10 Tips to Help You Get Through Long Flights, And Delayed Commutes

You must be prepared for delayed commutes or long flights. Here are few tips to deal with travels requiring long-haul flights to make the most of your time.
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Waiting for hours because of delayed commutes or long flights can be unnerving. You can deal with such challenges by preparing in advance to pass the time according to your interests. You can choose to take undisturbed rest, play games, read books or listen to your favorite music. Here are the tops tips to deal with situations of long hauls to make the most of your time. ~ Ed.


The discussion about long flights and delayed commutes reminds me of my escape to some far off destination early this year.

“What an amazing waterpark and the ultra-cool trench town…I will definitely have a blast here” I said to myself. This spot seemed to have plenty of activities for parents, kids, groups, and couples in love. The facility seemed to care that we are having a great all-inclusive family vacation.

But wait, I can’t forget the whopping 7-hour flight that landed me to this beautiful spot on earth. “Three hours to go? I don’t get this.” I was madly bored by the time the in-flight PA announced that we were on our final descent.

I realized that I’m not alone and many folks suffer the same challenges–boredom, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and deep-vein thrombosis among others.

In this article, I will round 10 tips that will help you get through, next time you are locked in a metal tube for almost the entire day.


10 Tips to Deal with Delayed Commutes and Long Flights

Long-haul flights or delayed commutes can no longer be a pain. Just remember these tips and make even the longest of your journeys comfortable.

Consider a Sleep Aid

One way to avoid the slap of long flights is by using sleeping aid, whether natural or prescription drugs.

You need to first try them at home before boarding the flight, just to ensure that it will deliver the desired result.

I was cautioned by a friend not to try a sleeping pill shortly before taking a flight. Some sleeping pills behave differently with different people.

You really don’t want them to turn to stimulants instead, and then you will be awake the entire flight. You will definitely feel wretched to boot. The best way is to try them at home before you use them for your long flight.

Create a selection of music just for the commute

One commonly believed story says that folks who turn on music when stuck in delayed commutes or in traffic are less likely to get moody, of course than those who don’t listen to any music at all.

If you commute every day, and you’re sure to get stuck in the road, get a playlist, one for going to work, and another for returning home.

The same applies while in a long flight- get ready with your headphones and music selection. Music can soothe your brain and instead of getting tired, you become inspired even in long fights.

Don’t forget your eye mask

When in a long flight, you need eye masks to help block out all the light when you want to catch some sleep. Get a high-quality eye mask on Amazon—the one by Lewis and Clarke costs $10. Some airlines issue some eye masks to travelers as well, all in an attempt to give you uninterrupted sleep on air.

Lose the race mentality

For those who like getting to a destination by the mind, you know what I’m talking about. This makes you over speed, although you can’t sense it, especially when you compare the distance or the urgency for your travel.

When driving, slow down and drive calmly. If in a flight, it is more pleasant to calm down than consistently keep asking “how many hours to go?”

Bring games and something to read

A game and a nice novel can do the trick. I am a fan of Travel scramble game, which gets off tiredness and anxiety off me. I also use the scramble dictionary online using the in-flight WiFi.

“What if I’m old school or simply not gadgets friendly?” you ask.  Well, there are lots of interesting magazines and newspapers you can read. There is something good to read for everybody to pass time.

Bring Your Go-to Gear

When thinking of the gear to pack for a long flight, understand that your body and brain will thank you for every small convenience and comfort you provide. Wear comfortable clothes on a long flight and pack others just in case temperature changes.


Don’t be judgemental

When in a delayed commute, one is likely to pass the blame to others-drivers, pilots, attendants, etc. Overreacting to other commuters is a sure way to adding more stress. Just calm down and take it easy.

After all, everything, including that delayed commute, or extra-long flight, works for your good—remember the biblical verse?

Bring Noise-cancellation headphones

You will definitely be disturbed by a fellow traveler, right?  Noise cancellation headphones can block out unnecessary noise. Also, play soft music or an audiobook and help yourself to overcome burnout.

Don’t leave a blanket and a pillow

Find out if your preferred airline gives out pillows to travelers. If not, buy one for your travel. With many types of pillows in the market, it’s just a matter of selecting the one that works for you.

You might also want to come with a blanket or some cozy sweater. I like the way my wife kills it—with a blanket scarf.

Be nice

Well, it pays to be nice.  Long flights and delayed commutes affect everybody from gate agents, pilots, attendants, rivers to fellow travelers. Smile to people or even give out presents. It melts down the weight which accumulates out of delays.

For instance, when you appreciate the flight attendants, they will reciprocate by giving you good services- you know they can really make or break your flight eh!

Wrapping It Up

At times, long flights and delayed commutes are unavoidable. In such cases, when you can’t change the situation, it’s an apt strategy to adapt yourself to it.

So, next, whenever you go for long-distance travels, gear up with all the things as suggested by these tips. You’ll be able to better manage your time and make your journey comfortable.

Over to you

Have you ever experienced delayed commutes or long-haul flights? What do you do? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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