and have a low level of body fat, another person may struggle with weight loss. And, they might find that they naturally accumulate body fat, particularly in specific areas of the body like the legs, stomach, hips and lower back. This condition is called lipodystrophy, and it’s not actually your fault!

Unfortunately, there’s a culture of body shaming in today’s society, but some people just find it easier than others to stay in shape.

Sermorelin actually has a huge effect on body composition. In fact, scientific studies have shown that sermorelin can effectively reduce body fat and increase lean muscle composition. This means that when you use sermorelin to treat your hormone insufficiency, you’re also correcting your body fat percentage at the same time.

How Do You Know if Sermorelin is Working

Just like any hormone treatment, there is a period of time when you first start undergoing treatment where you don’t notice any changes. Sermorelin has a loading period of about three to six months. This means that you’ll start noticing effects within this time.

Some patients immediate notice certain side effects, such as the ability to sleep better. Over time, however, you’ll start noticing the more dramatic changes, such as a much leaner physique.

In fact, the effects you’ll notice span far beyond these things. You’ll also notice improvements in your skin tone and also your overall general health. Your energy level will be heightened and your mood will also be better.

Wrapping It Up

There may be many reasons why you are choosing to undergo treatment for growth hormone insufficiency. And, of course, you may find that you have a number of options available to you.

Each kind of treatment comes with its own considerations. But you will find that sermorelin can offer you a solution to the symptoms that your low growth hormone levels are causing. You and your doctor can decide whether sermorelin is right for you.

Over to You –

Have you or your loved ones ever faced the condition of growth hormone insufficiency? If yes, then please share your experiences in the comments.


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